Erik on the Shadow Government, Part Two

Okay, peeps, so I’ve decided (as some of you already know,) that we’ll hold an annual fundraiser every September to try to cover half of the Channeling Erik operating expenses. I’ll cover the rest. So no need to send in any more donations. Save that money for the holidays. I’m also grateful for those of you who recently volunteered to transcribe, but I’m going to try Veronica’s transcriptionist for now. We’ll see what happens, but I think this is a good plan. 

I’m on my way to Kerrville, getting away for a bit with my husband. I hope you guys have a great Thursday!

Here’s a recent photo of my new grand baby, Harper Lee Braly!

Enjoy Part Two of our session on the shadow government. Kinda creepy! Thanks so, so much, James de Beresford, for the exquisite job transcribing!

Emma: I got some water.

Me: Good. Well, you’re allowed to be thirsty and quench your thirst.

Emma: When he starts talking I really get a dry throat.

Me: I bet. All right, so. They’re making us sick on purpose. Now, in this documentary, Acknowledged, they also say that they often create chaos on purpose. Like, some people think that the government created 9/11.

Erik: Well they’ve been doing this for a while now. They create what look like terrorist attacks to us in order to justify a means.

Me: They want to feed the military-industrial complex with money?

Erik: Right, they stage these attacks because they really want the support of the people to say, “Yeah go bomb those fuckers,” you know, “Go get them.” That’s really what it is. Now they’ve done this before and there is proof of this. There are files that have been released a long time ago. They wanted to invade Cuba but in order to do that they needed a reason why. And they have it written down in a paper. People can find it on the Internet. Look it up. They actually say in detail how they’re just going to take two military people from the United States who are going to start pretending to be Cubans. And they’re just going to start shooting people in the streets in Washington. That was the plan. And then blame it on Cuba. Or another one they wanted to do was have an airplane attack one of the cities in America so they could say, “Hey, Cuba did it; let’s go get them!” However, they never went through with the plan.

Me: Thank God.

Erik: It was denied by President Kennedy, he rejected the proposal. That’s just an example that people can find on the Internet.

Me: Was 9/11 created by our government? Or is just what everybody thinks it is and that’s just a regular Osama Bin Laden type-

Erik: No, the government was aware the attacks were going to happen, and they took the opportunity and made it worse. So, did two airplanes fly in there? Was that a terrorist attack? Yes, however the building collapsing, that was the government pushing a button. They had explosives already installed in the buildings when it did happen because they knew exactly when it was going to happen, what date it would happen, they had all the intel: but they needed an excuse to go over there and find these so called bombs, they needed an excuse to go to war. And so after the airplanes flew into the buildings they were not supposed to collapse, they were strong enough to survive, they knew that. So in order to create more chaos and death they basically-

Me: I believe that because it just doesn’t seem right that both buildings just totally collapsed because of the airplanes.

Erik: Mom, if you look at the videos, the buildings collapse like when they demolish a building and they don’t want to do much damage to the buildings around them. They go like this in stages (Emma motions downward with her hands), boom boom boom. That’s what they’re doing. If it was because of the airplane hitting, the building would tilt. It’s a metal construction, so it’s not possible.

Me: Yeah, it was liked a planned demolition. All right, so is it only the United States who’s doing this whole-

Erik: No.

Me: There are other countries too?

Erik: There are other countries too. There are also countries and let’s maybe let people know about that. There are countries condemning certain wars in Syria and, “Oh, this is so bad; you shouldn’t do that.” But under the table they’re actually feeding them money to get more weapons. If we’re talking about presidents that are firing chemical weapons and destroying babies and children and women in the streets and they’re going, “Oh, you know, you should be ashamed and we condemn it,” what people don’t know is they’ve already provided them with money to buy those weapons.

Me: Does Trump know about this? Is Trump a part of this?

Erik: I’m pretty sure he knows about what’s going on.

Me: Does he condone it?

Erik: One of the countries is France who’s supporting these war tactics and who are very cruel. Let’s just say that a lot of different countries are having deals –contracts under the radar– and they actually support each other in having warfare to destroy this, to gain that, to create chaos. So there are underlying deals being made that people are not aware of.

Me: Well does Trump condone it? He’s so rich it doesn’t seem like he would do that kind of stuff to get money. Does he condone all that’s going on?

Erik: It’s not about money, it’s about power.

Me: Okay, well does he condone it?

Erik: It’s about you do this for me, I do this for you; it’s like that.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Trump is not aware of everything that’s going on but they do get intel on certain things.

Me: Okay. What about Hillary? Does she know about it? Is she all for it?

Emma: He’s very convinced about that.

Erik: She knows.

Me: And she supports it?

Erik: She’s part of that high-society kind of group thing.

Me: Oh. Let’s talk about that. The New World Order. Who are some of the members of that? And what is it, actually?

Erik: It’s just a group of elites that have kind of worked their way up over the centuries. It’s been passed on from family to family to family.

Me: Like the Roosevelts and families like that, right?

Erik: Right, the richest people. And sometimes people you don’t even…one of them is this very old lady and she’s the only one left in the family but she owns about 30% of the world.

Me: Who is it? [No] don’t say because it might be dangerous for us.

Erik: Yeah I can’t give you all the details because what we’re doing right now is already going to get their attention so let’s not push it. I don’t want to endanger anyone.

Me: Is Obama a member? Is Trump a member? Is Hilary a member? Bill Clinton? Who are members? The Bush family?

Erik: Not all presidents are members, however they do know about it. They just don’t always have the power to stop it or even do anything about it.

Me: Okay, who are members? I mean certain rich families, but who else? Is Obama a member of the New World Order?

Erik: No.

Me: Trump?

Erik: No.

Me: The Clintons?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Anybody else you wanna share?

Emma: Eh…really? He’s talking about Rock- Rockefellers or something?

Me: Those, yeah. I’ve heard that.

Erik: The Queen of England.

Me: Yeah, okay. Well are they all bad or do they wanna do good things for the world?

Erik: They just want to be in control; they just want to stay in that power. They’re the ones who decide who becomes president. People think that they really vote, they don’t. Everything is rigged. Everything will turn into a place where they want it to go.

Me: But are they nefarious? Some people want to control things to make the world a better place. But some just want all the power and money for themselves. Where do they stand?

Erik: They believe that they know what’s best for the world, so in order to keep that under control, they need to keep every aspect of human life under control. Some of them do believe that they need a certain order and a certain structure built into humans, that otherwise everything would go to chaos. If everybody would just do whatever the hell they want. They do believe that people need to be run like a herd and there needs to be a leader to guide them and to tell people what’s good for them, what’s not good for them, but in order to keep– that’s the whole screwed up thing about it, Mom. Some people really believe that people need guidance. However, then you got the opposite part who does believe that, but in order to gain that control you need to attack people at the same time to keep them in that position. They say one thing in order to make ‘em feel better, but if you look at it from a different point of view, they’re really just doing more damage than they’re helping people.

Me: In their own minds are they doing it to help the world or are they doing it to enrich themselves with money and power? Or both?

Erik: Both.

Me: So would you say they are a nefarious group or not?

Erik: Let’s just say that they believe that without them the world would be in mayhem.

Me: Okay, what about the military-industrial complex, besides obviously the military, the FBI, the CIA, the industrial part of that. Who are the principal members of that? Are there like banks? Big Pharma, of course? But what are the companies, what types of companies? You don’t have to mention the specifics if you don’t want to, but if you want to that’s fine, too.

Erik: Well you have banks that we know that we go to, but then you also have a bigger bank that’s controlling all the banks.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that. And they control the stock exchange and everything like that. It’s the main bank that controls everything. So you have a main bank in America and you have a main bank that controls all the European ones. Let’s just say that if you look at the news it’s the European National Bank that decides what all the other banks in every European country needs to do. They say you need to save money then those banks need to reduce their interest rates, that one bank is controlling all the banks, so the bank is one of the biggest ones when it comes to business. But then you also have the Walmart family…

Emma: He’s talking about Microsoft.

Me: Oh, is Bill Gates part of the New World Order?

Erik: Yes.

Me: I figured. Okay.

Erik: Also Facebook. He’s aware of what’s going on, and they do use Facebook to gain info and intel on people.

Me: Of course.

Erik: That is all in secret.

Me: Mark Zuckerberg?

Erik: Yeah, he is in contact with people who are in that New World Order.

Emma: And he’s showing me computers.

Me: Like Apple or just Microsoft?

Erik: Microsoft.

Me: Amazon?

Erik: No.

Me: Okay. Yeah, because I love my Amazon Prime!

Emma: But he’s talking about public transportation.

Me: Really? Okay.

Erik: People think that public transportation is being run by either the government or by…you know, it’s according to state, but there’s a higher group controlling all of the public transportation in all of America. It’s a very secretive group. If all the different groups decide at the same time that enough is enough, they could completely flatten everything on this planet. Transportation, they can flatten food, they can flatten all communication. They can decide what we would call a fire sale, basically everything shut down. It is possible. There’s a risk of that happening at one point in the future, as well, which is something I wanted to make people aware of. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better and there may be a time when people really have to stand up together and fight. Because they have a plan in motion that if people really get enlightened, if people really start to think for themselves and really start to reject government, reject all of that, they do have a plan in place to basically shut down the whole world, over-running the governments, even. They would take over the government’s military and whoever doesn’t comply or think the way they want you to think will be taken away and locked up.

Emma: They even have- it almost looks like camps- that they have already made.

Me: Are we talking about FEMA? The Federal Emergency Management something.

Erik: Yeah, they have locations that have being prepped for holding thousands of people in all different locations. They’re hidden away; they’re present and they’re ready for that.

Me: I hear there are also hundreds of thousands of caskets and also railroad cars that FEMA has ready for something. Maybe it’s this.

Emma: Maybe ready to transport, yeah. He’s comparing it to Hitler and concentration camps. So I hope that doesn’t happen.

Me: How do we deconstruct all this? The Global Elite, the New World Order, the Military Industrial Complex. What can we do?

Erik: We need to gain insights into people; we need to do more research; we need to know what they’re planning so we can prepared for it, as well, but most of all we really need to evolve ourselves so their plan will fade out of the possible future. When we start to become enlightened, when we really focus on self-love and compassion, when we focus on getting into that 4th dimension, in connecting to Source, connecting to ourselves, connecting to our Higher Selves, then more and more people will live in a state of peace, will live in a state of balance within the universe and will just focus on the positivity of life, on what the positive aspects of living on Earth as a human being are. Right now a lot of people are distraught, they’re scared, they’re anxious, they’re afraid of the future, so we’re feeding that possibility and creating it into our existence. How do we stop creating it? Think about it. Every day, we decide a new direction. Every day is a new day to create a possible outcome. Every minute of every day we have to make a decision. Do we go left? Do we go right? And when we go left then the right future dissolves. So in order for us to dissolve that possible outcome of those concentration camps, we really need to focus on not having them. We really need to focus on exposing certain people more and more using the media that we do have, although it’s very much being controlled, too.


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Elisa Medhus

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Elisa, what a most amazing and beautiful picture of your new grandchild. She’s beyond adorable, and you are SO lucky! Congratulations.

  • Kirael Valar

    I do not know who I am and where I come from before this incarnation and what my purpose. I made Arda and still making it. It is not from underwater. I really do not know. Maybe my imagination is too high. Arda Continent is planned to save many people around the world. I do not know much why I made all of this. But every time and every day I got angel numbers. I believe everything is possible. Materializing the continent is possible. I need an answer from Erik. Because I want to make the world better. I also believe that my meeting with Erik and Mrs. Elisa on this website is not a coincidence. I hope you remember this and ask my question. If I get the answer where my dream is impossible, it’s fine. Maybe there is another reason. But I’m not sure. I will waiting for this. Thank you so much for everything Mrs. Elisa. You and Erik always Enlightening me. Bless you, bless Erik, bless all mediums, bless Dolores Cannon, bless Kryon.

  • Elisa, thanks for this. But Erik seems to contradict himself when he says that Hillary is part of the NWO and Trump is not, and that the NWO controls who gets to be president. If that’s so, why didn’t Hillary win? (I’m glad she didn’t; in this case it seems that voters won the day, not the NWO!)

    • Kirael Valar

      Kryon Channeling told us about Trump that he is a wild card. Sorry for my English. Wild card is something that can happen while the prediction with high potential occured. I wish you understand.

    • Oscar Perez

      Many other sites go over this…is not as simple as Hillary being part of the NWO. She might know about it, but she might not be part of who makes the final decision of who will be in power. There are agendas to be moved, and it might been determined she wasn’t the best candidate to move the next agenda forward.

      • Robin Kincaid

        Exactly, she is part of the NWO but it doesn’t mean that “the group” believe she was the most, ah, ‘stable’ person to put in the position as the President. They may be waiting to implement someone they feel they can control better for that albeit temporary position of power later on….everything is timing and I believe these whackos have a lot of patience to create exactly what they want. My opinion, of course.

      • Selina

        I respectfully disagree with Kirael, Oscar and Robin. I really believe that there is a small percentage of us that have evolved dimension ally to where the truth is at the core of our being. We are the group that voted to end the corruption and vicious cycle and the power of our energy cut through all that was “supposed to happen” We just need to get the momentum going and more people need to become enlightened and less passive. I’ve been saying that a mass amount of people on this earth are like herds of “Sleepy Sheep” Btw… the was an extremely wealthy old lady that funded John Edwards campaign and rumored to fund his mistress and baby. I wonder if that is the same old lady Erik is referring to?

  • Morgan

    WOW … This series gave a lot of riveting information with much of it already having been disclosed on so-called “conspiracy web sites” by people like Alex Jones (of “Infowars”). They say Alex is ‘crazy’ but Erik’s confirmation seals it for me. Thanks ever so much to Erik, Elisa and Emma for such a great job on this critical topic that the whole world needs to get educated about fast!
    Love to all. xxx

  • Léon Vrins

    Well, finally a few parts of the truth are coming out a little bit about who destroyed the twin towers. Not Al Quaida! And I think Erik is wrong about planes flying into the towers. There is a video showing the plane just before it hit the south tower, but how strange, the left wing is missing! Making a perfect hologram is not that easy… Another video shows the plane hitting the tower and the nose coming out of the opposite side undamaged….! Let’s say miracles happen. And how come the officials never showed parts of the planes with a registrationnumber on it, being a perfect way to prove what planes it were. Google on ‘ball next to the second tower’ and see what really happened and how the picture was changed by NBC in the evening broadcast. Take a look on pilots for 9/11 truth and many things will astonish you. 20 minutes after U.A. flight 175 crashed in the south tower there still was contact by telephone with that plane. How about ‘remote viewing’? I own two video’s about 9/11 made by the Farsight Institute, part 1 ‘the world trade center attacks’, part 2 the pentagon attack and the organization’. Two must see’s!
    I know particals of explosive materials have been found, but using explosives does not explane the dustification of the towers.
    Erik perhaps knows if a free energy weapon was used as Judy Wood assumed.

  • T Diaz

    Gorgeous photo of little darling Harper Lee (and I love, love, love her name)!

  • Robin Kincaid

    Wonderful and very interesting discussion. It also shows what lengths, for centuries, that the very elite families of the various countries are completely invested in their hierarchy to the point they are very happy to keep people within their respective countries mistrustful and even hateful of other peoples. Average folks of the world: I wish we could all unite against the people who are purposefully keeping us in a state of terror and mistrust of each other.
    Wow, this was illuminating to say the least!

    • We SHOULD unite and start worldwide protests against the global and corrupt elite, but most of us (and I’ve been very guilty of this) just sit in our armchairs and complain and worry. It’s time for the proverbial pitchforks and torches.

      • selina

        Our protest need to be subtle.. Bumper stickers with little tidbits and phrases. FB meme’s with hypothetical questions. etc., I am constantly praying to my guardian angels and spirit guides for direction on how to be the change I want in the world.

  • Fli

    The WTC building 7 collapse was also a f*cking joke. There was absolutely no reason for it to collapse, the structural damage was none to minimal, there were only small and isolated fires inside. They shamelessly imploded it.

    It’s cool to see that my opinion of what really happened on 9/11 is exactly what Erik said, looks like I can confirm it now. Also, there were many witnesses accounts (mostly firefighters) that heard bomb like noises coming from the buildings. Crazy to think that these people basically rule the world and can do whatever they want.

  • Léon Vrins

    There is something coming up in my memory. In june 2016 there was this channeling by Robert of the terrorists who hijacked the planes. Quote: Me: Was anybody in the United States involved? American citizens? Mohamed Atta: No Me: Were the planes operated by remote control? Mohamed Atta: No, everything that happened was as you’ve been told. Compare these quotes with what Erik says now: No, the government was aware the attacks were going to happen, and they took the opportunity and made it worse. So, did two airplanes fly in there? Was that a terrorist attack? Yes, however the building collapsing, that was the government pushing a button. They had explosives already installed in the buildings when it did happen because they knew exactly when it was going to happen, what date it would happen, they had all the intel: but they needed an excuse to go over there and find these so called bombs, they needed an excuse to go to war. And so after the airplanes flew into the buildings they were not supposed to collapse, they were strong enough to survive, they knew that. So in order to create more chaos and death they basically-
    My comment: Putting bombs in the twin towers takes time and a perfect organisation. Knowing the date of the attacks in combination with the bombs means the government, or part of it, were strongly involved in these terrorist attacks. Blaming them on Al Quaeda and Bin Laden is fake news. Anyway, what Mohamed Hatta told Robert is in contradiction with Erik’s message.
    Maybe Robert has something to explaine…?
    I still think, despite what Erik said, no planes were involved. What we have seen were holograms of planes to hide the missiles or flying bombs that flew into the buildings. Google ‘ball next to the second tower’ and it will open your eyes.

    • mia

      Great point, Leon. I went back and read the Atta channelings, done by Robert. That missive contradicts this reading by Emma. Atta says (through Erik and Robert) that it was an attack on American values, conceived and carried out by religious zealots. In this missive (through Erik and Emma) it changes a little. In this channeling, some organization, whether the government or the NWO, actually planted bombs in the twin towers to supplement an attack they knew about and allowed for their own nefarious motives. That’s a contradiction.

      Either Robert is right, Emma is right, or it’s a combination of the two.

      I thought Jamie Butler was a great channeler. Then she wanted to improve her life and took the money, which is fine. You and I would do the same thing. So Elisa had to find other channelers, and I have to say, I trust her decision-making. All the ones after Jamie gave me something to consider, too. But where did Elisa find these channelers? Did she have the time to do homework on each potentiate besides all the other work she does? Or did they contact her because they smelled money or because Erik motivated them to help others? It could be a combination of the two.

      Let’s put it this way: Every once in awhile, some commenter comes on here and lectures Elisa about how it’s Satan, working through the channelers, to throw us all off. Elisa’s argument is that if it is helping people to cope, how can it be Satan? The bible was written by man, supposedly inspired by God. Inspired? That’s channeling. Making the bible (and/or the Koran, for that matter) the greatest channeled document of all time. Think about that: the bible is a channeled document, and the channeler is sometimes wrong.

      As Erik has pointed out many times, the bible is not entirely correct.

      With respect to conspiracy theories, same thing. Hillary Clinton does not have a child sex-ring at a pizza place. Children died at Sandy Hook. And all the people who live on my block — blacks, Turks, Latinos, Muslims, homosexuals — have always been nice to me. Turn off the news and love your neighbor as yourself, whether it’s a gay couple, a white supremacist or a serial killer. Channeler got that one right.

      I believe in Elisa. Thank you for your service. You have made my life better.

      • Léon Vrins

        Mia, I believe in Elisa too, but I have my doubts about the contribution of Robert concerning the terrorists. This channeling started not the same way as all the others. Usually it was known in advance who was going to be channelled, but in this case no name was mentioned, although the names of all the alleged hijackers were available. And of alle these names Mohamed Atta is the easiest to remember….
        Furthermore, I have read a lot about 9/11 and I have seen several documentaries made by serious investigators. I bought two dvd’s about 9/11 conceived by remote viewing, edited by the Farsight Institute. You can see trailers of them on their website. One of the viewers saw a plane taken over by remote control. Where did that plane go? Not into one of the towers or the Pentagon, because there is too much evidence found in official documents and registrations that points in another direction.
        None of the 19 hijackers was seen on the surveillance camera’s on the airports from where the planes departed. The authorities still refuse to show parts with registration number of the crashed planes. Why is that, as they could destroy all the conspiracy theories in that way? I think any government has the obligation to end all the confusion about 9/11 by showing real evidence that confimrs their story. Guess why they don’t do it…
        Because they know the awfull truth and the shadow government does not allow them to show it.

      • mia

        I’ve read a lot about 9/11 too.

        You say, ” I have read a lot about 9/11 and I have seen several documentaries made by serious investigators. I bought two dvd’s about 9/11 conceived by remote viewing, edited by the Farsight Institute.”

        As a thoughtful person, I have to ask who are the serious investigators? Did you vet them? How do you know? I certainly don’t know. You bought two DVDs conceived by remote viewing. Does that make that truth? And who the hell is the Farsight Institute? I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt if you know anything more about that organization or the production of the doc than I do.

        You say: “One of the viewers saw a plane taken over by remote control.” How does one know that unless they’re in the cockpit or on the ground with the controller? You can’t just believe this stuff on face value because you want to.

        Someone made a comment in this thread about a friend who actually saw a plane crash into the Pentagon. I have a friend who died in the Pentagon that day. This is very personal to me. It happened. To say it was hologram is to discredit my friend’s life.

        I respect your opinions. I respect you. Just consider that you might not have all the information, no matter how swell they dress it up on a cocky website with cool graphics.

      • Léon Vrins

        Serious investigators: Kevin Ryan, who wrote ‘Another nineteen’. Judy Wood, who wrote ‘Where did the towers go’. Philip Marshall, who wrote ‘The big bamboozle’. He was murdered after he announced to publish another book with more incriminating information about several persons he already wrote about. The FBI said he comitted suicide after having shot his daughters and dog. He was left handed but shot in his right temple. Suicide?!
        The Pentagon was not hit by a plane,but by a missile. In that case there was no hologram used. Look at the damage. The hole was far too small to let pass a boeing. At least there should have been damage caused by the engines. And why is the wreckage of that flying object still hidden by the authorities? At least they could show the two engines and the black boxes.
        In the direct neigbourhood were more than 80 surveillance camera’s. Only 2 of them were active, the rest was asleep. Unbelievable. And there was a discrepancy in what these 2 camera’s showed. Take a look on the site of pilots for 9/11 truth and see what a lot of experts have to say about what happened on 9/11. You know, pilots for 9/11 truth was started to get real evidence to support the official story, but the results of their serious investigations were completely different.
        The Farsight Institute has also a website. Pay a visit and see what they say about remote viewing.
        Remote viewing was and is used for espionage by the Sovjet Union and the USA sometimes creating amazing results. How it works, I don’t know but that doesn’t mean that it’s false/fake. I know people who have access to that endless field of information, the Akasha field by aura reading. One of them told me precisely about an event in 1943, the bombing of a part of Rotterdam by american planes. of course not on purpose but unfortunately it happened. That person did not know of that bombing, that still is called the forgotten bombing.
        Remote viewing is comparable with aura reading, I think.
        I will try to explain what is done in remote viewing. Somebody gets a closed envelope with a picture in it, or (S)he gets a code, without knowing what it represents. (S)He must focus and concentrate on it and see what comes in. He can write it down, or draw pictures, whatever is popping up.
        In case of 9/11 two remote viewers were involved, one in England, the other in Hawaii. They did not know of the other being involved. What they finally produced was in many aspects similar.
        They also made a very remarkable dvd about the great piramide of Gizeh.
        Pay a visit to the website and see for yourself.

      • Thanks! I try to do trial sessions on new mediums who usually come to me referred by a client and I also ask Erik about them on the eBoard. None are perfect!

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    I find the ‘conspiracy’ type of thinking counter productive to a meaningful life, however, I do believe the ‘Governments’ of the world could do a lot more to improve the state of the world and its people. To give one example, governments could easily ban the use of plastics and thus help to reverse the environmental catastrophe that this product is inflicting on the environment. However, there is so much money (and taxation) invested/associated with the production and use of plastics that governments do not have the will to make such a ban. So, ‘as Peggy Lee says in one of her famous lyrics, ‘Let’s break out the booze and have a ball’ …while we can…

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