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I know; I know. I’m such a bad girl. I left you all high and dry the last two days because I was too busy having fun to post anything on the blog. We’re driving back from Austin to Houston right now, so I finally have time to do my job. If was nice to have a little time off, though. We went tubing on the lake, floated around on saddle floats hammering back a couple of brewskis, played with the baby, explored different eateries and even looked at different lots to build a house on in a few years. I’ll be back in the swing of things tomorrow! Meanwhile, enjoy these lovely stories and be safe this Memorial Day. Happy 8th birthday to my sweet grand daughter, Arleen!

Story #1

About two weeks ago, I decided to belong to Erik s blog, and about 30 minutes after that I was in the playroom, when the lights went on and off! My 19 year-old was with me, and we both were in a state of awe. I knew than it was Erik saying welcome guys to my blog! I love Channeling Erik  and I am addicted to it! 👼😘

Story #2

I just got done with an amazing session with medium, Kim Babcock. I had Erik participate, and as usual, he was amazing with his “advice.” During the session it came up that when I was in high school my father died suddenly and that this single event rocked my world like you can only imagine if you lived through it. Over the years though, I came to appreciate that his death was the most amazing gift I ever received as it propelled me into my journey to understand life and myself. While I was having my session with Kim, it dawned on me, ‘I wonder if Erik’s mom will ever get to the point where she’ll appreciate that maybe Erik’s death could be looked at as not only one of the greatest pains in life, but that it somehow metamorphized into the craziest, most wonderful gift ever received. Life sure is funny. No accidents!

Story #3

Dear Elisa,

First off let me start with a tremendous thank you for the beauty you and Erik are sharing with the world. Your work is truly inspiring, and Erik is such a kind, beautiful soul and loves to stay busy! I’m glad he’s so connected with all us Earth folk down here. What a special guy. And thank you, thank you for your amazing courage and for sharing that story. I think I can speak for many people when I say it is so helpful and greatly appreciated. Sorry I could go on and on with thank you’s but I will get to the point.

I have only stumbled across your blog a few days ago and after a few entries I purchased the book, My Son and the Afterlife. After getting a ways in and reading about Erik’s visits, I began to wonder if I’d get a sign from him. I wasn’t going to hold my breath for I had just discovered this blog a few days ago. I sent a message in my head thanking him and you for a job well done! Then I went about my normal routine as usual. I brought the toddler I nanny, Oscar, home today after a lovely day of gym class and park time. As soon as I walked in the door, Oscar’s mother said, “Hey Erik! Uh, oops sorry Sara errr…why did I just say that?” Which of course I was very happy to hear! She said she does not know anyone named Erik, and it just came out of the blue. I told her about the blog and the book, and she was amazed herself. I was so happy and very touched that I even received one.

Thank you Elisa and Erik, I feel so blessed to be touched by your souls.


Story #4

I by chance stumbled onto Channeling Erik after my father’s death and by my desire to learn more about the afterlife. I am Christian Orthodox and raised in a strict religion believing in Christ and the afterlife, but I wasn’t sure despite the constant emersion in it. I have read the books and follow the blogs, not really blogging myself but just reading others. I have been asking Erik for over a year to show me a sign or to prank me in his usual manner…but nothing. I have done the hand game and have followed suggestions to raise my awareness….nothing worked. I  am a dense person and can miss signs even if right in front of me.

I asked Erik to hit me over the head and to intensify his efforts…still nothing. That is until my birthday two days ago. He came to me twice. It didn’t come in the form of a prank. I was semi-awake and knew it. I heard something go ” meow” softly in my ear. ‘What was that? I MUST BE HEARING THINGS.’ Then I heard it again softly in my other ear “meow.” Then again and again alternating ears. Understand that the meow didn’t sound like a cat, It sounded like a human saying the word “meow.” I called out, ‘Erik is that you? I want to give you a kiss.’ I blew him a kiss. I can’t tell you or begin to explain what happened to me. This intense, overwhelming, tingly sensation covered my body…just amazing like two souls merging.

Even then I was being dense and asked Erik to come back. He did! The next night. Erik came at night in my semi-awake state. I knew my surrounding, I knew what time it was (2:30 am) so that is why I say semi-awake. Erik says to me, “Say hello, just say hello.” I heard what I believe is Erik’s voice. I said hello, and once again this most amazing intense feeling filled every cell in my body. I believe it was Erik. Love you, Erik. I have a son your age who has gone through similar things you have. You’re amazing young man who is making a difference.

Happy Birthday, Arleen!

Happy Birthday, Arleen!

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  • l chaney

    Miss Arlene has grown so much since you’ve started the blog! what a doll!

  • T Diaz

    Happy Birthday, Arlene! And good for you, Elisa, to take some well-deserved time off just to relax and play. We all need that, so I’m happy that you did that for yourself 🙂

  • Gwen

    Oh my! Arlene has certainly grown….she looks a lot taller and this is such sweet picture of her…
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time and thanks for sharing!

  • Paulette Roberts

    That little Arleen is a beauty, hope she had fun and Grandma too, well deserved indeed

  • Cecile Hall

    Happy Birthday to Arlene , and you should enjoy your weekend and family

  • Maya

    She is already 8 years old? I thought she was a baby like 3 years old. 🙂

  • Maya

    Great question (I am referring to Story #2). Only Elisa can answer that.

    See, the cause of your misery is not Erik. It is Rune! Yeah, that’s right. It is HIM. If you never met him, then Erik never born. Then he never suicide, and you will never have unbearable pain like what you have right now.

    Now, if you meet a genie who can grant you a wish to turn back time to before you met Rune, which one do you prefer:

    1. The life you have right now, or

    2. You won’t take that flying lesson (or you’d take flying lesson somewhere else). Then you’d never met Rune. You never know he exists. Then you’d marry someone else (mundane), Mr. Prune. Then, like any typical American family, by this time, you are divorced with 3 children. All are alive, but your life was probably not satisfied. You never received true love, expansion, awakening.

    Which one you prefer?

    • Maya

      I know this sounds bizarre, or maybe taboo for someone in your position, but…
      “Life is a game. Just laugh it off!” 😀

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