Erik on Trump, Part Three

I’ve been researching something that’s pretty interesting lately because I’ve been so concerned about the horrible heroin epidemic ravaging our youth. There’s an autoimmune disease called Endorphin Deficiency Syndrome that causes very low levels of our natural opioid chemicals, endorphins. This leads the patient with the disease to self-medicate with opioid or sometimes wine. It can be genetic but it can be acquired in a person who’s had a life of physical and emotional pain. The thing is, it’s easy to treat. Naltrexone is an opioid blocker given to addicts to block the high they’d get from, say, heroin. They usually take 50 mg a day. But if you give them low dose Naltrexone at 4.5 mg or less every night, it stays in the bloodstream for only 3-4 hours, blocking the body’s own endorphins. When it reaches zero, the body responds with up to a 300% increase in endorphins. Problem solved. It’s cheap, nontoxic and even safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding infants. LDN (low dose naltrexone) apparently helps in all forms of diseases rooted in autoimmunity and inflammation including cancer, fibromyalgia, autism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, infertility, multiple sclerosis and much, much more. Of course this medication protocol is the kiss of death for Big Pharma who makes billions upon billions on immunosuppressants, chemotherapeutic agents and other medications so high impact medical journals won’t publish studies on LDN for fear of losing big advertising bucks. What a shame. This could be the answer for the heroin epidemic where 91 people die every day not to mention for scores of other diseases and addictions. Check it out HERE

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Before going on to Mr. Trump, here’s our latest YouTube video. 

Me: Okay. Will the stock market do well or poorly under a Trump presidency? It’s already doing really well.

Erik points up to the ceiling.

Me: Oh, good.

Kim: It seems like it’ll do really well.

Me: Okay. Did he really rape that 13 year-old?

Kim: Wow, I never heard of that.

Erik: Nope.

Erik leans forward and rubs his index finger and thumb together suggesting there was extortion involved.

Me: Oh, people want money. Yeah. Will his foreign policy be sound, and will he stop the spread of ISIS? I think he’ll make some countries fear us because he’ll want fair trade, and, you know, he’s going to have a harder line with the Iran nuclear deal, but will his foreign policy be sound, this blog member asks?

Erik: Yes.

Kim: It’s interesting what he’s going on to talk about. He’s showing me—this is really interesting—Wow! If this day comes to pass, I’ll be mind blown.

Me: Oh!

Erik: After Trump is no longer president, other countries will still address him as if he is. That’s because of the leadership he establishes. He has to break a lot of old patterns and systems and rules and orders of operations and start anew. He has to recreate the wheel, and he’s going to. That’s going to shatter a lot of old cycles and patterns in talking about fair trade. It will establish consistency, and very strong systems will be put into place that are effective.

Me: Good. Will he stop the spread of ISIS?

Erik: Yes. It’s going to be slow in the beginning, then all of a sudden, there’ll be a very quick turnover.

Me: Okay. Can he be trusted with the nuclear codes? Everybody is worried about that one!

Erik: Yeah. He’s very impulsive, but he also understands the magnitude of seriousness here. So yeah, he can be trusted.

Me: Will there be WWIII under his rule?

Erik: No!

Kim: It’s funny because all of these questions make me feel incredibly ignorant! You guys know I keep myself secluded from all that.

Me: That’s probably best. It’s been very depressing over the last several months! Will he cut entitlements?

Kim: He gives me 50% on this one. He won’t give me a complete yes or a complete no.

Me: Will he change it in a painless way or a painful way? I’ll ask it that way.

Erik: It’s going to be perceived in a painful way.

Me: Oh boy. Well, is it just about cutting the fraud in the entitlement system, fraud, waste and abuse? That would be painful for the people committing the fraud but not for everybody else.

Erik: Yes.

Kim: I want to explain something to you and everyone watching. When you ask questions that basically boil down to a yes or no answer, here’s how this whole process works. When something resonates with Erik as truth, his energy gets stronger because you’re acting as a ground for him.

Me: Oh.

Kim: I’m just the conduit. You’re the ground. So if the truth is conveyed, his energy gets stronger. If it’s not, he gets really quiet. He doesn’t respond or he resonates and stays the same. I just wanted to explain that to you.

Me: Cool. So I’m a lightening rod! Yay!

Kim laughs.

Erik: You’re my ground, Mama.

Me: There you go!

Erik: So it will be in a painful way, but in a way that reveals truth.

Me: Well, something has got to be done [about entitlements.]

Erik: It’ll expose the fraud. That’s essentially truth. So there will be people who go through pain because of this.

Me: Innocent people?

Erik: Nope.

Me: Oh, okay. Well, that’s good. Will he cut the deficit and debt or will he add to it?

Erik: We’ll come out of debt slightly, but not a great impact. Not yet.

Me: Well, he’s going to spend a lot, too with his infrastructure plan and all that, so… How will he get Mexico to pay for the wall? I’m thinking Mexico isn’t going to write us a check, but we give them billions of dollars in foreign aid every year. We can just withhold that until their tab is cleared.

Kim: I’m incredibly ignorant about this kind of stuff, but I live a happy life, so I don’t care!

She laughs.

Erik: We supply to Mexico in some way, shape or form, and that will be withheld. Whatever we supply to them, they can’t go without so it’s like a hostage situation. They’ll have to pay or give or—

Me: Like, “You don’t get your foreign aid unless…”

Erik: Yeah.

Me: I don’t even understand why we pay all of these countries foreign aid, anyways, really. I don’t get it. We have so many people suffering here that need help. Okay, will we be more or less respected around the globe under his leadership?

Erik: We’ll be feared.

Hopefully only by countries that mean to do us harm like North Korea, Iran, etc.

Erik: We’ll be respected out of fear.

Me: Well, at least it’s respect. What will be done with—I know he’ll probably get rid of the criminal undocumented workers, but what about the other 11 million undocumented people here? What will he do with them? Some of them have been here for 20 years and have businesses and families and stuff. Will he just give them a pathway for citizenship or work visas and then a pathway to citizenship or something like that?

Erik: He’s not going to ship them all back. Trump is going to create a system that they have to go through.

Kim: I feel like it’s a brand new thing born from Trump’s presidency.

Erik: They’ll have to go through these systems to achieve a status like citizenship.

Me: That sounds fair.

Erik: It’ll be grandfathered in. They’ll go through the process and then get grandfathered into citizenship.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’ll be strict, though, so if they’re not willing to comply, it’s like another hostage situation like, “Comply with this or see you later.”

Me: Yeah. Well, I think that’s fair. They cut in front of the line where others are doing it legally, so… But they should have a way to get their citizenship, of course.

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  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    As a voter for Trump…sounds like he is going to do what we wanted him to do. Sound like a really good President to me!

  • Denise

    Re: big pharma. It has always been the way of greedy people to manipulate the masses to their own ends, but it seems to have escalated to such a high degree that it’s criminal. How much money does one person need? It’s fine to be successful but at the expense of others’ well being. I guess it’s just another lesson to be learned.

  • Patrick

    Really good to see a concise explanation from somebody who knows what they’re talking about. The situation reminds a little of yeast from red rice I think, which has been used for at least centuries to color food. It also cuts cholesterol better than any medication, is really cheap (it comes from a rice stalk) and has minimal side effects. Basically, people with a liver condition from like hepatitis have to limit consumption and it’s also bad for a big drinker of alcohol (basically a hard core alcoholic) but that’s it. It’s food and can’t be regulated like a medication. Big manufacturers of all the anti-cholesterol drugs tried to limit or ban it, by lobbying the FDA in the USA.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Elisa, thank you for that tip. I’m going to try to find some as I have tendencies towards auto-immune issues.

    Great interview. I was a fan of Trump’s when he first got elected. But I’ve lost faith in him now. I can’t see him cleaning out the swamp of its satanist pedophiles, which makes me wonder whether it was the Rothschilds who engineered his election.

    • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

      well it sounds like Trump does a lot of good things…..according to Eric. and I haven’t seen Eric wrong yet.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Mine is not a criticism of Erik, whom I love.

  • Melissa McVicker

    So glad to hear this about Trump. I wish people would just calm down a little now!!

    • Me too!

      • Beadybonce

        Yes! Unfortunately as a public figure he became the target for a lot of projected stuff – which is not fair and not founded. He took this role on – and its a huge one – and he needs very thick skin to carry on with the work the Universe has elected him to do. IMO leaders on all sides have some good intention – so lets allow him his.

  • Beadybonce

    As a Brit, I’m watching with great interest as this is the time the world needs leaders with cojones! Re immigration – it really is time the places where people leave in their droves start to make their countries better. I can’t speak for the US but there comes a point when you can’t afford to support the numbers – as in the case of many European countries now. This does not make you a racist, it makes you a realist.

    • I agree!

      • Cole Balthazar

        Excuse me Elisa, your enthusiasm for Trump is more than obvious. I have been working for 20 years every day with politics, politics and history have always been my talents. I appreciate very much how you bring Eriks information about the astral worlds to humans. However, forgive me when I say politics is not your profession.

        And you seem not to get to transfer one of the essential teachings of Erik to politics.

        1: Positive energy is always bringing together
        2. Negative energy always divides

        Fear is the essential fuel for Negative energy!

        For example, the fear of infinite immigrant battalions occupying the land, the reason a) for the choice of Trump, b) the essential reason for the Brexit!

        3. We are all one
        4. All souls are from the same source

        Separation is not a solution in a globalized world, neither building walls. Separation brings nationalism, nationalism brings in general war!

        Of course, a society has to protect itself, but always together with each other never against each other!

      • Trust me, I have my misgivings about Trump, but I am a Libertarian.

      • Beadybonce

        Sometimes a leader has to be from another place other than the world of politics – remind me how far politics has taken the world? It is not in this state because of Trump. And as a Brit who voted to leave the EU – let me assure you immigration was only a small issue. We objected t having our laws and rules made by people in other countries who owe didnt vote for. Would the US stand for this? We may well be from the same source – an infinite source – we are all one with that source but we are all infinite facets of that force so we will never al have the same point of view until we drop politics and meditate. Meditation for all. Just because you work in politics doesn’t make you right.

      • I would def have been for Brexit. I’m tired of the elite few, out of touch, deciding for the masses.

      • Lola Jones

        Good for you for offering a logical opinion here 🙂

  • beth

    Tiny note: If you look it up, I believe people tried to send us aid after Katrina and Sep 11 but we were having none of it. The Masai tribe sent us a number of cattle after 9-11, a big deal in their culture. heh

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    It would be interesting to revisit Erik’s take on Donald and his performance at the present time…I mean, a lot has happened in the last 3 months … Will he be impeached? I know he is doing his best but he media, celebrity and the whole political bureaucracy seem hell bent on bringing him down…

    • He’s being sabotaged at every turn, but he shoots himself in the foot a lot, too. I’m not sure I want to channel about this again. I always get haters when I do anything involving politics.

      • Alphonso de Barbo

        I understand totally! I have people at work who have stopped talking to me because of my support for Donald… and I don’t even live in the USA, Lol… it’s truly laughable, but perhaps not for those who are living it in America/USA…

      • Most people outside of the US are anti-Trump. I know my Norwegian relatives are! The media never talks about what he’s done for the economy and immigration, etc. They just talk about the silly nonexistent Russia thing while it’s really the Dems that colluded with Russia through Fusion GPS (possibly.) The media is steering our country, as is the extreme left, Hollywood, lobbyists, and big corporations, including Big Pharma.

      • Alphonso de Barbo

        …even from here in the South Pacific, I can see that too!

      • Lola Jones

        how do you know the russia thing isn’t real? has erik told you this or are you just assuming?

      • It’s all from Erik

      • Lola Jones

        It’s also not cool of you to talk down democrats/liberal positions here. I know this is your site & you’ll do what you want- fine, but consider please that a lot of your fans like me are left-wing, and it’s not fun to read biased info from you, it’s actually alienating…please consider this, I don’t want to leave the blog over something like this (to anyone else reading, please refrain from calling me “too sensitive” or something to invalidate my opinions, thanks)

      • Wait, what did I say?

      • Lola Jones

        Not on this comment thread so much, but throughout some of your other political posts, there’s a clear negative bias against liberals & people like me (mostly comments stereotyping our ‘type’, or ones blaming people with my stances). Look, you are of course entitled to your opinions; all I ask is that perhaps it’d be wise to be a little more mindful when replying to political comments on here (the info presented here is meant to be more neutral /fact-based anyway, right?) That’s all, I don’t mean any offense 🙂

      • Yes, I’m going to try to stay out of politics. Both sides drive me nuts, to tell you the truth.

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