Erik Squeaked my Doggie’s Toy

Well, I’m going to try to upload another YouTube today. Wish me luck. I’m going to try to hook my computer up to the router’s ethernet port. Hopefully that will help. On another note, I’ll be taking a 6 month hiatus from the blog. I hope you guys remember to come back. I just decided to take a break and spend more time with family.





April Fools!

I love this story! 

Hi everyone:

First let me say, I love you Erik Medhus! Here is my story – June 26 I arrived home at 2:00 in the morning after spending a great night out with a friend of mine. Upon reaching for my keys to unlock my door I noticed the door was ajar just a bit but didn’t really think too much about it because my door does not close very easily and I just thought I didn’t pull it shut tight enough – this has happened before. I enter through the door and immediately greet my two small dogs who jumped up on an ottoman to be loved on by me. While I am petting my dogs, I hear a squeak upstairs – it sounded just like someone stepped on one of my dog’s squeaky toys – you know the sound it makes when you step on it and then take your foot off of it? Yeah! It sounded like that. Very clear and no doubt about where the sound was coming from. So, without fear, but with haste, I harnessed my two dogs, escorted them out the door while purposely leaving the door open (because there is only one way out of the apartment- which is downstairs) and then I got into my car, pulled out of the drive, then pulled back into my neigbor’s drive so I could position my car to be in view of the stairway of my apartment. That is why I left the door open – so I could watch the stairway for the person(s) to come down and exit out the door. I watched through that door at the stairway for one hour – till 3:00 am. and no one came down. I then went back inside, barricaded the stairway just in case someone was upstairs, and then I snuggled me and my dogs downstairs on the sofa. While I am laying there, all snuggled up, I realized this was a definite sign from Erik. Not a doubt in my mind. I knew this because I was not frightened enough to call the police to check it out. Deep down I knew when I first heard the squeak to begin with that it was Erik. I knew because I had asked for him to show me a sign he was with me – one that would not scare me. He did and I am grateful. Thank you Erik – show me another sign! 🙂

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  • Lori

    I’m so glad that was an April Fool’s joke! I enjoy the blog so much!

  • T Diaz

    Ha, you got me good, Elisa! I scrolled down, missed “April Fool’s!,” thought “Well, whaddaya know, ok then, good for her if she needs to do that for herself,” etc., etc., and was sort of mentally taking it in while reading the blog, and then I see Lori’s comment and go, oh, DUH!

  • JaniceT

    After reaching over to grab a tissue to wipe my tears and telling myself “Elisa deserves a break, she needs her rest”, I read “April Fools”….
    Good one, Elisa! You got me!

    • Leah91

      Me too!

  • Kathryn

    Good one, Elisa! My first response, after my heart sank, was “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Anyway, I had my 5th son on April 1st! He should have been born around 10:00 p.m., on March 31st, but because, he was 10lbs and 2 oz, he was stuck as all get out! As midnight approached, I began yelling….”Please, please, please, he’s stuck, just cut him out!” Well, no one seemed to be listening and truly, I thought my heart was going to explode, from the being in hard labor for several hours. Funny thing, as worried as I was about having him on such a weird date….it’s never bothered him, whatsoever! Out of all of my children and grandchildren, it’s the easiest birthdate, that I have to remember; therefore, it turned out to be a great date to have a baby! KM

  • Lorri

    Ha ha ha. I told my niece to turn on the news, because a lion was being transported to the Chicago zoo and got loose and was running around the city. Waited for her to search the news in vain before saying . . . “April Fools!”

  • Sandy Olson

    Whew! I almost had a heart attack; that was a good one Elisa 🙂

  • Kristi

    My goodness, my heart just skipped a beat. You little devil you. What would I feel like if you were serious? Scary question.

    Elisa I have two words for you……free will…!

  • Sandra

    She got me too!!! Lol!

  • Nancy Antia

    Elisa, until I read everybody said it was a joke, I was perplexed. You should have seen my face!

  • chase revell

    There is no way in hell we are going to let you disapear for 6 months. Lol.

  • Melissa Nicole Lynch

    Hi everyone! I just recently found all Erik’ s videos and this blog…loving it all so far! I watch every day now! I even thought the other day certain videos would pop up for me to watch that had a lot to do with my life right now and questions that I have. I thought wow it’s like Erik knows what I should watch and is showing me!! So he’s has been on my mind. Anyway in the spirit of April fools I was putting together some pranks to pull on my daughter and was in and out of both our bedrooms setting up. Well I took our dog outside, came back in and checked to make sure the pranks were a go! My daughter came home right after and the pranks began LOL! So as I’m standing next to my dresser about to take her picture I noticed that an item was there that was not before!! Now even if I had moved it and didn’t remember I definitely would not have opened it and took its contents out…and placed the contents on the other side of the dresser!! I was dumbfounded at first. Even asked my daughter if she had did that and after she said No, I remembered she was with me since she had walked in the house!!! I knew after that it had to be Erik!!! I can’t stop smiling now 🙂 🙂 You have an amazing son! Thanks and I look forward to hearing and learning more from you both. And Erik Thanks dude! 🙂

    • Glad you’re part of the family now! Erik often nudges people to specific videos so it doesn’t surprise me, nor does his moving things around. Read today what he did to Kim!

  • Patrick

    The April Fool’s Day prank worked so well on me, I stopped short and couldn’t bring myself to keep reading until tonight – touché!

    • I may have lost some people because others say they didn’t bother to scroll down!

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