Erik on Surrender, Part Three

Congratulations to the winner of this past contest, Liana. She wrote, “You are related to Spanish royalty.” I don’t know about royalty, but I am a Spanish baroness since Charlemagne rewarded my family among the “12 gentlemen barons” for pushing the Moors out of Spain. We were all give a barony. Here’s the castle, which is now owned by someone outside of the castle. 

Most would not guess that because I’m such a slob the way I dress and I prefer Target to Neiman Marcus, but that’s okay. I can break a mold or two!

By the way, there are two YouTubers who have commented that Erik has a dark side because of his suicide and that he dishonored God and his contract by taking his life. One even claimed she’s trying to save and heal him. Before Emma and I interviewed King Henry VIII, I asked him about this. You’ll see it when I publish the video, but in a nutshell, these two are dealing with their human feelings and religious biases. He said he doesn’t have a dark side at all. He couldn’t possibly do all the good he does if that were the case. 

Last but not least, if you missed radio show last night, click HERE to listen. The topic: Loneliness. 

Enjoy Part Four of our series on Surrender.

Me: Well, are there any attachments that don’t create suffering?

Kim: Yeah, that’s a good question.

Erik: No.

Me: Really?

Kim: Well, what about my dog? I love my dog, and I love to love him and we have fun and play. He makes me happy.

Erik: Yeah, but when he dies, you’re going to hurt because you’re so attached.

Me: There we go. That’s true.

Kim: Well, what it you’re attached to love and you’re obsessed with loving everything? How could that be hurtful?

Me: Yeah!

Kim: I guess the way I asked him that, vibrationally, shows again an attachment to it being a certain way. Like if you love and just spread peace everywhere and that’s your thing, that’s how you know yourself—

Erik: Then that’s really not an attachment. Actual love, that vibration, can’t hold an attachment.

Kim: Just bear with me in thought here. He’s literally showing me a tube, like a stream of energy with a bunch of little particles floating around real fast and they’re really close together. He’s defining that as love, and he tries to put any type of attachment inside that tube, but it just keeps falling out. It just can’t stay there.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Love is the freest thing there is.

Kim: He’s going into the ego, how we get fooled by even if we’re attached to being happy.

Erik: That happiness—you gotta be really mindful—is most likely ego-based meaning it’s connected to circumstances and events. Ego needs circumstances and events to exist. That’s an attachment that will pass away and cause suffering. The only thing that won’t pass away is love.

Love is all that is!

Erik: Stay in love, and you’re free of all attachments. You’re free of all suffering.

Me: So you talked about this woman who was addicted to her work. You asked her, “What are you without work? What are your likes and dislikes?” How would Kim or me, your mama, see ourselves without attachments? Is it like, “Okay, I like kickboxing.” That’s an attachment, too, isn’t it? I mean, who are we without our attachments? Go with either Kim or me, baby. Who are either of us without attachments? What does that even look like?

Kim: Yeah, he’s showing a pure energy body, just pure energy.

Erik: Even the physical body is an attachment of self that we’ve created. So, kickboxing, poor baby mama, doctor whatever, whatever ways you define yourself, all the hobbies like camping or anything that you love to so—push that all aside, and when you can find THAT sense of self that is aware of itself but without any definitions at all—

Me: Ah, okay. That’s it.

Erik: That’s the true body of self. That is the true consciousness that is you.

Me: Got it.

Erik: Consciousness becomes aware of itself when self is known away from all of those things.

Me: Yeah, I know that Elisa. I totally know that Elisa.

Erik: Good! That’s a pure place of peace. That’s absolute peace.

Kim: He keeps using the word, “absolute.” “It’s absolute.”

Erik: It has to be self-directed, though.

Kim: This is interesting because he’s showing me in the school system getting more and more kids—instead of saying, “You’re bad” or “You’re wrong”—

Me: Oh yeah I know!

Erik: Instead of putting them into the corner to face the corner to punish them, put them in the corner in love and have them spend time with themselves and go into their heart. That would be somewhat productive, but the self-awareness that I just described can only be self-realized. It can’t be taught by somebody else or given to you. It can only be self-realized if you’re brave enough to take away all the labels and definitions and attachments. That’s a complete state of surrender, Mom. It’s a complete state of just being.

Me: Do you have any tips on how a person can get there? I mean, I know what that Elisa looks like and what it is, but there are others, of course, that don’t. What can you say to them?

Erik: It’s just a state of full awareness. It’s more of a state of observation than reaction, thinking and analyzing.

Me: Right. I observe myself, my true “Elisa-ness.”

Erik: Yeah. For one to start breaking down the layers to get to this state of awareness, sit with yourself and take a pen if you want and write down all the ways that you know yourself or at least who you think you are. Get out as many as you can. Do you think you’re tall? Do you think you’re thin? Do you think you’re social? Write down all the ways you define yourself. Then, just push it all away. You have to shove it across the table and know that that’s not you. You have to surrender your identity from those things. And when you have complete awareness that’s not defined by anything, that’s you.

Kim: He says it real matter-of-fact. (smiling) He’s showing this huge heart. The reason why he’s showing this huge heart is because he wants to help people foster that process. He wants to help people foster that process. If he can help foster their ability to be truthful to themselves and get to that place, that’s all we’re seeking.

Erik: We’re seeking awareness, but sometimes we trip up and fall for the illusions one after another after another. Then we get derailed. This will scare the shit out of a lot of people to actually think of themselves, okay, you’re a mom of 4? All right, take that away. You’re not a mom anymore. And take away your wife title. Take away your teacher title.

Me: Those are big ones!

Erik: Take away all those ways that you know yourself or the ways you think you know yourself, and what remains without definition is you. That process would scare the shit out of a lot of people because they’re so attached. On the other hand, people who can detach are often called jackasses.

Kim laughs.

Erik: People think they don’t care.

Me: So if you’re a teacher and you get demoted or get fired, if you’re really rooted in being a teacher, you’re going to suffer a lot, but if you’re not attached to that label, you’ll be like, “Eh, I’ll find another job.” People will go, “He’s a jackass! He doesn’t care about losing his job?”

Kim: I’ve experienced that, too, where people are like, “Oh my god, aren’t you upset about your kids?” and I’m like, ‘No, it’s their journey.’ I try to detach as much as I can and people go, “Well, if it were me, I’d be so upset!” So I’m like, “Well, I’m sorry for you!” There are people who are like, “Man, she’s an asshole!”

She laughs.

Me: I know!

Kim: I try not to be attached.

Erik: So, you’ll see both sides where people will be scared to death to shed those attachments and other people who have that are often criticized for not caring about anything.

Me You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, man! I’m telling you!

Kim: No kidding.

She chuckles.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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  • God doesn’t need honour or dishonour – we’re not separate from God – we’re all equal and no one gets punished or judged – We love our Erik no matter what those nitwits say – he is the best, the bomb, the good guy, the super caring high flying 21st century guide and I wouldn’t not be here without him – he showed me a better way to live and how to find happiness, he put the tools in my hands to become who I was born to become – I will happily go armour up and challenge those two for a dual to the death cause this is a fake reality show we’re all stuck in so it doesn’t matter how we go out, with a bang, a whimper, it’s all by choice, no death is outside of suicide – we choose it all and we’re so glad that he chose to leave the way he did because it helped a lot of others not go down the same path, case in point right here. Thank you to the Medhus family for your selfless acts of sharing Erik with us – you are amazing and so loved <3

  • Lorri Lewis

    Those two are misrepresenting Erik’s messages. They are claiming that Erik says that suicide is fine, despite the fact that he repeatedly stresses that it’s not the answer. He has helped to prevent suicide in some of his fans! There is a disclaimer right at the top of the CE web site saying that Erik stresses that suicide isn’t the answer!

    They are also claiming that Elisa is supporting herself from Channeling Erik, despite the fact that she shoulders all the costs and offers it free to the public. They just make up their own facts.

    I think they are acting irresponsibly, since it’s clear they don’t seem to know much about his message. Their parameters for how a spirit of love is allowed to behave is very narrow. God forbid a spirit have fun. They also keep claiming he’s called himself an angel, but he never did.

    Abby thinks Erik came to her in the wee hours of the morning and breathed stinky alcohol breath on her. And then she asks if that is a spirit coming from love. I think she is drawing the darkness to her that she is determined to pin on Erik.

    Anyone willing to distort a message and accuse Elisa of profiting from her son’s death, even though the facts don’t bear it out, isn’t coming from a spirit of love themself.

    • Does Abby think I’m profiting monetarily from all of this? Au contraire. I spend a fortune on it. Sad that people think that.

      • M&M

        Elisa, You have made it abundantly clear over the years of doing this blog that you are not profiting one bit from it, in fact you have made it clear that you are paying for all the services and expenses out of your own pocket. Anyone who doesn’t get that just doesn’t want to. The rest of us get it, and we get Erik too. Thank you for all that you do.

      • Lorri Lewis

        She said worse that that even in the three videos she has made so far.

        She said all the acclaim and financial profit is distorting Erik’s ability to just heal, because he was caught up in the fame and pranks . . . and that a fragment of Erik’s soul split off to become the “Erik” of CE. She said the CE movement never felt right to her, and that there is something about CE that is working with “deception and “improper frequencies”. She said that CE is creating a “slush pile” of dark energy that is affecting it’s followers. She said Erik is a sick spirit and she doesn’t channel sick spirits, yet she claims to speak for Erik’s higher self. (excuse me while I barf)

        Yes, she said a few times that you are being financially “supported” by CE and doing this to feel special. The irony is that she charges for her services and so does the guy she is linked to who claimed he rescued Erik’s soul. (excuse me while I barf again) There is absolutely nothing wrong with them charging for their time and service. But I find it hilarious that you aren’t charging and they are, yet they accuse you of profiting.

        She also maintains no that spirit can commit suicide and go straight to being healed on the other side, let alone inspire others. She finds suicide a stumbling block. She claims that people are committing suicide because Erik teaches that it’s just a soul contract. (have to barf again)

        She said that she made these videos because her fans kept asking her to channel Erik, and called him an angel. She seems to think he claimed to be an angel. She has issues with the celebrity channelings and thinks they are fluff that doesn’t help anyone, and not something an “angel” would do. I doubt she ever watched any of them because they aren’t fluff.

        She said that the “real” Erik says the CE movement would fall apart eventually, because it’s time for him to move on and it wouldn’t be allowed anymore because it’s not in balance with love. And if you (Elisa) continue, you will discover how dark it is. Then she urges you to get to know the “true” Erik and what he actually has to say about suicide. She said her friend brought Erik’s damaged soul fragment into the light, and asks who you’re really channeling now. She said Erik wanted her to make the video.

        It’s clear that she may have read a few things or watched a handful of videos on CE, but she is not remotely well-versed on Erik’s messages. She didn’t do her homework. And whatever source she was channeling didn’t enlighten her either apparently. 😉

        She believes she has the truth about Erik and you are the poor mislead bereaved, yet fame-hungry mother. Her warnings are not only reserved for you, but she is also disturbed by the new “Channeling Adam” movement started by another mom.

        She says that unlike CE, she only channels high-frequencies and wisdom that transforms the human experience. She said when she channels, she only works with truth. She said she’s not here to make a dent that last 100 years and then everyone moves on to the next neat thing. She wants her impact on humanity to be felt for thousands of years. She said she is here to be remembered by people.

        I smell the scent of EGO.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Buddhists say that attachment is the source of suffering. But it’s really hard not to feel attach to your children.

    My daughter took her own life, and I don’t believe she’s in a bad place or that she’s been punished. God knows she suffered a lot in life, and God knows the love and care she had for everyone she met and the help she gave to people. So why would she go anywhere but the best place in Heaven? The same I’m sure goes for Erik.

  • Marina Nelson

    My love to Elisa and Erik and all their helpers. We all have our dark side – the Moon has a dark side – should we declare that it dishonours God? All our sides make us who we are. The one and only job Erik and Elisa are doing here is making our lives a bit happier by sharing their love with us and let us realize that suffering is totally optional. The insight from this precious connection between a mother and a son speaks to many of us on so many levels: we apply their humanness and their vulnerabilities to ourselves. This helps me personally to work on my pain from the loss of my child.

    Regarding this particular topic of attachment, before my son’s birth I feared growing an attachment to my child. As if I knew I was about to lose him. After he was born, the attachment was instant and ferocious: I turned into a tigress protecting her offspring. The ebb and flow of attachment/no attachment is relentless for me as an experience; this is the hardest experience of all in my life.

    Loving your child without attachment must be an amazing achievement. Loving in the moment. Loving unconditionally. Loving all sides of the one who is in your life. Accepting all the shades of them. Loving without fear. It is so hard when someone you love is on a path of self-destruction, willingly or unwillingly. You try to save them so many times, and yet when they destroy themselves, you feel it is you who got destroyed because you couldn’t help. Then in the end, you realize that you cannot save anyone, you can only give them love. That pure, vibrating light that hopefully heals their heart, embraces their dark and other shades of their light.

    My endless love to Elisa and Erik, unconditional and pure; thank you for sharing your light with us, it is truly priceless.

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