Erik’s Pranks, Part Two

I don’t have much to report today. My weekend plans are pretty boring. Gardening. Weeding. Trimming trees. Trimming knock out roses with huge thorns that will sure to rip my skin to shreds, long sleeves notwithstanding. And all in one million degrees and 300% humidity. Yay! I hope you guys have a great one!

Me: Now let’s talk about how you come in our dreams, which you haven’t done in a long, long time, bad, bad boy!

Jamie (laughing and shaking and pointing her index finger as if to scold a child): He’s shaming himself.

Me: I can still turn you over my knee, boy! But seriously.

Erik: How do I come into dreams?


Jamie (to Erik): Well then talk about both of them. (To me) Two types of dreams he’s talking about. One is more like an out of body experience where you’re leaving your physical body and meeting him on a higher plane therefore he really doesn’t have to do much.

Erik: It’s sort of like a meet and greet. “Hey, how are you? Come over here. Let’s take a walk.”

Me: That’s for slacker spirits.

Erik (Raising his hand): That’s me.

Jamie and I chuckle. We know otherwise. He’s a hard worker.

Erik: Then the other dream is where you’re not traveling across dimensions. You’re not having that kind of out of body experience. It’s more like a traditional dream where the subconscious is opening up, but your spirit is still resting around your body. When you’re in a deep sleep, the spirit doesn’t necessarily reside in the physical body. There’s a little bit of separation. That’s what creates such a nice rest.

Me: Is that why sometimes we jerk awake like our soul is getting back into our body?

Erik: Yes. Just coming back in.

Me: Like a crash landing. Okay. Sorry to interrupt.

Jamie: Yeah, it scares you so bad, you wake up.

Erik: So the ones where you’re resting right above, I have to find where your subconscious is running those videos whether it’s associated with a memory, whether it’s problem-solving, whether it’s [figuring out] a new technique, whether it’s creative.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You know, there are different energetic qualities of each need of why a person dreams. Mostly it’s about problem solving, going through something or working through something that’s happening in your day-to-day life but putting it in a nonsense way so you can understand it deeper. In other words, you take it so far out of the box like in a dream, you might be talking to a donkey, but in reality it might be your dad.

Me: One and the same, sometimes.

Erik: See? Symbolism. When you’re doing this, I have to find where you are. It’s not like hide and seek for us. All we have to do is connect to you, and we can locate where you focus is. I could be—we’re just going to talk linear for a second—I could be in Italy and think, ‘Oh, I wonder how my mom is doing? I wonder where she is,” and then, boom, I know that she’s in Houston and that she’s on the toilet.

Really? He’s going to go there?

Jamie laughs.

Me: Thanks a lot! You’re so bad. Millions of YouTube viewers now know.

Jamie: You go potty!

Me: Let’s stop. Move along.

Erik: Okay. Once I find your focus, Mom, then I can decide how I’ll interact with you. Some people aren’t extremely open to having spirits in their dreams or having their loved ones in their dreams because it creates a series of chemical reactions. The heart rate will go up, sweaty palms; they get confused why you’re here because you’re supposed to be dead, “I don’t understand what’s going on,” and we’re not interested in creating more issues and problems. We enter dreams to provide answers, solutions. We want to help you do what you need to do, and if you need to avoid us because we’re dead, then we are going to avoid you. Some people need that subconsciously. They don’t need it in that space. They might want it in their wake state but not their sleep state. We can show up in different ways like I mentioned the donkey, so I can show up as a beloved dog; I can show up as another kind of pet, best friend or a stranger in your dream that has eyes that you recognize. “You look like my son.” And we greet each other for the first time and hug, so we get to give some sense of familiarity there. And love.

Me: That’s nice.

Erik: So there are different ways that we can interact. Now the coolest and best way is when you’re just totally soaring out of your body. You’re having one of those real, real dreams. You’re wake up and go, “Shit, did I really do that? There is no way that I could have done that!” But it’s so real that you’re carrying those experiences to you wake state. They are part of you now. Those are the ones we like being in because we get to be ourselves. We get to walk and talk about conscious things like, ‘Hey Mom, how do you like the pool these days? How do you like the color of the house?’

I found that weird because we just painted the outside of the house.

Erik: ‘What do you think about that?’ We get to talk about stuff.

Me: So that’s a lucid dream you’re talking about, right?

Erik: Yeah. In that state of being, they can be lucid or it can actually be deep sleep dreaming parallel to an out of body experience in the night.

Me: Okay.

Jamie, mimicking Erik, sings the words, “In the night.”

Jamie: He’s in such a singing mood today.

Me: I know!

Jamie: These songs, phenomena, all kinds of things today.

Me: As long as he doesn’t make us sing.

Erik: Yeah, next.

Me: Okay, how do you make those nasty smells? Tell some of the ones you do.

Erik: I like to do stinky, rotten foods like fishes. I love to do poopy smells.

I know he said something else like crap or shit, but Jamie just couldn’t repeat it.

Erik: I love to do marijuana smells. Stinky feet, anything that’s really strong.

Me: Yeah, smelly socks are one of his specialties.

Erik: I like bombing that anywhere: in the office, the in kitchen, anywhere that you’re not expecting this kind of scent. Smells are kind of easy because they don’t have a 3-D inanimate object attached to it. You know, I don’t have to make the socks to get the smell. I’m just generating the smell. It’s like in the lab where they’re generating flavors like grape flavor but they’re not using grapes. So basically that’s the recipe for that smell energetically and then I manifest that. And you manifest that by thinking about it. That’s the simplest way to explain it. When you’re in spirit, you won’t really consider it “thinking,” but that’s the closest I can think of.

Me: So like the grape flavor, you create the energy signature for the smell?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: And you have to carry it to our area or what?

Erik: Oh no, no. I go to where it is—

Me: It’s like a delivery service. Papa John’s, here I am.

Erik: You wish it smelled like good pizza!

Me: I guess I do! All right, let’s talk about how you leave EVPs, in other words, you voice on the radio. You’ve done that many times. Phone calls, etc. How do you do that?

Jamie (laughing): He picks up his hand and says, “I talk closely into the mic like this.”

Jamie holds her thumb right up to her mouth.

Jamie: He’s basically shoving his finger—

Me: Oh my god.

Erik: You get up really close to it and you yell. No, this is easier than most. Recording devices require electricity and electricity is very easy to manipulate. It’s a very fluid energy. It’s like changing the temperature of the water. You know, you can heat it up very easily; you can cool it down; you can freeze it. So inserting my energy into the electrical movement is how it shows up as a recording. You can even test that when you have someone go back and analyze the track. They’ll find that there’s no voiceprint on it. They’ll say, “Hey, that’s not resonating from a voice box. This is an electronic voice. It’s using the instrument itself. It’s manipulating the electric waves to create the sound.” So basically, I was being super funny at the beginning, but it is about getting really close to it, pushing your “voice” into it to change the wavelengths to create the sound that you want.

Me: Amazing. Now sometimes will say, “I heard Erik. He whispered to me. I heard him talk in my room.” How do you do that? You don’t exactly have vocal cords.

Erik (making a sassy gesture with his head): But I gotta mouth.

Me: Yes you do! You got a mouth on you!

Jamie: He told me I put too much neck swing in that one.

(Jamie does the side to side head bob you see in a black woman with attitude.)

Jamie: Like he really didn’t do it like that. He’s correcting me.

Me: Aw.

Erik: Yes. I don’t have vocal cords, but I do have energy. Sound is made of energy, and I know how to easily use it. I mean, I can make piano music out of my mouth. I can bring in a symphony if I want to. I can create that sound and that harmony. When I’m in a room if I want somebody to know I’m there, I just talk to them. But again, I have to do it in a way that they’ll hear me. So I have to take my vocal communication that I’d normally have if I was talking to another dead person, and I gotta make it in a way so that they can hear me. That’s not the same as manipulating the energy of electricity waves with sound on recording devices because most of the time you don’t hear it when I’m doing it. You’re only hear it when you play it back. So I have to make it very human.

Me: Okay. Well let me ask a couple more questions. Why do some people not pick up on your pranks, and what can they do to be able to?


Me: Some don’t want to, probably, but…

Erik: They must not be funny people. Just kidding. No, a lot of people, if they’re really heady, they’ll see the prank, but they’ll come up with some insane logical way that it could have happened and the chance of that would be like two percent. But [they think] it could have happened. They let go of it and don’t define it as some sort of phenomenon, just that this really odd coincidence occurred. I would like to challenge anybody watching this video and made it this far to spend the next four days after watching this and think that anything is a coincidence is actually a phenomenon. That will open up your perspective, your logic to see how other ways of how spirits communicate to you on a day-to-day basis and that actually, they’re not all coincidences. Some are. Coincidences don’t really exist but you know what I mean. Some are logically proven to be other things but mostly no. No. You’re just trained to think that way.

Me: That’s right. Our logical mind gets in the way so much. So a lot of depressed and grieving people, they’re the ones—it seems like the rest of the family can see the loved ones, hear from them, etc. but the ones who are really grieving deeply are the last ones to get some sort of sign or communication from a child or another loved one.

Erik: And you know the answer to that one, don’t ya?

Me: Yeah, but I just want you to spit it out.

Erik: Okay, I’ll spit it out. When you’re grieving, sad or depressed, lonely, you feel separated, divided from life itself. You create a denser vibrational quality or pattern. That’s that whole, “I feel heavy; I feel stuck; I feel ugh.” That’s because you’re taking your energetic quality in your physical body, you. your field, your aura, and you’re making it dense. When you do that, it’s so much harder to experience life and so much harder to pick up on signs, so much harder to interact with that subtle energy that’s available everywhere that has information, love, attention, communication all wrapped up in it. My remedy is to go laugh. Go find something funny. Go find something that puts a smile on your face. Even in your darkest moments, you have to discipline yourself to say, “Hm. What did I really love to do? I can’t imagine doing it right now, but what did I love to do? Oh, okay. Flying an airplane.” Well then, go get a ticket. Go fly in an airplane. Make yourself do the things that bring you joy. Change your vibrational quality and the world will start opening up, and the spirit world will start opening up.

Me: There you go. You know that’s interesting that you say that because I remember when I was in my most profound grieving state, I did feel so heavy. I think what happens is that our energy vibration goes to the lowest part of the visible range of the spectrum of all energy, and you guys probably have a harder time lowering your vibrational frequency to get to us. Is that part of it?

Erik: Yes. Yes.

Me: Okay. So that’s good. Just find joy when you can even if it’s in little bits. What else do you have to say about your pranks, sir?

Erik: I love them, and I’ll never stop doing them. Changing people one prank at a time.

Me: That’s true. Well, thank you, Erik. Come prank me.

Jamie: He’s blowing you kisses and he goes, “Yes, Mom. I’ll come prank you.”

Me: Okay, that’s a promise.

Erik: I love you! I love everybody out there!

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