Erik’s Visit to Aunt Laura

My younger sister, Laura, always had a special connection with Erik, perhaps because they shared some of the same struggles, perhaps because they shared the same philosophy of life. Whatever the reasons, she was particularly devastated by his death. I’m certain Erik sensed her grief and came to comfort her one day in the wee hours of the morning. Here’s Laura’s poignant story of her visit with Erik:

“Erik’s presence was sitting on the porch with me, and I felt very calm and sure of his being there with me. I told him how much he was missed and felt like he understood the grief we all were experiencing because of his passing. There was so much empathy and compassion radiating from him. He was certainly “all knowing”. I was smoking a cigarette and offered him one which he took with a mischievous grin when I said ‘don’t tell your Mom and Dad.’ I asked Erik to watch over his Mom, Dad, brother, sisters and the rest of the family and to let them know that he was happy. I told him that I understood his pain and suffering in life, and I could tell that he had finally found peace. We sat in silence for about 30 or 40 minutes. I reached over the patio table and held his hand and squeezed it. Then I told him I knew he was going to be busy visiting his family but he could come visit Jim and I any time. I told him I loved him and I was grateful for his visit. Then he left. I felt better afterwards.”

Laura and her husband, Jim, had recently moved back to Houston after many years in Little Rock. I’m so grateful that they both had time to renew their relationship with Erik. All three of them enjoyed each other’s company on several occasions the last few month’s before Erik died. His aunt and uncle were always there to listen, offer comfort and advice, and provide quiet companionship. They treated him to dinner, took him out fishing, and often enjoyed their smokes together on our back porch. Laura and Jim love and miss him deeply and look forward to his next visit!

Erik Fishing

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  • Kristina

    Wow! That’s a neat story!

    • I know, right!!!!

  • God bless you and your family =)

    • Thank you. You are so very kind.

  • Mars Sentinel

    Dr Medhus,

    I am smack dab in the middle of a personal journey through the literature of life and death and the human struggle. Your story has helped me much, and especially today. I find the things that are helpful to me always just arrive, and my job is to notice them and to make use of them. Your story is such a gift. I found it today, or rather, it was presented to me today, and it has given me MUCH comfort and made me think think think. Erik’s story reminds me of Bob Monroe’s “Journey” series. I think I see much commonality in Erik’s descriptions and Bob Monroe’s.

    The kernel of understanding these descriptions is, to me, the fact that it is required that the Devachan (she spirit side of the human dipole, the Yin to the Earthly Yang) must be translated into 3D Earth comprehensibility to be shared among those of us “here/now”.

    This happens through metaphor. Everything is rendered for us here metaphorically. Everything. It is this rendering into language and symbol, understandable by living flesh-and-bone humans, that introduces the variation in reported stories about the Devachan and etc. These reports must be decoded, and the decoding happens in the cultural and personal context of the reporter. This is why there is such variation in reported experience. That, and that the experience is actually varied based on the expectations (and therefore the creations) of the experiencer (the Departed one).

    That said as well, there is much commonality in reports. This can be discerned and distilled into a reasonable facsimile of “what it is like” on the spirit side. I particularly like Huxley’s “Perrenial Philosophy” as a primer. Invaluable.

    I believe the Veil of Isis is thinning and billowing, and this is why we are hearing more and more of this stuff, and are more and more interested in it. We are in a transition as a species, and are moving into a more fluid relationship with our “other half” as well as the larger, grander Soul of which we are part.

    The immediate future is one of interesting times, as the Chinese might say.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you again.

    thank you for writing this down and sharing it. Seriously.

    • You know so much! Obviously you’re a long time student in this subject. I hope you keep commenting because we can learn a lot from you.

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