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Here are some great Erik encounters. I don’t have much of an introduction today because I have some transplanting and other honey-dos to do before a blog member flies in for a visit from Puerto Rico. Plus, I have nothing intelligent to say. Enjoy!

Story #1

Hello Elisa,

My wonderful mom, Dorothy, passed away on April 21, 2015. A few months later, I saw the Channeling Erik videos on YouTube. I love all your videos and I have learned so much.

I speak to my mom and other family members who have passed on everyday…including Erik. The other day I asked them to give me a sign that they are with me. The next day, this mysterious photo appeared on my phone. I did not take this photo.

This beautiful photo looks like pure light energy from another dimension….Amazing.

Thank you Elisa and Erik!

Joe Murray

Story #2

I’ve experienced several amusing pranks from Erik in the past that tend to result in a few chuckles, especially after I catch on, but my most recent encounter with him revealed his more thoughtful side.

Having dropped off my youngest at the airport so he could take a flight back to college after the holidays, I returned home and I was very much feeling the solitude of the empty nest. It’s such a joy to have everyone under one roof again but that moment when the last child goes gets me every time. The house was dark when I entered the front door and I remember wishing that it would have been a little cheerful if at least the twinkle lights or tree lights were turned on to greet me. I placed my smartphone, screen down, on a table and walked away contemplating on whether or not I should take the decorations down then or the next day when I heard that distinct ‘click’ that a phone makes when a photo is taken. I walked back to pick it up and to my surprise the phone had taken a photo of the table top. No one was near the phone and no one else was home. It was then that I realized that my Christmas Tree was now twinkling, all lit up, beautifully lighting up the dark entryway. My heart filled with warmth and gratitude, because I knew that some one wanted to let me know that I wasn’t truly alone, and knowing how much I love twinkle lights wanted me to enjoy them one last time this year. Having that tree light up all by itself felt like I was receiving a very warm hug and I knew that Erik had something to do with it. In fact, shortly after that incidence I had a session with Kim and Erik confirmed rather bashfully that indeed it was him. I was touched by that thoughtful gesture and I often think of that moment whenever I miss my children. Thank you , Erik, I don’t want to embarrass you, but you are a sweetheart.

Story #3

It’s interesting you should mention Erik liked to smoke, because I got something the other day. Suffering from arthritis, on occasion I’ll have a pain explosion. Gradually progressing from joint to joint, it’s hard to find your center, when even your toes and fingers hurt. If it’s one area, you can rise above it, but when your engulfed, it’s time to take a med. I know that arthritis is mind based (control/rigidity), and I’m trying to beat it.

Since it takes 40 minutes for the meds to kick in, I asked my Spirit Guides for help. Finally, I asked your son to “please stop the pain”. He immediately appeared at my bedside, coaching me and saying something, but all I saw was his mouth move. I said “I can’t hear you”, and he shouted it now, but he couldn’t penetrate the emotional pain I was in as well. He was frustrated. I thanked him and blessed him. Suddenly, I had the taste of cigarette in my mouth, smoke in my nose and a dry throat. (I’m not a smoker.) As that caught my attention, I no longer acknowledged the pain and slowly drifted into recuperative sleep.

Story #4

I found your page in December through Pretty Shiny Sparkly after recently losing a dear friend to suicide, while watching your most recent conversations with erik through headphones my 5 year old daughter was at the dinner table drawing , she ran over with a picture looking exactly like erik with the biggest grin ive ever seen (my little girl only ever draws princesess and fairies) saying jamies with his brother now playing in the grass (jamie’s my friend’s name) and i truly believe it was a message from Erik saying our friend was safe and free from the pain he was in on Earth xxx

Enjoy last Thursday’s show. If you have been listening every week but have not been able to get through, let me know. 

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  • Sarah

    I have been feeling like my experiences that might possibly be Erik are not as important due too most people really needing help, and I think to myself geeze I’m just trying to connect to my guides and my thing’s are nothing compared to what others truly need, and there’s this guilt that sets in as if I don’t want to ask for “help” because it’s not worthy for some reason. Earlier tonight I had a session with my guides and spent an hour connecting with them and out of the blue a feeling swiped my lower back and went away and Erik popped in my head, I figured ok I’m imagining it and I threw it away. At 11:12pm I went back into the room I was in and smelled a sweet sent of Peaches. I have a cold and have a tough time just breathing through my nose, I kept getting Peaches for some reason and felt guided to look it up and go from there, I also was getting a faint song in my head that seemed really familiar but couldn’t make it out. I found the son Peaches(The Presidents of the United States of America Song) and I kept getting reminded of the feeling on my back. Idk if it was Erik or one of my spirit guides letting me know they were with me or if it was my step brother Lynn, the song came out 1996 the year before he was killed by a drunk driver… Idk if the song might ring a bell, but I felt the need to mention it, I have never experienced spirit in that way and thought it might be Erik. Thank you! Much Love everyone!

    • Very cool story! Can you submit it on the “Share Your Story” button?

      • Sarah

        Not sure, your more than welcome to Copy it and share it… =)

      • It doesn’t work that way. You have to do it by clicking on the “Share Your Story” button on the right hand sidebar. You have to scroll down to see it. It’s super easy, but if you don’t want to, that’s fine. 🙂

      • Sarah

        It’s ok, I think I have to Log in to something in order to see that, “Share Your Story”, there’s a search button, and a Log in/Register link, It’s ok.. Thank you for helping! =) Much Love!

      • Wow, I thought you didn’t have to register anymore. I’m such a techtard.

      • Sarah

        I wanted to ask Erik a question, I have contemplated this for awhile, and I hope that he can answer. Ok, from my understanding when we die our soul leaves our body and our highest self has a choice to stay in that physical body or to move up through the dimensions, There are also Thought Forms or energy that can manifest in the likes of a Ghost/Spirit/Loved one and those thought forms are from our own creation, BUT there is another Thought form that can exist that is still connected to our Soul and can continue “living”as long as it’s connected to source energy(not consciousness because we are all connected I guess) (being angel like) and continue living but without a physical body. Are these thing’s true? Does our love and energy keep Erik alive in our lives but also can he live on as the manifestation of who he was as Erik by connecting to source/god energy? I’m not sure if the two versions can exist, but I feel like we have many different aspects of our selves living out lives simultaneously… I hope I’m not confusing… I hope he can answer this, my answer might already be in the question, so maybe I’ve already answered my own question. Thanks! Much Love!

  • Mark

    I listen to the radio show every week but have not been able to get through as yet. I call the 619-639-4606 number and listen, there are never any instructions like “press #2 in order to raise your hand” like I have heard on other peoples’ shows. I guess that’s the way, just call the number, listen to the show, and hope you get picked.

    • Sarah

      I have been listening into the Radio Show every week for a few weeks now and it has some really great lessons, maybe I’ll get picked but my questions are nothing compared to the needs of others… So, in the end I’m glad I don’t get picked…LOL Cause if mine came through and someone was in need of it Truly then I would feel horribly bad… I am working on ego and really catching it when it wants to chime in with it’s 12 year old and sometimes overly protective parent atitude…LOL

    • But we’ll see you on the studio page in the list of callers. We click on the unmute button to put you on air.

      • Sarah

        Oh, that’s neat… =) I’m glad that past couple of times that button wasn’t clicked…LOL My kids screaming in the background..LOL =D I let them stay up, school is coming so they need to go to be sooner…

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