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Well, we made it to Dallas, rented a car and are now in Waco. In a few minutes, we’re going to try to drive to Houston, circumventing road closures. It’ll be tricky because those closures might change since they’re opening levees here and there. The negative of going home is that Michelle and Nick have opened our house up to two of their friends and all of their children, so 15 bodies have sought shelter there. Their two houses have flooded. Poor things. I love helping people, but I know the chaos and mess might be trying, especially for my husband!

Today, I’m posting the first of the Rolling with Erik series. I hope to do this every Monday, depending on Emma and her schedule. It’s kind of cool because she trance channels Erik in this and her hand mannerisms are identical to his. I’ve included video and text to accommodate all of you.

I want to extend my warmest thanks to Alexis Mahon for transcribing this!

Hi guys. It’s Erik!

A lot of new people have asked me about the refugee crisis, so I just wanted to give you guys a little bit more explanation on how and why, and what we need to do about it.

First of all, let me just clear something up. People are reacting as if this is something new, but there have been refugees since the beginning of the human existence. I mean fuck, if you look at all the countries in the world, they are all made up out of people from different places looking for happiness and balance in their human existence, and you know as spiritual beings living a human existence we’re all looking to reside in a place that resonates with our inner vibration, with our inner happiness, and so when the energy of our home no longer resonates with our Source energy, well then, we’ll feel ourselves being pushed away from that miss-serving energy and we’ll feel a pull towards a more similar vibration.

So, looking at what’s going on right now, I mean at this moment, people are being forced to flee their homes for very complicated and interlinked reasons, millions of people worldwide are running from violence and persecution. War has left the world filled with misplaced people and today people don’t just flee persecution and war, but there is also the injustice and the exclusion, and poverty, and environmental pressures, and basically all the miserable human consequences of dysfunctional countries. So, the world is filled with opinions about these refugees, and nations are being pressed with the question of whether not they should admit them. And if so, which ones and how many? I mean fuck people, what are we doing here? We’re all human beings, right? So instead, what we really should be doing is we need to take a closer look at why there is so much worry, and why there is so much inner struggle, and even hate inside of us against these people. They’re just looking for a better opportunity, they’re just looking for a chance to make a better life for themselves and for their families.

So, let’s fill our hearts with love okay, it’s necessary, and it’s about time.

So, a lot of people have asked me why this is happening and how do we deal with it. Well it’s really a result of our collective consciousness as a human race, I mean all realities are co-created through the universal law of attraction. Our consciousness creates the experiences we need in order to expand as a collective, but also to exceed our own self-realizations and to expand ourselves on a very individual level. So, we create exactly the circumstances we need to evolve and grow, and this refugee crisis is helping us in doing just that. I know it doesn’t feel like that, but it is, trust me.

Think about it, these unprecedented numbers of refugees that are streaming into Europe confronts the world with a two-part challenge, the refugees are testing the infrastructural capacity of many of Europe’s countries, but also the idea of the European Union, and some of its core policies include open borders, equality, and care for all, and most of all, it is testing our compassion and connectiveness for all human beings. This so-called crisis, will really lead us in times, they still need to come, but they will lead us to peace and they will lead us to compassion and equality for everyone. It will result in healing, because it will force people to come together and to unite in order to make it work for everyone. We shouldn’t fear an economic crisis because if we all exchange and share our knowledge, our resources, and our wisdom, then there is enough for everyone.

Over time, this will all lead a united balanced and more compassionate consciousness within the human race. We have a collective obligation to our society, to our children and to our world to bring people together and to unite them all at a human level. So please release the fear and anger within you. They’re only based on ego, and the flawed premise that there is not enough for everyone. And instead, fill it with unconditional love and compassion. This is the only way to create the best possible outcome that the universe is offering to us all.

I love you guys! Stay peaceful in your heart. And only share love, light, and laughter.

Peace out guys! Bye!

If you want to contact Emma, click HERE.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Sky Yozenko

    Beautiful message

  • Trish

    That was fabulous Emma and Erik! Thank you. I love, love, love the idea of this series, so special.

  • Kathryn

    Thanks, “Alexis!” With regard to everyone in Texas, as well as anyone else affected by mother nature’s, hurricane aka, “Dickweed Harvey! Truly, all and everyone, are in my heart and prayers! Please oh please, dig deep and consider supporting our Texan neighbors, with help, donations and/or money…and, not an Internet card, with our “sincere,” and deepest, sympathy! Really? It’s time to get REAL! Kathryn/KM

  • Cherieone

    That was wonderful Erik and Emma! I love the new forum! Thank you. Love, Light and Laughter

  • Marq

    A few thoughts on how to manage what occurs around us in our polarised world.
    Everything entering our experience is a reflection/ manifestation of our own inner vibrational state.
    The bigger picture is the collective vibrational manifestation.
    How we individually respond to non-resonant experience is critical to whether we continue to attract/create vibrationally similar experience going forward.
    Human inclination is to push against what does not resonate as preferable.
    Pushing against circumstances deemed negative includes judging, devaluing, hating, fearing, rejecting, being angry with, de-humanising and so forth….
    It is preferable to start with the belief that all experience is equaly valid.
    Neither good nor bad, right or wrong.
    Smiply different and either resonant or non resonant.
    The most important issue is our own personal response.
    It is very possible to see the world as it is without allowing the events to provoke pre-programmed fear based responses.
    The key is to hold and live in the vibration of our own preferred world.
    To continually interally visualise the world and our own lives as we would wish them Ideally to be,.. and then to interact with the world from a heart space that chooses to feel and operate from feelings of love.
    Realising that human experience is simply the refection in the mirror..
    We live in a world designed to provide vast polarity and provoke us to align either with,.. against all manner of experience..
    To choose to love all that is without condition is not also to endorse what we find non resontant
    Rather it is to realise that we each stand at the centre of our own world and are always creating our own experience of it.

  • Dustin Ebaugh

    I love this!

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