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Before we get to today’s post, I want to reiterate how loved I have been feeling by all you guys who have been donating money to rebuild the CE mobile app. It means so much to me! I feel like you all are my second family, my children, even, and I love you so much. Those are not just empty words. I truly mean it. Some of you guys have been having trouble finding the donate button. That’s because it’s not on the page you’re reading now, the post page. It’s on the homepage. We’re almost at the goal! Yay!

By the way, two nights ago, I had a weird experience. It was around 4:00 AM, and I was awake. Groggy, but awake. All of a sudden, I felt a hand drape across the top of my head. It felt solid. In fact, in my peripheral vision, I saw actual fingers draped over my temples and forehead. This was accompanied by an electrical shock feeling all over my body but most intensely on my head. Then the hand was gone. I looked at the foot of my bed and saw a bright white wisp about two square feet in area materialize the the left foot of my bed. After less than a second, it drifted to the right and then disappeared. Have any of you guys had a similar experience?

Story #1

I am a massive fan of Erik’s and have watched all the YouTube videos. I have asked him to prank me on numerous occasions but nothing ever happened. However, tonight I’ve been watching the latest YouTube video (channeling Mother Mary part 2) and asked Erik to prank me. I then went to brush my teeth before bed and I when I’ve come out the bathroom, I can hear a ringing noise downstairs (like a mobile phone or an oven alarm). It’s 1.50 a.m. here, that’s not normal!! I had to wake my dad up and get him to check the noise out as I was scared (note: I’m a 28 year old adult! Lol). The ringing mysteriously stopped as my dad walked sleepily downstairs.. Luckily my dad heard it so I’m not crazy. We couldn’t find out where the noise was coming from.. Our mobiles are all upstairs and the oven alarm wasn’t on. Thanks for listening to me Erik! You’re the best and love you lots!! Oh, I would love to meet you when I pass so don’t forget about me!! 🙂 Xxxx

Story #2

I tried to tune in to listen /watch one /any of Erik’s podcasts or YouTube episodes. My iPhone 6 is new. I had a full signal. It was a beautiful, sunny, Saturdsy morning. I was able to receive crystal clear reception on ANY OTHER podcast or YouTube… EXCEPT when I tried any and all stations which had Erik … (:o) !!! This lasted for about 1½ hours. SO WEIRD! I felt frustrated cuz my time was limited… and yet I sensed his endearing chuckling behind the veil. Was it mere coincidence… or Erik? Only Erik knows for sure. How about asking him, Mama Elisa? I’d love to hear his answer!!! ~ Jean Russell Rockwall TX

Elisa here. Something tells me he was listening alongside you, and his energy was interfering with your iPhone!

Story #3

I just got done reading the book and I have been trying my hand at intuitive readings. My friend lost someone close to her, so we were discussing it. I was having trouble hearing her friend (whom she lost) but I could feel him. I saw Erik on her right side, in her auric field; I thought it was an actual person she will meet in the future. I just logged onto this site in order to read the blog, and wham, there is the guy that was in her field!

Please be sure to share your own Erik experience. On the righthand side of the homepage, if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see two buttons: “Share Your Story” and “Share Your Praise.” Erik loves it when we share! 

Enjoy your weekend, peeps.

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  • Robin Kincaid

    Glad to help with your program (with donations). You deserve it because you and Erik have given so much incredible and so very valuable information to all of us “students” who want to learn and were seeking this knowledge. All of us benefiting so much, from all around the world, thank you for sharing the very awesome gift of your son with us. You have changed lives and literally SAVED LIVES; more than you could ever know from where you are right now – but you, Elisa (I am certain) will be able to see all the good you have done when you are with your son in the Eternal World!
    As with Mary and Jesus – I can’t help but see the similarity here! – you and Erik have made the ultimate sacrifice in your lives (I prefer to say the Ultimate Gift) and again, all of us who can’t wait for the next article blog or the next radio show feel the LOVE and hope you continue to feel the LOVE from ALL of us, as Erik has said, WE ARE ALL ONE. And maybe you will get to meet many of your Extended Human Family here on earth in the World of Spirit Later! Hey, how about one heck of an awesome PARTY in HEAVEN when we all get there!!??? I guess we are all different ages, so may have to have quite a number of Big Parties over there as we all, your STUDENTS, start to pass over!!!
    PS…..I don’t know about other blog members, but I frequently re-schedule activities in a trip or vacation so that I don’t miss your radio show every week!! We are addicted to Erik’s abundant and ever developing new knowledge.
    Did you ever think your son would ever become a WORLD TEACHER??!!!

    • I don’t know about the Mary and Jesus comparison because I have lots of flaws haha! But thank you for your kind words. You’ve made my Sunday. You really have. And I never really thought Erik would be a world teacher. I was worried if he would ever be able to hold down a job, even a very simple one, given his mental illness. Love you!

  • Lorri

    Elisa, these experiences you’ve been having lately seem like signs you are becoming very sensitive to spirit. How do you feel about it?

    • Susan Zeke

      Elisa, could you please have Erik check on Zachary Hucall and make sure he’s ok? He is 21 yrs old and just took his life this past Thursday on November 17th. He went to school with my daughter and obviously has been in much pain and suffering. He was found in the forest close to where we live. Like Erik and so many others, is an amazing and brilliant young man. I have said some prayers for his family and friends to comfort them. I know you are most busy but as you know too well, this pain is fresh. Love you, Susan

      • Aw, of course I will. I’ll tell him to show him the ropes and teach him to communicate with his loved ones.

      • Susan Zeke

        Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you Elisa!! Especially for giving birth to an amazing man Erik who is helping us all make this world a more loving place!! You both are an inspiration to all of us Moms and parents alike, out there to be the best we can be!!

      • Aw, you’re so sweet to say that!!!!!!

      • Susan Zeke

        It’s true! I don’t know how you do what you do and have any time to even use the bathroom! You’re life is jam-packed it seems but your happiness is palpable! Your intelligent, personable-ness, and genuinity are just some of the reasons why your cause is that much more meaningful! Everyone wants to reach out to both of you but especially you as you are holding the beacon (And Erik is the beacon so it works perfectly lol!) And also I feel like I already know you so well because of your authenticity and traits above. This is just an amazing forum and what you all are doing for the human race and universe. My heart is exploding with gratitude every time I sign onto your websites! OxoSusan

      • Love you, Susan!

      • Susan Zeke

        Love you too! If ever I can make it down to Houston (February I think?) and if you aren’t in Tibet or Tazmania etc helping everyone around the world, I would love to come and say hello and meet you in person as that would truly be an honour. I will bring you some of my favourite red wine from Winnipeg, Mb except it most likely will be imported Hahahaha. Love you too!!

      • Yes, come say hello! The CE event is 1/20-22.

    • Maybe! Someone told me that the hand experience might have been someone trying to open up my 3rd eye.

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