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As we usually do in our Friday night get togethers, we worked the eBoard with medium and dear friend, Robert. Before you send hate mail and comments, know that I don’t like either candidate. He said Trump would win by 52% (at this time anyway. Free will can change anything.) He also said that FBI director Comey made his decision not to recommend Clinton’s indictment because of politics. I asked if he was threatened, and Erik said, “Yes.” I asked by whom, and he said, “The powers that be.” Then I asked what he was threatened with, and Erik said, “Career.” Last, I asked if Hillary was guilty enough to be indicted, and he said, “Yes, she should have been.” I’m so confused and dismayed by this election cycle. I think next time I’ll ask who, if either, would be better for the country’s future. I don’t want this to turn into a political debate, guys. I just wanted you to know what a spirit’s angle was. If you have any questions for me to consider for the eBoard, let me know. Speaking for myself, I want to make the right decision, and not voting will never be one of mine.

Enjoy today’s Erik stories and please, please submit your own by going to the righthand sidebar and scrolling down to the “Share Your Praise” and “Share Your Story” buttons!

Story #1

I just have to tell you about my Dragonfly Day! I sometimes (okay, I do it a lot) talk to Erik in my head, but lately, I just haven’t felt him around. Well this very morning, while walking the dogs around, I kept thinking about how Erik comes to people in a Dragonfly, and I looked around and thought to myself how I almost never see Dragonflies around here. I then went along with my day. Now comes the funny part. My husband does beautiful wood turning. and wouldn’t you know it, he brought me he latest project to look at. It was a gorgeous vase and he had stenciled in turquoise stone were three dragonflies! Touche Erik! Thank You!! And for the record, my husband never, ever, stencils on his work! It’s a first! Thank You for the Blessing!!

Story #2

I had a session scheduled this morning with Raylene. However, when I awoke, I received an e-mail from Raylene saying that Erik had appeared to her, and told her that my Monica (wife) was now in “healing”, and would I like to reschedule. I told her I would, and commented on how much I appreciate Erik for staying with me on this.

So thanks Erik for being there for us,

John Miller
Hoi An, Vietnam

Story #3

I attend a healing group every Wednesday night near Brighton in E.Sussex England. The mentor is Paul of Tarsus as in the Bible. He has a team of three thousand Spirit Doctors on hand to assist.About a week and a half ago I purchased My Life after Death via the Kindle. On the Tuesday I mentally requested if Erik would attend our group as a way of confirmation that I was indeed talking to Spirit. I told nobody else about this request. After I had my session on the healing couch my friend Arlene, who is a medium, stated that there was a male in a suit and his name was Erik. She asked me if I was reading a book and he said for me to go back to the beginning as I had missed a bit. He must have been on his best behaviour as no pranks or smells pervaded the session. I would also like to add that Saint Germaine was asked to assist and he duly attended and was picked up on by Arlene. Our loved ones are only a thought away and are only too willing to help,

Love to all Steve xxxx

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  • Va Lovelace

    Sorry Elisa, but you can’t post this stuff and not expect some political comments. Even if one were to believe the Patrick-esque Hillary conspiracy story, there are hundreds of similar stories to be told of Trump in his business dealings. Do we really think that Trump won’t orchestrate 100 slimy political deals before lunch each day and threaten people’s careers? He lords whatever he has over someone until they do what he wants. Just because he puts in place iron-clad confidentiality agreements doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of stories like this about Trump. Anyone who’s ever worked with him has a story of a manipulative sociopath. Tony Schwartz, the true author of The Art of the Deal (written before the airtight confidentiality agreements were used) felt compelled to speak out and said that Donald Trump is a black hole – never to be filled. He has narcissistic personality disorder and does not care about anyone but himself. He cares about others only to the extent that they will vote for him. It’s all about him. A lot of Republicans were sick of their leaders lying to them, so they’re retaliating by supporting Trump, but they fail to see that Trump is all of the liars rolled into one on steroids. I’m an independent who’s not happy about our choices. But I do know a con man when I see one and I’m amazed at how many smart people are fooled by him.

    • Patrick

      Not a Patrick-esque theory, but rather specific feedback from my Guardian Angel Guides. Please disbelieve if and as you prefer, however what is offered through me on their behalf is NOT my opinion or theory.
      Your suggestion that so many smart people are being “fooled” applies with equal weight to most national politicians and constituents of all stripes and persuasions; no single candidate has a hold on that aspect of the slimy, underhanded business of politics. (That last phrase IS my opinion.)

      • Va Lovelace

        You must admit your postings always support your agenda – the oil and gas industry – and all things related to that: political parties, foreign trade practices, etc. Your “committee” conveniently supports all aspects of those issues in your favor. For a long time I didn’t know that you are a major player in the oil and gas industry and was mystified by your postings. Then they all made sense. It appears you take the same model that if you just keep saying things over and over again, people will believe you, no matter how untrue they are. You shouldn’t be afraid of full disclosure Patrick – you should embrace it if all is legit. Please use my email (yes, you have it) if you must respond and take this off the CE blog.

      • Patrick

        I do not now and have never worked in the oil & gas business. I am neither a major nor minor player; I don’t play in it at all.
        I will suppose – and you should correct me if I am mistaken – that you located a young man who does retail fuel price analysis for GasBuddy.com and have mixed him up with me.

      • steveatl

        I hate to be this direct, but when Patrick posted homophobic comments way back, I started to pay attention, and I feel like Patrick channels his subconscious, not spirit. I hear Patrick in the channelings and his biases. Just my opinion, for what it’s worth. I agree with VA Lovelace. I know this is probably too much of my own ego speaking here, but I see this clearly from my own perspective

      • Patrick

        I have never made derogatory, phobic or negative comments here or anywhere else, about bi-, homo- or heterosexuality.

      • Lorri

        I have not read any homophobic comments written by Patrick. Please enlighten those of us who read Patrick’s words as to what we missed.

      • conjure

        I agree with this. I have asked some questions to Patrick that indicate that the Committee are not light beings. Furthermore they appear to be unaware of the evolutionary mandate for this planet and are highly dualistic in their thinking and advice. It’s easy to see that they are “lower” astral entities when one reads their words from the perspective of the Higher Mind.

      • Patrick

        Define, if you do not mind – with specific criteria and descriptions – what is and are:
        – Light being
        – evolutionary mandate
        – duality
        – astral entity, and ranges of high and low within
        – Higher mind
        Then apply the defined criteria to examples of what I’ve written that support your assertions.
        You disagree with and/or dislike what you’ve read; very good. It would be easier to say that and dispense with the vague, new age jargon, words of which are also a human invention applicable to human language, not telepathic communication.

      • Patrick

        I do not and have never worked in or with the oil & gas business.

    • Grace Leal

      Last I checked there were more than 2 parties: the Libertarian Party and the Green Party/Dr. Jill Stein. The Green party has reaped the former Sanders supports, and the Independents, and the platform (since 2012) is superior to Sanders’ platform. Jill Stein thinks outside the box. For example: she advocates eliminating student debt altogether (and getting our college graduates out of financial servitude) thereby releasing a tsunami of encouraged professionals — the next generation of engineers, astronauts, Presidents, inventors, senators, etc.; beside making state run colleges and universities FREE! (like we had before Reagan was voted in) — “Bail Out Students/Lock Up Wall Street”. Read up on her other proposals: foreign affairs — close Guantanamo for good!, no more regime changes, world conflicts, close unviable military bases worldwide (that would save us billions in military spending — your $$). Build our economic base, with for example: getting people to work rebuilding our decades old infrastructure, insulating the electric grid, converting to green energy and getting us off the oil dole; eliminating foreign trade deals that enslave their workers earning 30 cents an hour, and rob our work force of jobs making superior American made products, reinstating the Voting Rights Act, oversight of Election Boards and election day observers.
      Don’t vote for the lesser of 2 evils, and throw your vote away. Vote for the candidate of your choice, by reading up on these two other parties. I’d rather see a lively and unpredictable debate including all parties, than another night of hearing the same old party platitudes and cliché palaba. In reality, we should have been decades ahead in our country’s development if it weren’t for the failed governments we have voted in. Let’s stop it!
      Read, ponder, decide. Don’t go with name recognition. That’s what they want you to do. Look: if you want change, you have to turn the corner. You can’t keep voting the same ol’/same ol’ and expect different results. Jump in, the water’s fine!

    • I think they’re both cons. That’s my problem.

  • darlene

    Im confused too. One physic said this was the beginning of a Feminine cycle in Politics. Another said Hilary would win and that she was not guilty. So I am not sure anymore.

    • Patrick

      Consulting, reading and examining many sources to then take a “weighted average” in order to arrive at what could be deemed “truth” won’t amount to much more than a few math equations and “answers” that lead back to where you say you now are; Confusionville.
      Listen to your heart, not a sum of varied opinions.
      Say my Guardian Angels Guides:
      “There is no feminine cycle of human societies while men are engaged, just as no male version will prevail as women exist. When either gender predominates, androgynous cultures emerge and femininity loses meaning; it only exists when contrasted with the male, and vice versa.”

      • conjure

        A “feminine cycle,” does not refer to sex, culture or biology, but has to do with energy. It has nothing to do with bodies! (except perhaps planetary bodies.) Gender is a human construct. Feminine and masculine energies are universal and cosmic. Don’t you guys know this stuff? Jeez. Can Erik confirm?

      • Patrick

        “feminine” = gender, doesn’t it? Just ask a feminist. Masculine = male, just ask a chauvinistic pig.
        “Gender is a human construct”
        Gender is “universal and cosmic”
        Sounds like a human interpretation imprinted upon what is not human.

      • conjure

        You are being obtuse as you know that masculine and feminine refer to energetic configurations and not simply physical bodies and social constructs of the human realm.

      • Patrick

        Disagreement is not being obtuse and no, I do not know and do not agree with that. It is your point-of-view, one I don’t share. I would not refer to you as being obtuse for disagreement.

    • I trust the eBoard because the board has no filters. Almost every human has filters where religion and politics is concerned.

  • Jesse

    Sorry but Donald Trump is a bully! Do the American people really want that???????WHY would people like that???? I don’t understand people…

    • Donna

      I do not believe Ameticans want that. I believe they are hypnotized by the propoganda pouring into their homes via television and fake news promulgating and feeding them fear upon fear. They have most people convinced of the lie, that voting outside of the two establishment parties is throwing away your vote. Dr. Jill Stein has a creative solution to address that fear by changing the way we vote to give a 1st Choice and 2nd Choice. If your 1st Choice loses, your vote automatically goes to your second choice. I love the idea, my concern is that they can’t be trusted to count votes and provide true results with one choice (Gore wins, Bush takes office. Bernie wins, Clinton gets nominated) I do not trust them at all. I wish the a United Nations would send watchers to watch and verify every step of the process, from registering homeless voters to polling places and counting every vote. The outcome effects the entire world and I believe they have every right to support our efforts for a peaceful political revolution and to ensure the elections are honest.

      • Interesting idea!

      • Lorri

        I don’t know what I’m going to do. I am libertarianish, but I’m angry with Gary Johnson for downplaying Hillary’s e-mail scandal.

        Though there are a lot of libertarian ideas that I will always agree with, I am getting disenchanted with their stance on free trade being a little too broad.

        Trump as a person does not appeal, except for economic reasons. We do need better trade deals and we need to lower the corporate income tax. Tons of our corporations have moved their headquarters overseas, especially to Ireland, because we now have one of the highest corporate income tax rates in the world. As as result, Ireland’s economy has soared. Shifting headquarters to Ireland and other countries takes away both jobs and tax revenue.

        I believe only Trump and Johnson even talk about this.

        You can’t talk about “creating jobs” as long as there is a hostile tax environment. Right now, we are getting a fraction of the taxes we could be collecting from corporations, because we have been too stubborn to bring the tax in line with reality. Even Bill Clinton has agreed with this, though Hillary never talks about it. When he was president, our corporate taxes were competitive and now they are not.

        I’m afraid no one but Trump will address trade deals and corporate taxes. The democrats used to care about factory and farm workers and their job security, but they abandoned them a long time ago. As a result, the people who were once the backbone of the economy now have shorter life spans and more suicides for the first time in our history. Democrats have never made the connection between trade deals and corporate taxes and the lives of the working class. And people wonder why these people are voting for Trump.

        I’m afraid the more educated people have the attitude that they’ve got theirs and too bad these people didn’t go to college. This is a stupid attitude because college degrees are already less valuable than they used to be. There are never going to be enough white collar jobs to go around. So, the democrats have only themselves to blame when blue collar people vote for Trump.

        If more business came back into the country, BOTH white collar and blue collar jobs would flourish.

        So, there’s my conundrum. I don’t want to vote Trump, but I think the economic issue has caused so much pain for people and I think everyone else is out of touch with this problem. Vague talk of creating jobs does nothing for me.

      • Lorri

        This is interesting. YouTube recommends videos depending on your history. I’ve been looking at election stuff a lot and this video has been recommended for days. I finally clicked on it today and it shows Trump over the decades talking about our economic stupidity.

      • Lorri

        On the other hand, I hate what he said about waterboarding.

      • maria :)

        well said

      • Agreed. I’m a libertarian too.

      • Olivia

        I don’t know my way around this blogging business and not sure where to talk to you??. I am from New Zealand my name is Olivia and I lost my 11 year old son Connor last October in a hunting accident and I felt great comfort from reading your last book with Erik. I guess one area I feel lost and maybe Erik could shed some light on this question. Is our destiny pre written when we are to leave earth. Was my son destined to die on October 2015 or was it an avoidable accident…. thank you for all your work with your amazing son too.

      • You should really ask Erik or even your son. You should continue to have a relationship with Connor because he’s the same as he was just without a body and in a parallel dimension. Maybe you can talk to him through Kim, Heather, Robert, Alison or another medium. Or you can submit your question the next time I ask for questions for the Ask Erik column. It’s completely free. If you need me, my email is emedhus@gmail.com. I’m here for you, sweetie.

  • steveatl

    Voting or the lesser of 2 evils to ensure the most evil one loses is common sense. I’m a Democrat/Progressive, so I see things through that lens, but I also know a dangerous bully when I see one. I think Donald Trump is the beginning of the unraveling of our Democratic Republic as we know it. He is a dangerous man. People need to speak up. Is Hillary amazing? No. Is she perfect? No. Could see safely and sanely run this country and work with Congress? I truly believe yes.

    • maria


  • Callies’ Pet Human

    This quote from the Law of One might be helpful: http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=10#14

    Exercise Two. The universe is one being. When a mind/body/spirit complex views another mind/body/spirit complex, see the Creator. This is an helpful exercise.
    Exercise Three. Gaze within a mirror. See the Creator.
    Exercise Four. Gaze at the creation which lies about the mind/body/spirit complex of each entity. See the Creator.

    So, Trump fans when you look at Clinton or her fans, see the Creator. Clinton fans when you look at Trump of his fans, see the Creator. Those that who prefer neither, pick one then the other, see the Creator. Then look at yourselves, and see the Creator. It will NOT be easy at first, but eventually we will all be able to do it. 🙂

    • conjure

      This is my favorite section and I think one of the most profound statements from the Ra channeling. Thank you for this 🙂

  • Donna

    I want to point out that Erik says free will can upscale a win by either of the “Evil Twins.” To me, they are two sides of the same coin and neither will ever get my vote. Since my assertions that the democratic part rigged the vote against Bernie has now been proven by the release of their conspiratorial e-mails, I feel that is grounds for Bernie to cancel his endorsement and demand the nomination, and if they refuse to honor the people’s wishes, a Dr.Jill Stein – Bernie Sanders partnership would bring home a certain win. I’ve already left the Democratic Party and Dr. Jill Stein will get my vote. For the first time since Lincoln, we have the chance to get rid of the corrupt two party system. We don’t have to vote for the lesser of two evils. We can vote for the greater good and reject their fear-based tactics. Dr. Jill Stein actually has a brilliant idea to address those fears, along with cancelling student loan debt, free public college, creating jobs in green energy sectors to eliminate oil energy and their wars by 2030 and solving the healthcare crisis she has experienced as a medical professional with firsthand knowledge. I like her. I like her a lot. I LOVED her when she said, “The absence of conflict is not peace, it’s the presence of Justice.”

    • Why doesn’t Bernie run as an independent?

      • Donna

        I think anything is possible. He could do that, certainly, but I’m guessing he would have to go through the same fight in every state Dr. Jill has, just to be included on the ballot. She’s almost there now with only a few states left to get the required signatures. I think, since their ideas are in alignment, and the infrastructure is already in place with an amazing momentum (she just got $1 million in clean money donations and federal matching funds in 10 days and hundreds of thousands of new supporters since Bernie endorsed Hillary) that it would be a good combining of energy and efforts to join as a team.

  • Léon Vrins

    “He said Trump would win by 52%”, but “at this time Free will can change anything.”
    So, who ever is gonna be chosen, there is always a way out. What is the use of asking these questions?
    If it is true that past, present and future exist at the same time, Erik should be able to see what the future is gonna be afgter the chages of Free will

    • Donna

      If I am wrapping my mind correctly around the abstract ideas od quantum realities, alternate timelines and multiverses; I theorize, all possibilities play out at once in a myriad of timelines contributed to by the individual and collective free will. I suspect that in the video game of life, when we turn a virtual corner, the formerly possible realities fall away for that individual’s timeline, bringing into view the next NOW moment and its potential reality choices, while the alternate options continue in another artery with its own venous possibilities.

      • Léon Vrins

        I think it is not nessecary to make things more complicated. When Erik says Trump will win by 52%, he says something about the situation after the elections, and that can not be changed anymore. My conclusion is that even Erik is not able to predict at this time who’s gonna win, as he creates an escape by saying that at this time Free will can change anything. Properly speaking he admits he can’t predict anything where free will can change things. So I keep asking what is the use of asking any question involving a prediction?

      • True! I just do it for fun, really!

      • Donna

        lol silly me, I missed your actual question. Hmm well, I took a class called The Prophet. A level 1 Training in Power course. During which, a portion we discussed this. If you know something should you tell? Especially since free will can change future events which will likely get people who talk shit about you, your ability or accuracy. The example they used was being at a party and knowing the drunk gal driving home will be seriously injured wrecking her car. You can say, “I often know things that have a high probability of happening. Please drive home with someone else tonight.” Just by bringing it up, even if they choose to drive themselves, they now have an awareness and maybe change one component, such as speeding, and that alters the outcome. Another example is knowing some perv is or will molest a child. Telling the parent to keep the child close or the perv you are aware, could save the child by making someone reevaluate their actions and make a different choice. So, the act of informing or predicting changes the awareness, bringing forward the realization that there are options and you can make different free-will choices. What’s more important, the pride of the psychic or the ethical and moral obligation to speak your truth?

      • Léon Vrins

        You never can prove free will can change future events, because after a certain event has happened, you never can prove it could have been another one, because it was changed by free will. Once it happened, it happened forever. Still I believe you can influence what’s going to be on your way, but proving that is impossible.
        Seven years ago I got 4 bypasses and one of my carotids cleaned. Before the operation I decided that the operation was gonna be fine and that I was going to recover fast. And so it happened. But can I prove it was by my own influence that all went as I wished? Maybe it was because of the powerful healing I got from the spirit helpers of a native American a month before. They gave me a huge bunch of energy, I thought I was hovering!

  • True, but if it gets companies to come back, we’ll create a ton of jobs and the middle class has been slammed by the last two presidents and congress.

  • M&M

    Maybe, looking at this from a higher perspective, the fact that we as a country are faced with such an important decision that has no clear cut answer (i.e.- no clear candidate that we want to win, instead a “lesser of the evils” type decision), we are forced to think about things deeply and hold open discussions in ways that do not normally happen- maybe that is the value in the situation we are faced with.

    In times like this, we are forced to look deeply at so much, question things we might normally let slip by, look honestly at our situation and challenge everything- now magnify that on a national and international scale. Maybe we are just taking a huge step forward. Those always feel uncomfortable until the new picture comes into focus.

    • I want someone who will “kick over the table” but not be dangerous at the same time.

  • Luci

    Hi Elisa, I think the “trump” phenomenon is occurring in other countries as well–well, it is in Australia anyway. imho, I think ‘the Left’ has lost touch with its working class and socialist roots. Noone is listening to the average Joe and his/her concerns. The only people who appear to listen are Trump and other individuals like Pauline Hanson here in Australia. Trump and Hanson are dangerous. Until we can have a rational dialogue about Islam, this trend will continue. The Left shuts down any constructive debate about Islam; the Right uses the reasonable concerns of ordinary people for their own advantage, not to actually help the people.

    • I think Bush brought us Obama and his policies (along with the Republican establishment) brought us Trump.

  • Luci

    Libertarianism helps only those in power. It leaves in the ditch those most vulnerable and marginalised. There is no collective bargaining power in libertarianism; it is the ultimate laissez-faire government. Opening up borders, free trade agreements (which will hurt a lot of people in the US) are libertarian policies. Margaret Thatcher, with her ‘there are no societies, only individuals’ and Reaganonomics are neoliberal/libertarian.

    • Well then I guess I’m not for that type of libertarianism. I’m just not a fan of big government with its Big Brother mentality.

  • Lorri

    There is too much in your post to address at one time. However, let me address the corporate tax issue. Have you ever owned a business and experienced what a financial cushion or the lack of one is like? A company being able to keep more of it’s earnings makes it a lot more stable and able to be creative and take risks that might pay off. This translates into jobs.

    There is good reason to heed the old saying “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” Your idea that any country should control where a corporation puts it’s headquarters is frightening to me.

    I agree that corporate welfare is wrong, and I agree that no corporation should legally be considered as a person. But I also don’t want a government that is so powerful that it bosses people around with their own property and business.

    A corporation has every right to move out of the country if it wants do. My issue with democrats is that they are happy with keeping our corporate taxes as nearly the highest on the planet, and the resulting loss of both taxes and jobs. I wish they would quit talking about job creation when they clearly don’t understand the tax connection.

    Also, when you chase businesses out with the highest taxation in the world, you drive more companies to countries with fewer worker protections.

    I think Trump was saying over the years that the current setup nearly forces companies to go to China if they want to stay competitive. He’s saying he would have preferred not to, but high taxes, inept trade deals, and Chinese manipulation of their currency to artificially low values is like an albatross around the necks of business. It’s either go to China and compete, or don’t go there and find yourself unable to compete.

  • Luci

    Donna, I read that person’s website. It’s very frightening for anyone who’s lost a child to read that aliens feed off us and our energy and that we are recycled back onto Earth simply for their selfish needs.

    • Donna

      it would be frightening even if I had not lost my child.

      We know other dimensions and places exist and aliens exist from Erik. I haven’t read the entire blog so I don’t know if he’s talked about different species/races and agendas or not. She also says that among various implants they put in our energy bodies to control us, that our chakra system are also implants and that she removed her own as well as others. I’d like to know what Erik knows about the chakras and these other “implants”. First if they are real.

      There have been more than one,much as Robert Monroe, talk about “entities” that feed off the “loosh” which is the energy we put out from negative emotions. I wonder how much, if any, ofvthatbis true. If it’s only when we are in a low vibrational/emotional state, if they do manipulate us unaware to keep us upset and feeding them? Or if it’s all bullshit. And if there is some truth in it, can we do anything about it?

      I know aliens or inter dimensional beings exist because I’ve seen two non-humans. My son and his friend saw a ship very low and whizzing fast overhead before he was murdered. When they told me that, I had started listening to what UFO groups were claiming and I was very frightened about it. Not really so much from aliens because I believe they’ve been coming here since forever, but frightened about what aspects of the government do to keep their contact and secret work with them secret. I did , in fact, send my son a Facebook message about 4 months before his death saying I was afraid for him. I have no idea if he ever got that message. He was dead six days before his plan to move to WA and go to college.

  • They should never have toppled him.

  • I’m not super wealthy but I know that the top 1% pays a huge percentage of the tax burden. So when is “fair share” enough? I think all but the very poor should have skin in the game but over 40% pay nothing. I thought all classes were supposed to have equal treatment under the law. If you tax the wealthy enough, you’ll see a huge wealth and brain drain from this country. If I were taxed at 90%, I wouldn’t even bother to work or I’d move to a different country.

    • Donna

      Hmmm then maybe they should just tax no one and get rid of the government and see if people step up and help those in need naturally. I live in Washington State since 2011 and they do not have a state income tax. There are less than 50,000 in the state on cash aide. I see the charitable organizations and individuals helping people here, not the government. When someone falls to the poverty level of qualifying for government help, they have it set up to get them healthy and trained for employment and require they repay the state for their assistance. Maybe no tax and no government?

  • luvscats

    I like trump , i was for Hillary but she has a lot of lying and other legal problems I think of her as corrupt . As for Donald I like his straight forward attitude and he’s got my vote . I’m not sure what the Hillary conspiracy story , but I know she’s got lots of baggage now with all her scandals. I’m sorry if I flame some people but that’s how I feel , and one more thing …love yah Eric !!

  • luvscats

    Sorry I don’t know what Patrick wrote or said ,..I just am happy with who I choose , I’m sick of the same old government ..I want to,try something different , I’m going to take a chance on trump , he is the lesser of 2 evils and I heard Hilary’s lecture to the vets and it made me angry . I’d vote Eric for President but he isn’t running …. Love you all

  • luvscats

    Eric isn’t running …right ? Cause if he is ,.hes my first choice … When I get to heaven i, gonna give him a hug …oh does he have any channeling on reincarnation?

  • luvscats

    Love yah Elisa … I don’t care about your political views , I love you no matter who you choose

  • Agreed

  • He might be a lot better than people think. It’s just the way he talks puts people off.

  • Lorri

    “I’m really curious to ask Eric about one practitioner who will be
    sharing the stage with Kim at an upcoming event. She died and came back
    to life.

    She says that we are in a virtual reality video game and that
    when we die we are tricked into going into a tunnel of light that is
    connected to a “filament” of Source light. Once in the tunnel its
    disconnected and redirected to another place by beings who trap us into
    cycles of reincarnation by life reviews that convince us we must return
    because of our failures. However, if we just hang out and allow the
    energetic bodies to fall away until we are our true nature of brilliant
    light, we won’t be fooled into giving up our free will and if we choose
    to come back it’s a free will choice with options we create and are not
    manipulated into taking. Hmmmm.”

    Well, if that were true, then I’d say the Universe is really a hostile place and doesn’t have our backs.

    Not a lot of LOVE in that story. And what of our guides who are supposed to love us? Are they part of the trickery? It sounds bogus.

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    America deserves Donald – for many reasons… he is the only straight talker amongst what have been demonstrably fakes – they even looked fake and phony!.. so Donald has appealed to a groundswell of Americans who are obviously sick of being lied to. Maybe it will bring to the national consciousness of that country that they are not a democracy at all but a plutocracy where it is the rich who get into power rather than the best people for the job… and running almost a continent on a two party system – I ask you??? It’s crazy!
    Having said that, America deserves Hillary too. She’ll give them what’s coming to them and it won’t be buttered scones either!

  • Sinmonstix

    Ok Erik, you’re the real deal! No doubt now.

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