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In case you missed it, here’s this past Thursday’s radio show. Lot’s of touching calls from listeners. I’m keeping this intro short because I’m getting ready to hike in the woods. Plus, I don’t have anything intelligent to say!

Listen to “Hour of Enlightenment 11/10/16” on Spreaker.

Today, I’m going to publish only one Erik Encounter because it’s pretty long. It’s a great story, though! Please enjoy!

Yesterday, Thursday, April 14, 2016, I was sitting at a makeshift desk in the dining room of the rental house we’ve retreated to since our lives basically fell apart last year due to legal interference. We had a business helping people and the powers that be in the government didn’t like the competition.

Since then, we went from being able to pay our bills to our current precarious position of constant anxiety. We are literally looking around for what else we can sell in order not to be homeless. Don’t get me wrong, I know we’re being helped. A couple of months ago, we sold some silver that we had stockpiled to a very spiritual man who said he felt he was being guided to help us and bought most of it. We were shocked and grateful and it bought us a couple of months.

Around January, we partnered with a company with an excellent product to sell. The problem is that we haven’t made our first sale yet. Only a few decent sales would bring us a monthly income on a regular basis where we could breathe easy again. Yesterday, I came up with what I thought was a brilliant e-mail campaign (the jury’s still out) and I was typing out e-mails from a list. I happened to look over at the enormous wall of windows in the living room. There are French doors with two smaller windows on each side and large windows over them that show the sky.

I saw a male figure in jeans walk by the smaller window and disappear behind the thin wall between the window and the French doors. I assumed it was my housemate/business partner. I waited for him to reappear in the window pane of the French door, but he didn’t. There was nothing to see. I sat there watching for a minute in confusion, and then I called out to him. He came out of his room and I asked “Were you just on the deck?” He said “No. I’ve been in my room.”

Of course I knew he couldn’t have just disappeared into thin air, but I asked anyway. I told him what I’d just seen and he said “Stop it.” I said “I thought it was YOU!”

At that point all I thought was that I had seen a ghost that presented itself as solid. Last year, on a very stressful day of worry, I saw my first ghost ever. I didn’t know she was a ghost either because she looked solid and wore casual clothes and it was broad daylight. Then she disappeared. I have a standing order with my guides that I never want to see ghosts unless there is a reason and they have to show up in the daytime. All I thought was “Wow. Another ghost in broad daylight.”

So, I turned back to my e-mail list, and the very next name on the list was “Eric” with a “c”. That’s when I realized it was Erik. I sent the e-mail and then I noticed this Eric worked at a Danish bakery. I immediately remembered that the Medhus family went to a Nordic country on vacations and that Elisa’s husband, Rune, was from there. I couldn’t remember which country though. I looked up “Danish” and found that it’s the language of Denmark and is spoken a little in some other Nordic countries, like Norway.

So I went to the Channeling Erik site determined to find out which country it was. I figured that it might take me a while to find a post that mentioned it. NOPE! As soon as I got to the Channeling Erik site, the photos of Erik at the top weren’t moving across the screen as they usually do. They were frozen and the enlarged photo in the middle was of Erik wearing a gray knit hat with the word “Norway” on it and the Norway flag.

Erik answered me and saved me a search!. I didn’t click off the site all day until nearly 9:00 P.M. last night, and that photo of Erik remained frozen there the entire time. When I finally hit the “refresh” button, the photos started moving again.

I’d like to think that Erik is giving me encouragement to keep going on with the business. The main corporate salesperson has just come to us to see if he can get corporate to spend some advertising dollars on our behalf because he sees our potential, so there is hope here.

Everybody please pray for their success! I’m asking Erik to help, too!

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  • 403LEC

    Sending powerful energy to these people…I hope it helps 🙂

  • Lorri

    It’s me. It’s my story. 😉

    I wrote it several months ago. We have been living on the razor’s edge since then. Always, someone would help or we would sell something in time to pay the bills. I have applied for an online job as a researcher as temporary job to pay bills until we can get the major business deals we are working on to happen. I should hear next week. Wish me luck with that!

    My business partner has a big meeting next Tuesday with his major deal. I am still working on my major deal. Definitely send some powerful energy for these!

    I’ve had a couple of emotional bombshells with two people who came back into my life from decades ago. One of them gave me information about our past together that shocked me to the core. The other was my favorite old high school boyfriend who came on strong, talked about all the chemistry we’d had (we did), said he’d dated a lot and never fell in love, wanted to meet again, alternated between running hot with phone calls and going cold with radio silence ——- then last weekend, I discovered via the Internet he had gotten married sometime after our last phone call to a girlfriend he’s had for a while!!!

    So, Erik would say look for the silver lining. I have probably developed even greater empathy for those who struggle to simply pay bills. I have had to trust more in the Universe than ever to keep calm. I’ve had to learn once again to look at people’s actions instead of their words.

    That said, I’m looking forward to the end of these trials.

    • Fiona

      Good luck and don’t stop fighting!(I need to do same)
      Looks like you had a lucky escape with old boyfriend! Probably so someone better can come into your life.

      • Lorri

        That’s what I tell myself, Fiona.

        But at the same time, it makes me trust men less because I had complete trust in him.

  • Lorri

    One thing about the deck mentioned in the story ——- there are no stairs from the ground to get to it. No one can step onto the deck except from inside the house!!!

  • Lorri

    It won’t hold me back, but that’s the emotion I had when I wrote the comment.

    The real difficulty is that I didn’t have him lumped in with the AH group of men. Quite the contrary. He was the one I always looked back on and smiled. We got along so easily and back then, there was no drama. He genuinely cared about me. It was me that broke up with him. I categorized him as someone I could trust completely.

    I surmise that he and his girlfriend weren’t together when we initially reconnected via the Internet a couple of years ago. I think he met her later and it was when their relationship started to turn really serious, that he decided to look at me seriously before going any further with her. He called and wanted to know my “10-Year Plan”. Where was I going to live and what was I going to do?

    He had roots where he was and was trying to figure out if I could fit there. He asked if we could meet and I said yes. Then he went radio silent.

    At some point not long after that, it’s obvious he made his choice to move forward with her . . . BUT he never told me any of this. I spoke to him a couple of times after he had made his decision and he never breathed a word of any of it. I thought he might be dating casually, but nothing more. I thought we were still an option in his mind.

    I’m not upset that he chose her because I didn’t live there and she is really a great person judging what I can see of her online presence. They have a lot in common. But the last time I spoke to him, he was already living with her and I didn’t know it. I wish I knew why he allowed me to live in a confusing fool’s paradise. What the hell was he thinking?

    • 403LEC

      I have had similar experiences AND I realized that their behavior was like a blessing because it revealed what they were made of. It revealed a characteristic that I probably could not have lived with long term. Think about it that way. It might ease your pain. Sending you loving/healing energy 🙂

      • Lorri

        Thanks 403LEC and Fiona for your understanding.

        It would be impossible to convey how multifaceted my feelings are over this. There was shock and disbelief, grief, sadness, and tears. But there has also been relief and excitement. Relief, because my life is a mess right now and the timing was terrible to begin a relationship. Excitement, because it means I can move to the place I really want to move to, and I believe there is someone even more suited to me there.

        Part of my confusion is that a multitude of psychics saw us coming together and said we’d made a soul contract before coming here. They said that he’d never stopped loving me.

        But there were a couple who stood out from the others and said “No.” One channeled my great grandmother who said she didn’t like how wishy-washy he was, and that he would end up being bossy. The other was a premier psychic who said he was meant to be a template – that the Universe would see that I liked his personality and would know to send me someone along those lines. Just days before I found out he was married, a psychic pulled cards that said he loved me, but that he was “done” – she asked if he was in a relationship.

        The hurt that I feel isn’t from not being chosen because I wanted his happiness above all. Besides, it isn’t much of a rejection because we never did meet. The hurt I feel is about his covering up the truth. He got me all excited and then went silent, leaving me to twist in the wind. After he made up his mind and was in the process of moving in with her, there were two times we spoke on the phone that he could have told me. But he didn’t.

        It would have been unkind enough coming from a man I hardly knew, but he and I had a history and a lot of affection for each other. If anyone would have told me he was capable of treating me this way, I would have laughed in their face. I wasn’t just some random girl to him.


      • Fiona

        It’s a shame but maybe you didn’t know him as well as you thought you did.
        But it’s good that amidst all this turmoil that you still feel strong to go forward and look forward to all the good and exciting stuff to discover in the future.
        I also had a similar experience except that I really knew all along what I was dealing with but I was clinging on to false hope and so I let them reel me in again, making me think that we had a connection by being very intense (and this also someone I knew from the past and reconnected again after a long period of time) but really I suppose it’s not like you because they didn’t lie to me and my past experience of them was negative but I wanted to be with them anyway!
        because I gravitated towards them.
        But they made me think there could be a chance and then suddenly just dropped me.(I suspect bcos I wouldn’t meet up in a cheap hotel!) But there could of been other reasons. I did that to myself but you know in a funny kind of way it brought me a bit of closure so hey hum.

      • Fiona

        Maybe those psychics you consulted weren’t genuine.

      • 403LEC

        Isn’t FEAR or LOVE at the root of all emotion? The way he treated you and your relationship sounds like he was fearful of something. Don’t be surprised if you “hear” from him one day. If that happens remind yourself of his true nature. Also, forgive yourself for not seeing him for what he was. I say all this because it happened to me and was actually a transformation for me on a really deep level. Relationships (family, friends,lovers,co-workers, bosses etc) can be COMPLICATED. You need to go through these steps (grief…shock…disappointment…moving forward) to understand/grasp what happened and what part you played in all this and how to NOT repeat it.

        Just typing all this has been healing for me! I just gave myself some therapy! OMG I feel better 🙂

      • Lorri

        403LEC, yes you are right about a lot. Since I originally broke up with him in our teens, I think he was afraid of getting hurt again. I suppose one good thing that came out of it is that I was able to tell him that there was nothing wrong with him. I broke up for personal reasons even though I really liked him. I’m sure that was healing. It was also healing to hear just how much he had really liked me.

        I don’t expect I’ll ever hear from him again now that he went ahead and got married. I did send him a congratulations e-mail, but I also said that I wished he had told me. He’s probably embarrassed as hell.

        And you are right, the lesson is to prevent this situation from happening again. I ignored the warning signs because of WHO it was . . . someone I thought I knew. But he ran hot and cold and that’s never a good sign.

      • 403LEC

        Lorri….I think you are handling this very well and you should be proud of yourself. You are going to be fine my dear 🙂

      • Lorri

        I AM going to be fine!!! I gave myself some days to process it, instead of ignoring the shock and pain.

        And now this new job came right as I was ready and needed to move on. I am only going to do this job until my big deal comes together, but I’m thrilled that it’s going to be interesting since it’s research. It’s going to use my whole mind. Rarely, have I been excited about any job, let alone a temporary one.

      • 403LEC

        Your reply just made my damn day!!!!! The job sounds awesome!!!!

      • Lorri

        Uh Oh. I spoke too soon. Did my first research project last night and it was a total nightmare. To make sure I wasn’t crazy, I went to Glassdoor and looked at the reviews, and yep, I’m not alone.

        You can’t make the money they say you can, because the research takes so long that you are not even making minimum wage. The questions are mostly about high-tech and business; not my area. And the questions are sometimes unanswerable even if you had the background!

        I was asked about what a company’s marketing plan for a new product was going to be . . . and the information isn’t available! They told me to guess!

        My research was ultimately accepted and sent to the client, but I worked on it for hours. Before acceptance, I had to wait for 2 separate reviews that were hours apart. I waited 4 hours for the first review and 3 hours for the second review. You have to wait because when your review comes in, you only have 30 minutes to claim it or lose it forever. I started around 9:00 p.m. and due to waiting for reviews, wasn’t finished till the sun came up.

        Crazy ass business model!!! Exhausting!

        Back to the drawing board. At least my business partner had a fantastic meeting today and could have real results by the beginning of next year. So weird to be so close to so much success, yet still dealing with sheer survival in the meantime!

      • 403LEC

        Lorri…you are trying your best and that is admirable. Like Steve Harvey says, you have to “jump” in order to soar. There are no guarantees in this life…one day you will look back and realize the huge lessons you have learned. Keep up the good work Lorri 🙂

      • Lorri

        Thanks, 403LEC. Man, my business partner just had a melt down from all the stress tonight. This has got to end.

      • Congratulations!!

      • You are, Lorri, and we have your back.

    • Fiona

      It’s a shame that after having such fond memories of him that it should turn out this way for you. I don’t know his character but could you ever trust someone who can mislead you like that?

      • Lorri

        I think I will always struggle to wrap my head around it. I always thought of him as such a bright spirit – he has the most delightful personality I’ve ever seen . . . so far. 😉

        I can understand him putting the brakes on with his girlfriend to take another look at me. What I can’t understand is the secrecy and failure to communicate. He had to know I still thought he was single and he let me think it. The crazy thing is that he has a degree in psychology!!!! He didn’t have to handle it this way.

        Even so, I can never wish him unhappiness and I do think he is happy. He sure looks happy in their photographs. He’s not on Facebook, but she is. In the end, we will both be happy – he won’t have to move out of his state, and I won’t have to move to his state.

        BUT I HAD GOOD NEWS TODAY! I got the research job and can literally start earning money today if I want to!!!! This alone goes a long way towards getting over what happened with him. It’s when you aren’t moving forward in life that you have too much time to devote to thinking of the person.

      • YAY!!!!

  • 403LEC

    Amen to “the universe is weird”

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