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I’ve been trying out various automatic audio/video transcription softwares, and the results are very disappointing. I’d have to spend so much time correcting text that it would be more work and time than if I transcribed it myself. Do any of you guys know of a better service for cheap? I’ve looked for live transcriptionists on, and the cheapest one charges $30 for an hour long video. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but if I do 3 to 4 hours a week so that I can spice up the blog with a greater variety of subject matter, then that will run me $360-$480 a month. That’s almost $6000 a year. That’s a car note! But so many people have reasons to prefer reading text from having inadequate Internet service for watching videos to being hard of hearing, so I really want to make this work. Any suggestions?

I love these two stories. Someone recently asked me if Erik ever texts people and here’s the answer!

Story #1

Yesterday I had a reading with a spirit translator named Elizabeth. I asked if Erik had pranked me and she said yep–twice! First, he fast forwarded my music on Pandora. Second he sent an odd text that disappeared. He of course cussed while Elizabeth didn’t want to repeat his exact words….Erik called himself one cool mother fucker now… vs when he was on earth where he didn’t realize that he was so talented and funny. He said too bad he had to die to figure that out.

I too have bi-polar disorder and I tried to kill myself at age 20 also. So I can definitely relate to Erik. Luckily, I didn’t succeed with my suicide attempt.

I love listening to Erik’s YouTube videos and I’m listening to his audio book too. I’ve become quite obsessed lately…. and I can’t understand why none of my friends find him entertaining like I do. Oh well… I’ll definitely stay an Erik fan!!


Story #2

Friday 9/16/2016
Erik has done it again! Thank you!!!
Dear Elisa,
Last night before bed I read your blog post on Spirituality Vs. Religion, and when I finished reading I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and saw a link to an older post on Channeling Princess Diana. I had never seen it before so I read it and was deeply touched. I didn’t know that she was raised a Catholic. Both of these posts made me think about my husband. He was raised a Catholic and still goes to church every week but he doesn’t agree with everything the church says. He also devotes a lot of time studying Buddhism and practicing Buddhist meditations. I have been following your blog for a year and I have hoped that he read the Blog too but he has not shown much interest. I thought about all these when I was going to bed along with Princess Diana’s smiling image in my mind. Early this morning I had a dream, in which I am with my husband and a lady who I didn’t see clearly, but she is tall with short hair which reminds me of either our kids’ 8th grade math teacher in Catholic school who crossed over years ago due to cancer or Princess Diana. In the dream we are trying to locate where something we ordered is at since there are several shops where it could have been shipped to. I say to my husband that we should call the shops to find out which one has it rather than just go to each one and waste time. Just when I pick up the phone trying to make a call, the phone starts to ring. I am surprised and woke up. At this moment my husband’s phone is still ringing. He got out of bed and opened his phone but couldn’t tell who it was from. I knew immediately that it was Erik. I gave thanks to Eric but I was too excited to go back to sleep. I got up to check my husband’s phone. The call came at 5:23 am from the number 287-452-0232. I called back to this number and the phone company’s automated recording told me that the call could not be completed as dialed.
As I recall the dream I know that the thing we ordered is something for the car, like tires. Commonly, the religion or spiritual practices are referred to as vehicles to take you to heaven or the state of enlightenment. Erik has done such a good job to help me with this dream! One way of finding the truth is to follow a religion or a spiritual teaching; another way is to learn firsthand from Erik or others who have crossed over and seen the TRUTH. Thank you Elisa for your pursuing and spreading of the truth so courageously and relentlessly! This Erik Movement has brought so much hope to mankind! Thank you Erik and all the dedicated mediums who bring Erik’s voice to us!
With love and gratitude,

As a reminder, we’re going to do a meditation as a collective during the solar eclipse. Click HERE to determine when you’ll be able to watch the eclipse and for the audio file for the guided meditation. Happy eclipse, guys!

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