Erik’s Take on Souls and the Afterlife

Now that I have an insider, someone with a unique perspective on the “Other Side,” I have such a wonderful opportunity to answer so may questions I’ve been harboring nearly all of my life. Of course, if I had the choice, I’d rather have Erik on this side with me, but he’s not. He’s gone from my arms to another place to which I have no access. Hopefully, the fact that he’s my “inside guy” will prove fruitful as he uncovers the mystical veil that shrouds our eyes from all things spiritual. If it provides comfort to me and others and if it satisfies the burning curiosity of those who yearn to explore the deepest realms of what would otherwise be the “unknowable,” then perhaps his tragic and untimely death will not have been in vain. I’ve am so grateful for all of the knowledge and wisdom Erik has already shared, but greedy for more, I continue my litany of questions. Pandora’s box is agape. The lid cannot be closed. Here is more of the dialog between Erik and me through psychic medium, Kim O’Neill:

‘I know you travel Erik, but how do you do that? Do you use your thoughts? If you want to go to Norway, for instance, do you just think about it and you’re there?’ I ask.

Well, it depends. I can materialize and dematerialize with my thoughts like you just said, Mom, or if I want I can take a boat or train or bus.”

‘So you manifest these things through thoughts?’

“Exactly But I’m going to want to fly with you guys when you go to Norway for spring break. But if I want, I don’t have to stay on the plane the whole time, of course. Sucks for you that you have to!” he says with a chuckle. “I just do whatever I want to at the moment.”

‘Wow, lot’s of free choices there! Can you even travel to different planes and different planets?’


‘On both counts?’


Nice elaboration but I’ll take what I can get.

I probe further.’So how many planes are there, planes of existence I mean? Or do you even know, Erik?’

“Well, as far as I know there are two, the earthly plane and there’s life in Heaven and on other planets. Two or three depending on how you want to look at it.”

‘Okay. So what do you look like Erik? What shape do you take? Do you wear clothes? What age do you appear?’

“Hmm, well when I’m hanging with my buds, I’m like a beam of light, a ball of light. But when I try to materialize there on the earthly plane, I appear the way I did when I died, so you guys know who I am. Remember, Mom, I’ve had a lot of other lifetimes and if I appeared as any one of them, you might not know it was me!”

‘Yeah, okay. That makes sense,’ I say in agreement.

“Now, when you get to the heavenly plane, Mom, I’ll appear to you however you want. Do you want me to be a little boy? Do you want me to be grown up? You don’t have to decide now. Wait till you get here and I’ll be whatever you want—or a beam or ball of light. Ya know, come to think of it, Mom, when you’re in spirit too, it won’t matter to you at all. It won’t matter to you. You won’t be going by how I looked when I was there. You’ll just be interacting with my soul which you will see and feel as a beam of light.”

At this point, I don’t care what he looks like when I meet him in Heaven. I just want to wrap myself around him and love him and stay glued to the hip. I won’t let him out of my sight. Eventually, I guess they’ll have to peel me away from him, but not without me kicking and screaming the entire time! They’ll be lots of pent up kisses and hugs and love to deliver.

‘Okay, so what does the afterlife really look like, Erik?’ I continue.

“Anything you want it too! Picture life on the earthly plane as living with a real, real gray pair of glasses on. Here, the colors are more vivid than you can ever imagine, a hundred times more than on the earthly plane. (The afterlife) looks like whatever appeals to you at the moment.”

‘So what if your buddy wants to appear on a beach, but you want to appear..’

Erik interrupts me with, “You know what we do, Mom? We play paper scissor, rock, and then we decide! Other souls do other things, but this was my idea!” He laughs and says, “I usually wins, so I like that!”

Kim chuckles loudly at this remark and says, “That’s funny! That’s interesting, Erik!”

He goes on to say, “You compromise. One time we go where they want, another time we….and guess what, one of my new buddies taught me how to snowboard, so that’s how I started that.”

Hmm, I guess ADHD continues in the afterlife too!

‘So do your buddies appear to you as beams of light or how they were when they were alive?’

“To me here in Heaven?” Erik asks.

‘Uh huh.’

“Balls of light kinda like in that movie, Cocoon, when they take their skin off. Oh, but we don’t look like ETs or anything. We look like balls of light. Balls of light. Tell Michelle I said BAWLS!!! She’ll get it cuz it’s a joke of ours.”

Ha! I think I know that one! Michelle and Erik always had the funniest inside jokes. They use to say “Cheese” in a loud and annoying voice just to irritate Pappa. Worked like a charm every time.

After a long giggle, I continue with my next question. ‘So are there different levels of souls, like different levels of enlightenment? If so, are they different colors, I mean, how does the whole hierarchy thing work out?’

“Ah, good question!” Kim interjects.

“Sometimes the light emitted by a soul is different colors, but it has nothing to do with our enlightenment. It has to do with colors we like.”

‘Oh, okay,’ I reply.

“Just like with Kim, she would emit a blue light,” Erik says.

“Yeah your right, Erik! Blue is my favorite color! You’re right!” Kim exclaims in excitement.

‘Wow, me too!’ I add.

“Different levels of enlightenment, yes, yes. They’re not segregated, but you sort of hang out with the souls that are sort of, kind of the same caliber you are or with souls you’ve been with before for many past lifetimes who have been either your students or your teachers. Oh, and kindred spirits, too. I mean, everybody interacts with everybody else, but you kind of hang out with souls you’ve been with before. Everybody is a different level of enlightenment, and it depends on lots of things, like the age of your soul, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Somebody can be an asshole and be an old soul. So being an old soul means nothing. It’s what you’ve done with your time.”

Pressing for clarification, I ask, ‘So, if you’re too lazy or lack the courage to work on issues while you’re alive, then you might be an old soul, but you’d have a lower level of enlightenment?’

“Yep, you got it.”

‘So what level are you, Erik?’ I pry.

He laughs loudly and says,” I hate to even think about what level I am! Mom, Mom, after what I just did, it was a big no-no, so I haven’t been exactly working on what I needed to.”

“Well how do you know? How do you know how enlightened you are as a soul?” Kim asks.

“When your soul pops out of the body, it has a complete remembrance of everything, and then you do your review, review how you did in that lifetime. Did you do everything that you could have or should have? You judge yourself. Well, I don’t want to use the word “judge.” You measure. You measure how well you did, and then you just try to do better. When you’re here, there isn’t a lot of emphasis on self-criticism, Here, we all realize what a waste of time that is. That’s another real big difference between Heaven and Earth. You know how people are so self-critical, they criticize themselves so much on the earthly plane? Total waste of time! If they just channeled that energy into improving themselves….now don’t I sound like I know jack shit about everything? Ha! How long have I been here? Not long. But I’ve learned a lot! And Mom, I’m still going to therapy.”

That sounds like a good stopping point. I hate to leave you with a cliff hanger, but if it’ll keep you coming back for more…

Erik has so much more to share with you. Please be sure to register/subscribe so you can receive email updates for each new entry! Hopefully, your relationship with Erik will grow over time. It is the strength of this bond that will give you comfort and confidence as he guides us all on a journey into the unknown.

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  • Hello Kristina: First I am sorry for the loss of your son Erik. For us it was our son Billy who crossed over to heaven on June 26 2004 when his ATV he was riding at night hit a tree, Billy was killed instantly. I love reading your post and that you are able to connect with your son Erik. I would like to share our website which is in honor of our son Billy, there you can read our story and view a few pages of the amazing signs that we continue to recieve from him.

    Have a great day

    • Thanks, I look forward to reading it. We bereaved parents share a special kind of bond, don’t we. I too am sorry for your loss. I’ll be sure to have Erik look him up.

  • You do have access!!!

  • Elisa, this is so fascinating and comforting. As a gay man that struggled with coming out for so many years, in would love to hear what Erik has to say about gay folks on the other side.

    • What a wonderful idea!!!! I’ll do that! Personally, I think that we all have soulmates who we deeply love. When we reincarnate in the same lifetime as the same sex, we still love them, but this doesn’t conform to society’s rigid standards. A soul is a soul. Love is love.

  • condor

    I too would be interested in hearing what Erik has to say about gay people in heaven… same-sex couples who spent their lives together in love, reunited on the other side?

    • My gosh, I’m sure they do! I’ll ask that, though. You know, I had an epiphany while watching Brokeback Mountain. I thought it was an amazingly touching movie that demonstrated something every important: we love one another on a soul to soul level that transcends gender. Sometimes two soulmates end up in the same lifetime as the same gender, but it’s still love and love is all there is, right? On my son’s grave, his epitaph reads: He loved deeply and was deeply loved. That, to me, is what every soul is evolving toward…unconditional love. Tell me, what did you think about that movie?

  • condor

    P.S. When you begin to take requests again, I have one……

  • I’ve channeled spirits also..and I have very vocal guides for me to hear and understand. The world here can be very challaging…sad and lonely…but when a spirit comes through it brings sunshine, hope, and love. Thank you for sharing your experiences….

  • ELISA, thank you for sharing Erik with us. I have an important question for Erik, when you can take it. Please tell me as soon as you can. It’s about my own son who is alive but struggling with depression. I don’t know how to help him. I am very worried. Thank you.

  • Faithi

    I cant say I saw that movie. I heard good and bad things about it but thats not the reason why I havent saw it. I have always felt that love comes in different shape and comes when your least expect it. No matter how the world thinks love should be, I believe that everyone has their own way of showing it. I believe Erik is that form of love… its great.

  • Faithi

    Might I add to my comment above… LOVE is LOVE no matter what it looks like to others its LOVE. Theres no true meaning of LOVE because you make your own.I too would like to know how it will be when you cross over, do you continue loving the same person you loved on earth on the other side?

  • condor

    I found Brokeback Mountain to be an incredible, moving movie that spoke the truth about love and the injustices some face because of who they fall in love with. Gay people are so much more than sex…what it is really about is who they are able to fall in love with. In my view, gay people are part of the plan to control the population rate on this planet. As such, God does not want them to live a life of loneliness and so enabled them to fall in love and be loved by members of their sex. Not really a mystery at all when you think of how systems interlock with each other to make this world function.

    • I totally agree, but I think God placed Gays on the planet to teach us how to love each other as souls, not as bodies.

  • I was on another site and someone asked the question, “When does the soul enter the body?” After discovering this site and reading the channeling sessions there is no doubt in my mind that we have souls. Does anyone have any insight as to when the soul enters the body (at birth, at conception)?

    • Cool question. I’m putting that question on the list for Erik. From what I’ve heard, they can enter at any time…conception, any trimester, during birth, and they often come and go in and out of the body until they are born.

      • Have you heard of Dr.Michael Newton and his book Journey of Souls? He was a hypnotherapist who accidentally regressed a client to the BETWEEN LIVES place Erik is now in. Over 2 decades from the lat 60s on he regressed around 7000 people and through those sessions he mapped the spirit realm and also how to hypnotically regress people so they could visit. We call it having an LBL session! His works suggests that souls enter the fetus at any point in it’s development but typically between 3 and 7 months.

        We have a group dedicated to his work (on Facebook). The Michae Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Eriks accounts are not IDENTICAL to what Newton’s patients and others since then have recounted, but I take that to mean that when we go to LBL in hypnosis it’s not the same as actual death. It’s more like an NDE. NDE is a round trip ticket to the afterlife, as is LBL hypnotic regression. Perhaps the experience is different. Like VISITING a country on vacation as opposed to LIVING there?

        You all should come check out our group. I have been posting about Erik there and now many of us are reading your blog!

      • Actually, Newton’s book is on the blog’s “Now Reading” Page. It’s great. I asked Erik about Newton and he said almost everything he says is valid but not all of it.

  • Nicky

    This site is amazing and I am really gaining a lot from it. I have read a lot of information on this kind of thing, the best one I have read is your soul is ready even before the mother is pregnant. Because you are all connected and you all choose your roles before hand the new baby is ready and waiting. Awesome thought!

    • Aw, thanks, Nicky I’m learning just as much as you guys! Love, Elisa

  • Elison

    Elisa – interesting connection we have! Our name similarity – your name means “God’s promise,” & my name, Elison, means “My God is the Lord.” 16 months ago we lost our larger than life son, Ricky, at 15 in a car accident, & he’s communicated with us a lot – I’ve written a book, Ricky Roars, that hopefully will be on the market in a few months. Ask Eric if our son, Ricky, taught him how to snowboard – he grew up snowboard racing, & I’m sure they’re friends – similar energies.

    • Elison, let us know when your book is out, Sweetie. So sorry for you loss. God we could sit and talk for hours, huh? I didn’t know that’s what my name meant, so thanks. That’s pretty cool! Oh, and guess what? Erik’s sisters used a pet name for him sometimes: Ricky-ay!

  • tamara

    Dear Elisa, thank you very much that you shared your experience in this heartbreaking, tragical situation. Thank you very much for refusing to accept the finality of the situation and continue looking for the possibilities and means to expand the life to a level which was unthinkable to break through. Thank you for making it possible to reach out. Erick’s energy is so palpabale. It helps confront the ego mind and bring back certain emotional balance and reality to life.
    I would like to learn to hear my spiritual guides. How can I achieve it?
    Thank you.

    • Dearest Tamara, connecting with your guides is pretty easy. Here’s what I did: I booked a phone session with Jeannie Barnes, angelic channeler. (She’s $80 for an hour and $40 for half hour) and she channeled the guardian angle that’s been with me from birth. Very powerful. Now I know her name and her energy. You should try it!

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    Just so interesting. Thanks Elisa and Erik and Kim!!xoxo

  • Amber Joan

    Hi Elisa, I found you through Deb Snyder, you did a video interview with her on her website. I have been face deep in your blog since Tuesday. Let me say I believe what she says, love can connect souls inexplicably. You said in the video he sometimes contacts readers of your blog. I believe Erik played a little trick on me using my tv, as you’ve said he loves to do. I was on thanksgiving vacation, sharing a room with my cousin. I fall asleep to the tv on. I woke up at some point and wanted to turn it off, to not bother my cousin. It would not turn off! Volume, channel, every other button worked BUT power on the remote. I’m trying pointing it at every angle. The tv button won’t even work! In the morning I tell my aunt since it’s her tv. She goes up with me, and I touch the power button on the remote and it shuts right off. I immediately giggled, thought “Erik!” and have a sense of warmth like “Welcome to the journey Amber, it’s a fun ride”.

    • Sounds like him! Haha. He does that with our TV from time to time.

  • Mauigirl

    Since I found this website, quite by accident, my husband and I have been glued to it. He started with the first posts and is working his way up while I skip around a lot. We’re already in love with Erik and Elisa, and Jamie, too! I teach spirituality so this is all right up mu alley- very reaffirming. Thank you for bringing this to the world,Elisa, and for turning such a dark event into pure light. We are thrilled that you get to be in constant contact with your beloved son, and that he is so generous with his time and knowledge. This is clearly your destiny because you do it so well. Thank you. We
    look forward to becoming a part of this amazing community!

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