Erik’s Girlfriend, Jillian

Yesterday was crazy! The kids had a great time in the hot tub, practicing their harmonizing prowess. Check it out but try not to laugh too hard!

Hot Tub Harmony

More Hot Tub Harmony

We also had actual snow! In Houston! This never happens, guys and these pics and video were taken after a lot of it had melted!

Snow in Houston!

Tomorrow is also going to be very special, because Kevin Moore, from the Kevin Moore Show, is flying in from the U.K. to film us (including Robert) for the documentary, “We Are Channelers.” I’ll let you know all about it!

Monday at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. By popular demand, the entire show will be devoted to taking calls from listeners. The answers to their questions will be channeled from Erik by Robert Burke and Veronica Drake. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

Last but not least, I discovered that Easton has a Santa-phobia!

Creepy Santa

Finally, here’s today’s post, courtesy of transcriber, Judy S. Thanks, Judy!

Elisa: So, Erik, hi again. I love you still. Veronica, what’s up?

Erik: Hi mom! (blows kisses)

Elisa: We’ve got two choices. We can bring in your girlfriend from heaven, your heavenly girlfriend, Jillian, or we can talk about dysfunctional families.

Erik: Let’s talk to Jillian.

Elisa: Okay, why don’t you go get your girlfriend.

Veronica: He’s doing this: Big smile, poking his fingers into his cheeks. This will be interesting, because I don’t know anything about Jillian.

Elisa: I know her specialty is parenting and children. She’s a guide for that whole thing.

Veronica: Okay. He’s doing this: Holding his hand above his eyebrows as though to shield his eyes from the sun, looking for someone in the distance.

Erik: (calling out) “Jillian, Jillian…”

Veronica: Hmm, okay, she’s here. I got like a 60’s vibe on her. Like a chill feel. Like she’s chillin’. Totally like the 60’s going on. So, Hey Jillian!

Elisa: Oh, I bet. I get that. Hi Jillian!

Jillian: Hey, Erik’s mom!

Elisa: So, tell me what she looks like.

Veronica: Right now, the hair’s up. I don’t know if it’s short or it’s pinned up. It’s shoulder-length and it’s pinned up, and she has like a kerchief or bandana around her head.

Elisa: What color is her hair?

Veronica: Blondish brown.

Jillian: Dirty blond is what you would call it.

Veronica: She’s wearing a very flowing skirt, she’s slender build, um, and (chuckles) ample breasts. Ample breasts – that’s all I’m going to say, Erik!

Elisa: Well, of course, for Erik. He was always a breast man. I remember when Erik was in the hot tub with a bunch of his friends, and he ran inside and told his poppa, “Guess what? I saw boobies for the first time!”

Veronica: I saw boobies! He totally just finished your sentence! I saw boobies.

Elisa: That was a big deal for him. So, Jillian, how did you meet Erik?

Jillian: I was part of the welcoming committee.

Elisa: Why?

Veronica: Because, she’s saying it’s like this, in our terms so we understand it:

Jillian: If you know that there’s an event happening, and it’s something that peaks your attention, curiosity, like a grand opening, a ribbon cutting, you’re kind of curious, voyeuristic. You want to go and see. And there was a greeting of the soul. And I just happened to be part of the crowd, I felt a very strong “magnetic” connection to Erik, as though we had experienced other time together.

Veronica: And so, when she saw him, she was very drawn to him. She’s using the word, “mesmerized,” by him.

Elisa: So, a lot of souls cross over all the time. So, of all of them, why Erik’s transition?

Jillian: There’s a history.

Veronica: And so, I’m going to say they probably knew each other in a past history.

Jillian: This time, I’m equaling out the relationship. In a past life we were like this: (Veronica holds one hand higher, one hand lower –Erik higher, Jillian lower.) This time we’re like this: (Veronica holds both hands at the same level).

Jillian: Plus the fact that I was attracted Erik’s openness of his soul. His willingness to step into this with such vibrancy and such clarity of who he was. I like the fact that he can be two places at once.

Veronica: And she’s seeing herself doing it, so it was kind of interesting to her.

Elisa: Tell me about the most significant past life you had together. Maybe there’s more than one, I don’t know.

Veronica: Erik, do you want to answer that, or do you want Jillian to answer that? (Pause) Actually, um, I’m going to say it with finesse here. (Chuckling) Erik was what we would call a pimp. And she was one of the girls in it. And she actually had a child in that life and was doing this for survival. 1600’s maybe, he’s showing me. I don’t know that the word would have been “pimp” in the 1600’s, but for our intents and purposes. And it was a very controlling relationship, but not an abusive relationship.

Elisa: So, he didn’t beat you or anything?

Veronica: Here’s the thing. Erik is very gracious in the fact that he’s saying he knew… Erik has always been about survival, and it’s interesting how he had to not survive to get this out there.

Erik: I’m about survival.

Veronica: So, he took these “waywards” as he’s calling them, and put them under one house, and being the (Veronica chuckles) “entrepreneur” that he is, he figured he was just going to make a couple of bucks. Nobody got hurt. They had something that was wanted at that time, and it was an enterprising opportunity.

Jillian: Erik never made me feel unequal.

Veronica: It was just a visualization and a consciousness realization that she was down here (holding hands unequal again) doing this, and he was up here collecting this, where she got less.

Elisa: Did you get enough food, clothing, health needs, things like that?

Jillian: I had one child, and we lived on the streets. And we lived very meager. Surviving was based on where is the next meal coming from. I was grateful that I had that opportunity to earn that money.

Elisa: He housed you too, so you weren’t on the streets anymore?

Jillian: It got us a roof over our heads, and eventually we developed feelings for each other.

Veronica: But she actually met an early death. She got sick. She got an infection.

Elisa: Tell me about your specialty. I’ve heard it was child raising and children. But I’d like to hear it in your words.

Veronica: Jillian, how would you share with people what your gift is, what your naturalness is?

Jillian: Child protection. And an awareness around child abuse. So, while I lived on the streets for a certain amount of time with the child, everything was about my protecting that child with my entire being. I really want to do this work about children, and creating an awareness around child abuse.

Elisa: I want to ask one more question about that life. What was the spiritual mission in that life, with you and Erik, or you alone?

Veronica: Do you want the together missions, or the separate missions?

Elisa: You can do both.

Veronica: Well, the together mission was to prepare them for the life of childhood, so they could start over again. Because the next time that they came in…

Erik: Think about it. I was the father figure to her (in that past life). I taught her how to care for herself, essentially, because I gave her the money. And the next life that she came in, and she was the child. So, preparing her to be a child again.

Veronica: And here’s the interesting part. The child that she had with her reincarnated the next time, she’s telling me, as her parent. Interesting. So, what’s the purpose of that? Oh! They actually flipped roles. So, she got the full experience: the child/parent, and parent/child. Erik’s role in all of that was to help foster and feed that.

Erik: I just liked hanging out. I learned a lot about business (in the previous life).

Elisa: Awesome. So, how, specifically do you work with the child protection thing?

Jillian: I’m the nudge of reason. The nudge of consciousness in workers. (chuckling softly about this) I would never use the word, saint, about myself, but some of the saints in history have been known to do different things.

Veronica: She would be the saint of nudging. So, let’s say a social worker or child care worker has an inkling, a feeling, she would be that energy that comes in, and it’s almost like that nudging, that voice.

Elisa: Right, like Erik does. Pestering people. What a worthy cause, jeez.

Veronica: She’s the patron saint of child workers, yes. (Chuckling)

Elisa: That’s awesome. Do you have any message for social workers, parents, children, all of the above?

Jillian: I really want workers, caregivers, professionals, to trust their gut instincts more. And I would love, love, love to see a curriculum built around this to support people who do use their gut instincts, so it becomes more mainstream. Because, a lot of the people that I see, I know they get it, they see the flicker, but a lot of them don’t trust it. A lot of them are afraid of the bureaucracy. “What if I make a mistake? What if I do the wrong thing? Gee, I know I should follow the rules, but what if I don’t follow the rules?” So, it’s really opening up the space where we accept the gut feeling, the voice in our heads.

Elisa: That lesson transcends child protection workers. Everybody needs to listen to their intuition.

Jillian: Everybody. And this is a message for someone who I know needs to hear this, who is watching this: Don’t turn away from what you know is happening.

Elisa: Oh, wow. Okay, out there, whomever you are. Do something about it. Don’t turn away. No head in the sand. Jillian, hopefully you’ll keep after them and help them.

Jillian: Don’t turn away.

Elisa: So what about Erik? Is he good in the sack? Just kidding.

Veronica: (Laughing.) But he’s going, “I’m well hung.” So I don’t know! (more laughing)

Veronica: It’s funny because he’s all jazzed up about sex, and you’d think he’s Don Juan the porn star. And yet he’s like, “I don’t know if I really have that much.” But anyway, he’s good.

Jillian: I would like to partner with Erik in this endeavor to bring awareness.

Veronica: You know, Erik and I connected because he reached out to me because of mental illness. And she’s really got the child component down, so perhaps maybe the four of us can do some things together.

Elisa: Well, you now, a lot of people who are abused by parents or whomever, they have mental illness.

Veronica: Yes, it perpetuates.

Elisa: So what else do you think about Erik? What’s your take on my boy?

Veronica: Jillian, we want to know what is it you think about Erik. What is the uniqueness about Erik?

Jillian: The way he just lays it all out there. The way he just has no fear. He just puts it out there. And he’s very good at explaining things. He can take complicated things and he can boil it down so simply that there’s not anything you can’t get about it. I love his passion about education. He’s an advocate for education. I’ve learned so much from him.

Veronica: Erik’s kind like, smiling and acting proud and shy. Yeah, look at me.

Elisa: “I’m all that.” Well, what do you think about… How does he make you feel as his girlfriend?

Veronica: She says she likes the way that Erik makes her feel when she’s around him. Erik brings a certain feel. He makes her feel valued, like an equal. He totally has that. And he makes her want to be better at what she does.

Elisa: Aw, that’s so awesome. Well, thank you, is there anything else you want to say, Jillian?

Jillian: No. Thank you, momma Elisa!

Elisa: Thank you, I love you! Keep that boy in line!

Erik: blowing kisses.

Veronica: And now he’s walking out with his pelvis in the front. I don’t know; I’m just the messenger.

Erik: Bye!

Elisa: I’ll put Veronica’s information at the end of the video. So, check her out!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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