Erik’s First Visits

After Erik’s death, my entire family and I plunged into a state of numbness. We were shaken by a grief so profound each minute seemed like an eternity. Making the funeral arrangements from choosing a casket and burial plot to deciding what clothes he should wear in his perpetual sleep was an agony that clawed angrily at my heart. Every decision was gut-wrenching and insurmountable. All I wanted to do was lie down in a corner and sob. I’m so grateful for the inner strength my husband, Rune,  demonstrated. He too was in pain, but society mandates that the man must keep a stiff upper lip and muddle through on their own somehow. They are the silent, neglected grievers, the broken warriors who need just as much support and comfort as women.

In all the tragic turmoil, however, Erik came to provide us with comfort three times in as many days. The second night after his death, he came to my husband in an uncharacteristically vivid dream. In that dream, they were both standing near Rune’s new Ford F-350, a truck that my son drooled over with great pride. Then Erik said in joyous excitement, “I feel so wonderful! I’m so light and free. It’s an amazing feeling. Here, Pappa, feel.” And when Erik reached out to grab his father’s hands, Rune was overcome with a sense of intense euphoria unlike any sensation he’s had before. It was a feeling of joy, love, comfort, lightness and freedom that simply cannot be describe in our limited language as humans. After a few moments, Erik let go of Rune’s hands, leaned toward him and said, “This is what I felt like before.” Rune then felt the deep despair and darkness that had long tormented his son. The world felt heavy and unwelcoming. Rune knew Erik was trying to convey that he was fine, in fact happy for the first time in years. From that moment, healing for our family had begun.

Erik’s grandfather, José, had a similar experience. Let me preface this by saying that my father has never truly believed in life after death. To him, when the body dies, so does the soul. We all simply turn to dust. There is no immortality.  There is no God. There is no Heaven. Three days after my son’s death, my father called me to say that Erik had come to him in a dream. I could tell by his voice that he was quite shaken. He said Erik appeared to him as a small boy. He crawled into his lap and snuggled against his chest. My father felt, without a doubt, that Erik’s presence was real. He felt the warmth of his grandson’s small body and the love that emanated from his presence. Mind you, my father was wide-awake at the time. After a few moments, Erik looked up at his grandfather and recited a Spanish proverb that essentially translates as “things come in threes.” Dumbfounded by the encounter, my father exclaimed, “Why did this happen to me? What does it all mean? I feel so startled!” Erik’s visit challenged the very foundation of the staunch beliefs he had held for decades. As for the meaning behind the proverb, I wondered to myself if Erik was preparing my father and my mother, both in their 80s, for their own transition into the afterlife.

The third visit was to a family friend, Kelley. She has known all of my children since they were small, and our families have vacationed together several times. Erik was quite fond of Kelley, in particular. Shortly after his death, Kelley called me to recount a lucid dream she had had: “I saw Erik in a beautiful meadow sitting in a hammock with his back to me. Beside him sat a girl with long, light-brown hair.” (This may have been a former girlfriend who, 7 months earlier, suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the head by a drunken “friend” who thought he had unloaded his new revolver.) Kelley goes on to say, “People were milling around everywhere. I got the sense that everyone knew and loved each other and that they regarded Erik as some sort of celebrity. He seemed to have a movie star quality about him, like Brad Pitt. I moved closer to him and asked, ‘Why did you kill yourself, Erik? What could have possibly led you to do such a thing?’ Then he turned his head to look up at me with that charming, mischievous grin he was so famous for and began to sing a tune, ‘If you wanna be free, be free. Cuz there’s a million things to be,’ and then he calmly faced forward and hummed the rest of the song.” Kelley woke up with a start, wondering if the tune was indeed an actual song. Eager to verify her suspicions and lend meaning to the dream, she jumped out of bed, turned on her computer and typed the lyrics into the search window. The results stunned her because, although she hadn’t recalled ever hearing the tune before, it was an actual song composed and sung by Cat Stevens entitled, “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out.” Days after, the song appeared as a theme in a commercial for T-Mobile. Eventually, we would discover the true meaning behind that song as you will soon discover.

All of these dream visitations were of great comfort to my family and me although I wondered selfishly why he had not appeared to me, his own mother. In retrospect I believe I was too besieged by grief to open my mind and heart to him. But that would soon change.

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Elisa Medhus

  • I miss Erik. I always felt a great connection with him. In our past conversations it was always like we completely understood each other more than word could explain. Love you forever, Erik.

    • Thanks, Laura. I do too. Be sure you share any visitations with Erik you’ve had. It’ll help a lot of people. Love you!

      • Nelson B. Sanchez

        I just started reading Erik’s first visit. How do I know where to continue reading?

      • Jennifer

        The website has been reconfigured and some of these things are no longer available for navigation. 🙁 I think going to ARCHIVES is probably a good suggestion. There used to be a dropdown on the sidebar that allowed you to choose the month/year to jump to, and I used to use that to continue on when I had to stop to live real life… sorry to see that’s gone.

        Just putting this here for others who have the same question.

    • longlife

      Dear Elisa, how can I get in touch with my father? He has been dead for 18 years. Thank you.

  • jwhite144

    Not a day goes by that something does not remind me of Erik. Maybe something said, done or just a tool that says, “Erik would like that”. Erik, you will be in our hearts forever.

  • jen

    You are amazing. I don’t know you, but I can feel your strength in your words. I sincerely wish you the very best and peace. As a mom, I just…I don’t even know… I think only a mom who has lost a child can even try to relate. Just know I can feel what you are saying in some way and you are sending out something good. I just wish you peace of heart…

    • Your words are so healing for me. I feel for the first time I’m reaching someone. I really need to help other moms to heal myself. Thank you and bless you for your prayers.

      • Nelson B. Sanchez

        I feel that I’m finding the personal/spiritual healing that I and my family so desperately need at this time. Thanks for sharing your story. I will definitely share this to my mother.

  • This is all so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us, so we may heal along with you. You have no idea how much this touches my heart. Blessings to all!

  • Ben

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you.

    So sorry.

  • I love all of your experiences, I had a similar experience 2/ love ones..and they do come to you in dreams and other ways to let you know they are ok…like your Husband when he felt despair after talking to Erik, I too felt tht after touching and talking to my Father…I think it was it was the beginning of my closure and healing process…

  • Your posts about your son are heart warming.My aunt too took her own life last year around this time. It came as a total shock to the whole family since she had just lost her husband a few years earlier and we could not believe that she made a decision that would orphan her kids. The hurt she was experiencing must have been over whelming. I am 34 years old and I have never felt more confused in my life. I never thought that I would ever want to contact a medium to tell me what steps to take in life. My husband and I have massive debt, I go to work because we need the money but I am not what they need and I am just not into the job and it hard to accept it since i racked up some serious school loan debt to get into the profession. I also am in serious legal trouble that threatens to separate our family. This mountain I am facing seems impossible and I cant figure out a way over it, around it or under it. Can Erik come to my rescue.

    • Dmoney

      How are you doing now?

      • Great! This blog has really healed me! Now, it’s more just about missing Erik rather than profoundly grieving over him. Thanks for asking. How are you?

      • terri

        How long can a person grieve for and how do u go from grieving to missing that person? I’m asking because when my mum died I didn’t react to it just pushed it aside I didn’t go to see my father for three years cos I knew if I walked into the house the memory of my mum would come back,so in my head I was fooling myself into believing she was at home with my dad so I stayed away but now it’s only been the last year that I’ve started to grieve, my mum wasn’t talking to me when she died so I don’t know why I’m grieving so much

      • Everyone has their own way to grieve, including timing. This blog and the second book helped me make the leap from grief to missing. You might want to talk to her on one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls. Also, make your way through the archives and watch the Channeling Erik Channel YouTube videos.

      • terri

        When’s the second book out? I wanna try and pre order it x

      • It’ll be out 9/1/15. Just search for it on Amazon or go to the book’s page on the blog and click any of the buttons for preordering. 🙂

      • terri

        Ok thank you x

      • Lori Wright Houldsworth

        I lost my son in November 2014. I say lost because, unlike you, I have not had contact with him. I am open to this. Drawn here, I believe, by Erik. Now looking for some validation, and hopefully contact with my boy

      • I’m so sorry. I know the hell you’re in. I really do. Have you considered talking to him through a medium? You can also have a conversation with him and listen for a reply in your head or you can try to hand game. You can do a search on the blog for that. Also consider joining the private Channeling Erik Facebook group because they’re so supportive and loving. Keep making your way through the archives, too. There are posts about how to communicate with your loved ones. There’s no reason you can’t continue to have a relationship with your son still. He’s the same, just without a body and in another dimension that’s pretty much on top of ours. There’s a lot of science in some of the posts too which might give you comfort. I’ll tell Erik to help your son give you signs, etc.

      • Lori Wright Houldsworth

        Thank you for replying. I really appreciate it and know just how busy you must be. I have read Erik’s book and have now gone onto another. I have continued to talk to Ben in my mind…but worry that it is just that, in my mind. I hate being in this world without him Sometimes I get scared – really frightened – that I won’t see him again. I will take your advice and keep reading. I don’t join FB pages re grief, because it is open…everything I input will then show up on my page. I would be happy to talk and learn, if it was private, or just within that group

      • Lori Wright Houldsworth

        My son Ben’s wife attempted suicide last night. I am a member of the FB page but don’t wan’t to post there as I want to preserve her privacy and FB just doesn’t do that. We need prayers. It is a ‘wait and see’ game until [and if] she wakes up. She is on life support. Please pray for her and all those that love her

  • I am so sorry for your loss. My brother, Eric, was killed by and accidental shooting on April 12, 2009. He was 25 years old. It’s amazing to read about your experiences with your Erik since his passing, as my family and I have had very similar experiences. Dreams, visitations, unexplainable signs, even text messages! I wasn’t a true believer until after I started experiencing it myself. I find that these “signs” as we call them, really help me. They make me feel like he’s not too distant at all.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I wish all the best for you and your family and hope that Erik continues to cling to your lives.

    All my very best,


    • I’m so sorry for your loss too. I’m so glad our two Erik(c)’s are still around, aren’t you?

      • tman dunk

        You guys are talking to a demon

      • Erik might be a little devil at times but he’s no demon. If he were, why would so many people be helped since CE started–he’s even saved lives.

      • Angie Copeland

        You are misguided and fearful of the afterlife. Very rude comment to make on a mothers page!

  • In tears here… Eric you have touched my heart and soul on so many different levels and I am so thankful to your mom for sharing you and your healing messages. I have some questions for you as I’ve been on my heAling journey since my first born came into this world in 1987. I will post my questions and patiently wait on the waiting list when available.

    • tman dunk


  • mstefanides

    When I read your introduction post, I cried for your pain and for Erik’s and then I sobbed for the fear I have of losing my older son in the same way. I have always believed without reservation in an afterlife. I have had several vists from several people over the years. I have never spoken to/heard from anyone else who has had the same experiences, and very, very few people who even believe me. I am enthralled with your experiences, and comforted by them, and thrilled that my experiences have been validated. And I am ever so grateful to you for sharing your experiences with those of us who need to know them. Although my heart still aches at the pain I know my son is enduring, I know that however he leaves this world, he will enter a world where he will know the peace he is so desparately seeking.

    • You are not alone, sweetie. You’d be shocked to know how many people share your sense of knowingness on a soul level. Many keep these things to themselves, sadly. Let me know if you want to talk to me on the phone.

      • debbied

        My sister jst recommended me to look into your book and I am eager to read on since I can so understand your pain since my fifteen ur old son also took his life in our home w w my partners gun… So sorry its a pain so unbearable yet the beautiful signs help so much to know they r happy and at peace and to keep moving forward…

      • tman dunk

        You should try to read the bible right now and if you are in pain then you should try to pray to God

      • I do pray to God and Jesus. We can talk to Jesus any time we want. I believe some of the Bible is true, but a lot was filtered through the minds of men.

      • tman dunk

        All of the bible is true because it was inspired by the Spirit of God that means it has to be really all true. What you are doing is wrong, you are not talking to Jesus but you are talking to a demon pretending. Jesus said we should pray and talk him, NOT meditation

      • tman dunk

        All of the bible is true because it was Inspired by the Spirit of God which means all is really true. BTW you are not talking to Jesus but you are talking to a demon pretending to be! and that’s why the bible says we should test all spirits

      • Riskie

        tman dunk, why do you subscribe to this discussion if you are so unbelieving and down right rude?

  • mstefanides

    Thank you Elisa, that is such a comfort. I will keep your kind offer in mind. Right now, I’m raw with the emotions of learning the pain that led you to this work, and with my own feelings that I can actually face, and sharing all the other folks’ experience and encouragement. I can hardly speak out loud about anything right now without sobbing!! 🙂

    • I’m always here for you, greymom.

  • Romy

    Very much so! I’m getting less and less signs but they still come every once in a while. I got one through the radio the other day.

    Hope you’re hanging in there.


  • brittany lancaster

    I cant believe he is gone…i feel like i was back in Texas he could have had me to hold his hand through these problems that he suffered through…i had a visit yesterday while in the shower i closed my eyes as the water was pouring over my head and it was a flashback of the last time i saw Erik..we were getting out of the car walking to whataburger holding hands and talking about going my ranch to ride the horses (we never followed through with that) but in the visit he made it happen..i don’t know what it men’t but i regret never going to ride horses with him….

    • Oh, I’m sure he’ll visit you many times. He often talked about you. He told me he was able to see you for who and what you are. Not many people have this gift. Know that you were one of the bright spots in his life. You made him feel loved and happy. He was a kind of guy who loved deeply and was deeply loved.

  • carlos

    hey you should email me, i have some questions for you. please. please.

  • shaq

    you are lucky to experience your son’s connection. I recently lost my mother to cancer, since then my life has crumpled and nothing seems to right.
    A few times that i experienced my mother in a dream was in a waiting area. She was sitting on a bench with many people around her, holding an umbrella. she was silent. It broke me into peices, my mother never spoke for herself ever.
    the second time i saw her in my dream was onher death bed during her illness. She held my right finger.
    Believe me these are painful dreams for me, i really have no idea hows my mother doing…?

    • Oh, Shaquielle, I feel that pain. Of course she is very fine. I will ask Erik to bring her to you. Be sure to remind him every night. Let me know what happens.

  • alysa

    My name is alysa, pronounced elisa like yours. 8 months ago I lost my cousin, John who was 21 years ago, I am 22. We were close, I know he has come to visit me, after his death I was laying in his bed the day before the funeral and a strange buzzing began in the room, it got louder, I tried to sit up and couldn’t, I tried again and still couldn’t, I felt as if the wind was knocked out of me but not in a painful way. – know that was him, and I know I have the abilitly to receive such things. A similiar thing happened when I was 5 when my grandfather passed away. I wish for john to come visit me again. I miss him so so much and I know it would bring peace to my aunt and uncle as well as the rest of the family to know he is ok. Thank you so very much. -Alysa

    • I hear that buzzing sound is very typical of spirit communication as well as an imminent OBE. Have you had any OBEs, Alysa? Have you have other psychic experiences? You’re so lucky to have your gifts. No doubt they’re an indication that you’re a highly evolved soul. I’m so happy you and Debbie are part of our family.

  • aniri

    Hi Elisa! I was searching the internet for some websites related to channeling and your website came up. I started reading it last night and did not stop since. Between finals and studying whenever i take a break I read your blog.
    In the past 3 months I lost two of the closest people in my life, my dad and my aunt. I am reading your writings in order, and I saw you mentioned you were having a “Ask Erik” button on top of the page. I cannot find it, would you please direct me ? I miss my dad and aunt so much and I think I still am in denial. I cannot believe all this happened to my family. I would really love to be able to ask Erik a question.
    Thank you

    • Oh, Sweet Aniri, my heart goes out to you. I put the Ask Erik page on hold until I finish asking questions for the upcoming book, but look for it to come back on soon. I hope the blog gives you some comfort in the meantime. It’s hard to push ahead through finals and all when you’re suffering so. But you have another “extra” family now, the Channeling Erik family. We’re here for you. Your aunt and dad are not gone. They’ll never die. If you’d like, I can ask Erik to bring them to you. All I need is your age and city, and the first names, cities of death and approximate ages of your dad and aunt. If you ever need to contact me privately, email me: I would really recommend you set up a phone session with Kim, Jamie or Jeannie. That way, you can talk directly to your aunt and dad.
      Much love to you.

  • mary keating

    I am new, just today, he is a really beautiful boy, how you must miss his physical presence in your life, I feel he is with a very high angelic order, sometimes I seem to channel too, but have not really gotten over the deaths of my animals. If Eric sees them, I think he would love Danny, a huge incorrigible deerhound/ saluki, and Jamesie, the most wonderful springer spaniel, life and the sanctuary here not the same without them, wish I knew that they are ok or better or if there is any spiritual work required on their behalf?

    • Hey Mary, welcome to the CE family. What synchronicity that I should be posting an entry today about my furry deceased loved ones! Try channeling Erik about your babies. He’s very chatty and loves dogs and cats a lot. Just go to the Media Gallery and memorize his voice so you’ll know it’s him answering you. He might even bring them to you in a lucid dream or something. Thanks for being a part of our loving family.

  • thank you, love and divine light to you all

    • tman dunk

      Jesus Christ can help you see the true divine light which is only from the bible my friend. God bless you

  • I am so sorry that Erik passed from Earth, even though I KNOW you hear from him.

    The day after Thanksgiving, our youngest healthy beloved son Daniel, 12 1/2, collapsed and died suddenly. The cause of Daniel’s passing has never been clear, even following autopsy, but is surmised to be “Long QT syndrome”. We did CPR, gave epinephrine,and sent for a medflight helicopter, all to no avail.
    We discuss our experiences, in our blog

    which began two months after Daniel’s passing.
    My father had passed 31 days prior to Daniel.

    I am sorry that any of us had to experience the departure of a child, but we never die, we never ever cease to be, and love is eternal.
    Best wishes to you Elisa, and everyone here.

    • Aw, Alexandrakre, I feel the pain in your words. Everything is still pretty raw for you, I’m sure. These sudden death just rock us off our foundation, our sense of permanence and invulnerability. I’m so, so sorry for your loss and I wrap you in a big, warm (but virtual) hug. Have you had any visits from Daniel, yet? Have you tried to find out what the purpose of his death was, whether it was his destiny and if so, why? Have you channeled him through a medium? Maybe Jason or Robert will pick up something. I’ll ask Antal and Erik to befriend him.

  • Allison

    How do I contact Jaime or whomever can connect me to the important people that have crossed over? I’ve tried before and not been very successful.

    • Hey Allison, I have Kim, Jamie and Jeannie’s websites on my Links page. Be sure to ask Erik to join the session, cuz he’s a big help. He’ll make sure it’s successful.

  • Kathy

    Dear Everyone,
    Im not sure if im posting this in the right place, but I’ll go ahead and try anyways! I was told by Elisa that maybe Jason or anyone could help me here! Starting with introducing myself a little, I have tons of questions l could ask Eric but thought to start with asking him for help with this hard time me and my partner are going through! I have always felt that soul connection between us and l can say that we both are very different ppl comparing to mainstreem society! misfits sort of, not belonging to big crowds! we both have characteristics of Starseeds, lighworkers indigos and crystals! I’d slso really appreciate if l could help from the other side about who I am soulwise, my mission here on earth and my abilities. where did l come from?
    if me and my partber are/were meant to be together on earth! if we are here to help eachother expand and grow? if this is a divine test for us to get through learning and developing more in our souls? Being human sometimes really makes it hard to see through your soul for answeres no matter how well tuned in you are with your soul and source! I guess you really miss HOME sometimes in this earthy dimention.
    I can not wait to see what help l can get and what would Eric have to say about this.
    Love and light to us all…Kathy

  • I have got no religion and don’t believe in afterlife but if death means that I will be happy and in peace like Erik, sure I can’t wait to off myself. Haven’t got the guts yet but the more I read about it, the more I feel like it will be so much better than THIS life. I always thought that when we die, we simply cease to exist and think. I can’t remember anything from the time I was inside my mother’s womb, no memory or consciousness, so how can I expect to have any sort of conciousness when my body is gone? no brain function? how can I get in touch with relatives without a physical body and awareness? that’s just so crazy to me. I really admire your strenght and way of coping after losing a loved one, if it makes you feel better to believe that there is an afterlife and Erik sends messages and is doing well, good for you. I’m way too skeptical to believe is this thing. Maybe I haven’t got the tools to talk to my deceased mom? why can’t some dead scientist send me a message and prove that there is an afterlife and it is not the end? those trips of out of body experience doesn’t sound credible, more like hallucination. You stop breathing, die, means Game Over. Still, RIP Erik…

    • Sweet Lizzy, Erik says that suicide is not the answer. A couple of entries deal with this very subject. You take all of your problems with you and leave hundreds more behind in a wake of grief that ripples through so many lives. I’ll ask Erik to visit you. We’re all here for each other, and now, that includes you.

      • Jessi04271

        Hi Elisa, I read about the conversations you had through channeling with Erick, I just have one question, you said he said suicide is not the answer but then in the conversations you had with him, he said it was one of his exit points and it was predestined, how is that if he also says suicide is not the answer. Do you think some peope know when they will die? I have longed so much to be reunited with my Mommy, she passed away on August 20, 2006 from cancer when I was 16, and if given a choice, I would like to die and be with her. One of my acquaintances also lost her Mom around the same time and she also longed to be with her again, and now she has because she recently passed away, I cant help but think, did God give her the wish she so much longed for? I would like to think he would do the same for me.

    • Tabitha A Jones

      Hello Dr. Medhus,
      This is my first time posting. I have been reading and listening to you on youtube and here. I have just recently lost my fiancé to death this past July, he was only 32 years old. I feel like im so lost and very suicidal. I loved him so much this isn’t my first experience with a traumatic death on July 1st 1989 my father was killed suddenly by a tree fallin on him just 4 days after my son was born and then on Oct 23, 1991 my 2 year old son passed away in a house fire the very same son my father died coming to see, and then June 6th 2002 my sister was murdered brutally along with 3 others in Shelbyville tn she had just turned 23 years old. im 42 years old now I’m very broken I had my love of my life he had made it better the tragedy struck once more, I’m grieving to long and to hard. Im at a part in my life I don’t want to have to find another soul mate he was my soul mate it takes to much time to find someone who really loves you back. your blogs are helping me start to widen my eyes and see more then wha I was taught I could only go so far in human life they teach you what they think you need to know but nothing beyond that you have given me a glimpse of hope. thank you. Tabitha Jones

      • Tabitha, my little sweetheart, I cried when I read your comment. So much tragedy at such a young age. I hope you keep reading through the archives because there’s a lot there that will help you. Please join the private Channeling Erik Facebook Group for support too. We’re a very close-knit family. Also, I want you to have my email in case you get really low. I think one thing that might help you is to talk directly to all your loved ones on one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls. Also, we have a lot of mediums as part of the CE family. Kate, Cindy, Kent, Allison, Heather–can any of you help her? My apologies if I’m leaving anyone out. So, Tabitha, I’m here for you. We all are.

    • tman dunk

      Pray to Jesus Christ and he will give you peace, love and joy

  • lissy

    i’ve read a few of your posts and wow! you are such a strong person. i can not even try to relate to what you must be going through 🙁 your amazing. also thank you for opening my eyes a little. when i was 18 i took an overdose. at the time i didn’t realise how much hurt my mum would have felt if it had of worked. my family and friends don’t know what i tried to do. i don’t want them to ever know as i feel ashamed. i only told someone about it last year. i’m 25 soon. i still feel alone and down at times but i have 3 children to think of now and they get me through my dark times. your site has made me more hopeful and more at peace with myself somehow. everyone has a purpose, a reason to be. hopefully someday i will find out what mine is.

    thank you for this wonderful site and for sharing everything with us. thank you for helping us grow 🙂

    • Oh Sweet Lissy, I’m so glad you’re still here and now in our loving family. Twenty five is so young, you have plenty of time to find your purpose. Just the fact that you’re feeling angst over it means you’re probably being nudged by your angels and are about to embark on a new and wonderful chapter in your life. You might want to write about yourself in the Introduce Yourself thread in the forum and maybe even see if the CE family channelers can help channel your guides for you. There’s a thread for that too. If you need to contact me, send me an email and I’ll give you my phone numbers. We’ve got your back, darling.

  • After nearly 4,000 interviews under my belt, I must say this interview I did with Erik & Jaime Butler was off the charts.. How refreshing to have a young life able to tell & teach us so much!!

    Thank you Elisa for allowing us to share your precious son!!

    • Sheila it is an honor to share him, bleeps and all, with someone who is bringing so much light to a dark world.

  • Linda

    Just listened to sheila show. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement. If you see fit to make any suggestions to, please feel free. I lost my son due to an auto accident. It sure helps to know He’s OK. I’ll keep track of your blogs to get my self reminded of who I really am and who we all are!
    Love & Light

    • Linda, your son is Home. He’ll be there when you cross over, don’t worry. Has he tried to communicate with you? If not, ask Erik to help. He’s very good at facilitating communication like that.

  • Lydia

    Hi Erik,
    First of all I want to pay my deepest respects to you that you overcame the difficult guild that is holding people prison throughout lifetimes and helping others getting out of there. And to your mother who “played” an amazing incredible role being able to transform such a trauma into bliss.
    I have listen to you on the Sheila show.
    My question to you is
    How can we be most helpfully present when a young human being is in that dark dungeon like you where?
    And even before that stage when we see someone slowly drifting dawn?
    blessings with a warm smile

    • Excellent question, Lydia. I’ll ask it during the next session.

  • Lydia

    sorry made a mistake in my email address 🙂

  • sunshine7

    Hi Elisa and the CE family, I send you love and thanks, I heard the interview today on the Sheila Show, it touched my heart, was as if I could hear Eriks voice speaking straight to me.. I empathies with you and your loss, I lost my sister in 2009, her body was found at the base of a cliff in the UK. We, my family, parents and brother were in Australia (the family was visiting me as I live here)
    When the phone call came through from the coroners office. Our worlds plunged into the blackness you can only know when you face such as shocking tragedy. Zoe, like Erik had bipolar and had taken drugs (cannabis)that had caused schizophrenia. Zoe and my family all suffered for many years as a result of her illness but we never stopped fighting for her and loving her despite her rejections. All I can say now, two years on is what an awakening the passed two years have been, we have been from darkness and despair to peace and awe, much like you Elisa I have read everything on life after death to try and figure things out, I often feel sure Zoe has guided me to books and website, even this interview answered questions I asked her yesterday. I’ve had amazing, unexplainable dream experiences, we’ve all smelt her perfume, butterflies, feathers and channelled messages. we have had amazing connectivity with my sister. I see the world, life and death very differently now; I can’t say i am grateful for the loss and heartache, especially for my parents, but i do believe that The universe brings those of us that experience such tragedy a window to look through, a window to the unconditional love and eternal light that not only embraces our loved ones and that we are going to return too, but are also part of. In a way, our loved ones do bring us gifts and are more current in our lives than before, they are our angels and our gifts.. Sending you much love, and hugs and a huge HI to Erik! xx

    • Aw, Sunshine7, it seems like you and I have been on the same path. Bitter sweet. Mixed with sorrow and joy, darkness and light. I’m so glad you’re part of this loving family now. I’ve asked Erik to find Zoe and befriend her. If you can email me a picture of her, I’ll use that to send her love and light. My email is

  • Sandra

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with the world…it opens up the minds of so many that we are so much more than our bodies, I am new to this post and look forward more from Eric. I have had similar experiences with spirits. Thank you:)

    • Welcome Sandra. And now that you’re engaged with the CE family, prepare for lovely (but often mischievous) visits from Erik.

  • Sarah

    I am finding it is so true what I have heard about a speeding up of things, of events, etc. I just listened to Erik’s interview with Sheila on The Sheila Show and he confirmed SO much of what my husband and I both have been feeling and experiencing for some time now. I believe.

  • Judy

    Hi Erik,
    I just listened to the Sheila show and cried throughout the show because of the beauty and wisdom of your answers. I had felt so helpless about the people in the world who are effected by the natural disasters and now, I feel that I can put my feet on mother earth and make a difference. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It will help many people. Blessings. Judy

    • @Judy, now be prepared for some friendly, loving but mischievous visits from the little prankster!

  • Alicia

    my sister sent me the link to the show. thank you erik. i don’t what to ask other than how does a mother mother her children without feeling so much fear and worry?

    • Alicia, just have faith in your kids. Know that they will mess up and that each mistake is just a steppingstone to success. When they misbehave, see it as a teachable moment, golden opportunity to impart valuable life lessons instead of personal vendettas against you. Last, and I know this sounds weird, remember that we’re eternal beings so what’s the worst that can happen? Everything eventually turns out just fine.

  • dena

    The loss of a loved one goes beyond ones thoughts and emotions but yet not too far from us God is there to console us.

  • bambi

    Dear Elisa, I just wanted to say that I love this blog, it gives me hope amidst so much darkness with the loss of my fiance JoeJoe. I have been in touch with Jason, at your suggestion who has been very kind to me. Thanks again x

    • Aw, thanks, Sweetie. I’m glad you’re part of the family.

  • Lisa

    I, too have a son with Tourette’s.. I know your heartache. You’re in my thoughts.

  • Cheryl

    Elisa, thank you and thank Erik for sharing what I have long suspected. I have listened to the Sheila show 3 times so far. We are all connected and are all “God-stuff”. We must see that in everyone we meet and show our hearts as your son so aptly put it. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Aw, Sweet Cheryl, thanks for being a part of our loving family!

  • tracey

    such a beautiful story and it gives me so much hope that life goes on after death

  • tamara

    Dear Erick, I think I need a little help and a guidance.
    Thank you

    • Sweet Tamara, how can we help? If you feel uncomfortable posting it here where we can all band together and channel Erik or help in other ways, feel free to email me directly. xoxox

  • Dear Elisa,

    As discussed i would like you to help me in resolving my life issues and problems….

    Pl answer my questions as i seek your help…

    1 will i be able to over come with my health issues if yes how or by what means or source?

    2 What is the reason for the immense tensions , quarrels in between me and my wife , is there any way to make it better way.

    3 What the reasons for the bad , ignorant behavior of my parents towards me in spite of me being sick and unwell, do u think things will ever improve in between us ?

    I’ll be waiting for your reply ,

    till then ,

    Take care

  • Dear Elisa, I am very new to this site. I lost my precious son Jason to a drug overdose on 9-11-2010. Will he be waiting for me or will he be reincarnated before I leave here? I am scared to death I won’t get to see him again. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    • I spoke to Erik through Jamie this morning and yes, Jason is there and will be waiting for you. We’re all living various lives at the same time. There is no past or future. It’s all now. We happen to be focusing our intent on this particular life right now, but it’s all happening at once. Jason is so, so sorry that he caused you so much pain. I think it would really be healing for both of you to communicate (either directly, if you’re able, or through a very good medium.) Just choose a medium with a very high integrity and talent, of course. There are more who are not so good that who are good. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve asked Erik to befriend Jason and help him communicate with you.If you need anything, email me at

  • Stephanie

    Wow this all is truly shocking and amazing and very sad at the same time..
    Much love and peace to all of you who suffered/suffer from Erik’s death.

  • Kathy13_13

    Oh this blows my mind,,I lost my beautiful 25 year old son BJ back in march 09 to suicide i miss him so much it hurts to breath at times,i long to be with him.
    I dont know if im missing signs from him or he just isnt sending any,I hope hes ok and happy and knows how much hes loved and missed by so many.
    Is there anyway i can contact him ?
    Loved forever BJ xx

    • Hi Kathy13. He probably has been giving you signs but you’ve subconsciously dismissed them. As you read through the blog, you’ll see evidence of Erik and other deceased contacting their loved ones and your awareness will open up–maybe enough for you to actually see him! Some discarnate spirits are more skilled than others at communicating with us, and one of Erik’s jobs (other than guardian angel-in-training) is to help instruct such spirits. I’ll ask Erik every night to help BJ come to you, and you can do the same if you want. Can you tell me his first name and city?

      • Kathy13_13

        HI Elisa
        We only ever called him BJ his name is William but he got called BJ from the minute we knew we were having him (Bill junior).
        We live in Australia BJ lived in GRETA when he died which is in the hunter valley,NSW.
        I ask him all the time to let me know hes with me but i never seem to pick up on anything ive never seen him in my dreams either.I would so dearly love to hear something from him,it would be nice to be like so many other people and be able to be in contact with him,it breaks my heart.
        Any help from you and your Erik would be fantastic thanks so much for the reply.
        Take Care.

      • We’ll do our best of course. As you read through the blog, you’ll get all sorts of information that will help. For instance, expectations, like asking for signs, makes your vibrational frequency lower, so that it’s harder for them to get through. Grief also makes it more difficult because it’s a denser vibration. That’s why I was one of the last ones to get a sign from Erik. But as you read through the entries, your awareness will expand and things will start to happen. Erik will also start to visit.

      • ross

        hellos elisa, my girfriend also took her life january 16th of this year, its been an absolute nightmare, i still cant believe it is real. it is her birthday too today which makes it even harder. ask erik to teach her to come through to me as well. Her name is amber

  • Irma

    Arent people that kill themselves suppose to go to hell? Why would erik get to go to heaven?

    • THere is no hell. That’s something created by mankind to oppress and control the masses. If you search the blog for “suicide” and “Hell” you’re probably find more info on it.

      • Irma

        Wow if this is true that changes my outlook on life. Then it seems theres really no punishment for being a bad evil person… Im so confussed that a nun and a serial killer can share heaven… Very interesting but disappointing

    • Art

      Because God does not work that way. The bible is not ‘His Word’. See the story of Carlton Pearson. If you want to know more about the afterlife, free download “Life in the World Unseen”.

  • Everyone should read Dr. Michael Newton’s two books that cover grief like this and the reasons behind it. One is Destiny of Souls and there is another one that was written before this one.

    • All of his books are amazing. Journey of Souls is another one, right? I read them shortly after Erik died.

      • Gutt2

        Do you recommend either book for my mom? My dear father died 15 months ago and she is really not doing well mentally with her grief. Any suggestions as i have already suggested grief therapy to no avail.

  • What about IADC (induced after death communication) so she can actually visit your dad? Look up Graham Maxey in Arlington. It’s a powerful way out of grief and it takes only a couple of sessions. I’m going to do it next year.

  • Suzanne

    Hello Elisa, hello Erick! I just listened to the Sheila Gale show and heard your amazing comments on life, on seeking a new perspective, on seeing who you are in every given moment. I was drawn to listen to the program because of ‘suicide’. My 22 y.o. son has lived a very sad life, and actually the description of you Erik really sounded like my son; so good, so kind, so loving and compassionate, and also so saddened by the difficulty of feeling so alone, not connecting… Recently my son has confessed to me that he has been ready to take his own life as he feels “an eternity of lonliness”, I have always expressed that we choose our life, we coose certain lessons and if he leaves he will have to return anyway for the difficult lesson. So when I heard you express suicide as you did, with honor, respect, I was deeply moved. I pray for my son Christian everyday, and I have since he was so little as his journey has been very heavy. Elisa, I am so grateful that you have this Blog for people in pain, and that you are so humble in your service to help.
    Erik, on the show you said for everyone who writes on the blog that you would contact them… i am open to receiving any message you might have that may help me in assisting my son to finding purpose and joy.

    with love,


  • Suzanne, you are a courageous woman. I know you were nudged to this family for a reason, and considering that one of Erik’s roles is to help young people who struggle like he did, he is probably going to help your son. Please email me so I can give you my numbers and we can stay in touch.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Elisa,

      Thank you for your kind response on Erik’s blog (attached), I am truly grateful for your invitation to contact you… I’m feeling maybe Erik has somehow helped Christian, it’s as if in the last 2 days he’s had a major shift and renewed interest in living. Even making long-term goals. I did try to email you, however the mail was returned and marked “undeliverable” so, i thought I’d post here.

      Wishing you and your family so much love.


      • Aw, you’re so sweet! I don’t know why the email doesn’t work! I have been receiving stuff a lot. Is that what you typed in? Please know I still really think it’s important to stay in touch and that I’m here for you.

  • Troy

    Thank you Elisa for sharing your story. I feel like I know Erik even though I never met him in life. Your story hits home like he is a family member to me. We shall all heal with you and to know that we will all be with Erik in the afterlife is a calming and wonderful feeling. I send much love to you and your family.

  • If you feel like you know Erik, you’re probably part of our soul family! YAY!

    • Troy

      I do believe that as well. I feel that I know you all and Erik is a very special man. I have been working on Channeling Erik and I am hopeful that I will be in touch with him very soon. Keep up the faith and the love that comes from this site and your family. Hugs and blessings.

  • Sammie

    Your experiences have brought me great comfort to know that we never loose the ones we love, I really appreciate that you’ve posted what your visits with Erick are like and the way he communicates with you because I lost my nana over a year ago and have tried to talk to her but can’t comunicate with her. I wondered if you can offer me any help? Thank you, I wish you all the best x

    • Jamie will be channeling by phone conference soon, so you can talk to her then!! In the Austin event, she’s going to teach us how to channel our loved ones ourselves.

  • Kathy

    Elisa and Erik,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your lives with us. As I’ve read through your communications, I’ve cried and laughed and mostly wonder why.
    My dear, sweet, nephew Erik passed over three years ago. He inherited a severe family-tendency of alcoholism. He tried desperately to fight it for his young wife and beautiful little girl, but it was more powerful and Erik eventually gave up. Our Erik, like your son, Erik was a beautiful man with a beautiful soul. He was one of the most kind and gentle boy and man in the world, but also fun and funny and smart.
    On the morning of his death and probably at the moment of his passing, I was sleeping in and had a dream. I was sitting at a table and Erik looked healthy and he was smiling. He was with two beautiful angelic young women, whom I had never seen before. He told me he was going away and that he wouldn’t see me for a long time and wanted to tell me he loved me and say goodbye. I asked him where he was going and he said that it was a place that was always warm and sunny.

  • What a poignant story. I cry both tears of sorrow and of joy for you and your nephew.

  • Jonathan

    I took my own life in November, 2003. I wish more people accepted channeling. So far, I’ve only been able to reach two people who knew me. I communicate with both of them online. I won’t ever leave the person I’m channeling through, and no one else I knew when I was alive would ever believe this.

    • We believe you. Tell us your story. Who is channeling you now/

      • Jonathan

        Her name is Kelly. She’s retired from the Navy, and she’s a school teacher. She didn’t know this kind of thing could happen to someone until I “borrowed” her to explain my presence when she wrote a grocery list. I’ve been channeling through her ever since.

    • Guest

      their are computers and internet in the afterlife?

    • Guest

      I am new to this and confused. You have computers/internet in the afterlife?

    • Kim Marino

      Hi Elisa, thank you for sharing. Erik sounds like such a beautiful person. I would have loved to meet him and tell him how so very special he was in this world. I am now on a quest to know all about the spirit world since my son Max suddenly passed away last June, and my mom 2 months before Max was also special needs, was a role model and teacher without the ability to speak or walk through cancer and a couple of respiratory illnesses of near death experiences. He was my inspiration. He comes to me through playing around with my computer, phone, electricity, birds, butterflies. I still haven’t remembered my dreams since he passed. I really want to experience him in my dreams. It’s only been 4 months. Lots of love to you Kim

      • All spirits seem to have their own “Specialty when it comes to communicating with us. Some use smells, some mess with electronics, some come via lucid dreams, etc. It looks like Max has many specialities!

      • Kim Marino

        Thanks for sharing Elisa!

  • Can you tell us something about you? What messages do you have and to whom do you want them directed? We’re here to help.

    • Jonathan

      They couldn’t figure it out, Elisa. Most of the ones I could contact wanted to know how I knew what I know. When I asked them to communicate they were defensive. They were sure it had to be some kind of hoax. I put myself in a situation, and now I can’t get out of. The only way out is through communication. Erik’s really fortunate. Most of us aren’t that lucky. The only way to help is to help others out there believe. If I gave a message to people I knew, no one I loved would accept it. All they’d do is put Kel through hell for saying she’s channeling me.

  • Tell us more about you, personally.

  • Jonathan

    My name is Jonathan. I attempted suicide on November 11, 2003, in Los Angeles. I died of complications the following day. There is no one who knew me for me to communicate with. I just want the person I’m channeling through to know she’s not alone. My parents already told a friend who knows I’m here that they’ve moved on. It just helps to know someone else out there knows this can happen.

    • sd81861

      Are you Jonathan Brandis? Maybe I should say “were you”?

  • Onelove444

    Thank you so much for having the courage to share your story. There are so many sites that claim to be channeling spirits and love. Your channelings have touched me like no others have. It really touches me in my heart and soul. Thank you so much.

  • namita

    erik if you come to meet what sign you give?

  • Positivityprincess14

    I took a big overdoze on monday 5th October 2009 and had a near death experience on the 8th October 2009. I went through what can only be described as seven dimensions and i saw my life flash before me. When i finally got to this peacful place. I discussion was had about me and people were talking to me and asking if i wanted to stay up there or come back and do a job on earth. The job i had to do was help the world to realise that bi -polar, depression etc doesnt really exist and that the drugs that are being pumped into people are not the answer. The message i was told i need to spread is about love and positivity and that people need to start loving, caring and sharing and in doing so peolple will not feel under immense pressure and suffer with the terrible conditions you feel when affected my circumstance. I decided to come back and woke up in my hospital bed with my arms across my chest and opened them like i had been reborn. I have now set up an organisation called Positivity Princess and i am making it my global mission to help children to grow up with healthy happy minds. I was only tolf about Erik yesterday and on reading this information i feel we are connected as he passed over same week same year that i had my experience and i understand for the lady who told me about Erik that his message from the other side is similar. Keep up the great work. Lots of love PP XXXX

  • How can we help you?

  • T E

    I am a channel. I do not consider myself to be a medium but many times as I channel, the energy of those departed come through to speak to their loved ones. It feels exactly as your husband’s dream.

  • Evelyn Davie

    wow! thank you so much for sharing and letting us see his beautiful soul <3 So glad he has found this peace. lots of love to all x

  • dankline2000

    I am saddened by the loss, and never could I imagine the truth of losing a child, I have no other words to say other than I will read on.

  • Waves

    I came to this site in an unexpected way, but I’m so glad that I did! I had chills as I read about Erik’s life, his passing, and the messages of comfort that occurred shortly after his death.

    Just want to thank you for sharing this, and I look forward to reading all the entries.

    • I’m glad you,re with us now, Waves. I look forward to your comments and insights in the future! Welcome to the family!

  • Balzer15

    My 22 year old son passed away from a drug overdose on Oct 29,2009. I can fully understand your pain. It’s something you’d never want anyone else to experience. Life is different….we are adjusting to our “new normal”. It’s not easy.

  • Oh Balzer15, we travel a bumpy road together don’t we? As one blog member once told me, “It’s like traveling around the rim of a massive crater. You walk and you walk and you walk as if it isn’t there, but there it is in the periphery. There is no escaping it.” But I’m glad you’re here where you can give and receive love. We have you back. No conditions. No rules, No expectations. Just love. Welcome.

  • hdb

    I have no idea how I got here. Honestly I don’t even remember. But, I’m moved to my very core and my heart aches for you and your family. My mother has lost two children, and all I can say is parents who go through this have paved their way in gold. You will see your son again. And that will be a glorious day. God be with you and your family always!

    • I hope you were nudged here for a reason and you will stay. We could always used the loving company.

  • Lillian

    The morning after my brother Roger passed, I woke, very tired from crying so much the night before. I knew it was really early because it was so quiet outside, I live right in the middle of a city. I sleep on the couch when I can’t sleep, I live by myself and when I opened my eyes, there in front of me was my brother, looking healthy and younger, hair well groomed, wearing a pink pin striped shirt,crisp. He was faced toward others, both hands turned upward as if he was telling them something important. I noticed that an old family friend who had passed in the last 2 years was standing there amongst others whose faces I could not see, he was listening intently to my brother. It felt like my brother was telling them all about something important, catching them up on something important, like when old friends get together and meet and talk and get caught up. It was surreal. The night before when I got the news he had died, I immediately called my two cousins because I did not want to be alone and they came as soon as they could. When my first cousin came, she held me and we both cried and prayed together, I looked upward and prayed to God that he watch over my brother, take care of his soul and to not let any evil spirits take his soul. I was crying and crying out and praying, begging. My brother’s life was marred with mistakes and I was scared for his soul upon passing. I believe this apparition was a sign to me that he was ok and that he was telling others who had passed about his new spiritual belief that he had learned from my Mom and my sister over the last few years of his life. When I spent time with him in the hospital, I read him scriptures, prayed for him,held his hand, I knew his time was short because they could no longer do anything about his cancer. After that morning I have felt an unbleliveable peace, quiet and don’t seem to hurt so much, my prayers I beleive were answered. When I shared this with my sisters in the next few days by phone, before I left to go home to the funeral, one of my sisters said “I can’t believe this, wait until you read the euology of one of our nieces!” The euology written by my niece had asked her uncle, my brother, to say Hi to her dad for her. He was the one person that I recognized immediately in the apparition, standing there intently listening to what my brother was telling them. I believe that he was telling them about his new found faith, how we were doing here on earth and passing on his new words of his new found faith. I will never forget this as long as I live.
    My brother stuggled with alcoholism all his life and my mother never gave up on him, no matter how bad it got. I think my brother Roger was telling all friends and family about the good news of his new found faith. Rest in Peace my dear brother Roger, someone out there understands me and your visit with me that morning, I miss you and I know you are ok. Lillian

  • What an amazing, touching story! I know he’s in a good place. I hope you continue to read on. It sound like you had a lucid dream. This is the easiest way for discarnate spirits to visit/communicate with their loved ones because it doesn’t require them to lower their vibrational frequency as much. I’m talking about physics here. They are much higher on the electromagnetic spectrum than we are and in order to physically manifest something, move something, leave something, appear to us, etc, they really have to lower that frequency to match ours. On top of that, when we grieve, our frequency is much lower. You know that feeling? You feel “low?” “Dense” That’s it. When you vibrate at a higher level you feel lighter, more ebullient, etc. Roger will eventually (hopeful) learn how to tweak his energy and lower it. It might take weeks, months, years in our linear time, but sometimes Erik teaches the deceased of blog members. That’s kind of one of his jobs besides pranking (sorry) and guiding blog members. Maybe you were nudged here for a reason. I hope Roger and Erik are friends. Much love, Elisa

  • Diane

    I’ve been reading the posts here on CE for several months now. Jumping around from here to there. But the past weeks I’ve been diving in more so. My Dad died unexpectedly less than a month ago. I was out of town when it happened. And two days before he died, I found myself in panic mode and crying. I was worried about him and I couldn’t settle. I told family members that something was wrong with Dad and I need to get back home. I even called the airlines to get myself home right away. But family members, including my Dad, told me everything was fine. Don’t worry. But it looks like I had reason to worry.

    I’m struggling with all this. I do believe in the after life. I’m been thru all this before with my brother’s death. I know with time the pain will lessen. I just worry about my Dad because I wonder if he was caught by surprise when he died. Did he have regrets leaving and wishing he was back in his body? Does it worry him when he sees me struggling with all this? I take care of my Mom now and watch over her daily. I sometimes find myself overwhelmed and going crazy in my head because I want my Dad back. I sometimes ask myself if I just would have gotten on a plane when I had that ‘feeling’ maybe my Dad would have gotten medical attention and would still be here. My Mother told me afterwards that my Dad hadn’t been feeling well. He laid in his lazyboy chair and when my Mom went to check on him, he was gone. He died one day before I was to arrive back home. Makes me wonder if God planned this while I was out of town, so I wouldn’t interfer with his transition.

    This all leaves me with such a sick feeling inside.

    • Oh Sweetie, of course he’s okay. If you feel like there are unanswered questions and lack of closure, I can’t tell you how therapeutic it would be for both you and your father to communicate. Maybe you should think about signing up for the next small group channeling call so Erik can bring him forth. You might want to listen to one of them first. At the end of the one on 3?15 (just search for 3/15/12 in the search bar) for example, one blog member was able to talk to her deceased boyfriend/husband that Erik brought to the session and Jamie noted that he also spoke a language that was completely unrecognizable to her. Ended up that he also spoke Lakota. I only record the sessions so people have a permanent recording, but I just can’t tell you how healing this might be for you. Think about it. Now if he only recently died, you need to wait. He might not be ready. Email me at Elisa

  • jess3a3

    I think you should spend more time on your living family & friends to move on. Everything ends- kids in 3rd world countries suffer much more than Americans each day

    • Diane

      Your comment was out of line. Such a heartless person you are. Screw you.

  • Jessi04271

    I read somewhere that you said Erick said suicide is not the answer, but that he chose that as his exit point, which means it was the answer for him and he also said that it was predestined. How is that so. Do you think that sometimes we choose when to die. I had an acquaintance that lost her Mom around seven years ago and sje so longed to be reunited again, she passed away recently, do you think chose to go

  • Keep reading because Erik has so much more to say about this. Erik was supposed to struggle in life so he could do the work he is doing now. Most suicides are not a destiny thing. In fact, most are a terrible mistake and when people take their lives, they only lose their bodies and take their misery to the afterlife with them. In addition, they leave a great deal of grief in their wake and they have to witness it all. We all have exit points that we plan before we incarnate and we usually have several choices. Sometimes we can exit early if our spiritual contracts have been accomplished and other times we chose the earlier exit points because things get to hard–but they’re still exit points that we’ve designed before incarnating. Hope that helps.

    • I think I answered everything in the earlier comment, but if I didn’t and if you don’t get the information you need as you continue to read, let me know. You can also type “suicide” in the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the home page and read the posts there.

  • ~Leah~

    Jesus! no I mean I think he is Jesus!

  • ~Leah~

    I feel compassion for everyone that feels grief over Erik. I send my love always!

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    This is wonderful Elisa!!! I know it must of been such a shock and terror for all of you and especially you and your husband!!I am so so sorry!!Words don’t even say enough. But, what a gift and blessing that Erik is able to be channeled and be here with you and you are sharing this all with us too. He is doing his life’s work and how wonderful it is. His visits are so amazing and I am so glad your father got to expereince this too. I have had so many visits from my DAd, Grandmother, My Mom and my brother and many friends and more family too. This is one of my gifts are the dreams. And the messages. They are such blessings and I am grateful every time I receive one. My Mom did not have dreams and she loved to hear about mine with the family.Unfortunately, 4 months before her death her father cam eto me and I met him for the first time. he was there with she and I. He was smiling so much and at her. I told my Mom about this and she said He was coming for her. Well, we did not know this but 4 months later she died. She knew and I saw. So, it is amazing what they do over there for us with messages. I will look forward to reading al of the posts. Love Janxoxoxo

  • Courtney

    My name is Courtney, im 16 years old..August 28th 2012, my best friend Kevin was ripped away from us. I week after he passed, I had a dream about him. But not just a regular dream, it was him after he had passed away, talking to me telling me that he was really happy, and told me not to cry. I have to stare at empty desks everyday at school in my classes I had with him. He left my best friend Paige as his fiance and the mother of their unborn child that we will be expecting to see in April. I miss him like crazy, It’s a blessing that he left us with a part of him and something we will all look forward to in the future. Kevin had a million dollar smile. He was so carrying for others and have the best manners ever.. I’m setting up a “reading” so me and his fiance can go talk to him. Love and miss him so much.

  • volcanoisle

    New to this site today. I want to read the posts in order, and started, as suggested, with Erik’s first visit,but I can’t seem to get to past number one. What am I missing? I see nothing that says,”visit two” or “next”.

  • It should be at the end of the comments bottom right but now that u mention it I think of it I might have my daughter move it before the comments when she has time!! Thanks. Let me know if you still have trouble!

  • Paras Mehta

    Yes it is fact of life that you will die but after death what will happened nobody know. In my real life i believe in spirit and after my father death so many times feels that he is with me and he was very happy.

  • 🙂

  • Heidi

    As a deeply grateful Lightworker, I am THRILLED to have found your blog, Elisa. I came into this beautiful world knowing many of the answers to the questions posted by others; Erik simply confirmed them for me! I also have the gift of reading others’ energy, feeling and emotions. These gifts I use to help others and help myself. I am a Psychiatric and Medicine RN and know that I am in this role to serve those who are suffering emotionally and physically. I was born with the love and the light brighter than sweet sunshine! On bended knee I thank God that I have reached this level and will continue to fulfill my mission here. We are all here to teach, to learn, to grow spiritually, yet above all, we are here to LOVE!! My good friend, Jamie, is a friend of Jamie Butler. It was my friend who recommended I read Jamie’s book, With Love and Light. Through this I came to this blog. Wow!!! Totally awesome and completely amazing!!!! I thank you and Erik for such beautiful insight. I would love to learn how to communicate directly with my spirit guides and my loved ones whom are in the spirit worlds. I’ll keep reading this blog and other books, articles, etc., to do just that. I am sending my love and light to you all!! Namaste…:),

    • Oh, Heidi, I’m so happy to have you as part of of the family! I can’t wait to learn from your wisdom and your heart! XOXO

      • Heidi

        The pleasure is mine, my sweet friend!! I am considering writing a book about my experience here as a Lightworker, one for children and one for adults. Peace and love to you all!!! Add me as a friend on FB, if you have an account! I am Heidi Ann Myers Mier ❤❤❤

  • becklyn37

    My father committed suicide on Nov. 19, 2002. I have was devastated and began using drugs to cope with my grief. I have been sober for 20 months and am trying to rebuild my life. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child.

    • Cb

      how wonderful for you for being sober for 20 months! After my mom died the same way as your dad, I struggled with substances as well but did it instead of grieving vs coping with my grief. I hope that you are doing well and enjoying the site and gaining understanding and comfort 🙂

  • Amy

    Is there a medium on this blog who could tell me the name of my spirit guide? I would love to know so that I can call on him/her to help me learn to channel. 🙂

  • Robert Diehl

    I, too, am presently reading THE NEW PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS by David Ash . . . will eventually send a comment to I read parts of the book at Google Books. David’s VORTEX theory is very sound. He makes an excellent case for the paranormal. His prediction of higher planes is very realistic. You will see your son again. Everyone is holy . . . and God bless you!

  • Anything you want to have you can have. Thought creates realty instantly. Science has proven that. The observer (consciousness) collapses the Schoedinger wave equation to change a wave (energy) into a particle (matter). It happens more quickly there than here. (Sadly.)

  • Are you the same guest? I think I answered this. I hope so. If you have any questions about it, let me know. Erik explains it a lot more later on. (ad nauseum, in fact!) It’s all about science. Thought creating reality. Einstein stuff, but in a parallel dimension. But Erik also says they don’t need computers or the internet there. They have instant access to information and instant communication. If you do a search for “computer” and “How spirits communicate” or just continue to make your way through the archives you’ll get your questions answered and probably then some.

  • Ann Allison aka Ann McGarity

    Our daughter Catherine was also a bipolar suicide. She had rapid onset in the Fall of 1999, was hospitalized twice and finally returned home after Thanksgiving. Her mania, which was very disturbing turned to a deep depression and she was unable to handle living this kind of life. She was very popular, beautiful and talented.
    We have had many visitations from her. My husband who is spiritual has had dreams and visions. I had a wonderful reading with a psychic medium and Catherine came through very clearly with amazing verification that she knew what had been happening to us. She apologized for her suicide. I made notes on this reading and if anyone would like them I would be delighted to email them,
    Ann McGarity

    • Sharon

      Hi, Ann. I am interested in your reading and what mediumyou went to. I lost my daughter to suicide in May 2013 and feel compelled to try find out more. I am sort of new to researching the afterlife but open to anything. Thanks so much.

  • First of all I’m so sorry for you’re loss. I don’t think I’ll ever truly get over losing Erik. I still have some really dark days, even knowing what I know and getting those visitations. I guess I really miss the physical contact. If you want to share you notes on the blog, you can also do so in the forum or as a comment, or, as you say, CE family members can email you. Thanks so much for the offer. I think it’ll bring comfort to those who have also suffered similar losses. 🙂

  • Trish

    Hi Elisa my name is Patricia I am 24. The week of my 24th birthday I received a call from my family instructing me that my great great uncle was in the hospital and would not live past the weekend. So on Jan 4,2013 I spent my birthday in the hospital with my great great uncle, he eventually passed away on the 6th of January while I was heading back home. After the funeral my grandmother allowed me to take some of his possessions home (ie. an old suite case, his favorite shirt and his certificate or baptismal.) I have been longing to apologize for my behavior while he was here with us but it seems that I can not get in contact with him, on the other hand while he was here with us we had a language barrier, he spoke some English but mostly talked in Spanish. On the other hand I know no Spanish and I am not sure he really understood English. So I am wondering now that he has past, will we still have a language barrier? And how do I communicate with him to apologize?

  • Yes, they seem to be able to communicate in a way that mediums can understand in any language. One CE member’s boyfriend (or husband) spoke in Lakota and his message was extremely accurate. And when my grandfather from Spain comes across, Jamie relays what he has to say perfectly. I’m wondering if it’s because they convey things in ideas, symbols, emotions that are translated into a generic sequential language? I have no idea, but it works. That’s a good question to ask, so I’ll put that on my list. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. He’s Home and well.

  • Nannette Chapman

    After my father died, he appeared twice in a dream to tell me he didn’t really die, that people just can’t see him. Since then a close friend died and told me the same thing in a dream

  • Susie Falco

    Wow…….my son Bo was born September 12, 1989, and took his own life on December 13th, 2008. Many similarities and I have been devouring information exactly like Erik’s mom has………I have seen a medium who delivered amazing messages from Bo, he has visited us and other friends and family members in dreams and believe it or not, in other ways. He communicates with my granddaughter who has seen him since she was born. So much to say…….so thrilled to have found this. It has inspired me to write more and journal all my experiences. If you would like to read about Bo, he actually has his own chapter in “The Medium Next Door” by Maureen Hancock. Talk with you soon. Susie Falco

  • I’m sorry for your loss Susie. Sounds like you and I are on the same journey. I check out the book. I bet you’re proud. How healing that chapter must be! Do you still communicate to him through that medium?

    • Susie Falco

      Well, that is a story in itself! You see, when I first saw her, it was by accident. My husband and I thought we were just going to a support group for parents who lost children that evening. It was only 10 days after he passed. December 23rd. I will never forget it. There were about 70 or so parents in the room, and of course, I was crying the most because it was so recent. When a woman came out, who lost her son years before, she started speaking of her family and how many of them throughout their generations had the gift of spirit communication. I was barely listening, sort of just drowning in my own thoughts, and then she explained that her sister was a pretty well known medium, and was the “special surprise guest” that evening for us all, as a Christmas gift. Well, she came out and spoke a bit about herself and her gift, she was quite funny actually, but I didn’t have it in me to smile. At least not yet. The first thing she did was go over to a woman on the other side of the room. She told her that her son was speaking to her, that he had taken his own life…that he had hung himself, and gave amazing validations to her. Then she spun around and looked at me. She told me that my son is showing her that he did the same thing, and that he is frantic to speak with me……well, you can read all that happened in the book, because he was so incredibly strong after only 10 days, she came up to us after and told us what an amazing strength he has, and how he will be helping us, helping others here and when they cross over. She never forgot him and contacted me about putting him in her book. 🙂 We had another reading (she sees parents who lose their children at no charge and also works in Boston Hospitals helping children and adults with cancer to cross over…she really is an angel) The reading was beyond what I could have imagined. Speaking of the cross we put in his casket that was from Italy, the letter I wrote to him that he never read while alive (but did in spirit) what was put in his casket, my grandsons injury to his mouth, his flight school in Florida, who found him when he passed…….I mean, just insanity. It was very difficult to process. Anyways, it certainly convinced me and my family beyond any reasonable doubt, and we became very good friends over the past few years. But her niece, Anastassia Grace is also a remarkable medium. She did a reading for me, that was just as remarkable. We also became friends, and speak weekly, so it’s been quite interesting to say the least, having 2 friends being incredible mediums. !! They are actually going to be on television soon, but I’m not allowed to say which one yet. 🙂 As I stated before, I am so thrilled that I found you. My husband is over my shoulder smiling. These kinds of communications and sharing with others who “get it” renew my energy and put a spark back in me.

    • Susie Falco

      I gave a LONNNNNNG reply but can’t find it? Hope it shows up at some point! 🙂

  • Oh Sweetie, of course I will. I’ll have him take her under his wing, orient her and give her comfort. I would say sign up for one of the conference calls so you can talk to her but its too early. She needs more time and Erik will give her the help she needs. Lets keep in touch by email so we can help get you through this.

  • Yours is a beautiful story! It gives so much hope to my reader and me! Will you let us know when her TV show comes up? Is it a reality show? I’m so happy you’re part of our group and I bet our sons are buds, helping the world redefine the concept of death together! Much love.

    • Susie Falco

      I was thinking that our sons are friends also….!!!.weirdly……I randomly googled “Life after Death” at like midnight last evening and saw the Huffington Post article you wrote. I felt like I was meant to see it and felt an instant connection. I feel they are both teaching us so we can teach others. I have done so much already, speak about him whenever I have the opportunity during the nutrition seminars that I give. He always comes up!! 🙂 I am a guest nutritionist on WBZ in Boston and taped a few shows a couple of months back. I was so excited to be on television and it really was a great experience. On the way home, All I could think of was Bo. (I have 5 other children who were all watching me and texting me……so naturally I could only think of the one NOT watching me) So, Im driving home from the studio, and a car cuts me off. The car is in front of me now. Guess what the license plate said?? “WOWMOM”. 🙂 Imagine that? And I followed it the whole way home. That is just a small example of how he communicates with me. And regarding the mediums….I actually worked on a reality show pilot with them a couple of years ago. It was called “Psychic in Suburbia”. I was the Holistic Chef and Craft Service Manager. But the network didn’t pick it up. She also just made it public so I can say that the show is going to be Ricky Lake and some family members who have the gift will be on. I will keep you posted. 🙂 They will be doing readings of people in the audience. Two sisters and two nieces.

      • You have so many stories to tell. I think it’s no coincidence we’re crossing paths.

      • Susie Falco

        As Bo would say……..”True dat”. 😉

  • Sorry, I’m a little slow to approve comments on the weekend.

  • My daughter recently committed suicide, her name is Amber. On the 27th of this month you asked Eric about her. He said he would mentor her as she declined to come forward. I am lost and wanted to know more about why she would leave us. I am lost and hurting. I am not sure how to continue, I know people do it everyday. I just want Amber to know how much I love her.

    • Jacqueline, I know Erik is helping to mentor her so she can learn to communicate with you and Ross and this is one of his roles–facilitating communication between loved ones. ANd yes, people do it every day, but not YOUR daughter and not to YOU. I know how you feel. I remember the next day wondering why the Earth had the audacity to keep spinning. I really think you and Ross should talk to her, but instead of doing it on the next call, which is this coming Thursday, I’d wait until the grieving parents call with is two weeks after that. You need to talk to her. She’ll answer all of her questions. If you want, I can help you come up with a list. Email me at I want to give you my phone number too, in case you need another mother who has been in those same shoes to talk to.

  • lisaturner

    i have read alot on this website and on satursday lost my partner and the father of my children david howard i am desperate to know his soul is ok and where he is but dont really know what to do or where to turn can you help give me some advice on what to do xxx lisa

  • Oh Sweetie, he’s home. I promise. Keep reading and it’ll give you comfort. I promise. All you CE members, give her some love. And Lisa, I want you to listen to this conference call–all of it: if you click on it, it will download to your desktop as an mp3 file. Erik is really good at bring deceased loved ones to my favorite medium, Jamie Butler. He also helps them communicate. If you like it, I can tell you how to register for one of the small group channeling calls they have have every couple of weeks, They only take a few people at a time, though. Just email me at Let’s keep in touch so I can help you through this tough patch. I’ve been there. It’s hard. I still have rough days.

  • Jules

    I lost my 22yr old son, Riley, on Sept. 26, 2012 to a heroin overdose…Riley had been fighting substance abuse issues, ( and all that goes with that) for 6-7yrs prior to his death…It also wasn’t his first OD, but perhaps his 4th, 5th, or 6th, ( we lost count)…Because of his lifestyle, his dad and I had talked about the possibility of losing him several times before it happened…We’d even talked about it with him…But, even though we’d known it was a distinct possibility it could happen, we still weren’t prepared for finding him dead that night and it’s been a crazy blur in the the 6 months that have followed it…I’m not sure why I’m writing, but want to share a couple of things that have happened since then…Mainly dreams.

    I should back up and say that the first “Riley dream” I had was about 6wks before he died, and in that dream I find him cooking something for himself in the kitchen, something he frequently did…I’m walking down our hallway looking directly at him, and slightly annoyed that he’s at the house without letting us know he’s coming over, ( A “rule” we’d never had much success at enforcing after we made Riley move out a year previous because of all the drama and chaos he was bringing on the family…Our version of “tough love” I guess)…Anyway, I’m annoyed he’s there and am about to say something to him about calling first, when I realize there’s something “different” about him…For one he seems oblivious to the fact I’m there and then that he also seems “opaque” in appearance, and with that I see him seem to move through the open fridge door and it’s then it hits me that he’s dead…Then I woke up!!…It was like no other dream I’d ever had and it left me with a bad feeling…A feeling I couldn’t shake…I almost immediately called my mother and told her about it and then told my husband later that evening…In hind-sight I’m glad I did that now, because no one could say I made it up after his death.

    Jump ahead to a week or two after Riley’s death and I have another dream that we’re at the funeral home…Not in the viewing room, but more in a reception room with a lot of people there…( It’s unclear if this was suppose to be Riley’s viewing or someone else and that remained unclear throughout the dream)…Anyway, all of a sudden Riley comes walking in the front door and looks at us, mainly me, quite agitated and annoyed and tells us that’s not him “in there”, meaning the viewing room and that we’ve made a mistake and he’s not dead…I feel very confused in the dream because in the dream I’m quite sure he is dead and I ask him if it isn’t him, then who is it??…He never gives an answer just that it’s not him, and with that he bolts out the door with me behind him trying to get an explanation and then I just wake-up…This dream was much like the previous one and just had a different feeling than my normal dreams do.

    About 6 weeks later, I have a 3rd dream and this time Riley and I are sitting at a casual outdoor type restaurant with his little brother who will be starting HS next fall and I say to Riley, “tell your little brother about what ( the high school he’ll be attending) is like…I’ve been telling him you’d know”, with that he begins to talk to his little brother, ( but I can’t tell you anything about their conversation)…I just begin to look at Riley and it slowly dawns on me that he’s dead and I say that to him…He glances over at me when I say that he’s dead, but then continues the conversation with his brother…Then it really kicks in with me that he’s dead and I say it to him again and ask him if it’s true that he’s really dead, etc., and he glances at me again, but gives me a very sweet smile that seems to acknowledge that yes, he is dead, ( but it’s OK)…At least that’s how I read the smile…I then tell him how I just want to hug him, ( because that’s something I hadn’t done very often in the last few months of his life because of what was going on and I feel badly for that)…He continues to smile at me, but leans away from me in his chair and puts his hand out to signal “stop”, as though I can’t hug him…And it’s then I wake up…Again, this did not have the feeling of a normal dream.

    And finally, about a week ago, ( the day before his 6th month gone anniversary), this happened…I certainly had a faith of some sort before Riley died, and in fact before the medics even got to the house the night he died, one of the first things I can remember thinking when I realized he was gone is that now maybe he could actually have some peace and happiness that he hadn’t seem to have for a very long time…I did feel he’d moved on to something “better”…But, beyond that I’d never explored the afterlife or angels, etc. very deeply…Since Riley’s death I have done a great deal more reading about both…Last week I had a “conversation” in my mind with whatever being is out there asking for some proof that Riley was OK, and then I felt that asking for that made it appear I didn’t have faith that he was OK, so I backtracked that and just asked that they would pass my love onto Riley…Then for some reason I said, “it would be great to know that someone was actually hearing me and knew what was in my heart and head though”, and let it go at that…The next day after taking my youngest to school I decided to lay back down for a couple of hours and just before I was about to fall asleep, I heard as clear as day a male voice say my name softly but very distinctly, ( this was in my head and not outside of me), and with that an image I strongly associate with Riley popped into my head almost simultaneously with hearing my name…I was NOT asleep when this happened and instead of being scared I felt almost peaceful…I’m a pretty practical person and I have never heard any voice besides my own in my head before…It also wasn’t Riley’s voice…It’s probably the most profound thing I’ve ever experienced, but I’m still trying to figure it all out…Anyway, am I cracking-up??…Am I just a grieving mother??…Or are these things as real as they seem to be??…I’d love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on what I’ve experienced…Thank-you.

  • This sooooooo reminds eveshi of Carol and Mikey!

  • Erik is one kewl funny do0D! Reminds me of my friend “Forests” forever looking for something in life but finding nothing. “Forests” will soon pass over and be with Erik!

  • mb.

    thankyou for a sad but wonderful event of your familys life. i sometimes get suicidal, but i’m trying my hardest to be a medium and to connect with the light,as yet i havent had no luck but this keeps me from the dark thoughts of taking my own life.i send you love.light .peace. & happiness to all your family.x

    • I have faith in you to find your road to mediumship. I’m glad you’re here and in a place where we share your desires and interests and where some of us have shared your type of pain. You’ve been pulled here for a reason. We’ve got your back and if you need anything, let us know and you’ll see firsthand what kind of family you’re not a part of. XOXO

  • Hey Sharon. I’m so sorry for your loss. How well I know the pain. I’ve been to a lot of mediums, some great, some terrible. So, you have to be careful. So far, I like Jamie Butler the best, but if I were you, I’d join one of the grieving parents channeling calls that she and Erik have every month. She only takes 6 people to keep it very intimate and Erik helps bring the loved ones forward, helps them communicate if they have trouble, etc. I don’t post those calls for obvious reasons, but I do post the regular calls. YOu can see what they’re like by clicking on the tap on the top menu that reads, “Calls.” I think the one from 11/15/12 has come deceased loved ones communicating, so I’d try that. Plus it’s much cheaper than a regular season. They also have “group phone sessions” but I’m not sure what that’s about. Check out her site If you need anything, let me know.

  • Sofia

    Being a mother, I can feel each word written over here, and I am very touched with this story. I dont know what to say here but I am sad and happy both, its strange, but yes, its sad to read it as a human being but happy to feel that its just the body which suffers not the soul.. and After reading this I feel this immense love for my own son, i feel the lack of words of telling him that I love him so much.. cz he is just 11 to understand the words and their intensity. While I was reading about Erik’s childhood, i was stunned to read as similarly my son too is going through this low grades and slowly I can see he is becoming an introvert… but I keep encouraging him like every parent does..

    Bless you Erik.. I can not thank u enough!

    • Oh, Sofia, you’re such a wonderful mother and soul. I feel it down to my bones. Love you.

  • liesbeth

    elisa, thank you for friend me via You tube. Your story and your conversations with Erik are so interesting. not only cose of the info he gives but that he actually IS…This can not be a fraud , as people often tell me. Thank you!

  • Shashie

    Jessi I Iost my mum to cancer too on August 16 2006. She would have suffered a lot more had she lived. Nobody can replace a mom, and I bet your mom is looking out for you, but I suppose we still have battles left to fight on earth. Soldier on if you can. Hope all goes well with you always.

  • sd81861

    Are you still around? Have things changed for you?

  • Nancy Lake

    Elisa we have a great deal in common. I wrote a book about the paranormal events after the death of my 27 year old son. Available on Amazon and Kindle, “Sunflowers for Jason”. I relate to every word you have said. Thank you for opening up your life and creating a vehicle for discussion Nancy

  • This is beautiful, but I am sorry I am not fully buying it. I am so scared to die it sends me in to panic attacks (multiple times a day) I wouldnt wish on ANYONE. I’ve suffered from depression and severe panic disorder for over 15 years now. I am also agoraphobic.

    Ive always believed (or thought I did) until one day I overdosed. I was out for 15 minutes, my lips turned blue, they gave me CPR, slapped me, poured water on me, etc. It was blackness. Only blackness. Now, I dont think I was dead. If I was then that’s even sadder to me. I woke up and said “One day this will be reality. you wont feel it or know it will just be blackness and thats it forever and ever”

    it scared me, then it didnt. As I write now its making me reach for my klonopin cuz I feel the beginning of a panic attack.
    I just cant believe that only ONE person out of BILLIONS of dead ones does this. Why not more? Come on, really?
    I miss my Dad, my aunts, uncles, friends, my daughters father, etc. How come not one of them does this?

    Do they not love me?
    I hate to say it but I feel as if you are being duped by so called channeling psychics.

    I had a ton of “eerie” things go down after my Daddy died in 2000, not anymore. It was fresh from grief emotions manifesting itself in my dreams and thoughts.
    I am so sad you lost Erik. I wish he was here with you. I don’t ever want to die or lose anyone again. But immortality is not realistic.
    Please dont hate me for being skeptical and saying what I feel. Please dont.
    I cant believe these in depth conversations when all i learned was spirits cant communicate on that level. Often they send garbled messages we have to decipher because they are not us anymore.

    This is just..whoa. IDK. Ill leave with best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

    • Keep reading. At that time I wasn’t buying it either. But post after post, you might actually change your mind. We’ve had a lot of blog members who’ve started out with “death anxiety” that resolved after reading through the archives. I hope they help you. I was a skeptic for over a year after Erik’s death. Maybe longer.

  • There should be little arrows at the bottom of each post. I think the one pointing left is “Toward the Past” and the one pointing right is “Toward the future.” Be sure to click on “Read the backstory” on the homepage to the right. I think it’s really important not ot miss that.

    • Ilona

      I’m also having trouble knowing where to continue, The obove post has no arrows at the bottom!?

      • Jewels

        you must scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to the end of the page; all the way down, where there’s no more ads or anything, but the “Toward the Future” sign

  • Karyn

    My brother Barry committed suicide when he was 21. All of the feelings you describe, Elisa, were my experience after that horrible moment of knowing. My other brother’s friend found me wandering in the middle of a local road that afternoon, and brought me home to discover an already screwed-up family even worse: my mother blamed Barry’s psychiatrist, my father passed out on he couch after taking a handful of sleeping pills, my other brother just looked down a lot, stunned. My heart goes out to anyone going through such immense sorrow and grief…my life changed irrevocably on June 3, 1969, and I still grieve.

    Barry communicates with me in my dreams, typically. He is happiest for me when I am involved with my artwork. For some time I believed I was destined to his fate, and had to be hospitalized or living in a “therapeutic mileau” from the age of 16-20. As suicidal as I felt (and like Erik, I am Bipolar), I innately knew it was not a solution to anything, and I did not want others to suffer the way Barry’s friends & family did. Today, I appreciate every moment as a gift, and my gratitude is perpetually radiating back to all those souls, human and animal, who made the difference between life & death for me. The kindness of the Universe is infinite, as is our potential. There is hope, so anyone feeling desperate out there when they are reading this, please don’t give up…things CAN and DO change for the better–I am living proof!

  • Chris.

    Thanks for this blogg!

  • Fee

    Hi. I came across your blog in the craziest way!!! I’m still not sure what led me to your site.

    I want to say that your site is amazing. I believe there’s a force, an energy we cannot explain. I remember having a dream about Sept 11 hours before the tragedy.

    Keep writing…I’m loving your story. Erik sounds like he was really a great human being! Namaste

  • suresh vemuri


    This is very heart-breaking story. I really sorry for what happened. Erik as a boy was very cute and nice.

    I need your advice and help as well as I am in a shock, because I ruined one innocent life (without knowing).

    Sorry to task this question!

    Many mediums are fraud and they play on our weakness.

    You said you talked to some medium and could communicate to Erik.
    As the scientist Oliver Lodge wrote, did you test the medium (without giving information about Erik, because of our wishful thinking – I want to believe that life after death is a reality). I know you are a doctor, not an illiterate. So, I assume you did not provide any sort of information, so based on these details the Medium could frame a story.

    Thanks a lot,

  • Oh I’m so sorry! Yes, I’ve tried a number of mediums, some terrible. My favorite is Jamie. For example, we had a conference call where a young lady wanted to talk to her deceased boyfriend/husband Keith. During Jamie’s translation she was taken aback saying that suddenly Keith stopped speaking English and started speaking a language unlike any she’d ever heard. She asked the young woman if he spoke some other language and she said yes, he spoke Lakota, a Native American language. That’s just one example. But all mediums are human so they have filters at times. She’s the most wide open channel I’ve met. Plus Erik keeps her open too. When she puts a filter up, he tells her, “Don’t weed me, Jamie. Don’t weed me!” You should try one of the little small group channeling calls that she and Erik have. That’d be a great and inexpensive way to test the waters. I think her link is on the homepage. It’s Love and Light.

  • suresh vemuri

    Thanks for the reply Elisa!

    The point is what I have been reading has been with Hindu literature for the past 4-5000 years. Our Upanishads say exactly what Erik telling. This is very old for Hindus.

    One consciousness (God or something else), and from it every thing comes out (we, dog, pig,fish and ever thing else). So there is nothing beyond that single one. This is called “Advaitha” (no second thing – only a single one exists).

    Maybe these mediums (definitely have read Hindu literature), under the name of channeling, saying the same thing (Not sure anyway). There maybe genuine!

  • suresh vemuri

    In India, though 80-90 are God believers and Soul believers, these guys don’t think much about afterlife.

    Hindu literature says that Soul won’t die, it can’t be burned or drowned or destroyed (Krishna said some 3000 years ago).

    I have not heard anyone (in the whole India – 90,00,000 population) who says they are able to talk to the other side. But, astrologers are here. They are more knowledgeable and accurate than any one on the earth. Of course, 90 % are just fake.

  • Brain Fitness

    My 15 yr old daughter Anna Brennan took her life 12/9/12-:(. The life without Anna is pale. I long for crossing over to meet her, kiss her & hold her for the rest of our lives together.

    • Oh sweetie, it takes a long time to find a new normal, doesn’t it. If you keep reading through the archives, I know you’ll find solace. I just know it. Until then, we’re always here for you, right guys? You might want to join the private Channeling Erik Facebook Group. There you can share with a bunch of wonderful, caring CE members. Also, you might want to talk to Anna directly. Erik can find her and bring her to one of the “Grievers Conference Calls” that Jamie has at Ask the group about their own experiences in these calls. They’re pretty powerful. Much love.

  • Susan

    After sharing in the experiences of the family I was left to wonder what has become of my child who passed at 6 months, I often see her in my granddaughter & call her my angel a gift back to me. Erik has helped me believe this with his teachings & explanations & brought me much comfort , what a brave soul you are Erik

  • Edward Annick MS

    Pls confirm message sent

    • Yep I got this message!

      • teresa

        Hi Elisa.Thankyou for all you share with us about Erik. I lost my husband Tony just over seven months ago and am having an extremely difficult time dealing with this. I will ask Erik to assist me as i would like to know whether my husband is still with me. Please mention me to Erik when you next speak to him. Love Teresa

      • Consider it done, Teresa. I’ll ask Erik to help bring him to you in some sort of dream or other form of communication. You can also talk to him in one of Jamie and Erik’s small group griever’s calls. Big hug.

  • Robyn Norris Matthis

    9 weeks ago last night, I lost my youngest daughter to a senseless act of violence. Her abuser of 3 years shot her in the face and killed her instantly. In the days following her death, she stuck very, very close to me, as I had JUST lost my husband, and my mind. She promised me she would get me thru it, and she did, then she was gone. I have found this blog, and have subscribed, hoping against hope that somewhere in Erik’s story, I can find some peace in regards to Victoria.

    • You will find hope. We’re here to help you get to that point. Just try to read through the archives. You may have been drawn here by her (and maybe Erik.)

      Got your back,


  • Kathy

    Our son, Todd, age 33, passed from esophageal cancer in August. I prayed and prayed for a visit from my son in my dreams and I have not had one yet. Many of his friends write me beautiful recollections of their “so, so real” dreams that I know it is really his soul visiting them, guiding them. I kept having music roll in my head and the tunes stay until I put it down in my Notes on Facebook. I look up the lyrics, and they always fit the message, or answer, I am searching for from him. I searched for books to read and have read yours. I am so happy when I read an affirmation that I am not crazy…that this happens to others especially when we least suspect it or at the oddest times. Thank you. I have had a NDE myself, so I think that is why I have been blest with being more in tune (no pun intended) to what Todd tries to tell me.

  • You are so blessed to know that he’s happy and healthy and still a part of your life.

  • tfrancois94

    I googled about spirit guides and i stumbled upon this article, and i must say I’ve been brought to tears because even though I dont have a disabilities I understand where your son is coming from and i am so happy that he’s ok and still with you through spirit. I guess this doesnt happen to a lot of people though. Im 18 about to turn 19 and my mother passed away a little after I was born. Ever since i found this out a few years ago, she still has not come to me in any way. I dont even know how she looks only that her name is my middle name. Is there something wrong with me ?

  • There’s nothing wrong with you! Just be aware of subtle signs. Also, when people are sad, their energy vibrates a the lower end of the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum and spirit, who vibrate above that range (which, like radio waves, is why we can’t see them) have a harder time lowering their energy to meet yours. That’s why we use phrases like I feel depressed, down, low.
    Everything is energy. Einstein referred to matter as frozen light. Erik says we’re sentient energy that’s self aware. That means thought are energy too expectation is a thought that vibrates at a low energy making it hard for spirits to get to you too.
    Look for sensations like intense goosebumps. That’s pretty easy for them to do. So are lucid dream visits.

    • tfrancois94

      Would meditation help ? For some reason, these past few months ive been very intrigued by chakras and opening up my third eye; and this was correlating with the thought why hasnt my mother tried to contact me. Do you think its her trying to tell me to open up my third eye and meditate? If so, i think the only reason why i havent done it is because im afraid of being aware of the ‘unseen ‘ and feeling bad energies from people.

  • Osei Mensah

    Wow, this story is deep…

  • 1meri

    I have a couple questions, why are animals victims to abuse and neglect when they love unconditionally, why must they suffer?
    Also where do negative energy souls go into the universe, such as terrorists?

  • 1meri

    I recently just finished reading the book, and I have to say I got so much from it. I to am bipolar and experience much of what Erik has mentioned. The book does bring some calming from reading it. I have recommended it to two of my friends who could also benefit from it.
    In my younger years I had a message given to me just before the accident that claimed my mom, telling me that was going to happen. Since then I have not been myself and struggled with many issues. So much I still don’t understand. Since then I have had other messages and connections, but seems lately I can’t get through and wonder what is blocking me. I have an extensive home library on the afterlife and any information that can benefit me in communicating and understanding the other side.
    I would love to be able to communicate with Erik, he sounds to be an amazing soul with an abundant amount of beneficial information especially when dealing with disabilities and wanting to make a quick exit out of here. He appears to be a very special God chosen soul to make quite the impact on bringing positive energy back to those who are lacking, like myself. Bless you and your son!!!!

    • Hey 1meri. Thanks for your kind words. You know a lot of people get “blocked” because they develop expectations when are, like EVERYTHING, a form of energy. (As are thoughts). It’s a dense energy and it’s hard for spirits to lower their frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum to reach us when we’re mired in those expectations. But of course you can ask Erik through Jamie (or another medium if they’re good.) They have these little mini sessions called “call-outs” that are cheaper than full sessions and she has them all the time. Go to and then to “Personal Growth.” They’re sooo powerful as any blog member will tell you. Join the Channeling Erik FB page and you’ll find a lot of blog members who have been a part of these phone sessions. They’ll share their experiences with you, including ones that are not related to the phone sessions. They share their “Erik encounters” too. It seems like members of the group are more frequent targets of Erik’s mischief. It’s a wonderful group!

  • rainbow

    Hello Elisa, I just finished reading your book and want so much to believe this is all true. I went through an life threatening illness six years ago which has left me so afraid of the thought of dying that I have become afraid to live. I want so much to believe that this is really true. My question to you is do you ever question whether you are actually communicating with your son and not a hoax of some sort?

  • Aleia

    Hi Elisa. I just started reading your book, and your blogs. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world. It means so much to those of us who have also lost loved ones, and it re-enforces my personal belief in the After Life. 🙂 Erik sounds like a delightful soul, and its so nice he visits you so often, and shares with us all what its really like over there on the Other Side. 🙂 It helps more than you know.

  • Pamela

    I am so thankfull that I got 1 of the autographed copys of the erik afterlife books!!!!!!! This is just what I needed!!! I also lost my son . I just wanted to express my happyness !! I just got it and can’t wait to read it!!! Thank you so much.

    • I hope you like it and get some comfort from it. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

  • Aleia

    Hi Elisa. I finished reading your book about Erik and the After Life on kindle last night and left a positive review. 🙂 I so thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. My heart goes out to you and your family. The things Erik talks about is so fascinating. Especially regarding the part where past lives, current lives and future lives are all happening at the same time. Has Erik talked more about that since writing the book? Does that mean we have more than one soul existing at a time? Can we tap into any of those lives through regression? I have so many questions. Or is that only that way in the After Life but for us in this dimension, it isn’t happening this very minute. Im sitting here thinking, “I wonder what all my OTHER selves are doing right this very minute?!” I must say your book is one of my most favourites, and i have read many books regarding the After Life. It was beautifully written, and your boy Erik is a gem. 🙂 Say ‘hi’ to him for me.. and tell him that his communications are helping so many people out there. 🙂 I am new to your blogs and i have started reading them. Apologies if anything said above had already been answered in another blog. It will take me quite a while to catch up. 😛

  • annabell

    Elisa how are you .I have a feeling that i know your son some where …. I hope I meet him and you …you sound like a beautiful person and your son is so sweet …. I come across to this channel dont know how about some when I saw your wed site I was like wow I need to talk to Erik and all so you elisa … been telling my friends all about ya ….. I am

    Hi .elisa how are you. …I think I know your son for some where. …I am sure… I come a cross your web and I got this feeling I cried when I found this site it was a good feeling I felt like I found want I allways want …….is a long story when I was about 14 I had a dream a awaking dream there was a men that had blue big eyes with blond hair .I think his clothes was blue he look angelic .so he told me hi.annabell how are you ?he told me his name but I for got ..anyways I ask him who are you? He told me .. I am a messenger I sent message to people like you from another dimension we come to choose you to give the people messages of what going to happen to are earth ….tell them that the government is planning something evil ….and the lies they tell u ……tell them we have to get together because is going to be to much for us to see ….is not going to be good are going to see them guide them show them the meaning of life .to forgive love .. tell the them love your self because the universe love you as I do to …tell them they are not alone that they dont have to feel lonely because we all waiting for all you in another dimension we have are other life family you should not be lonely . Tell them will be waiting for all of us . ………after that he left throw this beam of light. .I wake up .and I will never for get that day it was so real ..I told my step father I told him what the messager told me .my step father told me that I am Here for a reason. .and my job is to help people guide them .. ……now that I am 26 I been helping people .I love talking to them ..
    love when they smile I could see there aura
    You don’t know how precious we are .only if you new … we all have are flaws we are not perfect that what make us beautiful. ….
    Will is late but I got I lot of Story’s. .. I feel like making a book call the meaning of life …. and also I will love to see a documentary of erik after life journey … that will be interesting …I am taking filming class…. I could love to make one for him …or do a moive of his life that will be so nice to see… just want to say erik I wish I would of meet you …you are a sweet beautiful soul … and all so your mother … I will like to meet you one day …. I love you elisa and i love you to erik thankz for leting us know about are home after life. ……I hope to here form you soon .god bless ya precious souls……………………………………………………………………
    . ( ((( Life is a journey not a destination take pride in every step you make….. don’t worry what others are doing,,,, learn from them laugh with them …Enjoy the people you meet each day ………smile, ……love ….and be grateful. …)))

    myfriends all about you …. I am glad I find your site ….

  • Wow, it sounds like you are meant to do great things! I bet that was one of your guides talking to you in your dream. And if you feel a connection with Erik, you probably do–maybe in another life. I’m glad you’re my friend and Erik’s too. xoxo

  • mjk

    I’m not surprised to read that Erik is akin to a celebrity. The first sense I had when seeing his image (in pictures on your site’s homepage) was that Erik is a distinguished person. There is something about him, though I can’t say what it is. I sensed something strong about him, prominent and distinguished.

    Very interesting site to have found today.

  • Susan

    I read the book – My Son And The Afterlife. I have come through what Erik’s explanation of what we are here to accomplish in our life times. I too at one time when I was in my early twenties wanted to commit suicide. But the guilt of leaving two small boys without a mother is what kept me trying to understand why I’m on Earth and I finally know. It is what Erik explains is to love unconditionally, but what I’ve learned in the process is that you can’t love unconditionally until you love yourself. That is the true reason you are here on Earth is learning to love yourself because when you do, only then can you love all others unconditionally.
    I would love to have a visit with Dr. Medhus on the phone or in person and share more in detail and have Erik visit me. It’s is so freeing to know the truth!

    • I’m so, so glad this has made a difference in your life. I hope you make your way through the archives because he talks all about this a lot more!

  • Ann

    Dear Elisa ~ I’m writing for your (and Erik’s) help.. My son Andy transitioned (I don’t like the other words) a year and a half ago. He would be 26 now. I am divorced and have one other child; my daughter Ashe (23) who’s moved to CA 5 mths ago. I am struggling with the feeling of being left alone here and have been inspired and comforted more than I can tell you by your book and story. I try to connect with my son and continue our relationship, but I have not had as much progress as you and Erik. I’m hoping you can help direct me to a good medium (or translator) who can work with me over the phone. I live in Michigan and don’t have a lot of extra funds for travel working for a non-profit hospice. I know this is a lot to ask, but I’m hoping the “ask and you shall receive” concept may give way to allow Erik to help me as well. Do you think he could find his way to Andy and share some of his gifts for communicating? It would make me feel good just to even know they were connecting with each other about anything… I have rec’d some signs from son, but I’m sure you know what it’s like to need more. It was so hard not to be jealous when I read everything you get to experience, but I truly am happy for you. I do realize that everyone is not the same and about the wall of grief; still… I love and miss my son… and just want whatever I can possibly have with him now. You understand I know; finally someone who really understands this… From the bottom of my heart Elisa, thank you for having so much courage, patience, strength. love and belief. Blessings to you ~ Ann

  • Bless your heart and. I know the pain all too well. I wish you were here so I can wrap you up with a big hug. The medium I used for the most part is Jamie Butler. She is absolutely amazing. You should check out some of the conference calls that I have been one of the tabs at the top of the homepage. Kate Sitka is also an excellent medium. They both work over the phone. Jamie is pretty expensive, and I don’t know how much Kate charges. Jamie does have small group channeling sessions including one just for grievers. They are so, so powerful. They do book up very quickly, so you might want to check these out as soon as possible. The “call-out” small group chilling calls have a maximum of nine people attending. These are the ones that are taped and appear in the conference call list. The grievers calls are not published because they are just too intimate. They only accept a maximum of six people. You can go to Jamie’s site at Also, you can find Kate website by going to the bottom of any of her guest posts. You can find these posts by going to the categories list and looking for her name. I hope this helps. I’m here for you if you need me.

  • Stacy

    I am new to this sight. I just bought “My Son and the Afterlife,” and I already feel such a connection to Erik. I too have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I know what it’s like to suffer the lifelong effects of mental illness. I have also contemplated suicide. Though I don’t know that I’ve felt the same despair as Erik, but I can conceive of what he went through.
    I hope that Erik will pay me a visit soon. I’d love to meet him.


    • Stacy, I bet he will. Look for goosebumps, electronics going crazy, smells, and other things. He never does anything creepy or scary though.

  • Jackie Taylor

    Hi Elisa,
    I lost my only child, my precious son Michael just 3 short months ago . My son, like Erik , died by suicide. I discovered your book “My Son And The Afterlife” just 2 weeks after his passing.. I really feel Michael led me to discover this book as both of our sons have many things in common. Your book is helping me in so many ways, thanks to yourself, Jamie and Erik.
    Could you kindly ask Erik if my son Michael Todd McDonald is doing ok since he returned home. I miss him terribly and would love to know if he is happy, and does he finally have peace of mind he so desperately wanted while in the physical.

    Many thanks for sharing your journey!


  • Sweetie, I’ll ask Erik to help him communicate with you. I’m sure he’s already taking him under his wing. You may have been nudged to the book/blog by your son for a purpose. If you want to talk to Michael directly, you can sign up for one of Jamie’s grievers calls. It also really helps to just read through the archives. I’m here for you.

  • Sheree Burlington

    Dear Elisa, I don’t know how I was led to this blog. I am sitting on the couch looking at the picture of my own deceased 19 year old son, Neal. He was killed in a motorcycle street racing accident on August 20, 2012. Your description of Eric sounded so much like my Neal. Rather than taking his own life, Neal lived on the very edge, running as fast as he could to escape the pain. Treated for bipolar from a very young age, Neal spent his life traversing extreme highs and devastating lows. It was heartbreaking to watch him suffer in this life so greatly. While I have yet to have a lucid dream about Neal, there are times when I am surrounded by his energy. It is so huge and so strong, that sometimes I have to sit down under the weight of it. I gently ask him to back off a little bit and he hears me because I feel the relief.

    In my quest to understand where my only child has gone, I attend a spiritualist church in Methuen Massachusetts, take classes in mediumship, and spend a lot of time in quiet meditation. I too have started a bog Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for letting me feel a little less alone. Bless you and your family. I am glad that I found you. Sincerely, Sheree

  • I read your blog and it’s so heart wrenching. What a beautiful boy! Erik loved motorcycles and his dad does too. Fortunately, Rune only races on the track. I completely agree with your message. I’m sure it is no accident that you came to the blog. Maybe Erik and Neal are in cahoots and made that happen. I bet they’re buds.

    • Sheree Burlington

      Thank you, Elisa. He was a beautiful boy! The image below was taken when he was 16, when, according to him “he still liked me.” 🙂 It’s one of the few I have where I can see his pretty blue eyes, and where he is not making a goofy face.

      When I read that Rune only races on the track, I knew Neal had lead me to you! How wonderful our boys are! Last night during a meditation, I clearly saw Erik’s face – almost in profile, staring off into some unknown distance to the right. As is typical with my meditations, faces almost immediately dissolve once I focus on them, but the resemblance was striking. I’ve just come out of a very painful weekend – missing Neal, his stinky hair and rubble bedroom with the most intense longing. I am grateful to live alone so that I can grieve out loud without worrying about how it affects others.

      It will take me some months to read your many, many posts about your amazing Spirit. I have no doubt that you are the source of healing for many grieving people, myself included. Thank you for sharing your most intimate moments. I’ve never spoken publicly about Neal’s bi-polar as he was very private about it. I’ve more attributed his loss to motorcycle street racing. I’ve some to realize that the racing was an expression of his illness. With his permission, it seems time to share the pain that drove him to such a quick, untimely death. Peace to you and yours. xo Sheree

      • What a cheeky smile! I’m glad you’re part of the family now.

  • Teresa

    Hi Elisa – I just picked up your book and am very glad to find it. On 1/19/2007, my oldest daughter decided to go to the other side after 5 years of fight a lung disease (D.I.P.) – this was also my younger’s daughter’s 14th birthday.

    On the day she passed, my aunt told me to get the book “We Don’t Die” by George Anderson. This turned my beliefs upside down. Since that book, there has been so many books I’ve read on death, afterlife, spirituality….
    I have an “angel reader” I go to and visited her shortly after Sheena’s death. With the first few things she told me that only Sheena and I knew and being told that an older gentleman who walks with a limp and said it was his heart that got him (my grandfather and Sheena’s best buddy) that met her on the other side my belief system took a paradigm shift.

    I now understand we make our contracts before we come to earth, we choose when we leave, there is no place that is “hell” as God is only love – we just have different levels of being so the good and the evil all go to the same place just have different lessons to learn. However, even though I understand all this and it’s been 7 years, the pain just doesn’t seem to go away -the edge is gone. Sometimes, I yearn to be done here to join my daughter but know that I have 3 children on earth to take care of and that is my greatest life purpose.

    I have prayed, asked and pleaded with Sheena to visit. Right after she died, my younger daughter would come to me to say she was being poked, had vivid dream visits from her sister and our light in the kitchen constantly flickered. We have white butterflies around us all the time. My friend actually saw her in my kitchen one day. He is a retired detective who did not know what she looked like. He took his “detective notepad” out and wrong her description down. Upon showing him a picture of my daughter, he confirmed it was her. He had written in his notes when he asked what she was doing in my house, she said, “I”m here to help Teresa”. Still, I have not had a visit from her personally. I do get goose bumps on my lower legs when I think of her…like a child wrapping her arms around my legs. Just long to hear more from her, smell her, feel her and do that silly side kiss on the check.

    I know she and I had lessons to teach each other. Mine it feels like is a spiritual journey I would have never embarked upon had it not been for her passing. Also, I have 3 woman who have come into my life who have also had their daughter’s pass (before and after mine). There are so many hurting, grieving parents who just want to know their children are ok, someone is taking care of them, and want the same things you have received from your son…a connection still. It is my desire to find a way to reach out to others to help them start healing. I want to recommend books, mediums, but so many people are scared to let go of their “installed beliefs” and think you are woowoo if you mention a medium.

    I asked Erik to look up Sheena and see if they could come for a visit 🙂 In case I didn’t connect with Erik, will you ask him to look her up and see if he and she will visit. I am not consumed with grief so I am pretty sure I’m not blocking her visit…

    Thank you for this blog – and for your book. It is heartwarming to see a medical professional open to non-scientific resources and evidence. I believe we will see more and more soon.

  • Teresa, you seem to have allowed your hardships to build you up–to catalyze your spiritual growth–rather than smack you down. It’s an honor to know you. I’ll tell Erik to buddy up with Sheena.

  • Carrie Blake

    Elisa, I found your website after hearing your story partially related by Tom Campbell in an interview regarding suicide. I found Tom Campbell after being propelled into this spiritual journey by the suicide of my beloved, precious daughter, Cari Anna, on October 14, 2012. As I read your words about the aftermath of Erik’s death, I felt that wave of horror and panic rise up yet again. But hearing also about your immediate communications from your dear, sweet son, I reminded myself of how Cari did (and still does) everything she could to let us know that she was OKAY and still with us in a different form. I was like your father. I had never experienced anything spiritual or paranormal so therefore I found it difficult to believe that something carried on beyond the death of the body. Only a day later, Cari made herself undeniably known to everyone gathered at our home. These fantastic things took place so frequently that within weeks, I had no rational explanation except that our Cari was speaking to us as often as she could possibly catch our attention. I remember a time BEFORE when I would have thought that this was grief talking if a mother who’d lost a child told me of such remarkable things. I don’t relate these communications to very many people because I see the discomfort and pity in the eyes of those who’ve never experienced such things. But I don’t need to. I have a great sense of peace and the only grief I feel now is missing being with her, the sound of her voice, her unbelievably beautiful eyes, her incredible sense of humor. Thank you for sharing your story and thanks to Erik for finding a way to communicate so fully and give hope to so many people in pain.

    Carrie B

  • Gosh I remember those looks of pity. Yes, she’s alive and well, just without a body, and I’m sure Erik and Cari Anna are the best of buds now.

  • Erik, you are a true inspiration. It’s great to hear that the afterlife is total opposite to this current nightmare on this planet. I must say that I was very close to becoming atheist due to the horrors that currently exist in life. Now, I think I am going to rethink my atheist beliefs and look at life differently. It’s really hard on this planet to believe in a god that cares, well, it is for me. For the simple fact, that people suffer, children suffer, wars, etc., I think you get it. Anyways, I am so glad to hear that there is life at the end of the tunnel, and horrific experiences in life makes it worth while. You are a WARRIOR!

    • I hope you read on through the archives. A lot of atheists have been converted and comforted!

      • I will surely work on it. Thanks

  • amylee

    My 20 year-old son has a lot in common with Erik, he too has struggled with an uneasiness and anxiety since age 12. He never struggled in school, and actually excelled above other students,However, his anxiety was found to be related to a thyroid condition-Hashimoto’s and when he doesn’ t take his medicine he gets very depressed. I pray everyday that he does not take his life. He is currently on thyroid ,anti-anxiety, and antidepressant medication. I would gladly switch places with him to ease his pain. As a teacher and mother to a younger son with ADHD, I wanted to point out that Erik’s struggle in school sounds much like my youngest son who is 12. Since starting Ritalin, he has excelled. I was originally against it but his poor performance in school was causing him to be depressed. Sounds like the school he was attending may have dropped the ball in identifying a possible case of ADHD. My soul identifies with you and Erik, thanks for sharing your story. I had a similar experience to your husband’s when my grandmother’s spirit came to me right before I found out she died on the operating table. I didn’t know it was her at the time but the overwhelming and indescribable joy I felt lasted for 30 seconds or so, I was sitting in my car in a parking lot and thought the sensation was very odd.

  • Darla Berg

    Elisa, first off, thank you once again for your work and thanks to Erik. I am a mother and grandmother and I have a problem with being overly protective and fearful. When I was five-years-old, my father had a heart attack in front of me (He survived, but I was forever changed.) I had 8 sisters and brothers but, at 13, my older sister was murdered. She was 20 years older but very close and her daughter was almost murdered by the same man (a tenant in their apt. bldg -much younger man on drugs). Her daughter was one of my best friends as well as my niece. Our family fell apart. My mother wouldn’t come out of her bedroom for about three days except to use the bathroom.

    Then, Mom came out of the room and made breakfast, much better acting. She said that Mona (my sister) had appeared to her and told her, “It is alright Mom, it’s so much better here.” She spoke like mental telepathy and Mom knew it was really her as only a mother can know.

    I was 13, and decided that Mom was having some kind of shock reaction. I believed in God, afterlife, etc. but this was way, way more real. Still, I thought it was probably just a grief reaction..

    Then, two days later, my other sister, who was in England at the time and couldn’t get home, called to say that she had heard Mona’s voice, like mental telepathy. Mona had said, “It is alright. It is so much better here.”

    Since that time, I have been searching for religious/spiritual truth. I got a degree in psych. and have talked with many priests, ministers, social worker types, and college profs about death, psych of dying, etc. I have also lost every one of my sisters and brothers except one, and both parents. It seems like about every two years someone very close to me has died. I know this is sounding like a “woe is me” story, but the effect has been to make me afraid every day that my only daughter or her only son will be killed and taken from me. I take meds for depression and have seen shrinks to talk about this etc. but, I wonder if I will ever be able to get through a day without being fearful about being left behind to grieve.

    I have led a very full life, but it has been difficult and sad so much of the time. I guess I am just hoping that you and Erik are for real. This is probably rude of me to ask, but are you very, very certain that Erik is really talking to you? I believe in life after death, but there are many “dark nights of the soul” in my life too. Would you ask Erik to check on my sister, Mona? I know you are busy and have millions of your own questions, but I needed to ask, just in case you would find the time.

    • Gosh, you’ve been through so much.Having a large family has that as a drawback. There are such so many lives to take. As far as my beliefs go, it took me a long time to get there. Of course part of the reason was that I was raised by atheists. But then the pranks and visits came. Erik’s visit to my atheist dad really had me wondering, but still, I didn’t believe. Erik visited me in the flesh. Still I had my doubts. He turned on water faucets and unplugged appliances in front of me, dropped Airsoft BBs from the ceiling, but still, I couldn’t get to that 100% sure mark. It took hearing his voice on one of the recorded session (that was not heard during the live one) that took me there, particularly when the analysis by a sound professional confirmed the voices were not human because they left no voice print. I think I was afraid to believe for fear of finding out one day that it was not. That would be like losing Erik again and I wasn’t willing to take that chance. So, this is not the wishful thinking of a grieving mother. The science behind it helped me, of course. Read the posts, “Science Confirms Survival” and “Belief and Science.” That will help you. lLso, make your way through the archives. It might take some time but it’s worth it. So many people have been rid of their death anxiety by doing so. One young lady was so afraid to die that she could never leave her house. Now, she has no fear at all and is finally free of her bondage. Also, join the private Channeling Erik Facebook Group. You’ll never find a closer, more supportive, wiser (and often hilarious) group of people. In the end, this is your path. Take it at your own pace. I’m not hear to convince you. Others trying to convince me didn’t work. You can try to talk to your sister on one of Jamie and Erik’s grievers calls or the “call-out” calls. She doesn’t take many people on the call at a time, though. Erik brings the loved ones forward and helps them communicate if necessary. Ask the group what their experiences have been with these calls. Jamie’s site is

  • Google “CDP-Choline” (also known as citicholine) against social anxiety, depression, bipolar disease, PTSD and even thyroid disease. this has changed my life and I’m coming off of all three of my antidepressants. I’m not recommending this as medical advice. Be sure you check with your healthcare professional, but many don’t know much about it yet. The studies are just now pouring in. I take 250 mg every AM and I get it at cuz I get 50-70% off of all supplements by paying something lke $70 a year. It’s hard to find in regular health stores. Regular choline doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier, so that won’t work. It costs me about $14 a month.

  • Lindsey

    I stumbled on to your blog by accident, and I have to say…..I’m offically surprised right now! I was born on September 21, 1989 at 2:59 pm. I have just recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1. I am shocked beyond all belief right now……………

    • Wow, there are no coincidences, you know. One of Erik’s roles is to guide people who suffered like him to the blog and/or book. You got that nudge I guess. Maybe he’s one of your guides. I hope you read on!

    • Wow, and you were born one minute before Erik. That makes you the big sis!

  • Amelia Derusso

    Elisa,I lost my son a year ago,I am also so torn with grief.I had a reading with my medium on Sunday night and my son told me your Erik and him are great friends,He wanted me to read about him,so I been reading ever since.I am so incredibley besides myself.Your Amelia

  • phoenix

    I want to thank you for the work you are doing, Dr. Medhus, Erik, and Jamie. I stumbled across your youtube videos and have been sitting in front of the computer ALL DAY watching them! My daughter’s father passed in 2010, and I miss him like crazy. Hearing Jamie channel is refreshing to me, and the information is comforting. Still, I am grieving and cannot seem to move on. I was not with DJ when he passed, in fact, he was alone, and I wish I could have been there for him. I talk to him a lot, but I am usually crying or missing him and I suppose that my energy isn’t conducive to hearing back from him. Anyway, I have found a great deal of peace watching your videos and will continue to follow them. You are so fortunate to have Jamie. Such a gift. But, then, isn’t she an incarnated angel?? Love and Peace to you and yours……..and Thank You Erik, for it all.

    • How well I know what grief can do. Maybe you should talk to him through one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls. 🙂

      • phoenix

        This is precisely what I intend to do! How exciting is this!!! What an amazing gift. Thank you all…….

  • Nicole Russell

    My childs father was also Bipolar and so many steps your son experienced before his suicide so did my soal mate, Ray, he clog to material things and seems perfectly fine…one disagreement and he locked me out of a room and hung himself….Ive never told anyone but …cant remeber how shortly after…I had such a vivid dream he was sort of laughing and smiling trying to talk to me but I was CRYING so loudly I couldnt hear him I was on my knees in my dream and screaming “why!” and crying so loudly …after i woke i remeber feeling how could he be laughing….i never dreamed of him again until a few weeks later…I dreamed he was protecting me from him family who were throwing rocks and at me and killing me and i yelled to him “tell them I didnt do it, tell them what you did” and he said “I try Nikki but they dont listen”…I just bought your book on Amazon but can you tell me how you channel so frequently? and Vividly? Its been since Nov 14 2011 he died but Im still not over it and I need closure I need answers but I dont feel him anymore its just sadness and depression cloud my life…I dont know what to do…I need to know hes around…I need proof…Please any suggestions

  • Janet

    Hello Erik, my name is Janet, my son is Josh who was 27 when he took his life on May 28,2013, I wish I new why….

    • Oh Janet, I feel your pain. One of the most healing things for me was to actually speak with Erik through Jamie and other mediums. It’s really hard to find a good medium but it is well worth it. Jamie is one of the best but she’s very booked up. You can register for one of her small group calls where Eric brings forth the deceased and help them communicate. This is very powerful and healing. Kent and Cindy Lehman are also very good channelers. You could find them in my links list. Kate Sitka is another very good medium. Whoever you use, be sure to ask Erik to come along because he keeps the medium’s filters down and he also helps the deceased loved one come forward. Erik’s job is also to help the deceased communicate because some of them have trouble with that. I’ll do anything to help you. Know that I have your back. So do the rest of the members of the blog.

      • Janet

        Elisa, I would like to tell you I am so sorry for your loss, and I want to thank you for your kind words and guidance threw all this pain, I have never seen a medium so I will try to get intouch with the names you have given me. Thank you!

  • Guest

    Hello Janet & Erik, My name is Karen, My daughter, Dana took her life January 12 of this year. It is the saddest time of my life right now. She was my best friend & always put my interest before her own. We were so close. She has a sister who is so heart broken. Dana was 31 yrs. old. She’s came to me in dreams 3 times. My tv in the kitchen now shuts off & turns on by itself. I stumbled upon this website yesterday,which I think she kind of guided me to it. It has been so helpful to know that Erik has given us a chance to see where our children are and how they are doing. What kind of process they went through and how they are learning and teaching at the same time. Erik reminds me of my daughter because she had no filter either. She said what she thought and if you didn’t like it, oh well. She was proud to be from Brooklyn NY. Erik , if you run into Dana Koons, tell her “thanks for letting me know she around me and talk to her. She’s really a funny gal. You two would hit it off. Also tell her that I will continue to talk to her and prayer for her & love her very much, Blessings to you both. Karen.

  • Karen Helms

    Greetings to Elisa & Erik, Hello, My name is Karen, I lost my daughter, Dana This past January 12th. She took her own life. She had been in 6 rehabs the last year and married someone who was a lot older then her(19) yrs. and seem to keep her around what she called “those people”. I tried to have her come home & the day before this happened, she called me and said she was so modified & embarrassed at her actions for the past 2 yrs. She was my hero, best friend, We talked about everything. Some things I did not want to hear but she said “your my mom, who else am I supposed to tell. I’ve had 3 dreams about her and she likes to turn my t.v. on & off in the kitchen. That’s where I’m at most of the time. I still talk to her everyday & prayer for her at night. She was a true Brooklyn Girl & very proud of that. She loved kids. I hope Erik will try and find Dana Koons & tells her her mom knows she’s around, we love & miss her. And I’m so proud of her because I know she’s doing good things up there. A special blessing to you Elisa , I did the same thing u did after Erik passed, I looked up & read every book I could get my hands on . But yesterday, I was brought to this web site and the more I read, I knew my Dana had directed me to this site. Hope to get in on one of those special readings. God bless you both, and thank-you for sharing your story. Comforting to know your not the only one. Hope to talk to you soon. You truly are a wonderful & caring person. Blessings. Karen

    • I’m so glad you’re here!

      • Karen Helms

        So sorry, didn’t know if you got my first message, so I sent another one. Finally, there’s other people who have been through it , going through it and will make it through it! I always told my daughters, if there’s any way to come back after I die, you’ll know I’m around. TV, radio, dreams, etc. And now it’s happening to mew/ Dana. You have to go on with your life, but I always watch for the clues. She’s a prankster, so even in death, I’m on my toes, lol Love this kid. If anyone needs to talk, please fell free. Today is a good day. Blessings to Erik & Elisa xo

      • Sounds like Erik has met his match in the prankster department!

      • Karen Helms

        Oh believe me, if she could run this show instead of u & him, she would be talking to u or be his side kick, just so she could have some imput. She loves to be “In-charge”. If I know her, she’s already trying to figure something out. The word is out…lol. They have to meet. Bklyn Girl. Accent & All. She only been there 6 months, she may need someone to show her the ropes. Or how to stop talking so much. They might have muzzled her already lol . Blessings to all. Karen. I have a picture of her on my FB pg. if u have time , look her up. She’s the blond with her sister Hugs to you, Elisa.

  • HAHA! They’ll be quite the pair. Heaven will never be the same.

  • Karen Helms

    I’m still wondering , Which I haven’t run across anything in your blog, How does Erik, see or look down at you from heaven. Is he with you and around your house most of the day? Does he visit you every day and do you feel his presence? Or do you just talk to him during medium’s readings? I want to know that it’s my daughter visiting me and not Erik, which I don’t think it’s him. I don’t think I’m still understanding how we all can’t connect with our loved ones, if we want, just like you do with Erik.

  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    I am about to find, copy, & paste all my stories soon ♡

  • That song “”If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out” was in the amazing movie called Harold and Maude 1971 film – To the friends of Erik – please watch it if get the chance. 🙂

  • Susan…..Cody’s mom

    Finished the book! Have read a lot since Cody left us 12/8/13 at the young age of 17. This has been the hardest thing to face. I wish I felt his presence as much as you do Erik’s. He sends me flies cause he has an unbelievable sense of humor. I read your story and feel like Cody was so similar to Erik. Just wish he was still as loud about making his presence known. Thank you! Cody’s mom

  • Susan…..Cody’s mom

    Finished the book! Have read many since Cody my son left us on 12/8/13 at 17 year young… Reading your story and blogs provides some peace. Just wish I was getting more than the visits from flies from Cody as he always had such a huge presence, but than again he was always a jokester. Thanks for sharing….

  • Elli

    Also, I finally figured out you can click on “Archives” at the top and find out what year the posts are and find them in order!

  • Philip Salemi

    Your book was referred to me by a friend. What an amazing and strong woman you are and how fortunate to have the relationship you do with Erik. I have to tell you about two things that happened while I was reading your book. I am on vacation on the St. Lawrence river near Alexandria Bay. I was about 2 days into the book. I remembered reading about how Erik sometimes manifests himself in smells and as a dragonfly. One night I was awakened by the smell of men’s cologne. I did not bring any cologne with me and there was no one else in the cottage. The next day, a dragonfly landed on the finger of my nephew and stayed there for what seemed 2 minutes. The day after that, the dragonfly made it’s appearance and just hovered around fro a bout 5-6 minutes. I can only believe that those signs were all Erik validating for me. My mom passed away a couple of years ago and I have not heard from her yet. I fully expected to hear from her a while ago and am certainly ready to and in fact have been anticipating her signs. I have heard from dad but nothing from mom. I am hoping Erik can help connect us.. Thanks for sharing your story I can not wait to continue reading the blog and for your next book.

    Love and light to you and all.

    • You’re lucky Erik didn’t give you one of his nasty smells! Erik says he nudges people to the book and/or blog all the time, sometimes with the help of a deceased loved one. I think that happened with you. Thanks for the kind words!!!

  • Marianne Astrid Jørgensen

    Thanx for the book, and the blog, It’s helps me in everyway:) love from Norway, Marianne<3

  • Marianne Astrid Jørgensen

    I love the book, it’s give me som much hope and comfort!
    But, i Wonder Why i cant’t feel my moter and father, and other dear one’s. My mother died suddenly at her home in 2007. I blame myself, cos i gave her my medicine and she died because of it.. And i have to live with that blame.

    She promised me to give me a sign and visit me after life, we did talk about death many times.. But i can not feel her:( it’s feels like she is gone in everyway, and it’s break my heart.

    i have seen ghost before, when I was younger and iam open and can feel other things.. But not my own family. That’s make me so unhappy, i need to know. i can’t go on and enjoy my life wihout feeling something..

    Is There something i can do, to make it happend? I hope you have some advice.. Sorry for my bad english! All best to you and Erik:)

  • Joshua Jones

    Sweet story & I am incredibly sorry for your loss. I mean this with absolutely no disrespect or malice in my heart but I have to ask, do you ever worry that it might be dangerous for someone who is potentially suicidal to read things like this & in some cases may have the ADVERSE effect of what I think you’d like to accomplish with this book? I have to imagine that sharing Erik’s “transmission” (for lack of a better term) to his father about how the “afterlife” feels as ” a feeling of joy, love, comfort, lightness and freedom that simply cannot be described in our limited language as humans” could very possibly serve as just the kind of notion some potentially suicidal people would need to help them go through with the act? For so many people right on that edge, the difference between the pain of living & the unknowns of what’s next can be so thin that often maybe all they’d need is just that kind of statement from a person who has lost someone to suicide. I am not doubting your story or your sincerity, honestly, but for people who have experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide & have not been lucky enough to have such “astral/psychic” connection & affirmation from the lost loved one, the thought of another family going through the same pain because they’re loved one got just the kind of notion they needed to believe that the next life truly is worth going to from their current life really worries me…

  • John Coleman

    I been wanting to commit suicide becuse now i have a jail warrant on me for child support and i was paying it. I just wanna give up. Ive lost my job and hope in life.

    • Tony Benz

      you good man. ive been suicidal too. had several nasal surgeries to breath out of my nose and they got worse. stay strong

  • abenakis

    We lost our 41 yr old son Jimmy 9 months ago to a heart attack. I nave received signs from him since the very day after I found him. Usually by way of anything electronic. . Mostly with my cell phone. 2 nights ago I was googling how to record messages from loved ones when I saw this site on the list. I started reading , thinking of Jimmy. All of a sudden at the bottom of this page, above the bar across the bottom with the icons, was a white bar. It was about 1/4 inch high, from the left all the way to the right of my laptop screen and it kept flashing. I asked Jimmy if that was him and it seemed to flash in answer to me. This was not on any other page I had open at that time. I started speaking to him, thanking him for still being with me and visiting me when I most needed him. The flashing stopped but the white bar remained. I had asked him one time to make sure his signs to me were obvious and he did just that, with the white flashing bar across the screen.

  • Teddy Man

    Hi. I watched channeling Jesus and was shocked to hear his response that the Shroud of Turin was genuine. Keep exploring. We (and I) have so many questions…Teddy

    • Yes, and now historians are discovering that he might actually not have died on the cross. Did you hear him say “yes” when I asked him if he had a current incarnation on Earth? Listen with headphones. The YouTube “Voices from the Dead” has that response but also Erik’s. It’s clip the sound engineer sent me after concluding that the voices left no voice print so they were clearly not human.

  • Karen

    Elisa…in one conversation with Erik he said that he is pretty sure he only has to come back one more time. However, then in another conversation he says he will have to come back several times. Why do you think there is the discrepancy?

    • I truly believe Jamie is more accurate in channeling. Keep in mind that Erik learns as he goes along. He’s learned that there is no time where he is. Time is just a human construct that makes life livable here. He’s living all lives at the same time, past present and future, as are we.

  • Carol Pagano Veloz

    I so much love this stuff. I have watched a lot of the videos but have many more to go. I am interested in channeling Erik so I am following his mom’s instructions. I have not found his voice yet which I am working on that. Your efforts here are helping the people wake up to how things really are. This is absolute evidence that the veil is lifting. Human consciousness is evolving and I love being a part of it. Cheers to Erik, Jamie and Mom.

  • Rachel Lawrence

    Hi Elisa,
    My cousin is a very spiritually minded person who has told me a about your blog and channeling Erik.
    I too lost my son to suicide 3 years ago and am finding it a daily struggle to cope with the loss of my eldest and only biological son.
    Reading your story has given me comfort and hope that my son is happy I hope to that I will be able to connect with him as you have with your son xxx
    Thank you from one mother to another

  • Caroline Garrod

    after finding Erik on you tube I have enjoyed his videos very much ….I asked Erik if he would be in my dream and last night he was he was sitting on the floor and as i walked past he grabbed my leg so i fell to the ground ( in a nice way like siblings would play) sitting on the floor with him he tickled my toes and said i had funny feet! i had also asked him to send me a text message that made no sense ( a bit greedy I know ) but as soon as i woke from this dream my phone went off with a text……..this guy asked me why i wasn’t coming in because he had left the door unlocked and thought i was billy and used phrases like yo bro well i got what i asked for! thanks Erik xxxxx

  • Nique Totten

    After my boyfriend committed suicide 2-22-15 I began searching for answers and comfort… My religious back ground was you go to hell for it. and of course talking to the dead was for sure a sin…I just couldn’t grasp that he might be in hell. I started asking for signs. I have received many validations Feathers,quarters, front door opening on its on, music, Angel cards…And the best was discovering Eriks web site. Listening to him has put me at ease answering so many of my questions. Thank you Erik! Will you look for my Love, Aaron and help him find ways to communicate with me.Look forward to reading and listening to more of your work.Sincerely,Nique

  • mystery

    I don’t want to upset anyone but how true do you believe this to be? I myself for specific reasons to my life, am searching for answers of the afterlife. Have you ever asked Erik to contact a total stranger so they could know ? Or asked him to contact a relative of theirs?
    Life after death is a comfort to some, but for others, it is not whether there is life after, it is what happens, in life we may love people and then wonder, what will happen in death, will they love me still, or they may love someone who doesn’t love them and they may wonder, will i be free of the pain of rejection if i am dead.
    Or will they be judged too sinful to go where it is good?

    • I think it’s wise to be an open-minded skeptic. I was for 4 years after Erik died, even at the time I published this post. Keep reading through the archives and you’ll see the science behind it, additional evidence gleaned from my experiences and those of blog members all over the world, etc. You’ll learn about judgment, about the human experience–why we’re here–and much more.

      • mystery

        What i really seek is to know if i will finally be happy, ie will love i cannot have now, come to me in death? And will i be condemned for not having faith in god when i find a total absence of him in my life and therefore choose not to believe in any of the many religions or denominations but to wait for even a dream visit by god or an angel to tell me the true religion.
        I wish my own relatives would contact me to help me answer some questions but of course they dont

  • Rose Garner

    My husband took his own life September 5, 2013. I struggle with the darkness.. even though Ive tried to go on with my life including re-marrying. nothing has worked to get the images out that is now burned into my mind. I threw myself on him trying to get him to wake up, covered in his blood… all this burned like a torch in my mind.. I cant wake up from this nightmare..

    • It sounds like you have PTSD on top of everything else, sweetie. Have you ever heard of EMDR? I had to see Erik after he shot himself in the head. It was a hollowpoint bullet so it did a lot of damage. It was a sight no mother should see. Eventually I tried EMDR and it helped a lot. I’d also consider talking to your husband through one of the CE mediums (or any good one) or through one of Jamie and Erik’s small group channeling calls.

      • Rose Garner

        yes i saw my husband too.. he did it in front of me.;same thing.. hollowpoint bullet… Im not sure what EMDR is? I saw one medium/psychic and she said he was sorry and he loved me etc… but wasnt good enough for me… Ive only had one dream about him.. I want to have more.. I want to see him again..

  • Charlotte Hughes

    My mom was my best friend. When she was diagnosed with lung and bone cancer on Jan 9, 2010, I moved in with her for 14 months and took care of her every need, also drove long distances for her chemo, radiation, and blood transfusions. I held her in my arms as she took her last breath. I am both proud and humbled that I was able to do all this, but I paid a high price, lost my job and my house, filed bankruptcy, etc. I would do it all over again because I learned that it is indeed better to give than receive and true bonding between two human beings.I envy those who have had contact with their loved ones after they’ve passed over and those who say they feel their loved one’s presence. I haven’t even dreamed about my mom, and she has been gone 4 years now. Can anyone explain why some people have “visits” and others don’t?

    • You might get some insight if you search “electromagnetic” in the search bar. I think the post is “Belief and Science” but I’m not sure.

  • Shelley Lester Dodge

    where’s the rest of the story? in your blog?

    • Yes, if you make your way through the archives, you’ll find it and more.

      • Shelley Lester Dodge

        thank you I have been fascinated with the interview’s and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your delightful son with us! I have a wonderful son and cannot imagine the grief you felt in losing Erik but I hope you know that by sharing him with us you’ve helped many. Have you heard of Delores Cannon’s work? Amazing read! She has passed so would love to hear from her now that she’s on the other side?

      • Yes, I’ve heard of her. She’s on my list of people to interview. 🙂

  • DA Gaylor

    I am the ultimate skeptic, in so many ways, yet I wonder. I lost my Aeric on May 29th, to suicide. I have been reading since then, wondering even more, without making up my mind. I had a brief dream about Aeric a couple of nights ago, and felt that I needed to go to his ‘tree” to speak with him, somehow. I saw him sitting on the huge rock from which he took a final step, wanting to talk with me. I made the hike up to his tree, but I didn’t hear from Aeric. When I got home, I was looking for books to read on Amazon, and found your story about your Erik. I am half way through your book, trying to comprehend, trying to open my mind. My heart and soul are eternally open, and I am listening, looking, and trying to let my son know how very much he was loved, adored, and how very much he is missed, beyond belief. I feel like half of me is gone: my arms ache to comfort him, my hands to caress his lovely head, and for my eyes to see his smile, and my ears to hear his quick, funny chuckle. Aeric was also bi-polar, struggling deeply with unimaginable pain. I only wish I had known how to help him.

  • phazion

    fuck erik and these bitches if he commited suicide hes in helll not with jesus..if i ever see that blond head bitch ima smack the shit out her ugly ass face for lying

  • Dr. Medhus,

    I just discovered you today through your youtube videos with Jamie. I am very happy to be joining the forum here. I lost a good friend to suicide three years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and wish I could talk to her.
    I have always been interested in the afterlife and channeling, both of which I believe very strongly in.
    I am really excited to be here.

    – Shawn

    • We’re excited to have you here! Be sure to join the private Channeling Erik Facebook Group. It’s a great bunch.

  • ManiB94

    Hi i learned a’lot from this Blog thank’s a’lot. Spiritually i have obtained very valuable knowledge. The many are ONE. By the way come visit me Erik i have a very high frequency so i’ll be able to spot you a mile away and end up pranking you before you prank me. hehe

  • SnakeEyes

    I don’t want to judge his mother, and I don’t know details. But it sounded as if he needed a school where he would be more accepted, and understood. To have kids and even {VILE} “teachers” call him “stupid” is heartbreaking to hear. I am hoping she switched him to a school that was not as mainstream after that –
    This was all so sad I couldn’t read the whole story yet, but I think I will get the book.

    • Yes, I did send him to a charter school and that helped a lot. Not enough, I guess. Thanks for watching the show. I thought it was funny that Erik pranked him. He seemed a little freaked!

  • Lisa

    I just wanted to say Hello to Elisa and of course Erik… Elisa I wanted to just let you know as a mother of 3 young adults girls I am so happy that you created such a wonderful place for anyone to come and connect. I am now at ease after reading Erik’s book that life does continue it never ends. I have been talking about Erik to my girls for the past year. They are very open as I am, and I hope that as a family we can learn more from you and Erik. (Thank you Elisa & Erik)

  • Karen Viken

    R.I.P Erik <3

  • Moonbeach

    Hi Elisa, thank you so much for this and your courage to share. My sister passed away in Feb and I have been looking out for signs. Most days I see 11.11 a lot and double numbers and I think maybe its a sign from her. I have a 14 year old son and we are going through a sensitive time. The other night I said to my sister’s picture ‘please give me a sign that you’re around’. The next morning I found your videos on youtube and became intrigued so I came to the website, bought Erik’s book, and spent the day reading. My heart was pounding as I began to read and I cried a little. I asked Erik, I know I’m new, but please if I see the name Erik anywhere else today or my sister’s name Lisa in your book I will know its a sign. Lo and behold I later went on Facebook for the first time that day and the first thing I saw was a friend had posted that her dog called ‘Eric” had just passed away and has gone to heaven. My comment was obviously RIP Eric I couldn’t believe what I was writing (didn’t even know she had a dog). I was a bit stunned at that! Then coming back onto the website I realised (dumb me) that Elisa has Lisa in it which is all over the book of course! Further looking on the site I have seen a post entitled a very odd saying that only my sister used to say as she was very funny. Lastly I just went on Facebook again and my friend has posted a pic of her dog smiling and another pic of a cartoon dog with wings which says “when you feel me in your heart just look up, I’m right there”….. I think I got my answer? Now I just looked down this page and the post 2 down is by Lisa! This stuff is freaking me out now but I love it! Thanks so much 🙂

    • Sounds like Lisa and Erik are working together to get your attention!

  • Peggy Mistretta

    Hi Elisa I love watching n listening to Erik give so much information from the other side! I would love to ask Erik if Gary Spivey is right about us having demons for everything that is wrong with us. He focuses so much on this that it scared me. I would like to know if this is true? Thanks so much I look forward to hearing from Erik!

  • Helen Moulford

    In which of your books can I read about what Erik saw after he died? I ask because in July last year i had a series of OBE’s when I had cancer surgery. I was able to tell my beloved husband, who was a scientist and not as spiritual as me, what I had seen. He died suddenly on February 6th of this year, but is not gone from me. I know death is not the end, but i still wonder where I went during those times, and why.

    • Both, but I’d start with the second one, My Life After Death.

  • tman dunk

    Hello. I am a christian and I really was very offended by your ”channeling Jesus Christ” video you did and I believed that your video was very deceptive because you never talked to Jesus. Jesus said a lot of things in the bible which he did not say while you guys were so how channeling him. Why is that Elisa? Jesus said that he is the only way to God but you guys are saying that they are many ways to God. BTW you should always test these spirits because some spirits are demons.

    • What you’re saying Jesus said is the account of other men. I believe what’s coming directly out of his mouth. Things get lost in translation as they go from mouth to mouth to mouth, plus organized religion has heavily edited the Bible to suit the needs of those in power.

      • tman dunk

        You were speaking to a demon pretending

  • Riskie

    I found this sight thru looking at your book on Amazon. I’m new to all this, so not sure how it works. My 18 year old son committed suicide 48 days ago in his bedroom, here at our home. We found him when we went to get him up for school. No warning signs, no apparent problems that would cause him to make this decision. He had gotten a scholarship for college, had many friends and was always smiling and joking. It was a total, numbing shock to everyone.
    My sister, who lives with us for the time being, started getting ‘thoughts’ from him. She isn’t one to believe in such things, but the messages were so powerful, she started writing them down. We told our trauma Therapist about it, and she called it ‘channeling’. I’m looking forward to being in a discussion about this.

    • I’m so, so sorry for your pain. I hope you read through the archives, because I think that will help you. There’s a lot a science in it and that helped me. Maybe you should also join the private Channeling Erik Facebook group. They’re all so loving and supportive. Reading Erik’s book will give you a detailed idea of what death was like for your son, what his life as a spirit is like, and what his new home is like.

      • Riskie

        Thanks so much for your quick reply. I’m ordering his book and have read a good bit of the archives here and enjoyed them. Erik, like Casey, is full of humor and wit! Case left us notes, which was both comforting and heartbreakingly sad. We didn’t know he was suffering so much and, like Erik, was self-medicating to try to ease the pain any way that he could. Having suffered w/depression and diagnosed Bipolar myself, I should have seen SOMETHING. I’ve always been open with him about my struggles and told him to come to me and we’d get him help. He knew that therapy, along with medication had saved my life. The guilt that I carry is tremendous. I put too much pressure on him. Nothing was good enough; he could always do better. I just wanted him to be the best he could be. I didn’t want him making the same mistakes I had.
        I just want him to know how much we love him and miss him more than he could ever imagine. I want to know that he is okay. Believing he is speaking to us, via my sister, has been very comforting and has allowed me to release some of my guilt. I don’t think it will ever all go away, though.

      • Sometimes we push them so that they collect the wins they need to help their self-esteem. Think about your intentions. They were always good.

  • Dark Matter

    Dear Elisa & Erik, I am a 37 year old mum of three. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse & domestic violence. When I was 17 years old I tried to kill myself. I almost succeeded I spent 4 days in a coma on life support. I took an overdose. I am very lucky now to have beautiful children and a great partner who is kind and caring. But I still struggle with post traumatic stress and every day is a struggle to stay alive. I am going through a very bad episode right now and I have been considering ending my life for good. Through a synchronistic series of events I stumbled across you guys. Your videos have helped me so much. Whilst typing this message an electric blue flash of light appeared in the corner of the room. Although I am still in a bad place, your work has shifted my vibration to a more positive one. You guys truly are angels. Thank you Erik & Elisa with all of my heart x

    • Maybe that blue flash was Erik! He might have nudged you here meaning you are meant to stay. Consider reading the post “A Break from Being Human.” Also, there are posts about people who feel like they don’t belong. Those might apply to you. Can’t remember the title but it’s something like, “Are you from Mars.” Maybe search using the keyword, Mars.

      • Dark Matter

        Thank you so much Elisa, funnily enough I have just clicked on your latest twitter post and a pic of Erik popped up wearing a blue t shirt. Thanks again xxx

  • llabier

    HI Elisa, I am so in awe of your work and your dedication to your son. I am new to this blog and find so much hope from your blog and video interviews. I had recently asked Erik to send me a sign that he is indeed with us… Day 1, I received a telephone call from my own phone? (the caller ID showed my own number) and no one was on the other line, Day 2, I came home from work and my house lights were on (I’m 99.999% sure I shut them off before leaving for work), Day 3 I used a recently laundered towel after my shower and it smelled like cat urine … I do not own a cat! It sounds like Erik’s sense of humor (from what I have been reading)… Anyway, Elisa, I think you are doing amazing stuff and let the haters hate…. stay strong to your convictions.

  • Lala

    My father has always said in the past that when u die, it’s like before u were born, he said do u remember that? And I would say no and he would say that that is death, u feel and see nothing!
    When I was somewhere between 7 and 9 I had a “dream” and in it there was a swirly light on the wall right next to my bed and I started screaming that I was allowed to go through it so why wouldn’t my dad let me, “he promised I could”, according to my dream and when I woke up my dad was shaking me awake and I knew then that what he said was wrong, I don’t remember how or why but I believed that we all made our own “heaven as such” and that what my dad said was so wrong! I wish with all my heart that I had told him that but I know he would never believe me so I worry about when he dies that that is what he will see, but after following Eric’s journey through the afterlife I truly believe that what I saw was true and also that my dad will find his way 🙂

    Thank you to u and mum for making my life complete again and remembering why I’m here 🙂 love u Erik and Elisa x

    • Lala

      By the way Erik thanks for the dirty smelly sock smell I get most mornings when I go in the lounge:) I always feel loved that u are visiting 🙂 but I can really do without the smelly egg fart smell thank you 🙂 greetings from Australia 🙂

  • Christian Vázquez

    Hi Elisa, you mentioned there is a children’s book coming? Are you looking for an illustrator?

    • I actually will because if I illustrate it it’ll just be stick figures! Publishing a book is very expensive, though. A publicist alone costs 15-20K and you rarely if ever make any profit, so I’ll have to wait. I do want to help children understand death in a different way, though.

      • Christian Vázquez

        Hi again Elisa. I understand completely. I wouldnt be looking for monetary compensation, let alone anything material. It would be as a “thank you” to Erik, you and all the translators for the work you’re doing. If you are interested please let me know a direct email to send you some of my info.

      • Awesome. Send me what you have to

  • gusman

    ‘”(This may have been a former girlfriend who, 7 months earlier, suffered
    an accidental gunshot wound to the head by a drunken “friend” who
    thought he had unloaded his new revolver.)” As a Brit, reading this is the most poignant thing in the whole article.

  • Dimegirl

    I always thought people that have taken there own life(I don’t believe the hell opinion) will be born again until they live a fulfilled life and die a natural death.

  • Emma Nystrom

    Hello Elisa how are you doing?

  • Jennifer kelley

    Elisa, thank you for your strength, beautiful soul, and this work You replied to my desperate, suicidal quote about a year ago. It meant so much to me, and literally may have saved me. I’m still struggling, but many of the videos and Erik’s answers have pulled me through. I know you’re not running a suicide hotline, but answers can come in strange places, as this was for me.
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart…and Erik, as well!! 🙂 many blessings to you.

    • Aw, you just made my day. My eyes are tearing up. I’m so grateful that you decided to stay.

  • Be careful what you wish for! haha

    • elle

      I know right! I told him ” no scary stuff, please”

  • Brooke Bosse

    I suffer from depression i often think about self harming myself I stumbled across your blog site since I have started reading the thoughts of self harm have greatly have gone away you truely saved my life thank you reading your blog has helped become a better person and thinking about cutting my wrists have gone away thanks to you and Erik’s blog i now understand that harming myself is not the answer

    • Oh, Brooke, that makes me so happy. I’m going to ask Erik to continue to watch over you. He probably nudged you here somehow. It would be great if you could copy and paste this into the page you get to when you click the “Share your praise” button, but you don’t have to. Knowing you’re better is all I need. Please stay close.

  • Shannon Hopson

    I decided to buy your book, because I felt I needed much help understanding the afterlife. I lost my son Dec. 2013. I have had a lot of pain, grief, sadness, anger, and much guilt. I felt like a mom is suppose to heal her child’s wounds. But this I could not. My son was very ambitious and goal oriented. He was a cop in the Army and decided to get out of the military, He was never a sick child and not even as a young man. He passed away 30 days later after being diagnosed with cancer. I am still trying to heal and I don’t understand why his siblings have had strange things happen to them about their brother, but I cant feel his presence surrounding me and I wish I could. I can not stand the fact that I am not able to speak with him anymore. So, I am halfway through the book for a better understanding. And I am so thankful for your blog and literature…..

    • If you search the blog for “electromagnetic spectrum” you’ll find out why in terms of science. There are also lots of posts in the archives that will teach you how to connect with your son. Meanwhile, I’m asking Erik to help and I’m sending you a ton of love and prayers.

  • Thanks, Brooke!

  • Greg Converse

    Dear Dr. Medhus, I just finished reading “My Son and the Afterlife”. I lost my only brother Del to suicide due to depression, and many other problems he had, in April 2002. I found your book comforting, especially Erik’s description of The Other Side. I appreciate his humor and candor. I have recommended your book to others with similar losses. Since losing my brother I have had countless paranormal experiences in my home as have some of my family members including being touched on the head and having objects moved in the home. The Afterlife has become of great interest to me over the years and I have read many books on the topic from different sources. It’s very comforting to me to read about the kind of life my brother is living on The Other Side. I know he is healed and at peace and is likely very busy. My brother has come to me in dreams frequently since then and the experiences were very much real. I could feel his warmth and smell him as I hugged him tight while crying. I told him once in one of our visitations as I hugged him that I didn’t want to let him go because he would die again. He looked at me and smiled and said, “I can’t die”. My grieving and healing will never end but I have come a long way in understanding and learning to live a different life. I now work in a support group with people who have recently lost loved ones to suicide. I provide comfort when I can to let them know they will get through this most terrible experience and learn to live again. I have written a book on my suicide loss experience and am now sourcing for a publisher to put it into print, another way I want to help others. Thank you for your book. I just opened this website and am looking forward to reading it all. Many thanks and best wishes. Maybe Erik will contact me and let me know he’s around; that would be great. He’s a very cool kid. Greg Converse

    • I bet Erik will! I’m glad you found us. I hope you try to read through the archives.

      • Alba Kambouris

        I have read some of the archives and made comments.

  • Delton Lorenzo Hudson

    I really love the two books, the blog, and the whole Erik scene! The only thing I was sad to see was the photo of Erik with a dead animal he hunted. I belong to the Humane Society of the US, and I also assumed Erik must have loved animals? The only disturbing note in an otherwise wonderful story/symphony of Erik’s llfe.He does talk about animal souls at one point in one of the books.

    • Yes, he very much loved animals and was never a hunter.

      • Delton Lorenzo Hudson

        Thank you for answering. I would have thought he loved (loves!) animals. I am new to the blog. How do you become an actual blog member? Just by signing in with FB /Discus and commenting?

  • Rob Holmes

    Dear Elisa and Erik, thank you so much for all you are doing to help people on earth remember who they really are. I only discovered you two weeks ago and since then I have read both books and watched hours of youtube videos with the wonderful Jamie. (I have a reading booked with her for september!). I loved the interview with Buddha and also the one with Jesus with Quentin Crisp gate-crashing! Mind blowing stuff! 4 years ago I had an expected and life changing spiritual opening while driving my car on the M5 motorway here in the UK. Since then I have been able to talk with my spirit guides, as well as friends who have passed. It was a very moving and special experience to be able to talk to two friends at their own funerals… I would love it if Erik could make contact with me (without scaring me please!!) to help me develop my abilities and give me any advice. In the meantime I have written a children’s book to help remind children and parents that they are eternal spiritual beings. I would love to send you a copy when it comes out later this year. My plan is to write more books, do public speaking and write my own blog about my experiences. I know I came here to learn lots about the nature of love and how to allow all our emotions to be welcome in us, even the sadness and anger. My wish is that I can be of service to as many humans as possible to help remind them they are so much more than they appear to be. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your courage to face Erik’s passing and then to seek him out and share so much with all of us. Bless you both. Sending my love to you and your family. Rob xxx

  • John Brosnan

    Just joining. I’ve read the books and watched some of the YouTube conversations. Now I want to go through the blog so I can ask questions. Hope this is where I begin.

  • magy

    I have watched almost all the videos you have on You tube. I am so sad about your loss. I can’t imagine. I too have a son named Erik. With a K as well. He is my everything. After watching the channeling videos I can’t get your son Erik out of my mind. I think of him every day. I also think of you everyday. It is like you have all become part of my life for the past 6 months. I wish so much I could channel my loved ones. I know it is impossible. Dr. Medhus, you do have your hands full. I now at least have hope that they, my loved ones, are beautiful souls. They continue elsewhere. At least you and your beautiful son have given me that. A gift I will forever cherish. Thank you both so very much for bringing me some sort of positive thought to my soul which I really needed.

  • magy

    I have watched almost all the videos you have on You tube. I am so sad about your loss. I can’t imagine. I too have a son named Erik. With a K as well. He is my everything. After watching the channeling videos I can’t get your son Erik out of my mind. I think of him every day. I also think of you everyday. It is like you have all become part of my life for the past 6 months. I wish so much I could channel my loved ones. I know it is impossible. Dr. Medhus, you do have your hands full. I now at least have hope that they, my loved ones, are beautiful souls. They continue elsewhere. At least you and your beautiful son have given me that. A gift I will forever cherish. Thank you both so very much for bringing me some sort of positive thought to my soul which I really needed.

  • Kelly Brumby

    Hi 😉 Just wanted to say thank you to you all, for this beautiful blog and youtube clips. In all honesty i cant really remember how i found you guys, but im so glad i have.. I strongly feel you beautiful funny son has visited me in my dreams, it started a few months ago, Since January i have gained a sence of smell, wich i have never had, Infact my whole world is changing…. I could typw for ages, sharing with you, but mostly i just wanted to say THANKYOU, and thankyou Erik for making me laugh smile, cry , really feel like i have never had before… <3

  • Shannan

    I am listening to the book and am so interested.

  • Justin Moore

    Can anyone tell me if Erik has worked with Billy Fingers? Justin Moore/

  • Steve Costello

    Hello everybody, I am a writer (2nd novel with publisher) currently researching my next novel. Here’s an interesting event that keeps repeating with me. I am urged to write this thanks to Erik. I have been aware of my own spirit guides for quite some time. More recently I have found that Erik has been dipping in and out of my life and especially when I am researching, thinking about my research or writing.There have been a number of occasions when I have been unable to recall the name, ‘Erik.’ I know understand the why of that and it is because during those times I do not need Erik’s input or, he needs me to think more deeply about the things he has been teaching me. On and off during my life I have been called a Light Worker, medium, . . . I can reach the astral plane (sometimes) and am fortunate to enjoy easy contact with my guides although I often don’t hear them because I don’t listen (sorry). My writing is heavily influenced by them and I think other higher level beings. So often I have thought I am slightly mad and perhaps need some therapy, indeed some people might suggest that is true. However, I am quite sane and the messages I am pleased to receive are nothing less than wonderful. When I googled this site, I received hits from many skeptical blogs, etc. To them I say thank you too. We are so lucky to have these vehicles for free speech to help us balance our thoughts and opinions. I also say to them, ‘listen,’ there is an abundance of wonder in this universe and you are missing out.

    • I’ve always wanted to write a novel but it seems too hard! What are the titles of your books? Do they have to do with spirituality?

      • Steve Costello

        Hi Elisa, , Nice to virtually meet you ! 🙂 My first was written for 8 to 12 year olds and is called, Horando – Going Home; I never intended to publish it and personally I don’t think it’s that great. It was written because of a collection of Children’s stories that I told my children at bedtime . . . it developed.
        The second is historical fiction / spiritualism and I am very excited because it is in the publishing process within a major publisher. The best thing I can say about that for now is that I received a lot of pushes and prods to write some things in specific ways that were beyond my own design. Sorry if I sound cagey but until the publicity is prepared I need to wait and very frustrating it is too. My next novel follows similar themes and the spiritual input has been intense so far. I find this very exciting and at the same time humbling. I really hope that these two novels in particular will shine plenty of light. The novel currently with the publisher is called, ‘Beyond The Pyre.’ I will let you know as soon as I have a publishing date.
        I have been reading ‘My Life After Death’ and if I could rewrite what I have read it would turn into a huge tome, such as been the ‘extra’ I have received from new friends and one in particular. Best wishes, Steve C

      • Keep me posted about the book! So exciting! It’s hard to get picked up by a publisher so kudos to you!

      • Steve Costello

        I will keep you posted Elisa. You said you have always wanted to write a novel. Try writing a story about something you know lots about . . . You are a doctor with a wealth of info that could lead to great character development. Just start writing and see what happens. I am always happy to read and guide where I can.

      • Maybe when I retire!

  • Sue Roberts

    I have read both books about you and your sons journey together, i lost my son Nathan just over 2years ago . i just think my sons on holiday going around the world, but some days i just wished i could see him, but then straight after i think no i dont because i then will have to face hes not here so my amotions are all over the place your blog helps me so much thankyou to you and erik x

  • Moe Klyne-Garneau

    I just recently stumbled across your youtube videos with Jamie channelling Erik, and I have to say, wow that is some evidential messages to the masses. I am sorry for your loss of Erik in the human world and overjoyed of your son’s soul living on in the spirit world and making a connection with you and others. This is more then an interesting topic to follow then a mundane nine to five job and following the masses life. I am a huge fan and will follow and learn all that I can from the Erik clan, thanks for sharing!

    • I hope you make your way through the archives!

      • Moe Klyne-Garneau

        Wow there is a lot of great reading material here, I hope I have an Erik encounter to share at some point, thanks

      • If you ask for it, I’m sure he’ll oblige you!

      • Moe Klyne-Garneau

        Thanks Elisa

  • Narcia Watson

    For some time now we have been reading Eriks books as well as watching the YouTube Sessions online with great appeciation for the process. A week ago while meditating my husband received a message from my Father. He had passed away in 2002. With Eriks help my Father was able to give a vision to my husband of a man (him) laying on his back on the floor with his feet in the air balancing my tummy on his feet, like I was flying. He received a message that he was to tell me”Love Much”. My husband said Erik then expressed that he was to be sure to say it exactly as my Father had said it to him. My husband never had the previlage to know my father he had passed before we met. I have never told him about how my dad would lay in that exact position and balance me either on my stomach or sometime foot to foot always reasuring me that he was there and he would never let me fall. My father also found it uncomfortable to express his love in words but never in his actions. To hear that “Love Much” did not come as a shocking way for my Father to say it. In the weeks since all of this took place my sons life and that of our little granddaughter has come crumbling down all around them. I wonder now was he letting me know in his own way that I will need to “Love Much” and that he is here for us and we will not fall if we stand together.

  • Berna Miu

    I am so happy to hear that there is Heaven. It makes things that are so IMPORTANT here so minimal to me now. I wish I could hear from my grandpa Paul. I always had dreams about him when he died at first but now I do not hear anything from him. I just want to touch him again and just hug him and tell him how much I miss him. Erik thank you for comforting me. I listen to your book on my 2 hour drive to work; I am a nurse practitioner at a family practice. If you can help me understand more Erik I would love to meet you.

  • GrandeMontanha

    I´m from Brazil and I began to read “My Son and the Afterlife” today. I´m spiritist and in last January I received a psychography from my beloved mother, died in 2013. It was the most wonderful day of my life. Peace for all.

  • Joshua

    Kim Babcock recently posted an article on Tibetan Singing Bowls in her online journal and it rekindled my curiosity. I’ve been collecting antique singing bowls for a number of years and although it feels wonderful to experience the unique sound of each bowl, it would be awesome to learn how they were originally used for healing and how blog members might be able to benefit from them on their own healing journey. Do you think Erik would be willing to enlighten us on this topic?

    • I can put it on my list if it can be part of a broader topic but alone, it’s kind of narrow for a full YouTube.

      • Joshua

        A broader topic would be sound healing in general. The ancient mystery schools of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Tibet, and India had great knowledge of sound as being a primary creative force in the universe.

        A concept of disease observed by the ancients is that illness is an out of tune behavior of the body. When something becomes diseased, its frequency changes and it begins to vibrate differently than it once did. Through sound, it may be possible to apply harmonizing vibrations which will cause the body to become in tune again.

        There are many forms of sound healing today including Gregorian chant, Sanskrit chant, Solfeggio frequencies, singing bowls, tuning forks, indigenous drumming, aboriginal didgeridoo, acoustical architecture, etc.

        It would be fascinating to have Erik enlighten us on how these or other sound healing modalities could be used to bring our bodies back into balance before imbalances escalate into disease.

      • Maybe you can send me some questions?

  • Kim

    I just cried my eyes out reading about Erik. I noticed that his birthdate and time he was born are 3’s. He said things come in 3’s. I have so many friends that have lost their sons. My own son drown when he was 21, leaving him permanently brain damaged, blind and unable to walk or take care of himself. I started to search for answers after his accident. I sure did find. I would love to converse with you Elisa, as I have been able to channel “the mother-hood”, the Mariah, or the “Mary” soul group.

    • You can email me if you want, preferable during the day on weekdays. 🙂

  • Kathy Standing

    Daughter Kaitlyn passed over February 9, 2013 – – followed shortly after by sister Lynn March 17, 2013 – – your sharing has confirmed what I have known ~ I ask Erik please help Kaity and Lynn get through and hug from the behind the veil. . there is a tear in it after all ~ and I am so craving a touch from them – – thanks Erik ~~~ Impermanence has already rendered everything and everyone around me so deeply holy
    and significant and worthy of my heartbreaking gratitude.

    Loss has already transfigured life into an altar.

    • I hope you make your way through the archives. Sending love and prayers.

  • Shane

    Ive just read the book my life after death because im trying to understand.It was really weird at first cause it didnt seem real that someone could speak the way erik did but something kept bringing me back to it.I so badly want to believe but more then anything i want to know my mom dad sister and brother are ok,where ever they are.

    • Oh, they’re more than okay. I’ll ask Erik to bring them to you in a lucid dream or give you some sort of sign. Maybe you can ask him, too. Also, you should consider talking to them through a medium. It’s very healing.

  • Muky

    Hello Eric and Elisa, I just finished reading my life after death. I am happy to know that the soul doesn’t die, I suspect that didn’t happen but now I know for sure. I would like to know how my father and brother are doing. Are they in peace? I have more questions than answer since my bro passed away. Hope they are good in the other side because I miss them deeply. Muky.

    • Oh, of course they’re good, even better than before. Have you spoken to them through a medium?

  • Missy Rosas

    I want to quickly use this opportunity to explain this to you out there! its about my lover who was killed by Gun on his way back from work, without hearing a last word from him, is been 2years and 6months now that my husband was killed, ever since then i have not had anything from the police people who says that they are investigating to find out who the killer of my beloved husband is, but ever since then i have been a confuse woman, having bad feelings about this whole thing, because every night in my house i always hear voices in my sleep, before i know what in my sleep i see male hands try to touch me in my sleep, then i will quickly wake up, this has been happening ever since my husband has been buried now, i thought it was normal maybe it was because i think about my late husband a lot that is why this who thing was running through my head, Not knowing my dead husband was trying to communicate with me in Person, when i see this keep happening to me every night, it was as if i was going crazy i could not bare it so i have to cry out to my mom one morning, arriving to my mom place her friend was there in her apartment who just came to visit her, i could not wait for her friend to leave, because the who matter was so heavy in my heart, i have to open up. it was that same woman my mom friend who visited my mom that morning who told us something similar to our conversation happens years back to one of her relative, that she has someone who she will like us to contact and explain to, that the man in question is a spiritual man, who connect the dead and the living to have contact to each other, so i contacted him, after giving him all the details he ask for ,the man excuse me for some minutes, when he write me back he told me what i need to do, Honesty i thought it was wasting of time, i have no choice than to put a try on it, so i explained to him, after he did his consultation i was told that my husband want to make contact with me and make me understand who is responsible for his death, so the man told me what to do and of which i did, a night after i did exactly what this man told me, when i fall at sleep, i cant believe what i saw, behold it was my husband with tears on his face and blood all over him, it was like i was in the other side of the world that night, he started talking to me, my husband explain everything to me, not knowing this man who my husband call his best friend was the one who is responsible for his death, he pay some drugs head people to kill my husband for him, this same man was coming often to check on me and the kids asking me so many details about my dead husband, but i never suspected him because he was acting nice and kind to me and the kids, after a night my husband speak to me two days after this man confess how he pay some group of boys to murder my husband, and some hiding property of my husband was review to us too, Today i try to put it into written what i have been through in life, your love ones are out there crying trying so hard to make contact with you and show you things you never know about him before his/her death, you can know all this and help them achieve there dreams in life, Contact this powerful man who made my own possible today via Email: thanks to you all that take your time to read from me……. Thanks to dr osemudiamen, his email:

    • What an amazing story! Do the police know? Sending you love and prayers.

  • Crystal Adams


    my name is Crystal i am a mother of two, i want to quickly use this opportunity to explain this to you out there! its about my husband who was killed by Gun on his way back from work, without hearing a last word from him, is been 1years and 2months now that my husband was killed, ever since then i have not had anything from the police people who says that they are investigating to find out who the killer of my beloved husband is, but ever since then i have been a confuse woman, having bad feelings about this whole thing, because every night in my house i always hear voices in my sleep, before i know what in my sleep i see male hands try to touch me in my sleep, then i will quickly wake up, this has been happening ever since my husband has been buried now, i thought it was normal maybe it was because i think about my late husband a lot that is why this who thing was running through my head, Not knowing my dead husband was trying to communicate with me in Person, when i see this keep happening to me every night, it was as if i was going crazy i could not bare it so i have to cry out to my mom one morning, arriving to my mom place her friend was there in her apartment who just came to visit her, i could not wait for her friend to leave, because the who matter was so heavy in my heart, i have to open up. it was that same woman my mom friend who visited my mom that morning who told us something similar to our conversation happens years back to one of her relative, that she has someone who she will like us to contact and explain to, that the man in question is a spiritual man, his name is called Cordel Doughty a spiritual Doctor who connect the dead and the living to have contact to each other, so i contacted him, after giving him all the details he ask for ,the man excuse me for some minutes, when he write me back he told me what i need to do, Honesty i thought it was wasting of time, i have no choice than to put a try on it, so i explained to him, after he did his consultation i was told that my husband want to make contact with me and make me understand who is responsible for his death, so the man told me what to do and of which i did, a night after i did exactly what this man told me, when i fall at sleep, i cant believe what i saw, behold it was my husband with tear on his face and blood all over him, it was like i was in the other side of the world that night, he started talking to me, my husband explain everything to me, not knowing this man who my husband call his best friend was the one who is responsible for his death, he pay some drugs head people to kill my husband for him, this same man was coming often to check on me and the kids asking me so many details about my dead husband, but i never suspected him because he was acting nice and kind to me and the kids, after a night my husband speak to me two days after this man confess how he pay some group of boys to murder my husband, and some hiding property of my husband was review to us too, Today i try to put it into written what i have been through in life, your love ones are out there crying trying so hard to make contact with you and show you things you never know about him before his/her death, you can know all this and help them achieve there dreams in life, Contact this powerful man who made my own possible today via Email: } thanks to you all that take your time to read from me…….

    • I think one of the mediums on the Facebook “Channeling Erik Mediums” group works on crimes like this. Maybe you can post a request to that group? Or you can ask on the next radio show or as an Ask Erik question for the magazine. If you want the latter, email me the question (short please) as it would appear in the column.

  • just me

    Hi Elisa, I lost my amazing Father 3 months ago and my beautiful Mother a year before. I have struggled so much with my faith now as I cannot understand how this could happen. I am asking for Erik’s help to guide me and give me signs that they are ok. I need to get my faith back as strong as I can…I know that’s the way and direction I need in my life, just struggling so much. Thank you so much for listening, I love your book.

    • I hope you find the time to make your way through the archives because I think you’ll find a lot of help there. Sending love and healing.

  • Sharon Tennant

    I lost my father back on 24th July 2008, I believe in the afterlife and have asked for my father to give me a sign or come in a dream, so I know he is alright but still, have nothing from him. I feel disappointed in myself because I was never close to my parents, I suffer from major anxiety, borderline personality disorder, major depression and very shy, as a result of that I feel very lonely all the time even though I have 3 boys at home with me, I have never had a close relationship with my family and brothers and now my own 3 boys and 1 girl. I think a lot about ending it all so I’m free of this life but my youngest son needs me which makes it hard. I had to get a plane when my mother told me that dad was really sick and not going to make it so I needed to say goodbye, I arrived safely and on the way to the hospital my brother got the phone call to say he has gone, my mum and brothers thought it would be better for me if dad had passed away before I saw him cause I wouldn’t be able to cope with it, he was like a skeleton. I feel like I am a disappointmental to my mum and dad as I’m not a strong person and always attract the wrong partner that they never liked which they were right . I never got to say a proper goodbye, do you think Erik ( my uncle Eric died of lung cancer, it’s a nice name) might know if he is good and see if he could come to me in a dream so I can say a proper goodbye and find out if he’s disappointed in me especially when my family never believed in the afternoon life.

    • I’ll ask Erik to help him communicate. Look up the “Hand Game” on the blog and try that. Also, type in “electromagnetic spectrum” and read the post associated with that. That might help. If you make your way through the archives, there are several articles that give tips on how you can communicate with him.

  • Pat Rhoades

    I would LOVE Erik’s help in guiding me on what to do with my job. I feel after 27 years it is time for me to move on and find another job that is satisfying and not cause so much stress in my life. The issue is, I am the primary bread winner for my family of 5 and insurance holder. I am SCARED TO DEATH that if I find another job I wont be able to support my children and husband financially. Please Erik give me guidance on what to do. I Love you and your Momma! xoxo

    • Do you want to submit the question to Raylene, the Ask Erik column or do you want to ask it on the radio show?

      • Pat Rhoades

        Ohhhh let’s do it on the radio show! sooooooooo fun and I am all about the fun moments in life!

      • Pat Rhoades

        I am new to the blog, where is the Ask Erik column?

      • We used to have that but it got to expensive for me to ask during the sessions. Now you have three free options: You can call in during out Thursday night radio show, read the blog and catch when I call for questions for the Ask Erik magazine column or submit questions to Raylene for her monthly Q & A at Actually, she charges $5 to channel answers for the question but that’s almost free!

  • belltopcone

    Hiya, my wife has suffered two serious Strokes that has left her with not being able to speak coherently (aphasia) can Erik give some advice toward anything that those on the other side of life may be able to give her to recover her speech and improve her cognitive processes, is there anything that I can do to aid her recovery other then what has already been done i.e speech therapy etc.

    • That would be a great question for you to ask on our next radio show or submit that question to Raylene for her next monthly Q&A qith Erik. She sold out the first three hours March 1st so try to get to the head of the line April 1st. She’s Mountain time. Or you can book a session with any of the mediums I use on the links list under the favorites tab on the homepage or another one of you r choice.

  • Leann Brookman-Lecik

    Good Morning, I stumbled onto your videos on youtube a few months ago. They have changed my perspective so much. I grew up extremely religious and to watch the video all about God just gave me peace. I watch every new video. tell others about you and especially mothers whom have lost a child. I work for a non profit rehab in Michigan and you watch so many mothers in pain over losing their children to heroin overdoses. I try to encourage them to go on your blog and watch the videos. I even have them try to set up an apt with Kim seems she is booked up indefinitely. Thank you for all you do.

    • Aw, thank you! You can steer them to the other mediums like Raylene, Emma, Alison, Heather, Celestine Grace and others on my links list.

  • Fran Leavitt

    I read My Life After Death : A Memoir From Heaven, & am now reading My Son and the Afterlife. Both books are compelling & have given me a greater insight into the afterlife & a stronger sense of what our individual purpose is here in this plane. The death of a child, at any age, must certainly be the most devastating loss parent can possibly endure. With that sudden tragedy having happened to Elisa Medhus, she has risen above her heartbreak & together with Erik, channeling from the other side ,given comfort, solace & hope to countless numbers of people.
    Thanking you both ~ Erik & Elisa ~ & thanking your medium ~ facilitators for sharing your own profoundly personal experience with honesty, love , humor & empathy.
    May you always feel love, peace, light & receive unexpected blessings .
    Fran Leavitt

    • Thank you. I hope you make it through the archives because there’s a lot of great stuff there, and yes, it’s the worst thing that can happen to a human being, losing a child. It leaves you with a permanent hole in your heart.

  • April Smith

    My grandson, 16, is going through alot of what I read about Erik. I’m terrified he will leave us the same way Erik did as he has already tried. How do I stop this…or do I? I need a connection, peace, relief of this fear.

  • Lea

    Hi Elisa, where do I ask Erik a question for your Q&A session? I also want to confirm an encounter I had with him. Thank you!

  • Tina Marie Seavert DeClue

    How do I ask Erik a question. I suffer with several problems and feel as if I am losing it and suicide as an option.

    • You can call into one of the Thursday night radio shows (I put up instructions today and will tomorrow.) You can also submit a question to Raylene the first day of the month at, or you can book a session with any of the great mediums I have on my links page under the favorites tab.

  • Kimberly Brooks-Knapp

    I just purchased this book Life After Death. I have lost so many so quickly and was reaching for some comfort. I lost my two sisters, my mother, my dad, my mother in-law, my brother in-law and many close relatives in a very short time. Grief has been on my doorstep for a long time. My heart doesn’t heal before the next heartache comes. I lost my best friend my closest sister in 2014. I can’t stop thinking of her, I try to move on I try to live, by my heart is so broken. I should of had 20 or more years with her. I have had no communication from her, no dreams nothing. She believed in life after death and we talked about it a lot. I am somewhat angry cause she hasn’t come thru to me. Some days I can laugh and smile and other days I just cry for no reason and my heart won’t stop hurting. Why has so many people been taken from me what did I do wrong. Why does my heart have to hurt all the time? So I purchase certain books to try to find that peace. I came across this one this is the first book that I have connected too. This book makes me laugh and cry and help me understand. I am so sorry for your loss of your son Erik, I am so happy you shared this with all of us. I only wish you love and peace. Thank you again

  • Donna Deihl

    I lost my daughter April 11, 2017 of a overdose. I am not feeling her around me. I keep asking her to give me something but I have yet to even feel her presence. I wish I could get a drop of what you get from Erik. God Bless you and your family. Tell Erik I’m watching the videos on You Tube and I do feel better. I found out about you through I face book site called TAM grieving moms also known as the addicts mom.

    • I’m so sorry sweetie. You might want to communicate with her through one of the mediums I use (or one of your choice) to find out if she has been trying to communicate with you and if so, how. I’ll ask Erik to help her. You might also want to get a copy of Erik’s book, My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven, so you can find out exactly what she went through and where she is now. It’s a little over $8 but if you can’t afford it, email me and I’ll send you the pdf form. It’s really important to me that you read this and find relief.

      • Donna Deihl

        Thank you for your input. I did see one medium who stated she was all over the place. Which did not give me any peace. How do I set up a medium that you use. I wil order the book.

      • Go to the favorites tab at the top of the homepage, and under that you’ll find the links page with all the mediums I have vetted and think are good.

  • Alba Kambouris

    Elisa, I read this about a year ago and I just decided to reread it, strange how grief interrupts our ability to read. This time around I while reading I was able to truly understand it. I have a small group now of Erik followers I was blessed long before my loss to belong to a community of like minded people. They consist of Spiritual Seekers, Mediums, Shamans, Reiki, Angel communicators etc. As, humans we all have issues but we have learned to try to overlook our differences life has so many challenges. When, Jonathan passed there were over 70 mourners, this was amazing because we don’t have or even know that amount of people. It was the hottest day ever August 20th 2015, some of my friends noticed 6 white doves seating on the power lines as we made our way to my son’s burial. Birds, usually seek shelter from the sun on hot days, people came from everywhere. It was a shocking to see all those that knew my daughter from her neighborhood, and those in my community, and some of the friends he had, some of my family, (very few, we are broken, I have 6 sisters non are talking to me including my mother) My eyes were fixed on the box my son was in the whole time, it was done in the Jewish tradition (no viewing) the Rabbi updated those on Jonathan’s amazing giving and lovingly helped everyone. The prayer was given and the box was buried, the Rabbi song his song. Suddenly the doves as if cued flew down and flew around the burial and disappeared and then a cold breeze out of nowhere cooled us down, it was bone chilling. It was the talk of everyone, I was there but not feeling the truth of this day. My grandchildren Amber 9, Jayce 11 had no idea about death it broke my heart. Jonathan DOB 6-28-85 -DOD 8-10-15 As all thing life continues, but for me I am a shell and very aware that I must go on in spite of my heart break for the sake of those that look to me to show them the way. My son’s room is close I’ve not gone upstairs since his passing or been back to his grave. It’s hard to live with out him but your Channeling Erik was my way to try and whenever I feel that I can’t go on another day. I turn to your many youtube video and take a breath and thank God for you and the family of CE. Thank you Elisa for being there for all of us and know I know your pain,we will someday meet on the other side of the Veil. Take time for you and know you are doing a wonderful be well and again I am so sorry for your loss.

    • Oh, I don’t think I can ever revisit those first posts. Too painful. My grief was so deep.

      • Alba Kambouris

        I didn’t mean to take you there….I thought you wrote this a year ago….When the student is ready the teacher comes. You are amazing and I am sorry for you and your family just happy you can have a relationship with Erik. I am happy you are further along I hope someday I too will be ….Blessed Be

      • 🙂

  • Jade Moon

    I have read “My Life After Death” and now reading “My Son and the Afterlife.” Reading them in reverse because I didn’t know there was a book prior to “My Life After Death.” Both books are fascinating and I am new to this blog. Have never participated in a blog before but I feel a compulsion to be included and I hope that Erik will help me with some deeply personal issues that’s been going on in my life. I am a mother too and cannot imagine the pain you and your family suffered and endured. God give you and your family peace and love.

    • Welcome to the family. I hope you make your way through the archives.

  • kanis

    Hi. I just started reading your first book in Polish as I am from Poland.
    The book was published in my country some time ago. This isn’t the first
    book from life after life I have in my hands. I know this topic quite
    well. Just I’m still not sure what to think all about this. To be honest I am
    a little bit skeptical. It’s hard to believe that someone is communicating from the
    other side just like that.

    • I was skeptical for four years after my son died given I’m a woman of science raised by atheists. But when my atheist father called in a panic telling me Erik appeared before him, I started to wonder. Eventually, when I heard his voice on a recorded session, I knew it was all real. I recognize my son’s voice and Jamie and I were the only ones there. I had it analyzed by professionals who claimed it was not a human voice for many reasons, including the fact that it didn’t leave a voice print. Email me at and ask for my document that has various pieces of compelling evidence. Plus you must remember that we once thought the world was flat only to be proven otherwise. Arthur Schopenhauer said that Truth goes through three phases. First it’s ridiculed, then it’s scorned, and eventually it’s accepted as self-evident. That was the case with the whole world is flat/round issue.

  • ling zhao

    Dear Elisa, I lost my mom a year ago while she traveled aboard and had a car accident. I have few questions to ask Erik. May I ask you which blog of yours can I join to ask questions and get answers from your Q&A session? We are Chinese, when my mom past away, I didn’t know what to do to help her peacefully to pass over, so I ask my pastor friend, buddha monk friend and also an India Hera Krishna for help. I want to know if the Krishna is real and why when every time i misses my mom, the Krishna pictures will show up on my computer? Thank you very much! LingLing

    • Veronica and Emma accept questions now, and you can find their websites in my links page under the favorites tab on the homepage. The other mediums are there too, if you want to book a session with them.

      • ling zhao

        Dear Elisa, Thank you so much!!! I am a big fan of your books and youtube channel. I also bought few books of yours and mailed to friends who I think they need it when they lost their loved one. Thank you so much for all the works you have done for all of us. You and Erik opened a window for all of us to our future, to the light and love. God bless you and your family! Love you!!!

      • Aw thanks for supporting Erik and me!

  • Cheryl Moore

    Thank you for your time and energy. Can Erik share with us his perspective on the “Venus Project”? What will it take to change the way we do things from a debt based system to a more benevolent way of living? Natural disaster? Aliens arriving? Loss of the power grids? Will it require devastating failure of some kind in order for us to change our way of doing things from the one percent-ers behaving like parasites, feeding off all they can consume at the expense of the planet and it’s inhabitants? What can Eric tell us about the “Zeigiest” films which address this subject? Sending love & light out to all <3 PS. Thank you for sharing your most private pain of missing your son, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to have Erik so close, yet so far away…Hugs for (((Elisa)))!

    • Yep, got your questions on my (long) list! 🙂

      • Cheryl Moore

        It appears the subject came up, although from a different angle, new world order and shadow government 11/30/2017 posting….Irony or ERIC! I appreciate the heads up on what we can do to create change! Thanks again…hope you enjoy your break. <3

      • Cheryl Moore

        I missed the October 21st video where ya discuss this too. Thanks so much for all you do. <3

      • You’re so welcome!

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