Erik on Trump, Part Four

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, guys! Enjoy the final part of the Trump series! I’m so glad you guys didn’t turn this into a political quarrel!

Me: Will he repeal and replace Obamacare or will he just amend it? What’s going to happen there?

Erik (nonchalantly): It’ll be gone.

Me: Will it transition such that people are not going to be without insurance?

Erik: Insurance will be more widespread and coverage will be easier.

Kim: This is what he’s showing me. I don’t know what you’d call it, but it’s almost like based on where you live. I can’t even imagine such a change. He’s talking about how you’ll pay a certain amount to the government—state of federal, I’m not sure—based on where you live. Whoa, he’s making my ear ring.

Erik: You pay according to where you live, and there’ll be widespread coverage. There’s security in that.

He’s talking about the people currently on Obamacare that will transition off of it.

Erik: If you want to go down to your zip code, you can. Your zip code will determine how much you pay.

Me: Okay. It’s almost like car insurance.

Erik: You’ll pay into this big pot.

Me: Like a risk pool.

That might be necessary to cover those with pre-existing disease.

Erik: That way, everybody is covered.

Me: Will it be cheaper than Obamacare? Because my sister got a notice that hers is going up to $1,700 a month! That’s just not tenable!

Erik: Compare it to Canada. Will it get more expensive? No.

Me: Will there be a public option for people who can’t afford it? Is that what you’re saying? Will there be a public and a private option? Or will it all be health savings accounts, insurance sold across state lines, tort reform and things like that?


Kim: He’s not really talking about that. It’s kind of scary. Okay, here’s your zip code. Here’s how much you’re going to pay a year, a month, I don’t know. And if you can’t afford that, it’s almost like you get punished. I don’t know if you get a fee or what.

Me: Well, if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it!

Erik: It’ll have something to do with your citizenship.

Kim: That’s so scary to me.

Me: So if you’re undocumented, you don’t get the insurance? Is that what he’s saying?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay, so that’s what it is.

Kim: His energy got stronger when you said that.

Me: What will he do, if anything, about the astronomical college tuition and student debt? Just a few more questions.

Erik: I don’t think he’s just going to wipe it clean.

Me: No.

Erik: It’s not going to be this thing where everything is going to be forgiven.

Me: Will he help in any way?

Erik: He’ll put systems in place that will make it more manageable and relieve it down to a personal level, but he’s someone who believes in cause and effect. If you created the debt, you should be responsible for it.

Me: Yeah, there’s still some personal responsibility.

Why shift that responsibility to the taxpayer who didn’t benefit by their education?

Me: Don’t be a poetry major and expect to get a job to pay off your debt! Well, what will he do, if anything, about the rising cost of college tuition?

Kim: This is going to change. He shows Trump breaking it down and capping it out, putting a cap on it.

Me: All right. Manage it like the utilities, maybe. What will his environmental policies be like? Will Mother Earth hate him? He says he wants clean air and clean water. I guess he wants the Keystone Pipeline, and environmentalists are all upset about that, but of course they can just clean up after themselves and plant some pretty azaleas around the pumps and everything will be fine. I’m just kidding! I’m just kidding, people!

No hate mail, please!

Kim: As far as being environmentally friendly, Erik doesn’t see Trump as an advocate for the environment.

Me: All right. Will he make our environment worse because of his policies? Just a yes or no.

Erik: You’re going to see a lot of waste, initially. He’ll exhaust some resources at first, but it’s necessary to go through that phase to change it around. Then you’ll see a complete turnaround.

Me: Oh, good! Okay. Thank god.

Erik: He’ll find more natural ways to achieve what he wants.

Kim: I don’t know why Erik finds this topic so funny!

Erik: Kim, we’re talking about Trump!

Me: Yeah, so that’s funny. All right, really quickly. Will he get rid of any departments like the Department of Education, Energy, blah, blah, blah?

(Long pause)

Kim: Um—

Me: Or the IRS! That would be nice! Get rid of the IRS!

Erik: He will, but after some time.

Me: So he will, but not right away?

Erik: Yeah, but again, it’s not a priority. He’s got a list. (Placing both hands out, palms up) “Here’s my priorities,” (motioning to his left hand) “And oh, yeah. Here are some other things.” (motioning to his right hand.)

Me: He can’t do everything he wants, I guess. Will he get rid of a significant amount of fraud, waste, duplication and abuse in the government? Just a yes or no.

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay, last question. What will our relationship with Russia and China be like?

Kim: When he shows China, he shows us above them. I don’t know if he means financially or…

Me: Well what are you SAYING, Erik? Use your words.

Kim: He’s using image. He’s showing us above China but at the same level with Russia. It’s very interesting, though, because between us and Russia, he’s showing a lot of tension. Between us and China, there’s not. I think that’s why we’re at a level playing field with Russia. It doesn’t feel good, though. It feels like a lot of tension. It feels like a lot of mutual fear and mutual respect out of fear.

Me: Well, peace through strength, man. Peace through strength. Maybe that’s the whole idea.

Erik: And strength in numbers.

Kim: So I don’t know if we just buddy up. I can’t imagine. That’s not what it feels like.

(It’s probably strength because of an increase in a variety of weapons and military assets.)

Kim: But with China, it feels very friendly. I don’t know if it’s because they’ll respect us a lot out of fear because of him or what. He shows them a little bit below—

Me: Well, if he revamps the military, you know, if he brings our military back up to the 21st century, then maybe that’s where the fear is going to come from. That’s like with Reagan and his peace through strength. Is that what he’s saying? Hopefully? I just don’t like that there’s fear in the equation, but…

Kim: Again, he’s showing me we’re on a level playing field with Russia, but we’re also like a loose cannon, ready to blow at any minute because there’s so much tension between us.

Me: Well, will everything be okay?

Erik: Yeah, but you’ll feel the tension.

Me: Okay. One question that I did forget and that’s the Iran nuclear deal. What’s going to happen to that? I don’t like that deal. I don’t like that they’re on the path to—they HATE us, and I don’t like that they’re on the path to military nuclear weapons.

Erik: As far as us being involved, you’ll see Trump try to reform or change it. It’s a ticking time bomb that Trump will be able to disarm.

Me: Okay, good. That’s good! Great! Thank you, Erik! Thank you, Kim! This is a long YouTube, but people really need this to either, I don’t know. I hope it’ll make people feel better. Maybe in some ways it’ll make people feel worse, but we got what we got. So, everybody pray for Trump and our country. That’s all we can do. Hopefully he’ll do a good job.

Erik: Don’t forget to pray for yourselves.

Me: Yeah, exactly! All right. I’ll talk to you in a little bit. Thanks, guys, for watching!

Kim: Bye-bye.

Me: Bye.

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  • Awesome info, Elisa. I was thrilled that Trump was elected (Hillary’s corruption through her so-called foundation scared the s*** out of me), and I’m happy to hear from Erik that he’ll accomplish a lot of “yuge” things. “) No doubt, what Trump does will upset the apple cart — old orders will die noisily and not without a struggle to maintain their grip on their fiefdom — but in time, people will come to see that it’s for the best.

    • Kerry Bindon

      you will notice that erik says discussion 4 that Trump was unconscious this was exactly the situation in a dream I had last december just after his election Iwas in a jason bourne movie in america I sctually live australia I penetrated this nondescript neighourhood came to a psyops room a patient unconscious on operating table I lifted the sheet and saw Trump I remonstrated with his cia handler then woke..His behaviour since then his conversion to the jewish liberal neo con war party of jared kushner and ivanka

  • Kerry Bindon

    Dear Elisa this post shocks me with your apparent ignorance…..a number of issues…first you never responded to my profound encounter with eric when he organised a fourfold party or fairies ring with me my best friend whom Im carer for who sees eric and is psychic eric himself and would you believe JFK seniour whom had recently connected with me in my work to bring world peace and representative politics to an end as we know it and as a priority at the time have Trump elected when both right and left had rejected him and zionist neocons looked as if their totally corrupt puppet would win easily ie hillary.If you arent interested further then just keep ignoring me otherwise Im happy to share eriks and our groups views that you seem to be groping for a clearer understanding of the biggest problem I see is that you are not really listening to or understanding what he is saying to you. My very first contact with eric came while reading your book about you both. I decided one afternoon or early night to do as he suggested and try contacting him directly. As I had a secret understanding of his suicide and a divine solution for it I wished to help on his deep mission to stop youth suicide. early that morning I recieved his reply a clear picture in my mind of the thumbs up sign from facebook. quite a bit later after many contacts he directly intervened and formed a fairy ring with him and JFK and me my friend.. in a joint work in Gods political party the messianic party and not the fake zionist anti christ version being passed off as the real thing as a holocaust and nuclear world war….when all is really needed simply waking up to the truth…..the lord is already here! being birthed now 9/23 to be exact……cheers

    • D Mom

      Kerry Bindon, Do you have a website? I would like to understand more. What’s happening on 9/23? Do you mean 2017?

    • Carmen Lopez

      Apparent Ignorance.. really. This lady has MD as part of her initials and is loved dearly by so many. I understand you may have your opinions but try keeping them positive on this blog.

      • Lola Jones

        That wasn’t really a negative response imo, just a “calling her out” type of comment (and a valid one at that). Nothing inappropriate there, c’mon.

      • Kerry Bindon

        Thank you lola for your support its most kind and appreciated

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      We all have our personal beliefs and experiences. That is no reason to call Elisa ‘ignorant’. She puts herself out there every day. She doesn’t have to respond to every single email she receives.

      • Kerry Bindon

        look you and carmen I agree that Elisa must be busy she has a show to keep going and doesnt have time to speak to every tom dick and kerry ……thats not the ignorance that Im talking about that just surprised me… .. no I was referring to the ignorance displayed in these posts on Trump right at the start I was gobsmacked to read about her families Glysophate use OMG plz check out Dr Mercola for update on the scandalous use of this universal poison and neuro toxin and elisa an MD ? Plz give me strength not misinformation then carried on with talking to eric who gives a radical and brilliant answer that confirmed my dream intuition that Trump was unconscious hinting that he was being operated on then carried on as if she hadnt heard or did not understand or was oblivious to what he is saying. which to me seems like ignorance then tops it off with LGBT stuff. let me be clear the whole world liberal movement and I have suffered under it since 1949 when liberals that took over conservatives here are funded by apostate sabbaten jews like Rothschild Soros Zionists aka khazarian mobsters who are having a coup now in your country right under your noses….its this all that I call ignorance dont reply if you have nothing constructive or positive to say .we are still allowed free speech arent we? The LGBT so called liberal movement is totally confused about human sexuality its a materialst idealogy that is not only dead wrong but totally false and out of date human sexuality is like the bhuddist antimaterial conception of life a journey not the destination its a stage we go through if healthy not a place we all end up taoist yin yang theory is the truth and situation I pray this helps

      • I try to, though, but it takes up about 4 hours of every day, including weekends. Sometimes one or two fall through the cracks.

    • I swear I don’t recall getting an email from you. I check and answer every one. I think it’s rude of you to call me ignorant. We are not here to judge. The world has plenty of that and that’s one of the reasons we’re in bad shape. If you don’t like the blog, there’s nothing keeping you here.

      • Kerry Bindon

        look Im very sorry I didnt mean to be rude or troll you I dont like it myself…..I never emailed you all my comments were dropped into forums Ive been telling you about my experiences with eric which I feel have been noteworthy and I was surprised that you never commented. I accept your reaching out to me in spite of my apparent angst and would like you to accept my sincere mea culpa and some gardening advice from Dr Mercola I recieved yesty that does not depend on roundup, but woodchips and char. Will send it via email if I can.Also I would like to share the work Eric is doing with me and Trump to get him elected which was way better then an instant war with clinton but not much better if he is suborned to the zionist neo con war party. We are all in immediate danger now I am trying to save all life that can be saved and the whole earth is in the balance the next 6 months………….in the last terrible war filled days of Obama/Clinton I placed America and its government on suicide watch engaging in nuclear confrontation is
        madness the planet does not need and Eric as you would expect totally agrees thats why my fairie ring is engaged full time on this. My initial exasperation was a result of current affairs driving us all in the wrong direction plz forgive me again happy birthday and be of good cheer.

      • No problem. I’m sorry I missed your comment. I get so many of them that it’s easy for me to mess up. Don’t worry about the world. Erik says we’re all where we need to be. Good will come of it.

  • T Diaz

    Happy Birthday, Elisa!

  • D Mom

    I’ve been worried about our country. These interviews have eased my mind. Thank you for doing this.

  • Lola Jones

    Well, I despise Trump, always have, but at least according to Erik he won’t destroy the country, so props to him there lol. He’s even bringing tons of people together (albeit, against him), people who’ve never been involved in politics anymore are starting to care just because he’s so awful, haha. So another positive effect 😀

    • Kerry Bindon

      I dont despise Trump he saved us from the greater danger at the time The bush obama clinton crime families liberal neo con takeover now something must be done about the sabbattean chabad jewish neo con jared kushner crime family putsch and coup …oh what a tangled web man weaves when he practices to decieve…..lets pray I am giving him space and the benefit of the doubt until 9/23/2017 which will finally decide for us all peace essential for prosperity and a new heaven and new earth or a totally unnecessary ww3 holocaust and literal dumbed down reading and pathetic reason for the fake jewish messiah or antichrist and holocaust meant to precede this is all arse over tit and needs to be rejected…..cheers

      • Lola Jones

        Hahaha wow. Well that’s one opinion.

      • Kerry Bindon

        Its more then a opinion its a deep contemplative and meditated view of the consensus reality my xray vision honed through meditation and all history researcher that gives me insight beyond the veil the naked truth .. which is important to share for truths sake in this moment of great danger and crisis so that love light and life be delivered at last

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Happy birthday Elisa!

  • Alba Kambouris

    Loved your questions Elisa and Kim you are gifted and may I offer my gratitude for Erik and to all that come from love

  • Dustin Ebaugh

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Léon Vrins

    I have my doubts about Trump. Is he to be trusted? There are a lot of examples he did not pay for work that was done for him, causing bankruptcies for companies and individuals. Many things Erik said give me the impression of wishfull thinking.

    • Kerry Bindon

      pls see my comment just posted to georgie above

  • I’ll check it out

  • Love that quote!

  • How awesome!

  • Kerry Bindon

    I dont have to check I will tell you what Eric thinks we are in total agreement see my reply to Elisa just posted now. But to answer your question every single word above you is TRUE. I know because its exactly the very same conclusion I have come to after meditation and contemplation of my own personal life and experiences and a deep and profound study of world history and its artsciences and religion which from my initial beliefs and inderstanding has been turned now totally on its head. That said let me now go further after saying its true what can be done! This is what eric me + our fairy ring agree my approach to this problem. In a word its the Parousia its a greek word and term for the 2nd Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ which is actually happening and in progress It does not appear to be apparent to anyone atm but thats cause most people are spiritually blind and do not understand the lord god or living spirit almighty how he works called theodicy and consequently manifests. Ihave much more to say at this moment of world crisis we need divine love and wisdom not mad dog nuclear armed countries at each others through we have one planet one mother earth goddess lets pray for life that all fear be washed away in the blood of the lamb and his divine providence…..Ipray this has helps cheers

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    Donald has been a business man for many years; he’s very pragmatic. He won’t do anything to jeopardise the USA. All this ‘fear’ is media hype… but we’re onto the media now and their agenda – it’s to sell copy and make money… journalistic ethics have nothing to do with it. This is why I enjoy coming here and reading Erik’s take on it…

  • beth

    Despite all the good things that may come out of this, one of my reactions is “Yay, he gets to learn a lesson about wasting resources and we get to live with what happens til’ we find substitutes.”/sarcasm. Heh. Joking. I think people, people on all sides give him too much power. Of course the Presidency is extremely powerful maybe not…quite as much as some would imply. Erik’s characterization of Trump as someone who will do some good things but is spiritually asleep at the wheel fits for me. Also hey, people need to be shaken up, Erik said, but Erik please appreciate that lots of us live on the margins and are sick of being shaken!

  • Thanks!

  • SCT

    So confused. Was this Trump discussion posted here or via a YouTube video a couple months ago? I swear, I read or heard it all before. I was thinking maybe this was a video a couple months ago that was just recently transcribed for the blog. Is this what has happened?

  • Stuart

    Interesting we didn’t hear when Trump will get impeached. He colluded with Russia to solicit their interference help and he would ease/lift sanctions. C Page has Trump on “tape” which was delivered to Russian connections to offer this quid pro quo. Too many sources in the IC are letting this tidbit out to their confidants. Please feel free to schedule a follow up with Erik to ask the question on what I said. I’ll bet my last dollar he wouldn’t refute what I said. Better yet, have Kim’s non disclosure about Trump posted.

    • There is no evidence of collusion according to both sides of the aisle.

  • India

    “Iran – they HATE us, and I don’t like that they’re on the path to military nuclear weapons.”
    How much do you know about Iran ? Shia countries like Iran and Syria are some of the only muslim countries where Christians are allowed to practice their religion non-persecuted … unlike Sunni states like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia.
    How many Shia terrorists attack USA or Europe ?
    How many terrorists were Sunni among those Islamic terrorists who attacked USA (9/11, Nightclub shootings), Europe (Truck killings, Charlie Hebdo, so manyt shootings and bombs) ???? – All of them were Sunni and funded by the above mentioned Sunni states … not the Iranians or Shia Syrians
    The iran hates ISrael and attacks or threatens only Israeli interests .. Iranians are not the problem, you should meet some Iranian Americans .. You can see that they are secular and even atheist .. not brainwashed and hiding hate like those from Sunni states. Iranian Americans are one of the major contributors to tech development and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. You cannot find any Sunni foreign women coming for higher studies into USA because it’s illegal for them but you can find Shia women from Iran coming as foreign students in US universities because their Shia society is more secular. I am Indian btw

  • After reading these pages on Trump, and comparing the comments from “Erik” with the actual reality of what this sleazy conman has inflicted on our nation in so short a time, I can only conclude that this channeling is an utter fraud. I was led here by a woman who claimed to channel “Erik’s poetry”. I see I have wasted my time, but I am leaving this comment as a caution for anyone else who might venture here.

  • BoomBoomBoomerang!

    You lost me at the statement that Obamacare will be GONE… (I believe it appeared in Part 3). This comes across as total nonsense and biased by your own political views. It’s a shame that everything comes down to money. The financial. That seems to drive people… and the world… sadly… when the spiritual is really what matters most and Trump seems to have none of that as far as I can see… Hopefully he won’t do too much damage while he’s in office.

  • BoomBoomBoomerang!

    You lost me at Obamacare will be gone in Part Three!

  • BoomBoomBoomerang!

    Nice that you’re deleting posts you don’t like. It shows how biased you truly are. I doubted this site for a while. Now I have NO DOUBTS!!! Good luck with your ego-centric nonsense!!!

    • Hi Wayne. I said I almost never delete posts but I have no room for nonsensical, needless negativity in my life.

  • BoomBoomBoomerang!

    Trump looks like he’ll do a decent job as President.

    • Well he says idiotic things, but what the media doesn’t report is how much he’s accomplished. The last several presidents announced moving the embassy to Jerusalem but he’s the only one who will do it and he’s the only one that consistently keeps his promises in spite of the enormous head wins. The economy is better than it has been in decades. Consumer confidence is at an all time high. Unemployment is down to the lowest level in decades across all racial and social lines. Give the guy a break! Pay attention only to his results not his rhetoric. That’s all that matters.

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