Erik on Trump, Part One

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Here’s Part One of our series on Trump. I don’t want a political war happening in the comments section though…please?

Kim: Good morning.

Me: Good morning, Kimberly! How’s it going?

Kim: It’s going wonderfully. How about you?

Me: Good. Very good. I had a nice time camping at Lake Livingston, hiking, sitting around a campfire and all that kind of good stuff. It was really pretty weather, too.

Kim: Must be nice. It was 20 degrees each night here in Ohio.

Me: Ah!

Kim: So that was lovely.

Me: Well, I’ll trade that for our summers here in Houston because they suck.

Kim: Brutal.

Me: Anyway, hi, Erik!

Erik: What’s up, Mama?

Me: Not a whole heck of a lot.

Kim: He’s really mellow.

Me: He’s mellow?

Kim: Yeah, earlier, he was acting like a hard ass, and I was like, ‘Why are you acting like a hard ass right now?’ Then he’s like, “Who said I’m acting?” So he was being a smart ass!

We both laugh.

Me: A smart ass AND a hard ass! So with this recent election—and I’m not going to tell anybody who I voted for because I didn’t really like either candidate—but anyway, there’s a lot of anxiety over the results. So, I thought maybe to allay anxiety or maybe to make things worse, we’d ask you, Erik, some questions about Trump, the new president-elect. How do you feel about that? Good?

Erik (in a sing-song voice): Let’s do it!

Kim: He’s like shaking.

She mimics a shoulder shimmy.

Me: Oh, the shimmy! The Hillary shimmy.

Like the one she did during a debate.

Kim laughs.

Me: How about this first. How will the economy fare over the next 4 years? These are all from blog members. And how will job growth and unemployment rates do?

Erik (scratching his head): Where do I start?

Me: Keep them a little bit short because I have 28 questions! So the economy will do fine, not good? Job growth good? Unemployment good? Bad?

Erik (making two fists): With the economy, you’re going to see it become very secure and safe. It’s going to feel very safe.

Me: Oh, good. Will he bring in the jobs that he says he’ll bring in?

Erik: He will, but a lot of people will lose their jobs at first.

Kim: Okay, who are these people losing their jobs and why?

Me: Government people?

Kim: He gives me identity with a question mark. I don’t know what that means. Illegal immigrants?

Me: Well, tell us, Erik! He might shut down the Department of Education and things like that, so there could be some government job loss. The government is way too big! He might be shutting down some [unnecessary] government jobs. Could it be that?

Kim: Is it illegal immigrants?

Erik: You’re going to see a big shift in that category, but that’s not what I’m talking about. You’re going to see equality among the “little people” when it comes to jobs.

Kim: Ugh, I hate using that term.

Me: I know.

Kim: It kind of makes me feel like, when we go upper class all the way down, that the “little people” is where he’s going to insure security.

Me: Oh good.

Time to get rid of that huge income gap.

Erik: When you were talking about the government, it’s going to be the reverse. The common people are going to have strength, a voice and independence again.

Me: So [the job loss] isn’t in the middle class. Thank god.

Erik (snapping his fingers): These changes will be quick so the adjustment might take some time.

Me: Okay, will he be successful, and will he be reelected for a second term?

Erik: It’ll be like this. (He does the so-so sign with his hand.) That doesn’t define his success. It defines his support. Everyone right now is in a state of “prove it before I support you.”

Me: Yeah.

Erik: He’ll be able to prove it. He’ll be very successful in establishing financial security.

Me: Good. Will he be reelected?

(Long pause)

Kim exhales sharply.

Kim: Wow, that’s some heavy information that I don’t know if I want to translate in this session.

Me: Okay, forget it. Either he’s going to be assassinated or die because he’s so old, but don’t say.

Kim: Yeah, maybe I’ll share with you, personally, Elisa, but on a platform like this, no.

Me: All right. That’s fine.

Eventually, she told me she just got a negative feeling about it but no specifics. 

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  • Lola Jones

    Ahhh, I really want to know what Kim wouldn’t tell us! The part after you asked if he’d be re-elected…could you at least tell us if it has to do with Russia? Lol.

    • Holly Childs

      I had a reading with Eric a month ago and he said Trump would be impeached. He didn’t specifically say over what….but I suspect Russia.

      • Paulette Roberts

        Thanks for that Holly, we have known that’s a possibility

      • Lola Jones

        That’s interesting. Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what ends up happening.

      • Jan Petersen

        I had a reading with Erik as well and he told me Trump would be impeached

    • Joius

      Maybe health issues, he is little bit overweight and add stress, not good combination….

      • Jan Petersen

        I had a reading with Erik a few weeks back and he told me Trump would be impeached

    • Holly Childs

      What’s even more interesting, Eric said he would be replaced by a woman. So where did Pence go?

      • Cory Sutherland

        There would probably be a lot of his inner circle jumping ship when they see what’s coming.

      • Holly Childs

        Very true!

      • President Ivanka?

      • She’s so smart! I wouldn’t mind! And she moderate enough to please more people.

      • Lynx234

        Wow, that’s fascinating!

  • Cindy Williams Adams

    So enjoyed this visit with Erik. It will be interesting to look back on this time in history in a couple of years. So sorry to hear about your website issues. I just went through all that and had to migrate my blog from Weebly to WordPress. You’ve got what in lay terms is commonly referred to as ‘a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo’ at the top of your page. Something about an argument that is deprecated. Lol!

  • Dustin Ebaugh

    This is an interesting discussion. I’m excited to read part 2 Elisa. I have a feeling he won’t serve out this term. I don’t want to say why either. But, FYI, I didn’t like either candidate. Neither of them seemed to connect with most of the populace on a human level. They were both fake and insincere to a large degree.

  • T Diaz

    Everything on the website looks fine from here, at least on this page anyway. Maybe it got fixed in the last hour? And what a tease about what’s going to happen with “he who shall not be named!” Well, we’ll know what the answer to that was in less than 4 years.

  • Judith F.

    It’S messed up on my android tablet (Samsung). The home page has only Erik’S photos and side bar stuff; that’S how I got to this post. Plus it’S adding capital s’s after some apostrophes in this comment.

  • JaniceT

    I just tried “search” and “select category” just now. I’ve had problems with the “search” for a while now; Tried to find “Princess Diana” and it never came out (she’s not listed under “Celebrity” nor under her name. Sometimes it comes out, sometimes it doesnt…Just now, it worked once, and the 2nd time it went to a blue colored page with some codes on it.

    When I pressed the link to “Archives” it also went to a blue page with codes; I will attach a screen shot of it here….

    • Got the same thing.
      No worries, Elisa. Erik will fix everything — in his fashion!! 🙂

    • I know. I hate my search plugin but can’t find a better one. Try “Lady Di.”

      • JaniceT

        No problem~~! Just grateful that CE page exists and that you share it with all of us! So, no rush; when its fixed, its fixed! Take your time!

  • Wallace Brown

    Here in the UK Trump is being compared as our Brexit: a huge mistake. Personally, I think both outcomes are going to prove a surprise to the doubters. (It would be interesting to hear Erik’s views on events here in Europe/EU.

    • He did talk bout Brexit. It somewhere in the blog.

    • bik

      Here in the US we dodged a bullet by electing Trump. Too bad the Brits don’t approve.

  • BonelessSausage

    I am not sure who said it but the person said neither Clinton or Trump would make it through 2018 as President. Hillary for health/respiratory and Trump impeachment. First half of that year.

  • bik

    A couple months ago a psychic on Coast to Coast released a book where he predicted that neither Trump nor Pence would survive 2018/ 2019. He predicted that at least one nuclear weapon would be smuggled into the US and detonated close enough that Trump and Pence would die of radiation poisoning. For the life of me I can’t recall his name. Frankly, with all the people on this planet that now have nuclear weapons that scenario isn’t as unlikely as you think. Further, many psychics continue to see New York in the future as a destroyed city. One nuke on one tramp steamer in New York harbor would do this.

    I wish to God some of you would get your heads out of the gutter of politics. All that you have been exposed to through Erik and these wonderful psychics, yet all you can think about is your petty grievances and disappointments. The goal is to transcend the mundane and material… not wallow in it.

    • Agreed! Whoever our leader is, we need to support him and even guide him (or her) if necessary through letters, peaceful protests, etc.

      • bik

        Thank you Elisa! At some point we have to recognize that we are living our lives on more than one level, and that won’t happen as long as people keep trying to interpret, reinterpret, and interpolate everything Erik or any other medium says according the whims of political fancy. Remember Jesus and that whole render unto Caesar thing?

        I can’t tell you how important I believe your work is right now. If we believe half of what we say we believe we should be working towards getting us ALL into the next level of our spiritual evolution. For the record, everybody should read Erik’s afterlife interview with Hitler. I think it will clarify things for many people across the whole political spectrum.

  • Lorri

    Hmmm. Patrick and The Committee at The Amendment said Trump will get elected to a second term. I feel that if they try to impeach him, they won’t succeed.

    Regardless of how bombastic he is, once you understand that HALF of Americans earn $30,000 or less, and a significant portion of those earn $20,000, then you understand why he was voted in. If he is able to change things for the better for the “little people”, who are actually half the country, then he’s a shoe-in for a second term unless something drastic happens.

  • Debra Mills

    Hi! I know what it is like to know something from the universe and not be able to tell the people. I just wanted to tell you to be aware of the humans around you that don’t want this info out. Healers are dying because no 1 wants the truth out because energy is the future of healing.

  • Luke Foster

    Can you guys do a follow up interview on Trump?… Like what probabilities are showing stronger now etc… I am sure that some of them has shifted since this first session…

    • I’m going to shy away from politics. There are so many emotions on both sides.

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