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Not long ago, Jamie, Erik and I were guests on a radio show, Angels in the Buff. The host sent me the mp3 of the segment along with a comment that she may have heard a voice on the recording. Intrigued, I checked it out and oh yeah, big time EVP. In it, Erik shouts out “MINION,” in his “silly voice,” and Jamie follows up with a confirming statement. See what you think. Please listen to the whole interview (Who knows? You might find another EVP that the host missed!) but definitely listen at the timestamp 1:02:15. You can also click on the timestamp in the YouTube’s description and it’ll take you right to it. I dare you to find a clearer EVP!

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Elisa Medhus

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  • steveatl

    absolutely amazing! Elisa you have real proof of after death survival of the soul.

  • Teresa

    Wow that was amazing. Elisa you really are so blessed to be able to talk to your son after he passed. I just lost my husband eight months ago and am really battling to come to terms with it.I would love to kno
    w whether he is still with me in spirit.

    • Teresa, try a digital recorder with voice activation. I had to do it several times so that I could let go of all my expectations for results because expectations are a dense form of energy that’s hard to penetrate.

  • Melissa Sullivan


  • liz

    Wow, that’s the clearest we’ve heard yet!!!

  • ilSuperGattoNero

    nearly knocked me over 🙂

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    lol…omg…he says what you say first…to freaking funny!

  • Tim Wilcox


  • ilSuperGattoNero

    a few secs after 035:44? there is this ‘yep’ retort?

  • Oh wow! I was straining and leaning into my computer afraid I would miss it, but nope, loud and clear! Way to go Erik! 🙂

    • Lynn

      I about jumped out of my skin, it was so loud and clear!

  • OMG I hear it! He’s answering her question!

    • ilSuperGattoNero

      yes. he is getting good at this. we can expect a ‘beyondcast’ next 😉

    • perkyshayne

      it sounds like Jamie saying YEP

      • ilSuperGattoNero

        it sounds high pitched but it doesn’t make sense that it’s jamie saying that at that moment. it seems ‘removed’ from, even louder than, the other voices, even jamies, this is what drove me to express my observation. that said only jamie can confirm for sure whether it was her. we can actually ask! well, maybe Elisa or whoever can ask her. let’s clear this up..

      • She’s says it’s definitely no her plus no one, including the host, heard it!

      • ilSuperGattoNero

        good enough for me! 🙂

  • sindhujaa munirajulu

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Deb Keckley

    Wow that came in loud and clear…tingled me from feet all the way through my body. This is really been a learning experience. An Empath all my life, when I wrote my book I tired to explain It in terms people might understand. ( and no I am not some well versed author. It was just something I Self put out in the world with a prayer that it help where it was needed and mostly for my own future generations to know me and maybe know themselves a bit better.)
    There are lots of things out there about, “What an Empath is suppose to entail”. Most of which I find a bit hysterical at best. It is simply about having retained living your human experience with a keen understanding of the emotional energy that is the at the pulse of existence. Simpler maybe is something you didn’t forget coming into this life. Erik if at anytime I don’t get it out the right way, feel free to correct it. pretty much until validated this is my own understanding.
    Emotional energy is the beat of the vibration of life to me. Like music is a vibration conceived thru emotional energy. In one favorite song you sit and listen to, there is all this information and experience unfolding within you. In fact music and singing are two of my favorite meditations. Keep it simple, it isn’t about clearing the mind so much but about what rises your energy up in frequency so you can connect with your higher self more readily. At least that is my experience.
    Yeah, it’s not always perfume and roses to experience the bombardment of emotional energy that is all around you. It took me thirty years before I even began to grasp the concept of controlling the incoming. Hey imagine that you can control it! You learn to glean for information and you say nope the rest, “It’s is not mine!”
    Okay I have to air quote this and put it in big letters. Tell it, (deep broadcasting voice in my mind, with a Darth Vader quality)…”GO BACK FROM ONCE YOU CAME!” Lmao and in the back of my mind there is this sci-fi music playing. I think that’s a tease.
    LOL, it isn’t as serious as you perceive it to be just be in charge of what comes at you. Recognize it for what it is, that it is not yours. Use it or don’t use it, but don’t hang onto to what you don’t need. Cus in all seriousness other peoples emotional stuff can make you sick…I hade to learn that the hard way.
    This has been a wonderful affirmation seeing that what I have understood all my life, is pretty much right on the mark. Oh, I could go on forever, but I will tame my long windedness with a song, From James Brown as it the music just started in my head.
    “Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now!”
    Blessings SMILE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    lol, great catch!! but loud and clear, he must be right by the mic both times. and Elisa, how great that he takes part with you…must make you feel very special mom!!!

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    Everyone….you do hear that he says the word, and then Elisa says it right after….?

  • cristina

    ok, Erik will kick my ass for this but I really want to tease him “LOVE your GIRLIE voice !!! ” :))))))))))))))))
    Our turn to tease that naughty 😛

  • Judith F.

    Ha-HA! The entire interview is so enlightening, but that “MINION” moment was pure thrill, and then immediately after, Jamie is telling us what we HEARD Erik say! :-O I heard the “yep” also. I’m happy for you Elisa, and that we get to experience it, too!

  • Zan

    What makes me crazy is that we are supposed to know/believe that we are these magnificent multi-dimensional beings that have been around for infinity, and know the answers to everything somewhere deep in our souls – yet we come here to Earth and live these really ordinary, mundane, clueless lives where we don’t have access to any of that. It seems like such a waste of time to spend lifetimes learning such simple little things, reincarnating over and over again to live a whole life to learn the same thing we screwed up the last time.

    Days, months, years, lifetimes just trying to pay bills, get by, work at mindless jobs, etc which is not supposed to be our goal, yet it’s what almost all of us do. Which leads to the contradictory concept that everything is going exactly as planned, and yet we’re sort of doing it all wrong.

    And I know that time doesn’t exist either, which is another whole concept that blows my mind. Anywhoo – just expressing my frustration about all these things Erik keeps telling us and I can’t quite grasp with my feeble human mind. I listened to this show and again, my head hurt. 🙂

    Truly incredible EVP tho – best I’ve ever heard! And what’s kinda weird is that his voice sounded a little familiar. Maybe my imagination, or maybe I’ve actually heard him try to yell at me in my own head before and just didn’t get it. I’ll have to listen better, now that I know what Erik sounds like.

  • ron

    Congratulations Elisa and Erik. This is at least the second EVP and it seems obvious to me that Erik was doing this with the intent of us hearing him in an EVP. My big question is “did listeners hear this in real time…as the interview was being recorded?” My assumtion is that Erik is “testing” his skills in sending us “voice” messages and this is just the start. This is really really, really great if Erik can make the big breakthough for this communications process that is now quite restricted to those working hard in the EVP arena. I can just imagine how the level of all humanity would be lifted to know we each can communicate with our loved ones without attending church and going through a priest. Keep encouraging him…let’s do this…as he would say.

  • Jenn Furney

    OMG Elisa that gave me goosebumps over my entire body!! What a beautiful gift!! Now I need to look up what that word means!! I so would love for Erik to give me a message!! Please keep doing what your doing as it givesvuscall hope!! Can’t wait for you to write another book!! Love and hugs to you

  • Dan

    I listened to it a couple times and my initial reaction was “where is the EVP?”, because I honestly thought that the “MINION” was Jamie. I was expecting a quieter more male sounding voice. To me it just sounds a lot like Jamie both times, though I would love to hear some clues that would suggest otherwise

    • No it’s Erik. That’s his silly high pitched voice plus no one heard that during the live show.

      • Dan

        Okay yes. After listening again I can tell it’s not the same voice. It also doesn’t have the same vocal quality as either of your voices, so very very cool 🙂

  • Stephanie Ann Lodge

    So, I remember as I was doing the interview there was some strange noise coming through the phone as “MINIONS” was being shouted in my ear and I wasn’t sure why it sounded so strange compared to the rest of the conversation leading up to that point. Then as the show went on I forgot about it – aka shrugged it off thinking maybe Jamie said it twice in a row or something – but then when my husband and I were listening to the show together the next day it was clearly not Jamie and clearly on a whole different “wavelength” if you will, compared to the rest of the tone and volume of our voices. We went over and over it again on iTunes once I downloaded the MP3 and I asked my ‘Angels’ or “Erik” to give me a sign that it was in fact Erik. As a medium, I heard in my head – “look at the timestamp.” So, I did. I went back to the exact moment my MP3 captured the word “minions” and it was at 1:10:11, or one hour, ten minutes and eleven seconds. I found it interesting with all the ‘ones’, but more importantly if you add the 1 and 10, it’s an 11, and then it becomes 11:11, which is just one of the numerical “sign language” or codes my angels/guides use to get my attention. Right then I knew it was him for sure, emailed Elisa the file and asked her to confirm…and here we are. 🙂 Since the show, Erik has been around a lot and he truly has so much love for all of us energetically connected to him. It was so nice to have him on Angels in the Buff and look forward to having him back. 🙂

    • perkyshayne

      I guess I’m not cool enough or have that intuition but I really don’t hear anything at all. I DON’T hear him say yep or Minions. edited: Okay, now that’s freaky. The time isn’t what was said above as Stephanie said, the correct time is One hour, 2 minutes (not ten),and 15 seconds. He says it like almost slow and pronounced.

  • It’s very loud. Maybe you’re looking at the wrong time stamp. It’s just before Jamie says he’s calling the minions.

  • Terri

    Awesomeness, pure awesomeness…does the heart good.

  • Trish

    Interview with Jesus? I’ll have to find that one.

    • Just go to the YouTube page and type in “channeling erik jesus” and you’ll find it.

      • Trish

        Thank you Elisa, it’s truly remarkable how you manage to respond to our comments, big and small, and still have time to write and work and everything else! I’m so excited for Wednesday, but I know I have too many questions already. Elisa, can you tell me, who is it that answers the questions when we post in the forum? If not Erik, then is there a way to get questions to him?

        I’m sorry for your loss dear woman. I have a 25 year old son; couldn’t imagine. Thank you for your bravery!

  • Trish

    Incredible, really. Yahoo Erik! Well done!

  • Deidre

    Wow I can’t stop listening!

  • Dee

    Honestly idk wht that is. It sounds placed (inserted) there. Its louder than the actual people doing the interview. Im not saying its a fake, just saying im not 100% convinced

  • Linda Jean Dix King

    Shut the front door , I almost feel outta bed !!!! Luv it E… cant wait to hear more I think u have opened a much needed door to finding answers that I have longed to hear!!

  • Ethan Matthews

    Elisa could you have the “minion” EVP and “pushing her” EVP analyzed like you did with the “breakfast and sausages” EVP to see if it left a voice print?

    • Nah. I don’t want to spend the money. I don’t need any more proof.

  • Eleanor

    Hello, my name is Eleanor. I lost my son 2 yrs ago in a car accident. He has come to dad and sis in dreams, he has not come to me. I would like to ask Riel to visit me. Grief is so hard to deal with.

    • Yes it is. I was the last one to get a visit from Erik and there’s a reason for that. Mom’s often (but not always) suffer more deeply, and our vibrational frequency goes way down, so far down that it’s hard for spirits to lower their energy down to our level. Search the blog for “electromagnetic spectrum” for a detailed explanation. I’m here to help in any way I can. I have your back, girl.

  • Sylvia

    Please can you ask Erik what is the meaning of life. Why are we born? Because some people have horrible life’s and for some its unbearable. We struggle everyday. Also why do we have family grandchildren who you love so much then you die and have to leave them.

    • Oh, he’s answered that in many posts, all fascinating. It’s in my book (as a whole chapter) My Son and the Afterlife. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and lots of brick and mortar bookstores. And you can go to the topics dropdown menu and search for “human experience.”

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