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Well, it’s about that time, people. I’m accepting questions for the next Ask Erik magazine column now. Please write what you want to ask as briefly as you can because they won’t accept the essays that some of you guys have sent. 🙂 Also, only one question per customer. Email it to before 6:00 PM CT tonight. I get a lot of emailed questions, so I won’t be replying. I will let you know when it’s published, though!

Praise #1

Hello Elisa and all !

A little about me : My name is Hagi, I am 43 years old computer technician that live in Israel. In the last 30 years I was attracted to spiritual information, Whether it’s Orin, Seth and Abraham-Hicks. Recently I found your Youtube channel which sparked my interest with the beautifully presented and heart-touching information in it.

I just wanted to share with you the appreciation I feel for your work, For the experiences you and your closed ones chose, And for your great view of life and that you came out stronger from your experiences and decided to share it with the world in your own unique and funny way. I also want to thank lovely Jamie and Erik for their service and unique gifts for us all. It resonate with my deeper knowing, And feels great to get these kind of confirmations. I’ve ordered Erik’s book, And am looking forward to read it and be touched by it with Erik’s unique and funny personality in the next few weeks. I’m sure i’m in for a TREAT !

Thank you Elisa, Jaime and Erik.

Love to you all,


Praise #2

I suffer from depression and I often think about self harming myself. I stumbled across your blog site since I have started reading the thoughts of self harm have greatly have gone away you truely saved my life thank you reading your blog has helped become a better person and thinking about cutting my wrists have gone away thanks to you and Erik’s blog i now understand that harming myself is not the answer.

Praise #3

Before I begin I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my story. I haven’t shared my ‘experience’ with many people because I couldn’t find anything or anyone that could relate to me.

My name is Quinton Taz Heath, but I’ve always gone by Taz. I was raised in a house that did not embrace any organized religion but they did not discourage my brother and I from exploring any spiritual belief. Most of my life I was an atheist, I had a very undeveloped ideology of the beyond and didn’t really think much past our last breath taken on earth. Until one day that shattered my beliefs foundations in a single moment.

I was in High School at the time, just starting out my freshmen year of high school and feeling invincible. I began experimenting with drugs a few years back and didn’t think much of pot, ecstasy, acid, and shrooms. I’m not proud of this nor am I making excuses for myself but that was a dark time in my family life. Like I said, I had a very undeveloped ideology about life and how precious it is and my actions were getting out of control. So, one Friday night my wake up call came. I was staying over at my friends house because he picked up some shrooms a few days before. After we passed the bag around and waiting for our night to begin someone else pulls out an Air Duster. If you didn’t know before this, if you take the cans of air you use to blow the dust off your keyboard and inhale the air you get a buzz for a couple minutes. This is EXTREMELY dangerous and causes thousands of people to die every year from inhaling stuff like this. Forty-five minutes later we are so lost in ourselves and talking to each other we don’t even remember who’s house we were at. As the night went on I wanted to get higher, and higher, and higher, like all drug users do. I took that bottle of air duster and inhaled so much, repeatedly like my life depended on it. I then began to see my vision fade away but not like I’m blacking out (which I have done both blacked out and passed out). The corner of my vision began to get all fuzzy, like when your TV is on a channel with no broadcast. The next thing I knew I was present somewhere else. Now I know those may sound like a strange word to use but let me explain. I wouldn’t say standing somewhere else because I wasn’t consciously aware of a ‘physical’ body or being part of anything that resembled a human body. I wasn’t in a place i.e heaven, I was just, present.
However the place that I was in/at was the most VIBRANT white I have ever experienced. I say experienced because its not something you see but something your whole Being experiences. It was so much brighter than our sun but you could stare directly at it with ease. I was then flooded with a feeling of being in the presence of something. This being did not revel it self to me with the same type of vision I was looking at the light with. I know that sounds weird but bare with me. The being presented it self as an image in my head. However, this being has no shape/body/vessel/identity. I knew in that moment that this being is seen different by everyone. I knew that this must be God, and it made sense that, that is the way God would revel himself to you if he/she would. I then heard a voice echo in my head, not a foreign voice but not my voice. This voice wasn’t mad, upset, sad, or any emotion we feel. The closest thing I can use to describe the emotion from this being the most was it just exuberated this compassion but nonjudgmental to do what I wanted to do with what he said. He said to me “Taz, if you don’t stop this, you will die” and as fast I was there, I was back in my friends basement. Completely sober and completely out of mind of what had just happened.

You’re probably wondering why I put quotations around experience at the beginning. The reason for that is because I believe I died. However I wasn’t in a hospital type setting or with people alert enough to their surroundings to check, and confirm I must just have passed over for a time. I believe that was the biggest thing holding me back from fully accepting my experience. Not having that human confirmation was driving me insane but through your videos I believe I’ve found my evidence. I am now 18 years old and have been out of high school for almost a year and this is the first time I’ve taken the time to sit down and type all this out. This experience I very personal to me and I’ve been watching your videos and I can’t get enough of them. I wish there was more time in the day that I could just sit and listen to all the fascinating things that Erik has to say I would love to hear back from either of you and get your thoughts because I feel your experiences could help shed some light on mine.

Thank you again for your time.

Here’s Alison and Kari’s latest YouTube, channeling God Source! I found it fascinating. Everyone ought to check in with God Source to get advice and feedback. Be sure to like and subscribe to their channel. God Source chimes in about Erik around minute 50.

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