Erik’s Incarnations and How the Past Changes

I know you’re all busy burning hotdogs and hamburgers, but take a break between beers and read what Erik has to say about these two topics. I’d edit this, but Erik will probably only tweak it to my embarrassment again. Plus, my beer is getting cold, dammit.

Me: Erik, do you have any incarnations, in terms of the earthly timeline, in the present or the future?

Erik: Say what?

Me: Do you have any incarnations?

Erik: Happening right now?

Me: Yes. Now or in the future.

Erik: You know what I’m about to say.

Me: I know, I know, but in terms of earthly time! I know there’s no time, but…

Erik: Oh, so I gotta look at it’s linear like you guys are seeing it?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Noooo.

Me: Wait, so that was your last life?

Erik: No. I just don’t have any in this timeframe right now.

Me: Oh, that makes sense.

Erik: I have other lives happening, but they’re just not in this era.

Me: Oh. They can be in the past. Is that what you mean?

Erik: Yeah.

Jamie (giggling): He keeps showing me images of him being a really thin samurai—the black hair pulled back in a ponytail, this kind of sash thing across his chest with leather straps. I think he has a bag he’s carrying on his back. I don’t see him with a sword or anything but that’s the image he keeps giving me.

Me: Well, he does have this Samurai sword replica that he used to love.

Jamie: You’re kidding!

Me: Yeah. He used to scare Lukas with it. When their bedroom door was closed, he’d slide it back and forth underneath the door. Lukas was really little at the time.

Jamie laughs really hard.

Erik: I know!

Me: Erik, you say you can change the past, and channeled entities like Seth say it’s changing constantly. So, what happens to the old past? Is it just erased? I knew that your soul remembers each of its lives, but if they change, is it the previous version that they remember. What’s the point of doing anything if it can so easily disappear?

Erik: If you’re doing that kind of past life work to heal it and mend it doesn’t change it for everybody involved. It just changes it for you. You’re healing it energetically, not physically. The physical part has already been created and done and exists.

Me: Ah, I see.

Erik: We don’t get to erase things and redo like on a chalkboard. But we do get to re-talk them and energetically shift them. So you are remembered by the other people who are who experienced you in the past, but the way you react to it is not that same way anymore. You’ve mended it; you’ve healed it; you’ve changed the actions. It’s a personal feed.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: We can’t screw with other people. We can only screw with screw with yourself.

Jamie (giggling): The way he said it was really funny.

Me: Aw, Erik. 

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  • I know Andy once mentioned doing this for himself when he first got home. Pretty cool.
    Elisa, I forgot to tell you and Jamie thank you for thursday. You two are so special to me..and I got so flustered I forgot to tell you. So hoisting a glass of something in your honor today! Love you.

  • kami hendrix

    Erik told me that he was my baby brother in a past life in the 1600s and that I treated him like my son. It explains why we’re so alike. LuvUBBY xoxo


  • JoAnn

    i have been having some dreams about time and the past ,future,,and the now moment,,,it is all very confusing when i am awake and try to explain what my mind has been shown,,,,it makes it easy for me to understand what Erik is saying a bit better than i could of before the dreams,,,i don’t know if anyone else is experiencing understanding (in just elementary terms for me) through dreams or visions etc during meditation that are about these time concepts?

  • Great questions Elisa. Personally I’d like to know why we aren’t allowed to remember our Soul life if we ARE allowed to remember our past lives. I understand the “learning” aspect, but wouldn’t it be easier to know what you are being born in to so that your Soul might make the right choices in life rather than repeating it (life) over and over again? That makes me question so many things, and ultimately it makes me fear death.

    • Ash

      Have you read Conversations with God? If not, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorites and I am soon going to go back and read it again, because I would get so much more out of it than I did the first time around.

      As far as making the “right” choices… there aren’t any “right” choices. There are only choice which serve to bring about the experience desired, and those that don’t. A past life is not necessarily “you” – a past life is merely another facet or expression of your higher self which lives in a different time. You, specifically, did not live that life, because you yourself are a unique expression of your higher self as well.

      The past life that you may remember is only “you” in as much of a sense as I am you, or Elisa is you, because we are all “one.” You’re not living a life over and over. You, specifically, the expression known as “Gail” only lives once. You (Gail) just happen to share an “oversoul/higher self” with that person from the past. (I’m sure that sounds confusing – if you need me to try to explain it better, let me know).

      As to the answer to your question, why can we not remember – An excerpt from Conversations with God:

      “The soul—your soul—knows all there is to know all the time. There’s nothing hidden to it, nothing unknown. Yet knowing is not enough. The soul seeks to experience.

      You can know yourself to be generous, but unless you do something which displays generosity, you have nothing but a concept. You can know yourself to be kind, but unless you do someone a kindness, you have nothing but an idea about yourself.

      It is your soul’s only desire to turn its grandest concept about itself into it greatest experience.

      As I’ve already explained, knowing something, and experiencing it, are two different things. Spirit longed to know Itself experientially just as I [God] did.

      Now in the case of the ultimate knowing—in the case of knowing yourself as the Creator—you cannot experience your Self as creator unless and until you create.

      Of course, there is no way for you to not be who and what you are—you simply are that (pure, creative spirit), and have been always, and always will be. So, you did the next best thing, you caused yourself to forget Who You Really Are.

      Yet how can you have a choice about something over which there is no choice? You cannot not be My offspring no matter how hard you try—but you can forget.

      I do not demonstrate My love by not allowing you to demonstrate yours. In the absolute there is no experience, only knowing.

      The evolution is this: Knowing, Experiencing, Being.”

      There’s nothing to fear from death. In truth, there’s nothing to fear at all. Love is all there is.

      • Samantha

        Interesting post Ash! I was just wondering…..when I die, does this ‘I’ that I am now have its own incarnations, like the oversoul splits into 1,000 fragments and each of those single 1,000 fragments has its own set of incarnations? Only it’s confusing because, well, reincarnation is confusing. Or when I die, do I stay in the spirit world as me (hopefully evolving) without other incarnations – as in ‘I’ doesn’t get sent back here? Oh I don’t know! For ‘I’ reincarnation may as well not take place because I won’t remember. When I goes home, what happens to the personality? Does it gradually wane until that I is gone? Michael Newton’s subjects suggest we go home, rejoin with our energy and eventually go to the life selection room, pick another one and we’re off again but it conflicts with other things. I just wish for once I could have some communication and clarification from my guides (if they exist. I am still not convinced there is actually is life after death yet). Perhaps I should stick to Harry Potter!

      • Ash

        When you die, the “I” that is you just goes back to the spirit realm and the personality merges back with the higher self. The higher self can represent itself as “Samantha” any time… and by all accounts it IS Samantha, but it is also all of the other lives that it has incarnated as.

        When we talk to Erik, we are actually talking to Erik’s higher self, which is representing itself as the incarnation we knew. It can still be Erik any time, because it IS Erik. It retains all of the personality and experience that it developed in its lifetime as Erik, as well as all of its other incarnations, which to us on earth look like “past” or “furutre” lives of our own. Even if Erik were incarnate somewhere on earth right now (which he says he isn’t, not in this time period anyway) – he, the “Erik” part of his higher self, still remains in the spirit realm as part of the higher self.

        I just answered a question in the forums in regard to this. Check it out.

        If you’re looking for info on contacting guides, visit Jason’s website, Shape of Cloud. There’s a link over in the side bar. He’s got some good information and tips. I’ve made contact with my guides and I’ve had direct experience with Erik and other folks on the other side. It’s quite incredible 🙂 Just keep at it, sincerely… or even sort of half-assedly – that was all the amount of intent it took for me in the beginning lol But I suppose I planned it this way before I came here, and everybody is different.

  • Cgainey92

    “Erik, you say you can change the past, and channeled entities like Seth say it’s changing constantly. So, what happens to the old past? Is it just erased? I knew that your soul remembers each of its lives, but if they change, is it the previous version that they remember. What’s the point of doing anything if it can so easily disappear?”

    I wondered the exact same thing! BUT, Erik’s response just lead to more questions than answers for me because I remember you asking Erik, in an earlier post, if it was possible he could appear to an earlier version of himself and prevent his own death…and he said “Yes”, but he didn’t want to and that he could also get in trouble with his spirit guides…Hypothetically speaking, if he did decide to prevent his own death, wouldn’t that in fact change the physical past and cause physical evidence to disappear such as this blog not existing and people not remembering? I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just confused because this seems to create a paradox or contradiction to Erik’s current response…

    • All life is, all the universe is, basically, is an infinite number of probable certainties, so I’m sure there is a reality, a universe, that Erik created where he did prevent his own life and no blog was created. It’s all what you’re intent is focusing on, I guess. The observer collapses the Schroedinger Wave Equation turning wave into particle–i.e. thought into reality, so each thought creates a reality of it’s own, thus a past of it’s own. But that’s the energetic part. THe physical part simply dies and decays. That’s my take on it, at least. Patrick, Robert, do you have any ideas?

    • eupeptic

      The past as we see it (the physical) cannot be changed at all. (And the Universe is deterministic so the future can accurately be predicted when enough information about the state of the matter/energy within it is acquired, but from within our own limited perspective [by that I mean that we don’t know the exact properties of all of the particles that give rise to our body and everything else around us, nor do we have the ability to compute the interactions between all particles so that we would be able to accurately predict the future; aliens have technology which can do this, however, and that’s why and how it’s possible for spirits and sometimes us to know about future events] along with the ability consider making a variety of choices gives us the impression that we have free will.) What we view as the past is to Erik (and other spirits/souls) something which can be a part of their present (if they wish to experience/interact with the events that occur at that point in time – similar to how we can play video games that depict things that took place during our past on Earth – video games of the past don’t allow us to actually go back in time to change what occurred on Earth in the past but we can [at the present time] experience and interact with the past in the game) or “now” and can be changed by them (for them only, “or others who are interested” [my spirit guide’s words]) if they choose to, but if they do make changes after the actions have taken place on the physical Earth then the changes they make only affect those in spirit (or possibly also the present or future on Earth) because the physical past cannot be changed. As such it is not possible to prevent one’s death after it has occurred on Earth or do anything else that is paradoxical in nature. (It is possible to recreate one’s living physical body after they’ve died [or create one or more duplicates while they’re alive – doppelgangers are a common example of this if a physical body is created in such instances {certain things (such as sounds, visions, and other sensory inputs) can be created in the mind only (which may be described as a hallucination [which could be the case or it could be spiritual]) (dreams are one common example of this) and that requires less energy to do than creating a physical body}] but doing this for the purpose of coming back alive on Earth [or to teleport yourself to another location] in a physical body is currently “always off limits” [guide’s words, though “teleportation will become common in 200-400 years from now on Earth”] and it requires a significant amount of energy to manipulate that much matter. [I’ve pestered my spirit guide for years to create one or more coins but the largest things he’s created so far are fleas.])

      A somewhat shorter summary of my main thought is that the past for the physical Universe is static (unchangeable) while our past as viewed from a spiritual perspective (which I compare to a video game as it makes the most sense to me that the spirit world exists on an alien computer [as that’s the easiest/simplest way to enable everything to be possible: it doesn’t require the existence of a human-oriented universe {which would need to be very complex in comparison to the physical Universe for it to be able to make all of the accommodations that can be made in response to our own thoughts}] that has the ability to manipulate/modify the physical Universe [e.g., energy healing, telepathy, spirit communication, angels, ghosts, what we may describe as miracles due to our lack of knowledge and understanding about what exists and is real, teleportation, etc.] at the present time [and only at the present time – not in the future {at least not until the future becomes the present} or in the past]) is dynamic (changeable).

      What you’re doing is mixing the physical past with the spiritual view of the physical past. The two are separate but in many ways appear to be the same (just as video games are separate from the physical reality, but video games aren’t as detailed as the spirit world is). Spirits/souls know what will occur before it occurs on Earth and want or are willing for it to occur and as such they most likely won’t change their mind after it has occurred on Earth. And if for some reason they do change their mind about what has occurred in the physical past they cannot change what has occurred once it has occurred on Earth. The main thing to keep in mind is that if Erik’s soul had appeared to his physical self before his physical self died and did what was necessary to prevent the death of his body then from our perspective that wouldn’t be changing past events. That would have simply been a part of the way that things turned out on Earth from our perspective. (We most likely wouldn’t have knowledge of what his soul did to prevent his death. One example of how matters of life and death do work is that there are people whose lives could have ended on 9/11 but did not because their souls did not want or were not willing to have their lives to end then. [My spirit guide can easily alter my sleep and when I wake up and does so just about every day – so accidentally sleeping in can easily not be an accident but what an individual’s soul intended to have occur. Not getting a job for one of the companies where many people died is another thing that’s not difficult from a spiritual perspective but we rarely know much if any of the decisions that went into who lived and who died on 9/11 (not to mention all of the other events that occur in life.)] They did not die and then go back in time to prevent themselves from dying – they simply made the decision not to die on 9/11 prior to when those events came to pass on Earth as their souls knew what would happen on 9/11 before it occurred here on Earth.) There is nothing paradoxical about how time works for us vs. how time works for spirits [which is actually not that confusing once you consider that the spirit world is computer generated: everything is possible {though there are limits/restrictions which have been chosen in order to lead people towards greater enlightenment (or civility) as well as to limit the amount of interactivity that exists between spirits and the physical Universe so that those in the physical Universe will learn to take care of themselves, others, and their environment on their own rather than depend on others to take care of them} at any time as everything can be accessed when an individual wants to access it, not just when it happens to occur according to physical laws] and the possible interactions between the two, but it can be confusing. (Erik cannot appear to his past physical self and prevent his physical self from dying. He can interact with a spiritual recreation [which, from his perspective, is what we’d describe as the past, but it is not the physical past – it’s just a computerized recreation of what occurred during the physical past] of what occurred on Earth before his death but any changes he makes there cannot have any effect on what has occurred in the physical past.)

      (And sorry for the length and repetition in this. I spent about 4 hours or so editing this to add more details and don’t feel like spending even more time to remove everything that’s repetitious while making sure that it still makes sense.)

  • Mary

    Wonderful information Erik, thank you!

  • Lilla

    Amazing teaching, Erik. I am repeating myself, but it is resonates extremely well with the teachings I was given. God bless you all. 🙂

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