Erik’s Perspective on Life, Death and Relationships

In a recent channeling session with psychic medium, Kim O’Neill, Erik shares a more detailed account of his transition to the afterlife. He also reveals the new perspective he has on his life and his relationship with others, a perspective of a wise and enlightened soul unencumbered by the mental and emotional baggage that often comes with the limited perspective of the human experience on the earthly plane. Much of what Erik shares has some repetition from earlier sessions, but most of the dialogue is fresh. Note that Erik uses a lot of curse words has a very irreverent sense of humor. Hearing it come from the mouth of a modest Midwesterner gives me more confirmation that these words are indeed his. I can almost feel Kim squirming in embarrassment.

“Hey Dad; hey Mom.” (Kim notes that he sounds very upbeat and very happy to be where he is.)
“I’m still living at home with the family. I spend every moment with you guys. I feel I’m out of my pain. Since I was 11, I use to hide how I felt a lot. I didn’t want you to know how depressed I was.

“Mom, you were the best mom in the world and you still are. But you need to get back to where you were because the other kids need you, especially Michelle because she is absolutely fucking freaking out. I promise I’m going to be in heaven when you guys get there. I’m just so damn happy not to be there in the physical plane anymore. I’ve never been happier. I don’t want to piss you off, because I know this has been beyond terrible for you and because it was such a shock, but I had being thinking about it for about a year. With my bipolar disease, when during the good times I felt not so bad, I felt okay but when I was in the down moments, that when I was planning. I didn’t tell anyone.” Note that Kim did not know Erik’s history of bipolar disorder.

‘Who are you with now, Erik?’ I ask.

“I’m with my partner in crime, Denise. We’ve been palling around a lot. But I’m spending most of my time with the family at home. Also, Mom, I want you to know that those things you’ve been picking up with the camera, those orbs? That’s me. But I’m going to start materializing so you can see my form, too. I’m always going to be living with you and Pappa, even if you move. And you’ll have people who come over and they don’t now about what happened to me and they’ll say like, ‘Um, last night, I saw something,’ and they’ll explain it to you, and you’ll know it was me.”

‘Why didn’t you tell us about your suicidal thoughts? Why didn’t you warn us?’ I ask.

“I didn’t want you to know because I knew you would try to stop me. I was worried that if you found out how bad off I was you would have put me in some sort of mental institution, and I’d rather be dead. Mom, you’ve always down everything you could to help us. Look what you did with Michelle, and she was really fucked up! I knew I would be happier dead, in spirit.”

I continue with my next question. ‘Erik, when you took the overdose of Provigil and you had that near death experience, did that give you a taste of the afterlife and make t easier for you to do it?’

“No.” (A man of many words!)

‘What about Allie, is she with you?’ (Allie was his girlfriend who died in an accidental gunshot wound to the head in March of 2009. They were very close and I feel this tragic event did much to influence his decision to take his own life. Even just prior to his death there’s an entry on his wall that reads, “R.I.P. Allie. I miss you still.”)

Erik answers, “Oh, yeah, she was there when I got there. They were all expecting me. I kind of told my guides that ‘okay, today’s the day. I’m going to do it today,’ and I was waiting for a time when everybody was gonna be gone. I didn’t want anybody to be home when I did it. I was gonna do drugs; that was my first choice, but I was afraid I would do it and not die and I’d be impaired. I wanted to do it in a way where my death would be guaranteed.”

‘Did you have any regrets after you left your body, Erik?’

“Nope. Nope. Not one. I’m very happy here. I don’t want you guys to be pissed off because I know how traumatic this has been for you. Do NOT blame yourselves! Pappa, you’re kinda better at that than Mom. Mom, do NOT blame yourself. It is because of YOU that I lived to be the age that I was. I would have done it a while ago.”

The last few years of his life, Erik was constantly searching for stimulation…for something to look forward to. There was always some new gadget, new hobby, new sport, new career path dangling like a carrot in front of his nose. But these things would provide him with only transient satisfaction. This was perhaps the biggest bone of contention in the relationship between Erik and my husband and I. He was always begging us for money to obtain a component for the new system in his truck, to buy equipment for a new sport, etc. So I asked him, ‘Erik, is that why you always kept so busy? Is that why you always wanted to buy something new or start some new fun activity?’

Exactly. It kept me occupied.”

My husband interjects, “Is it because you wanted to experience as much as possible in the short period of time that you had?”

“No. I figured I was going to experience more in the spirit. I wanted to keep as busy as possible so I wouldn’t have to feel as depressed as I was. It helped some but it never lasted very long.”

His older sister, Michelle, tells Erik as she sobs, “I’m sorry for everything I did to you.” Michelle and Erik had a very close bond. They hung out together a lot and, naturally, they got into trouble together from time to time.

Erik replies, “Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. Let me get this straight. Because you acted like a bitch sometimes? Because of what you said and what you did, you’re feeling guilty about that and I blew my brains out and YOU feel sorry? What’s wrong with you? You’re fucked up” And he starts chuckling.

Michelle laughs quietly through her tears and, in mock sarcasm, answers, ‘Thanks.’

“You always did that, Michelle, but I knew you loved me. You were a guardian angel for me, and you took me under your wing. Mom was a big reason I stayed here as long as I did, but you were too. There were some things that I told you, (Of course I didn’t tell you I was gonna do this,) but Michelle there were some things I told you and you helped me get through it. If you didn’t I would have done it then. You know this, Michelle. You know this. There were things I told you that I didn’t tell Mom and Pappa, and you always listened to me, and you never judged me. You always listened and you gave me your opinion. Everyone has PMS sometimes!”

Michelle tells Kim, “Toward the end, we kind of had a falling out maybe for like half a year. Ever since we had a big fist fight in the Suburban, my mom’s car, I started to distance myself from him. I mean, I used to take him like everywhere. Is that because he was getting me prepared so it wouldn’t be as bad for when he did kill himself?”

Erik responds, “No, I look at everything differently now. I was being a fucking asshole and that’s why we had the fight. I was being a fucking asshole. I kept doing things over and over again. I liked to hit your hot buttons. I don’t know why I did that. You were so kind to me. You were a guardian angel for me. But I kept trying to push the envelope, push the envelope. You knew it and I knew it and I admit it, I can be a fucking asshole! Finally you couldn’t take it any more. I had been pushing you and pushing you up to that time and you finally lost it. I’m surprised you didn’t try to hurt me!”

I interject, ‘Not that she didn’t try!’

Kim told us Erik is laughing loudly, then he goes on, “I kept pushing your hot buttons and I knew I would get that response.”

“Erik, why did you do that,” Kim asks.

He shrugs and answers, “Well you do all kind of things when you’re fucked up. I gave me something to do. I thought it was funny when you would get upset, Michelle. I look at things different now. I think it’s a good thing we weren’t speaking during that time because I was so distraught. I would have continued being a fucking asshole and it would have made you miserable. I started to detach from everybody, because I knew nothing was gonna make me feel better.. I didn’t think killing myself was gonna make it better for anybody else. I was just thinking about myself. I didn’t want everyone to ask me questions, and I knew I was gonna be depressed and moping. I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to spend time in my room and spend time on the computer.”

Then Michelle asks, “When are you going to materialize?”

Erik responds with a question, “ You mean in a way where you can see my form and see what I look like?”

Michelle answers, “Yeah, you know I’m kinda freaked out about that, but if you did it in a really peaceful way, that would be awesome. Not at night. Don’t do that shit at night!”

Erik laughs and says, “You mean you don’t want me to stand over your bed at night and go RRRRAAAAHHHHHHH!? Hey, I never thought of that but that’s a fun idea! Nah, I’m just joking with you. But even if I tell you ‘okay Michelle, get ready, I’m going to materialize,” it’s still going to scare the crap out of you.”

Alarmed, Michelle asks, “But you’re going to do it anyway before I’m ready?!”

“Well, yeah, because even if it scares the crap out of you I think it’ll help you get ready.”

“Okay, well, just don’t do it at night!”

Erik laughs and says jokingly, “I guess you also don’t want me to jump in the shower? I promise I’m not going to show up while you’re driving and stuff. And Arleen is going to be talking about me. I visit her and play with her.”

Before our session, my eldest daughter, Kristina, wanted us to ask Erik if he helped her on her last bunch of exams, because she felt his presence while taking them. When I pose the question through Kim, he answers, “Yes I helped her cheat.” He says this in a mock confidential whisper. Chuckling, he explains: “Kristina walks the straight and narrow and her choices are beyond reproach. I find it amusing that I’m helping her cheat!” Kim had no way of knowing that this is so typical of Kristina’s personality. Fondly referred to as “Officer Kristina,” by her peers, she has a very heightened sense of morality and justice. Erik, as always, had her pretty well pegged!

Erik goes on to say, “I’m going to contact you with little songs on the radio moving objects around the house, and I’m never going to be withdrawn again, I promise. I’ve completely let go of that sense of loss, that—all that hard shit I had to work on buuuuutttt because of what I did I’m going to have to come back a bunch more times to work on what I could have worked on this lifetime. (he says this last phrase in a sing song voice as if he were telling a child ‘I told you so,) But I like to be in Heaven and also be with you. I like to swim in the pool and play with the dogs. I walk around while ya’ll are asleep, when I’m not in therapy.”

Erik then tells Michelle she’s going to have twins. “They’re going to be boys and they’ll be just like me.” He chuckles and says he finds that very amusing. “I mean my impatience. Remember how impatient I used to be; remember I wanted everything fucking now now now; remember how I hated to wait for things, remember how I wanted immediate gratification? You weren’t like that, huh, Michelle?” And he laughs exuberantly. They were two peas in a pod, those two. Both struggled with impatience more than most kids there age.

Michelle acknowledges and proceeds with another question: “When I felt like you were hugging me this morning, was that you?”


“I was crying and I felt you like hugging and I wanted to hug you. I wanted to hug your little skinny body.”

“That was me. And you’re all gonna hearing me telepathically, you’re gonna receive me in dreams, you’re going to see me materialize, you’re gonna be smelling things, I’m going to be communicating with you through all of your senses.” Then, in an excited voice, he goes on to say, “Hey, Michelle, Michelle, when I talk to you sometimes you’re gonna smell like a bong smell!”

“A BONG?? Ew, that’s a horrible smell. That’s a bad smell,” MIchelle replies.

“Yes, that way you’ll know it’s me,” he answers.

She responds, again in mock sarcasm, “Thanks Dude.”

“Anytime! I’m teasing about the bong. I just brought up the bong so everybody would really, really know it was me. I know if you smelled a bong smell you’d tell me to hit the bricks. But I’m not going to be like ‘Look at that rainbow’ or ‘Look at those flowers.’ Oh but you might hear me saying ‘Look at those tits! Look at that blond. Look at her. Wow, look at her!’ And you’ll know positively without a doubt in your mind that it’s me you hear in your head and that I’m talking to you.”

Kim poses one question of her own, “Erik, how do you have such powerful electrical energy; you passed such a short time ago?”

Erik shrugs and replies, “I don’t know. I don’t know. I guess it’s because of my level of enlightenment.  I’ve got a very high level of enlightenment. You guys know that. Mom, you especially know that.”

“Mom we had lots of past lives together where I saved your life, you saved mine, but Mom, Mom, Mom, you were not able to save my life this time even though you have before because I didn’t open myself to you. I didn’t share with you what I was thinking or planning or what I was going to do. I was planning to kill myself for a long time, but I decided to kill myself with a gun that morning. You couldn’t have known. And when I tried to kill myself with those pills, I was really serious so it’s when it didn’t work I was like ‘Shit! Do I fuck up everything I touch? Do I fuck up everything I can’t even kill myself?’ That’s why I wanted to make sure to do it right.”

Then, I asked Erik a question that I think is pretty typical of a bereaved mother. “Was it anything I said or did that morning that caused you to do it?”

“Oh God no! It was things you did and said that kept me on this earthly plane. Mom, I just couldn’t stay any longer, I was just so miserable, even for you I couldn’t stay any longer.”

Kim begins to cry softly and tells us, “He’s apologizing and apologizing and he’s showing me this again: He’s on his knees with is hands in prayer and he’s crying. He’s begging your forgiveness. He’s on his knees just begging you.”

In a somber tone, Erik explains, “Now we can see things so much more clearly and now I’m looking at things in a more mature point of view. I wasn’t looking at things that way. I was just thinking about my own pain, and I was thinking you could get over it.”

I asked him if he was there when I found him dead in his room.

“Yes and I didn’t want to BE! My therapist told me ‘you WILL be there, period. I did NOT want to be there but my therapist forced the issue and said, ‘you did it so you’re accountable and you watch.’ So I did and I was hysterically crying trying to comfort everyone. No one could hear me at that time. This is something I will never do again in any future lifetime because of that moment. That period when you found me was worse than any of the pain I’ve had in all of my lifetimes put together. Never EVER will I do something like that in my future lives.”

“Were you at your funeral, too?” I asked.

“Yes. My therapist said, ‘you will be there!’ so I had to go. I liked the music. Thanks Michelle.”

Michelle had selected his favorite music for various parts of the service. She felt delighted for his appreciation.

By the end of the session, we all felt convinced that this soul Kim was channeling was indeed Erik. There was no mistaking the tone, the humor, the language, and the perspective before and after his death. How comforting to know that he is still with us. Later, I will share with you how Erik appeared before me last night just before I went to sleep. Register so you won’t miss any entry updates, and if you have any questions for Erik, please click on the “Ask Erik” button at the top of the page. Your questions and Erik’s answers to them will be emailed to you. They will not be published unless you request that they be. Your questions can concern any topic, personal and specific or general and abstract. He so deeply wants to share his views about life, death, and the afterlife, perhaps to help make up for a life cut short.

Listen to Erik singing “Chop Suey” while on a drive home from Destin, Florida with Michelle. You will note three things: 1) a prophecy of the tragedy 2)the fun loving, close relationship between Michelle and him and 3) his horrid tone-deafness (sorry, Erik, but the truth shall set you free!)

Erik “Singing”

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  • This is really great to read, its amazing how much it sounds like Erik, with a slightly more mature tone… almost like a wise old man thats still young in heart and humor. Erik has visited me a great deal recently, mostly in my dreams almost nightly and its truly a great time. I am so glad to see he is doing better in spirit. Everyday I see something that reminds me of him, and I always slow down to hold on to the feeling of accompaniment from him. To this day I haven’t had any way of expressing my emotions, Erik was my friend to go to about this stuff, and I still try but its just not the same without his scraggly face exhaling a plume of smoke into my car and saying “Dude, its alright.(now he quotes his favorite movie Tommy Boy) Sometimes brothers just gotta huuuggg!!!! Well, anyhow, hopefully soon I will be able to afford a guitar, banjo, or some other string instrument because this has given me a great deal of inspiration, and I think it would make Erik very proud… its something we can do together again, write songs! I hope you are doing well Elisa, I will stop by soon and we can all hang out or something!! I need some time away from the house and I think spending it with you guys would help me out.

    Love and Light,
    Sean Everett

    • We miss you Sean! I’m glad he’s visiting you in dreams! That’s the easiest way for him because your mind chatter quietens just before or during sleep. Next time I talk to Kim, I’ll see if he has any messages for you.

      Why don’t you just borrow one of Erik’s guitars for as long as you want? We have extra amps too. He also left behind tons of bike parts you might want to comb through. We’ll talk next time you come over.

      Love you, Angel

  • Hi Elisa and Erik,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I can so relate to everything Erik is saying here. My boyfriend Pat committed suicide 10 years ago and I was really sensing his presence this last weekend/heard a song, found a penny, he’s been on my mind more than usual and then I was drawn to your site from Kim’s e-mail yesterday and wow it was like Pat wanted me to read this to tell me how he was feeling but through Erik. I have balled my eyes out reading this…good tears and sad ones. Really cleansing the soul. I too like you have been reading everything I could get my hands on and really been on a spiritual path since losing him. I want to thank you and Erik so much for sharing this with so many of us that are survivors of suicide. I have shared your site with a few of my friends and will probably send it to more…I think it will help them too. Your sons death is not in vain.
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Love & Light,

    • Much love to you too, Shawna. I’m going to ask Erik to look Pat up.

  • Thanks so much- I think that they would get along. They seem so much alike and I’m sure they would have each other cracking up.
    If Erik is able to look Pat (Cyril Patrick Winter) up will you please ask Pat a question for me? I would greatly appreciate it. I found something that was lost for a long time and looked all over for it and never found it. Then right after he passed it mysteriously showed up and I think Pat put it there for me but I’m not sure. Will you please ask him what his wishes are for me to do with that? I have just been holding onto it and it would help give me some closure to know.
    I’m going to look up some poems that I think you will enjoy and other’s here that I was given from a grief class I took.
    Love & Light,

  • Thank you :0)

  • Lara

    I can’t find the “Ask Erik” link that is referenced above, so I hope you’ll forgive me for using this space to beg that you’ll ask Erik my questions. I just learned of your blog at about 3AM this morning when I couldn’t sleep and was perusing a listing of a friend’s favorite websites. Since then I’ve been engrossed in your postings and I’ve been crying myself silly. I am so very, very sorry for this pain that you have been through, but I’m also so very grateful that you’re sharing your story. Naturally, I have started thinking about friends and family that I have lost, but one loss in particular is most recent and most painful. I feel somewhat guilty for even bringing this up, but it’s the loss of my Boxer named Duke of which I speak. I tell everyone that he was the best dog ever, and I say that he was my baby before I had my human baby. He died unexpectedly on June 19th (last month) in the backyard of our home in Nashville, TN. Our 4 year old son, Josiah (“Joe”), found him and called to my husband when he couldn’t get Duke to wake up. I know that other people probably have much more compelling and urgent questions that they are asking you to ask Erik, and yet Erik’s comment through Kim that he likes to “play with the dogs” makes me think that perhaps he’ll be willing to check on my sweet little Duke for me. I am overcome with guilt that I should have taken him to the vet for a check-up sooner. Could you please ask Erik why Duke died? Did he suffer very long before he passed? Could I have helped him if I had realized that he wasn’t just “sunning himself” when I saw him from the window lying in the grass? Could whatever caused him to die have been caught and prevented by a vet? Is he OK now? Will I be able to be with him again someday? And what does Erik say about dogs – do they come back to earth too? Do they always come back as dogs? Anything you could tell me about my Duke (7 year old fawn Boxer; underbite; was runt of litter; registered name was “Duke von Argyl”) would be much appreciated. Thank you so much. Bless you, Lara.

    • Ooo, Lara, you should read one of the recent posts, Ask Erik: Jodi’s Question. It will resonate with you. I’m so sorry for your loss. No need to apologize. I have three cats and three dogs and I love them dearly. When we had to euthanize our Weimaraner, Zoe, I cried and cried and cried. She was like one of my children. Erik says he has her with him and I sometimes sense Zoe’s presence. She follows me into the bathroom. Geez, I can NEVER get any privacy.

      I had to suspend the Ask Erik button temporarily but will probably put it back up in a month or two when I catch up with the deluge. If, after reading Jodi’s Questions, you still want me to ask your questions, I can put you on the list.

      • Julie

        Hello Elisa, It’s January 2012 and I have just found Channeling Erik ,just when I needed it. I have been questioning life alot lately as I lost a dear friend this past November. I think about her every day. I thought I’d try the “Ask Erik” link but can’t find it….do you still have it and I’m just not looking in the right place ?
        Thanks for sharing your jounrney with your son, it’s helped to sooth an aching heart.

      • Oh, Sweetie, I’m so sorry you hurt. You’re in the right place. THere are lots of things we can do to help. I can’t take anymore ask erik questions because i just had too many and it gets too expensive for me to set up more sessions. But you can channel Erik and he’ll help (for free of course). He’s very easy to channel. Email me if you want tips. ALso, you can Jamie when we have our two hour conference call later this month. I’ll let everyone know. That way, you can ask Erik to bring your friend to the call and you can ask her how she is and why you suffer her loss so greatly. Do you think you two were soul mates?

  • Anne Heining

    Hi Elisa,

    I think you are so brave to be facing your son’s passing in the way that you are and turning an incredibly painful situation into something so positive for you and your family and for all of us blog readers.
    I live in London and work as a translator and part-time healer, and for this reason have a huge interest in spirituality and the afterlife and have a question that I would like to ask Erik. I feel like I have been guided to this site and can empathise with what Erik went through as I myself have also suffered extremely debilitating depression throughout my life, have teetered on the brink of suicide but somehow managed to turn things around and channel my experience into my healing work.
    I got a very strong sense that Erik was here when I was reading the blog earlier as my computer started experiencing problems, the screen was flashing etc and I had a real sense that he might be able to help me with a particular serious issue that continues to plague my life.
    I see that you have temporarily suspended the Ask Erik button but was wondering if you might consider receiving my question – it isn’t something I would like to write about here as it is intensely private and related to quite a serious matter, but if you do have any spare space for additional questions I would hugely appreciate Erik’s input. It seems that this work is becoming a full-time job for him, particularly with people like me around! : )
    If not, I completely understand and will continue to read the blog with great interest and will wait to submit the question at a later date.
    Very best wishes to you and your family, I am so very sorry for your loss but it is wonderful to see and read how you have rediscovered your son in such a poignant way – everything happens for a reason and it seems that the impact of Erik’s passing is far greater than anyone could possibly have imagined, and is providing so much wisdom and solace to so many.
    Kindest wishes,
    Anne H.

    • Hi Anne,

      You’re now part of a very loving family and no doubt you were steered here by your guides or Higher Self. If you go to the discussion forum, there is a thread “The Channeling Erik Channelers” (or something like that) and you can submit your questions to Shannon, Jason, and Ryan. It’s completely free, but depending on how much they have on their plates with work and family, it might not be super quick.

      I have no doubt Erik messed with your computer, but one of those three can find out for you too. I bet he’s there to help you.

      Welcome to the family, Sweetie.


  • Anne Heining

    Hi Elisa,

    Thank you very much for your swift response and I will go ahead and look for the thread that you suggest – I look forward to connecting with Erik via one of the individuals you mention!
    Very best wishes and love to you and your family,
    Anne xx

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    That is so interesting that he said that he will have to come back a few more times because of what he did. That bothers me a bit. That he would have to do more time becasue of the suicide. He is so sweet. His video is darling here. Great post!! xoxo

  • Jan, this is what he thought at first, but since then he’s learned a lot more. He realized that his death was his destiny, not an impulsive mistake. It was a spiritual contract so that he could do what he’s doing now. As you read, you’ll notice how he matures, grows wiser, and knows more about how everything works in the afterlife and the human experience.

  • Tamara

    I synchronistically stumbled upon your blog…thank you for this! My fiance, Trevor, committed suicide 8 months ago. And, although I believe in past lives, the afterlife and believe that he is around me, I sometimes need confirmation. I too have had songs come on the radio at the right time, or songs sent to me by friends because they felt compelled to send me them. Or things like my sister seeing people on the street that remind her of my fiance and she felt the need to share with me…also, seeing butterflies because they always reminded him of me. Even dreams…although I haven’t had a really vivid dream of him yet. I’m still waiting.
    The day after his funeral, I smelled his cologne…it was so strong. I asked my friend, who was in the room with me, if she could smell it and she said no. But it was unmistakable.
    Another friend who is a hypnotherapist has put me ‘under’ a few times…the last time we had a session, I asked Trevor to come into the session. I asked him why he did it and he said that no matter what reason he gives, it wouldn’t be good enough for me.
    He has visited his mom and has told her that he is happy now and he is sorry for putting everyone through so much pain, but he just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    One day, his mom phoned me to chat. She said that Trevor visited and told him that he was in the universe. Then she asked me, ‘what does this mean?’ I knew this message was for me. We always talked about the universe and being part of the universe.
    I will keep reading your blog as it is very healing…and possibly I can build a stronger connection with Trevor. Thank you, Tamara

  • Hi, I just encountered all this written AMAZEMENT by you (Dr. Elisa Medhus) yesterday… the new language–I must have been led to you… here it goes…
    please, I have questions for Erik or whom else you recommend who has the answers/guidance I have been pleading for from the “other side”. Erik and you and Jamie are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome. I am sure there is another word that fits my desire to express all the awesomeness you all share, but let me put it this way…..there is NOTHING ELSE that I have encountered on earth that has given me—that’s the me inside this body—so so so so much calm, peace, hunger, hope, etc. at this time.
    please, let me know how to proceed with all this goodness you are giving/sharing that is so quenching at this time of my wilderness, behind this veil, on this side of what appears to be Oz.
    (smile)……….I love all yall……….Dr. Medhus, Erik, Jamie and the seeing crew.

  • jonquil

    I am curious, Elisa, about whether or not you are still practicing as a doctor. If so it is amazing that you can find time to do this blog.

    • I did for a long time (and it was hard to juggle) but when a patient with a head injury came in, I took care of him and left never to return.

  • Samantha Kaufman

    I’m just starting to read your journey with Erik through his passing up to present day Sessions with Jaimie. Thank you so much for having the courage or the drive or whatever you call it to write this all down. My daughter in now 23, but she was extremely suicidal in her teens when repressed memories of her bio father sexually abusing her started to surface around 15. She would cut and the lows would be so devastatingly low. I can recall her saying after an especially rough but that no one should ever have to feel that depth of sadness. I stopped working and slept only when she slept and worked very hard to keep her alive. I recall a few years into it finally sitting down with and letting her know that everyday she is alive is a blessing, but that I would find acceptance if one day I awoke to find that she could no longer endure the pain of it all. God, that was the most heart wrenching thing to say to my child. Yet, I don’t know, maybe that was the one thing that kept her going. She never thought she would turn 18, much less 21. We both never thought that she would have a future to plan for. She is now 23 and beautiful, bright, smart, clever and alive. So alive. She has her bouts ands she has actually flat lined at an ER while out of town at a show. That experience has confirmed for her that death is so inviting, but that she has a lot of living to do first. I don’t kid myself. I know that those feelings could easily return and that one day she may choose differently. Erik’s experience here is important for her to know. To understand to keep moving forward in life and resolve issues here and now. I think his words may offer determination in future times when she may feel weaker. Thank you so much for posting all of this. I am so certain that I am only one of so very many who have been helped. Thank you, thank you. …

  • I really loved this one, Elisa. I’m new here, having come across your youtube channel first, so, like Erik recommends, I’m starting at the beginning on the blog. He said so many key things in this reading. I’m sitting here feeling so relieved for you and your family. What an amazing guy. When I sense him around me I tell him how handsome he is. He digs that. <3

  • dorei oni

    Okay so this relates to my first post tonight.. So if you havent read that,please do so,I’ve searched for the ask Erik button,but don’t see it. My email is I have a few questions,hope you don’t mind? Um.. 1) Erik,you did say that you were meant to die at that time,but most suicides aren’t supposed to happen at the time they were made. So my question is(sorry if this is graphic?..) this: Is it my time now and if not will I die by suicide if so am I supposed to? 2nd question is this: Did i miscarry with twins one or both times,or neither? Followed by my third question which is this: Will I ever have children,like without miscarriages,stillbirth,sids or any other infant dying thing? (I dont think I could endure another one) and will my child/ren be like a cure to something like diabetes or something? Does my child/ren from my first “miscarriage” blame/hate my fiance and I? and will my fiance and I last forever if I dont.. Just answer what you can,thank you. Again,I’m sorry

    • dorei oni

      btw that song is my fiances and I song,lol

      • dorei oni

        Oh and just one more question,
        I know I ask a lot blah ,
        So ive been trying to get in touch with my paranormal side I threw away a few years ago. How do I do this? I’d love to talk to my children. Will my spiritual gifts ever get any better? So I’m feeling really guilty for asking u questions especially ones so deep especially since u dont know me one so once again I apolagize sinserely.

  • MLH8

    I’m sorry this is long:
    Ok…First, let me just began by saying that I’m starting to feel very self -conscious because I’ve posted so many comments recently and in different Erik media forums. And because I use the word “I” so much! It’s not about me me meeee though. I promise I’m not some kinda of weird stalker! And I do have a life …friends, 2 children, a husband and adorable cocker spaniel. One might describe my personality as more of an introvert …initially…until we become familiar. Secondly, I’ve been stay at home Mom for 13 years now , so I’m pretty much out of touch with pop music, who’s who’s (except for my favorite artiest John Mayer!). My kids occasionally introduce to me to new songs and artist. I purposely do not watch the news because the negativity bring me down and it stays around for to long. Especially when it involves children and people suffering or being hurt.

    Anyway, with that being said I feel compelled to keep sharing thoughts and different experiences that I’m having since stumbling onto Erik’s blog. For sure something has opened up within me and I intent to embrace it and stay in tuned.

    So here’s this experience regarding this video:

    The day after watching the Erik on The Moore Show video …which is FANTASTIC! (A must see….have a pencil and paper ready) I was driving home in deep thought and remembered Elisa talking about binaural beats 14 to 16 hertz, which I know nothing about. So I asked Seri to search it. Not being able to read while driving I randomly clicked on one of many the videos that came up. The video was a song…it sounded so familiar but I couldn’t place where in the world I would have herd this “head banging” music! I played it over and over trying to take in every word wondering if was an example binaural beats. Today …I herd THE same SONG ….right HERE!! WOW!! This is where I herd it BEFORE a while back. It’s Erik!!! In the flesh with that contagious, funny personality! Lordy …he’s gonna have me head banging a throwing out “F” bombs in no time. In public to!

    • Keep sharing your stories and f-bombs! I love it!

      • Simon

        Glad to see Eric enjoying himself in a light hearted moment, too bad he couldn’t be this happy in most of his life.

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