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Since the Beltway and many roads are closed due to flooding (see yesterday’s post for pics,) traffic around town is HOR.RI.BLE. I was supposed to go on Tiffany and Kerry’s Joyride Show starting at 9:30 this AM, but what should have taken 15 minutes took over 1 1/2 hours so we missed it, had to let the next show air, and then go on at 12:30. It was worth it, though, because many stories were told and it felt like a gaggle of girlfriends chatting. Very casual and illuminating. Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Blog member, Faithe, H. found this great YouTube that uses binaural beats. You might get a bit of pressure in the head, but let me know what results you have after doing this daily for a while.

Here’s something weird before you read on. My grandson, Easton, babbles a lot, but a swear I recognize him repeating various strings of “words” over and over, like it’s a real language. I’m  going to ask Erik about it because maybe he’s speaking a language from another life. Or it could just be plain ol’ baby babble. 

Now, enjoy today’s Best of Erik:

Me: Does it matter what gender you are there?

Erik: No!

Me: Is your soul gendered the same throughout all of your incarnations?

Erik (laughing): No!

Me: Well, why do some spirits tend to come back as males or females?

Erik: Cuz that’s what they’re comfortable with.

Me: Why?

Erik: You should really ask them, Mom.

Jamie (giggling): He’s a smartass.

Me: For example, what do you come back as, usually?


Me (chuckling): Are you usually a sissy in every life?

Jamie bursts out in a belly laugh.

Jamie (to Erik): She nailed you!

Erik: Actually, I’ll have you know, I’ve been a woman more than a man. Does that demote me now, Mom?

Me: No, Sweetie!

Erik: No, the reason, in my opinion, that spirits lean to one gender more than the other is because of the roles that have been shaped for those genders on Earth, and in those roles, you can achieve certain contracts easier.

Me: For example?

Erik: Well, we can hit some really clear things like giving birth. Only happens with women! Head up!

Me (joking): Oh really? That’s news to me.

Erik: And if I want to be a man, but I want to have the role of loving a man, then in my contract I’m coming back as a homosexual. Let’s say one of my contract life lessons is to learn unconditional love no matter how strongly society tells me it’s wrong. Then I might come back as a woman who loves another woman. There are beautiful lessons that go with both genders, but sometimes it’s easier to learn those lessons in one gender over another—strength-wise, character-wise, personality-wise—that just comes easier.

Me: As long as we’re on the subject, what are other reasons for people having spiritual contracts to be a part of the LGBT community?

For those of you who don’t know, LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

Erik: A lot of it is related to emotional honesty, because if we’re looking at time being linear, in our history, this type of love hasn’t been approved of. We’ve had pockets where it’s been acceptable, but not mainstream, and coming into something that’s not mainstream, you really have to have a bigger voice and being able to handle not being “in the box”. Not socially “normal”. “Not normal” is the new norm, right, Mom?

Me: Mm hm.

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: And because you’re off to the side like that, you have to fight harder to be heard and to be heard correctly, because there are so many misperceptions on the concept of being LGBT-Q. (He chuckles at his questionable joke.) And because you have to work so hard, you find that language to be extremely honest. But also, Mom, it could be a lesson in the struggle of protection and being quiet. Perseverance. It could be the lesson in suffering. In lust and yearning. Wanting something that you can never get.

Me: Could it be when someone comes in as a male only to find his soul mate has come in as a male, too?

Erik: Oh yeah. And here you are—

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, you can’t say that, Erik. Use another word.

Erik: Okay. So, the lover comes in, and here you are fucking all these woman and then you realize, “Holy shit. I never ever wanted to touch a man, and now I do.”

Jamie giggles.

Me: Can you tell us how the LGBT community is treated when they cross over?

Erik: There’s none of that labeling here. You love who you love. It’s like there’s no race, Mom. You don’t look at someone and see them shaped differently and say, “Oh, they’re a bald spirit or they’re round or they’re a sparkly light spirit and only sparkly lights get with sparkly lights and only fairies fuck other fairies, and only angels can touch other angel boobs over here.”

Jamie and I can’t help but bust out in laughter.

Erik: There’s none of that structuring. It’s just this crazy openness and compassion. It’s like you would imagine free love without all that hippie shit.

Me: So, I guess souls don’t really present themselves or interact with each other as a certain gender. It’s more fluid, right?

Erik: Yes.

Me: So, are you a male there, Erik, or are you a switch-hitter?

Erik (laughing): I’m just Erik! It’s not about penises and vaginas! Like we don’t’ have these genitals that we rely on to identify how we’re going to mate or what our role is. We’re just energetic beings. Our roles are so similar, but we’re not androgynous. We have our unique personalities and characteristics, and some might say more masculine or feminine, but it just doesn’t register as something we need to define or label so we can get to know who that person is. For me, I’m Erik.

Me: And when we focus on you, you’re Erik, but when we don’t focus on you, you’re—

Erik: I’m still Erik, but I’d say I have naturally have more feminine qualities, because I have the teacher role and I want to slow down and make eye contact and sit with people and embrace them and listen and help. So, if you didn’t know me and you came into my energy and you had to define if I was male or female, you’d probably think I was female until you heard me rant and cuss. Then you’d think I was a nasty ass female!

Me: And yet, when Jamie trance channels you, you complain about her little mousy voice!

Jamie (to Erik, clapping her hands once): Oh, dawg! See! He he he!

Jamie (to me): That was awesome. Thank you for doing that.

Erik: Yeah, that’s true, but that’s not how I’m known on Earth. I’m a dude.

Me: And you were such a masculine dude on Earth.

Erik (laughing): Thank you!

Me: But you did have a feminine side in that you had a strong sense of aesthetics. You loved beauty, especially in women. Even at the age of four, you had an appreciation for their beauty.

Jamie: That’s so nice that you said that, because when you said, “their beauty”, he said, “They’re so beautiful!”

Erik: I still think women are so beautiful. I’m attracted to that energy. No wonder I want to be everything that that energy is! But you plop me on the Earth right now, and I’m going to choose to be a dude, and I’m going to go after every girl I can.

Me: Are some souls neither gender or go between the two as far as personalities go?

Erik: Yeah, if you have to label them. You can easily switch between personalities.

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  • Kristi

    This is rather off the subject but I had this dream and I was in Your house Elisa, and I was walking around and in your living room and on Thur coffee table was a magazine of a man or a women holding a child on the cover. Super strange but it has been driving me crazy to understand it.
    Maybe it was just a dream. Could you ask about where our mind goes during our dream state and how protected are we when we are just cruising around without our bodies.

    • Marq

      Hi Kristi,
      We all regularly leave our bodies in the sleep state.
      We have an energetic connection to our sleeping bodies that keeps us connected to and able to return at will. It cannot be broken until we choose to finish each human life.
      Our awareness of who we truly are and how safe we really always are is much expanded in the sleep state.
      We are involved in all kinds of experiences and even projects that our waking self may be consciously unaware of.
      This includes visiting other dimensions, alternate realities and even other persons homes if we have a strong purpose to do so.
      The human awake you has been born intentionaly unaware of how connected and powerful you really are.
      You are pure source energy and no other entity you encounter ever has any real power over you what so ever.
      None the less you chose to forget this truth to be able to explore human life experiences.
      Fear, mortality, striving to meet need, assigning purpose, sacrifice, belief in disconnection from source and others, physical challenge, motional challenge,
      Creativity, physical work, physical human contact and so much more….
      The more you seek to uncover the truth of who you really are the more you will begin or continue to recall aspects of these dreams.
      However when you remember them awake they will take symbolic form that entices your interest, but doesn’t reveal more of who you truly are and what you are doing out of body beyond what your waking self can accept, given your current human beliefs about what is real and possible.
      The book on the coffee table may just be a symbol for you confirming the bond and connection between Erik and Elisa, given you entered their home space.
      As you go of to sleep, set your intention that you will recall more that reveals your purest self.
      Visualise yourself at the centre of all that is.
      It all revolves around you.
      Visualise a pure golden light within your heart and feel it expand outwards to create a brilliant energetic orb around you.
      This is your sovereign space.
      You are your own protection.

      • Kristi

        Thank you for your response Marq. You are so well advanced on this subject. I see things so much clearer now. Thank you for your time.

      • Marq

        You are most welcome:-)

    • I think I did a whole session on dreams. You might want to search the topics pulldown list.

  • Sonora Mather

    I’ve recently found your book “My Son and The Afterlife”. I’m completely fascinated, having lost many close members of my family, including my second daughter during delivery, this topic has become a deep interest in my life.
    I have a question; if you are “Erik” in the spiritual realm, when you choose to return to Earth in another life form will you leave the spiritual realm as “Erik”? I read that you have had many past lives, and that most of us here on Earth have had many past lives, so when we pass from each life, do our past life spirits remain, and just a part of us recarnate? This is something I’ve struggled with for sometime now…I love to believe that my baby has returned to Earth, has chosen to live her life as her spirit planned…and yet I also love to think she is always with me in her spirit form..guiding me and watching over me. I hope my question comes across clearly…I love the idea of our loved ones continuing to be with us as we continue our Earth journey…but I feel that conflicts with the idea that they too will at some point return to Earth for another journey.
    With Warmest Mahalo
    Sonora Mather

    • Marq

      Hi Sonora,
      Sorry for your loss.
      I will offer my point of view on your question.
      Hope some of it resonates in your heart.
      One of the fantastic abilities Erik reports from the afterlife is the ability to split his energy and relate to many others at the same time.
      Each person or entity he connects to gets a fully ‘Erik’ version and the total entity Erik is fully aware of and able to proccess these concurrent interactions.
      This shows that in spirit Erik now has the ability to focuss and be preset with many others concurrently.
      Now consider that when many children who cross over are brought through by psychics they can present as the child that passed recently, or perhaps the teenager who passed as a child 15 of our years ago. Or even the adult who passed as a child decades ago.
      How they present is how we wish or expect them to be.
      They present in keeping with our expectations and human timelines.
      The thing is, the afterlife is multidimensional.
      As bizzarre as it sounds, everything that ever will happen is happening right now.
      All lives lived as incarnations are all happening now.
      Not only that, the versions and storylines for each life flex and adjust around needs, beliefs and expectations of those still living human lives but also connecting to those in the afterlife.
      This hypothetical child mentioned above who crossed over some 15 human years ago can present still as a toddler to, lets say,.. grandma in a dream state.
      Yet can also appear to a sibling as a teenager because 15 earth years have passed and the sibling constantly is wondering what they would be like now had they not passed.
      In this scenario the age, maturity level and familiar traits are tailored to ensure the passed spirit is instantly recognisable and appropriate to the needs and expectations of the sibling.
      This child reports to grandma that she is growing up with passed family members in the afterlife.
      The same entity is a teenager at the same human point in time to the sibling.
      All are truly the one entity, splitting, flexing and being whatever is needed to make meaningful connection.
      Should Erik decide to incarnate down the track, he will still be contactable as Erik.
      He will speak as Erik of this ‘new’ incarnation as being him, yet you will be talking to Erik Medhus who is now a guide and teacher.
      Sonora, I believe your baby is truly as you say.
      A beatiful baby growing up in heaven, and also a wonderful mature daughter who loves you and constantly whispers guidance.
      She will always watch over you and wait for the moment you return home.

    • Our Higher Selves are always in the afterlife realm and we’re living all lives, past, present and future, right now.because their is no time. Search the blog for “wagon wheel” for a metaphor.

    • Marq

      Hi Sonora,
      From my perspective.
      Firstly, consider that the afterlife dimension we call heaven is our true eternal home. Earth is where we choose to come to experience a wide expression of physical human lives.
      Heaven is a vastly beautiful, non judgemental, loving, supportive environment.
      The environment is so because because it is a reflection of who and how we are in our purest expression.
      Earth is where we come to experience many types of physical lives in ways that heaven can not provide.
      Lets just say earth is a place where we enter vulnerable physical bodies and take on limiting beliefs that allow us to explore a vast range of
      experiences and emotional responses that are not available or sustainable in the heavenly realm.
      In our heavenly state we are non physical. We are pure conscious self aware energy. Orbs of light.
      We have no genitalia to identify us male or female. We don’t breath, eat or physically speak.
      Communication between us telepathic.
      We recognise each other by our individual vibrational signature.
      Intimacy is experienced by merging our energy with anothers energy, not by two physical bodies contacting as on earth.
      You could say being human is akin to riding the ghost train at the fun park.
      You take the ride. You temporarily buy into the idea that you are in fear of your life.. You burst out of the tunnel back into the light and all your friends and family are waiting for you with knowing smiles…
      To be cont..

      • Marq

        One other thing about being non physical that is vastly different is that we have the ability to present an energetic image of ourselves however we wish…
        We read the expectations of those we connect with and show them an image that combines what they need to see with what we want to show them.
        Erik comes through as the Erik everyone has come to know and love…
        He does so because it is the best and most emotionally familiar way to connect to those whom he loves…
        Not to forget it’s also fun hyperboly to dress up to emphasize a point….
        Now for the really tricky part.
        In the non physical we are able to present our ourselves to multiple others concurrently…
        We can be in more than one place connecting to more than one person at a time.
        We exist in a timeless dimension and can ‘foray’ into human time to connect with those who are open to contact. Erik has become masterful at this because reaching and teaching is his great passion.
        Elisa’s passion, sacrifice and devotion to share Eriks teaching is the perfect energetic conduit for The afterlife realm to merge with the human realm.
        You are the very centre of your life experience.
        Your daughter will present and be what she perceives you need her to be. Her love and commitment to you is eternal.
        The role of daughter she has taken on for you is eternal..
        She is your passed child.
        She is your guide,..
        Ever watching over you…

  • Léon Vrins

    Elisa, it is possible your grandson Easton used words of another language from a former life. A few years ago I read a peculiar story about two twinbrothers, two years old, who had conversations with each other and lots of fun in an unknown language. By accident somebody who was working at some university heard them talking and he recognised old Aramese.

  • T Diaz

    Ty for sharing the Youtube for 3rd Eye – Have only listened to the start of it, but it sounds very soothing and calming.

  • this is a great “Best of Erik,” being a homosexual male, I have been through so many ups & downs with myself and I tried “to be straight” but it just wasn’t me. I was raised that gay people go to hell, but I refused to believe that…in fact, that is what brought me here to Erik’s blog. I was googling gay-friendly religions & Erik brought me here and changed my point-of-view and life! Thank you so much Elisa for all you do! I love you Erik & Elisa!

    • Have you watched the Sex and Gender YouTube? Informative and HILARIOUS!

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