Erik and Veronica’s October Monthly Q & A

I know, this is the second post in one day, but some of you have waited anxiously to hear the answers to your questions. Here are the ones for the October Q&As with Veronica channeling Erik. It’s in three parts:

October questions Part 1 from Veronica Drake on Vimeo.

October questions pt. 2 from Veronica Drake on Vimeo.

October Questions pt 3 from Veronica Drake on Vimeo.

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Elisa Medhus

  • JaniceT

    Thank you Veronica for you awesome readings, and thank you Elisa for putting them up! I didn’t submit any question, but I certainly picked up many advises that I can put to use for myself!

    Just want to let you know that I saw ALOT of Erik’s orbs on the 2nd video. I probably missed some but I found them at: 8:07, 8:16, 8:23, whole bunch from 11:01 to 11:21, 12:42 and 17:01. The orb at 13:00 made a zipping by sound!. On the 3rd video, there was a radio sounding loud noise at 9:05; Its not Veronica’s phone, but not sure what it was. Great videos! thank you so much!

  • Barbara J. Smith

    Dear Elisa, there is a young 19 year old black girl named Kenneka Jenkins that was found dead in the freezer of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. Her death occurred September 10th. This is a big story in Chicago with a lot of unanswered questions. Many people have been on YouTube discussing the case and looking for clues. Hearts have been torn apart wondering what actually happened to this young girl. When I read the story I can feel her energy. Her energy is gentle, sweet and angel like, although that was not her existence this life time. Many want to know what happened to her. Could you do a reading with Erik, Emma and yourself. I know it would be greatly appreciated. You can learn more about her story by entering the name Kenneka Jenkins on YouTube. Thank you so much!

    • I would but I have so many on the list. Maybe you can book a session with one of the mediums and interview her? There are just so many unsolved murders all over the world and I get hundreds of requests.

  • Lisa w

    What does Erik think about ghost hunters and demon hunters.

    • Great question! I bet he gets a kick out of them and probably gives them a run for their money!

  • Elisa

    Hi Elisa,
    I was wondering how do we go about asking Erik and Veronica one of these questions.

    • On the first of the month, go to her website

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