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If you missed it this Thursday, here’s Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment:

Listen to “Hour of Enlightenment 11/3/16” on Spreaker.

Here are two great Erik Encounters.

Story #1

You’ll have to read the post about Skiing in Deer Valley, Utah – “I Was Punked By A Ghost, Twice!” (Not sure if the link will show up) to understand why I’m writing this and laughing at the same time. Here’s my encounter with Erik – even though it took a while for it to sink in…

I’m new to the Blog (about 4 days old now). I’ve tried to read and digest as much as I can squeeze in, in such a short amount of time. I haven’t been following along as most of you have since the beginning. I wish I had! There’s so much information here and so much to learn and even more that confirms what I’ve come to know over my lifespan here on Earth. I will stop right here and say – BELIEVE IT! Believe it All.

Since the beginning – when I first heard about Erik – I was fascinated by how much Erik’s personality came through in both the interviews he assisted with on Utube where Jamie gave great descriptions about what he was wearing, how he was sitting or standing or pacing, how he responded to the questions, what his mood was like, and she echoed his replies to his mom, Elisa, as if Erik was speaking himself, without a translator. Utube is where I started, and how I found out about the website. The title of the “suggested video” in Utube was “Erik’s International Interview” – a very obscure title, if you ask me, but I didn’t hesitate to click on it. I had no idea what it was about but I felt an overwhelming urge to watch it.

Looking back now, it was the perfect place to start. To give you a little bit of background, I’ve always been interested in Astrology since I took a couple of community classes on it at the University of Washington in Seattle more than 20 years ago. As I watched more videos of Erik’s, I wanted to know what Erik’s birth chart said about him and his personality as well as whether it could tell me anything else about his lessons on Earth and what he was here to accomplish. Astrology can tell us SO MUCH MORE than the pseudo crap “horoscopes” spew out. The difference between the two is like the difference between religion and spirituality, or the difference between McDonald’s drive-thru and Thanksgiving dinner, or the difference between a children’s nursery rhyme sung by Kanye West and listening to the music from a Symphony Orchestra! There’s a huge difference. Anyway, I was curious and with some clues left by Elisa on the Blog and the videos, I was able to get the information I needed to take a look at Erik’s chart. THEN, last night, I stumbled – I say that with a grin now! – upon a Blog post about Astrology where Erik confirmed everything I knew to be true about astrology. The post didn’t seem to indicate that either Elisa or Jamie knew anything about the subject. Further proof that Erik is FOR REALz folks!

I was so “Wow-ed” by what Erik confirmed, I had to leave a comment – My first! And it was a LONG one. I relayed to Elisa some of what I had uncovered in reading Erik’s astrological birth chart and pointed out specific things from his Utube videos I’d watched and picked up on to confirm it, or the things I’d heard her mention during the interviews. To me, it was as obvious as a mother (Elisa) recognizing her own son’s voice when she hears Erik “leak through” in recorded sessions. I wanted to let Elisa – and anyone else reading the Blog – know that what Erik was saying was true. (I’ll include a link to that post: so you can read and confirm the date/time stamp of my comment(s): ). After I made the first comment, I tried to plug in my cell phone to charge it overnight. It would flash – to indicate it was charging – and then stop charging. I finally ended up turning my cell phone all the way off and plugging it in, to make it charge. Never thought anything more of it – except that my phone seemed to be “temperamental”.

The next night (tonight) I kept watching the rest of the videos I hadn’t yet watched in Utube. I came across one about “Happiness” where Elisa asks Erik what we can do, as humans, to be happy. In it, Jamie mentions at the end that she remembered the interview they had with Diana, Princess of Wales, and that Erik danced with her. If you read the comment I posted about Astrology, I mentioned a quote from Princess Diana, one I felt mirrored Erik’s need to help all of you and his NEED to share his perspective and story about what our future holds in the life after this one. I also had a burning question about dancing and concerts after reading the Blog post the night before about Natalie Wood and how she said she could go to them – and LIBRARIES!!! (I Love Books – and Libraries too!) – in her free time. So, naturally, I had to find and read the one about Diana and dancing! It was so touching and so sweet. I wanted to tell Elisa I had watched the Happiness video – which, once again, I felt Erik had “guided” me to. If there’s one lesson that’s been pounded into me in the last year, it’s that “things DON’T happen by accident”! It seems I’ve needed this important lesson beat into my thick, naturally skeptic skull. The more I try to take a deep breath and allow that concept to sink in, the more it seems to manifest itself to me. While searching on the Blog for the interview with the Princess, I also saw a “suggested post” about getting Punked by a ghost. I read that one next. I kept reading because it took place in Utah – a place close to where I live now. And I had a similar (stolen ski poles) incident happen to me when I was younger. Mine were never recovered. I didn’t really need them anyway because I preferred to ski without them – but the memory of them vanishing while I was in the ski lodge still sticks with me. I got to the end of the post and laughed when it said “Untethered Souls work with electronics fairly easily” – I believed this and it’s EXACTLY what I had JUST tried to convey to Elisa in my comment to her! I had also told her that I planned to order her and Erik’s books before the night was over because “It never hurts to have a bit of Erik magic in my world”.

It wasn’t until I finished reading the Ghost Punking post – which, now I’m POSITIVE Erik was behind the SUGGESTED Post prompting too, just like he was behind the other “suggestions” – because after all, there’s NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE!!! – that I realized Erik had already shared some of his magic, his form of “punk” laughter, and brought some giggles and HAPPINESS into my world by playing a trick with me and my cell phone battery too!!! And it sure didn’t take him much time to make it happen! He’s definitely a bright ball of energy! Thanks, Erik. How did you know I needed a laugh? I hope you’ll get a good laugh out of this too. I know HE DID! Laughter is the Key to Happiness and the fastest way to heal ourselves -AND- our planet. Erik is keenly aware of this. Now you are too!

P.S. All it took was for me to break the ice and post a comment, for Erik to confirm to me that I’m now part of TeamErik too! (Said with a HUGE Smile on my face) ~ Leilani (and Erik, the Magician)

Story #2

I can’t believe it actually happened! I stumbled onto this website about a week ago. I was googling something about Columbine (I went there but graduated a couple of years before the shooting), and have been reading and watching videos since. It has been like a dream come true. So many questions that I have had and struggled with for YEARS have been answered. But even though I wanted to desperately believe it’s all the real thing I was raised very very religious and to believe that this kind of thing isn’t good. So I’ve felt that there’s a little bit of a battle going on in my head. Plus, sometimes I think, “I’m watching an interview with a stranded alien. Have I completely lost my mind?” But then yesterday. I was putting my baby to sleep in his crib, which I do by laying with him and nursing him to sleep and then sneaking out. (I know, I know. We have issues. He has Down syndrome though and has a hard time sleeping so don’t judge :).) Anyway, I had to leave before he woke up, so went back in to get him, and laying on the middle of the floor was one of the letters from his name that is on the wall. About 5 feet away from the wall. It would have to have flown over his crib, not to mention they are attached to the wall. If I can attach a picture I will.

I just feel so grateful to Erik. I feel like he’s telling me it’s ok to believe, that I’m on the right track. It means so much to me that that he would come and do this for me, someone he’s never met! It makes me feel very loved. Oh, and a couple of hours later his book arrived in the mail!

Thanks so much Elisa and everyone for doing this and sharing Erik with us. From someone who has felt alone a lot of the time because no one else I know is asking the same questions, I feel like I have found a community.

Oh! And don’t know if this is Erik, but later I smelled something horrible and thought my son needed a new diaper but he didn’t. I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe Erik? I didn’t occur to me until now. Would he do two pranks on the same day?

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