Erik’s Norwegian Visit

Here I sit in our chalet in Norway, high above the tree line, deep in the rugged tundra. Wispy clouds dance meters away from the roof top as the sun struggles to peer through at us.

This vacation has been a bittersweet one, the first since Erik’s death. Erik loved it here. In fact, Norway was the first refuge he sought after he killed himself. He came to Bestefar (his grandfather) to sit in silence and seek shelter from his remorse. He often thought about living in Norway, he loved it so.

All week long, I found myself thinking, ‘Erik would have loved this’ every time we went cross country skiing, every time I saw a snowboarder swooshing past, and every time we browsed the sporting goods stores. Kim O’Neill had said we would receive tangible evidence of Erik’s presence, but as our days here come to a close, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was becoming despondent. It had been awhile since he visited me in a dream or made his presence known in some other way, at least until early this morning.

I woke up around four. The sky was dark, but, still at war with the time difference, I was fully alert. Feeling the end of our vacation drawing to a close, I pleaded with Erik to come to me in the physical. If he didn’t, I would be left to wonder if everything that had happened was a delusion, an empty dream. ‘For the love of God, Erik, focus! Try hard! I need your presence! At the very least, come to me in the name of karmic balance!’ I whispered with a tone of desperation in my voice. After a few moments, I resigned myself to the possibility that my wish would not be fulfilled when suddenly, I felt an odd electrical tingling on the right side of my head, almost like the sensation one gets from goosebumps, but more intense. Waves of this feeling moved through my hair, back and forth, back and forth. Then, I saw a shower of yellow and blue lights flashing between the right side of my bed and the door to the hallway. It seemed like the Northern Lights had come to visit. I stared hard, half believing that if I closed my eyes, it would all disappear. Instead, the lights transformed into a clear image of Erik. I could see his entire body. On his face, he had his characteristic mischievous half-smile. He was wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt and knee-length shorts. Given the fact that it was well below zero outside, I’m sure he was making some sort of tongue in cheek statement about his ability to transcend menial things like harsh weather.

The image grew stronger, then weaker, then stronger again, as though he was struggling to maintain a specific frequency. After a few moments, I heard his voice clearly. He said, “Bye Mom,” and begin to wave. Then, as he continued to wave with that wonderful smile on his face, he backed away and slowly faded from sight.

I was left with a feeling of deep love and gratitude, before falling nto a peaceful slumber. Erik, thank you for working so hard on your ability to manifest yourself physically. I know that you have many other things to experience, horizons to explore, and friends to meet. So I appreciate your obvious hard work and practice. Keep it up. I can’t wait until our first warm hug in the wake state. Love you, Angel.

Erik in Norway

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Elisa Medhus

  • Stanley

    Your Norway vacation spot sounds like a great place to rest and reflect on the last year. By what you describe of Norway, it’s clear why Erik choose to go there to find peace. I am sure it was difficult to try to enjoy your vacation while thinking how much Erik would just love it there. But I would draw your attention to one of the earlier blog entries where Erik says he is able to manifest where he wishes to be. So I would think that he can do all the fun things you did in Norway whenever his heart wishes to visit there. Plus, he doesn’t have to spend several hours on a crowded airplane to get there. 🙂

    And about Erik visiting you in Norway, I am very impressed at how quickly he is getting the hang of manifesting in the earthly plane. As I understand it, it takes alot of energy to do that. Which would probably explain him fading in and out. But at least when you needed to hear from him most, he was able to be there for you. That is really great. And it’s funny how you mention him dressed in the shirt and shorts. Sounds like he is a big polar bear like me. Even back when I was living in new york, in the winter, it had to be very cold before I would put any pants on. Sounds like Erik had a love for the cold too. I am very happy for the both of you. Love really does conquer all. Be well and I hope you are able to enjoy the remainder of your vacation knowing Erik is there with you.


  • Hey Stanley! Yes he was (or I guess still is) a real polar bear. Twenty degrees and sleeting in Houston would be no match for his shorts and flip flops. I’m glad he can manifest anything and any place he wants. Must be so cool! I’m reading this book called Parting Notes written by someone who basically assembled all of the letters a medium wrote via automatic writing when channeling those who have died. They all describe the same basic things about death and the afterlife, especially how shocked they were that their thoughts became immediately manifested. Some had problems adjusting because every thought became a reality, even when in rapid fire sequence. But they all adjusted quickly.

    I have a lot to tell you when I get back!


  • On my visit to New York, it was my first time to be around snow as I had lived all my prior years in California. Everyone thought I was nuts because the snow would be falling and I would be clearing the walk way in shorts and a t-shirt. Now back in California, even my AC can’t get it cold enough…lol. As you were telling me about Erik, I think me and him would have gotten along great. And I hope all of Erik’s friends know how special Erik was. It’s rare to find people who are willing to go out of their way to help other people. And when I read the entries at the site, it really spoke volumes about all the people Erik touched. I really wish I could have known him while he was still here on earth. The book you were talking about sounds very interesting. I will have to see if the local library has a copy to check out. I also look forward to chatting with you when you return. No rush, I am not going anywhere. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your vacation. **hug** Be well.


  • Hey Stanley, I plan to speak to Erik tomorrow at 11:15 (through Kim, of course.) I’ll ask everything I can and email you.

  • Hi Elisa and Erik,

    Thank you for the wonderful thing you both do. I just discovered Jamie channeling Erik and this blog site yesterday. I am so thrilled! A lot of what Erik tells us I already knew through my own meditation – so awesome confirmation for me. Also love his name – my oldest son is named Erik after Erik the Red – LOL. I am also Norwegian and can totally understand his and your Love for the country and the nature. I hope to take my kids there next year and visit family and friends. Elisa – did you grow up in Norway? And do you speak the language? I will continue to follow the blog. I am in gratitude. =)



    • Hey Madeline, Erik was named after Erik the Red too!! My husband is from Norway: Rune is his name, so VERY old school Norwegian. If you ever need a place to stay, we have a hytte near Geilo. Rune was born and raised in Hol which is a little town near Ål and Geilo. Have you heard of it? Where in Norway are you from? Wow, what a small world! Ha det bra!

  • Hi Elisa, How funny! Love it!!! Yes I know where Geilo is – went skiing there once with an ex-boyfriend. Very beautiful area. I thank you so much for the offer, I will keep that in mind. We hope to go there next summer. Still have grandparents alive – in their 90’s and living at home. =) I was born and grew up in Trondheim. Left in my early 20’s and came to FL to go to College (Ringling), met my husband again (- we met the first time in Norway, when he was in the Marine, over 20yrs ago). Very interesting story indeed. I could really relate to what Erik said about soulmates – that is how my husband I feel about each other. We both feel we have won the lotto in partners. hehehe

    We have two boys – 9 and 12 this August, living on 10 acres with hens, rooster, 5 horses, 4 goats and 7 dogs. It feels like a zoo at times and love it.

    I am still amazed in finding this blog. Even though I don’t know what it is like to “loose” a child, I can only imagine. My best friend tried to commit suicide by jumping 4 stories down. She lived and was hospitalized for the rest of her life. She past in her late 20’s. I remember blaming myself and feeling guilty for not being there for her more. She came to me in my dreams several times, which was very comforting.

    A few days ago when I was meditating, my guides showed me a birds eye view of Utøya. I didn’t have it (the event) on my mind, so I was surprised. I received the message that “it was all in perfect order and to forgive and love the perpetrator who also gave his life in the sense of being imbalanced and for everyone who passed and stayed behind. They all had a part in the event, which is causing the people of Norway to be in the fore run to show the world how to respond in/to such events. Being love and compasion”. I don’t know! I had a mixed feeling from this, felt true in my heart and to my ego part; this can’t be. I am curious to what Erik has to say about it and look forward to the blog.

    Thank you for reading such a long respond… LOL didn’t expect it to be!

    Look forward to read future blogs and getting to know you and Erik.

    Love & Light,


    • How funny that you know about a little town like Geilo! If you want to stay at our hytte, email me at and I’ll send you some pics. It’s up above Hol in the tundra. Lots of moose and fox and all. We have all the bikes, skis, sleds and other play toys for you to enjoy. We only go there once a year so it’s a shame to leave the place empty.

      As far as Utøya, it was a very sad thing indeed, but I also feel like it was meant to be. Norway has been in a long complacent slumber. It needed to wake up. Erik says many of these tragedies where there are mass deaths are meant as lessons for the collective. Sometimes the “bad guy” is someone who sacrifices him or herself as part of a spiritual contract planned between lives.

      We also love animals, but living in Houston, it’s hard. We have horses in the country boarded by someone else and we have cats and dogs. We saves a baby røyskatt from a Magpie during our trip and it was so cute that now I want one of those too! (of course that’s not going to happen, but I can dream, can’t I?)

  • Røyskatt….they are so cute! How awesome. =)
    Regarding Geilo, I will let you know when the time gets closer. I also want to visit Grimstad, Kristiansand, Evje and Trondheim – and maybe Oslo and Valdres too. Hope to travel around for about 4-5 weeks. Have a lot of catching up to do! LOL

    So agree with what Erik says about the tragedies. When 9/11 happened and I watched Tv, I saw light beings all over – Angels and Spirit helping. It was very beautiful even during a horrific event. =)



  • Jan Drake Bakke

    How nice of Erik to come visit you like that!! I am so amazed!!Lovely!!xx

  • Sharon Moonbeam

    wow, wow, wow!!! I am this far in your story, and loving it. I thank you for confirming much of what I have learned from my research…and some new things I hadn’t known. (Getting married…having kids!!)
    I have two mothers in mind that I may need to have read this. One has a son who killed himself a couple of months before high school graduation 2 years ago, and the other is my sister-in-law who had her son die at the age of 22 on Christmas morning in 2008. I know my sister=in=law has had many signs from my nephew. He was full of piss & vinegar as my dad would say. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up…and surely I hope he does! Thank you for this….I will continue reading now.

  • Aw, I hope those moms do come here to get some comfort. What I’ve seen is that often when people start delving into the posts and begin to comment, he comes, pranks and brings deceased loved ones with him. Right Iola and Tracy? Anyway, glad your’re here, Sharon. XOXO

    • Caroline

      Oh, Erik… I hope you can teach my little Audrey who died two years ago at four years-old how to say hi to me!!! She visited me in dreams two very brief times in the first year, but it has been a while now. Thank you for documenting all of this so diligently- you give us bereaved parents lots of hope and peace.

      • He hears your request. He might be working with her right now. Hopefully he won’t teach her how to do those rank smells!

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