Farts and Saving Lives

We’re driving back to Houston now after a wonderful camping trip with my husband, my sister and brother-in-law and Bella, of course. I documented some of it on Instagram, so follow me, peeps, if you want an insider’s view of my boring life. Haha. It’s raining now, but all the other days were beautiful, so perfect timing. 

I want to give a shout out to all you mothers out there. Our job isn’t an easy, but it’s one driven by love. I also want to shout out to all my children. Thanks for being such wonderful kids. You make it easier to be a good mother. Thank you also for putting up with my parenting mistakes and, most of all, for making me want to be a better person because of how much I love you. Now enjoy these fun Erik stories.

Story #1

My 16 year old daughter and I are big fans of Channeling Erik! We were in the car the other day with my mom and my sister and we were trying to explain Erik’s story to to them. They are both somewhat skeptical when it comes to the topic of communicating with “non-physical” friends and family. My daughter and I were telling them that we sometimes will light a candle and will ask Erik questions and he answers our questions through the candle flame (crazy, dancing flame means “yes” and calm, still flame means “no”). I read that Erik communicated to his sister through a candle flame soon after his death. She noticed that the candle flame was very active and when she asked Erik to make the flame do certain “tricks”, he did it! Well, he does that for us too! (You should try it!) Anyway, my mom and sister were thinking that we were crazy as we told them our story, when all of a sudden, the smell of burning candles filled my car as we were driving down the road! (It was the smell of freshly snuffed out candles) We all looked at each other with huge eyes and then we began to laugh! Thank you Erik for your help in turning non-believers into believers!

Story #2

First off, I want to say how much Erik, Elisa & Jamie have changed and saved my life. Literally. My name is Nicole, I’m 26. I discovered the Channeling Erik YouTube videos in summer 2014 when I was going through depression where I no longer wanted to be alive. I’m highly emotional, sensitive and a worrier. I went to therapy but honestly I only went three days because after watching the Channeling Erik videos and reading the blogs every-single-day (along with meditating and communicating with my spirit guides and angels) my depression started dissolving and I regained control of my life again. Because of the three of you, I have learned so much about my true, higher self and my soul and the afterlife and how much we need to learn lessons here so our soul can grow. The most amazing thing out of Channeling Erik is that I feel like I’m family, like I really know you all.

Now onto the real reason you’re reading this : Erik farts! lol For months and months I had been wanting to experience some kind of Erik prank. I had asked a few times but me being me, because I have very little confidence in myself, I thought, “Out of the thousands, why would he pick me, or listen to me when I ask?”

Well about a week ago, I was driving on the interstate down to my mom’s and it was just me and my jazz music and it was so peaceful. I remember thinking, “What a beautiful day” Then all of a sudden I smelled the worst fart ever. My reactive thought was that it was the car but it wasn’t the sulfur or rotten egg smell that cars can give off. This was a sweet smelling fart, so gross omg, and suddenly Erik popped into my head and I remembered that apparently he does this as a prank. And I laughed and thanked Erik for the prank while I sprayed my perfume around the car.

I had to share. Again, thank you for all that you three do! I love you.

ps: Anymore celebrity channeling videos on the way? I highly enjoy those! Is Princess Diana or Whitney Houston etc on your list?

Both of them have been channeled but are posts, not videos.

Story #3

I’ve had a very difficult time with a job that I’ve recently got in the past year, so I was looking on the internet for comfort to help me get through it. I honestly don’t even remember now how I found this site but once I found it, it kind of resonated deep within me because of the struggles Erik went through while alive, which had some similarities to my own life’s struggles (anxiety mostly). I had been extremely stressed out with my newish job and the culture and basically getting used to the people, responsibilities and the atmosphere (a lot of negativity). So this was basically the reason I was getting desperate for some kind of help. I had been reading this site daily for about 3 or so months and was just thinking hey, I see all these people getting some kind of contact with this guy, so maybe I can too. So one night before going to sleep I asked for some kind of positive reinforcement and/or anything to make me feel better; basically just anything. While falling asleep I felt something almost resonate through my soul that was definitely not my imagination; what I heard almost vibrated through my every being. What I heard was basically along the lines of “you’re going to kick its motherfucking ass.” This automatically snapped me out of my nearly dream state thinking what in the hell was that. But not only just that, but I felt inside me that I could accomplish anything as long as I was willing to accept that it was a possibility. I thought that I must be mistaken, it could have been my imagination after all. So I asked for some kind of audible and/or physical type sensation to prove that it was true. I didn’t get anything that night, however the next morning when I woke up (this is going to sound awful), I was pretty gassy so I was letting a few rip. Then out of no where I heard a very audible fart noise that wasn’t my own. It almost sounded like a whoopie cushion… very squeaky, as if purposely comical… and I couldn’t help but laugh and think what in the hell…..did that just happen? ……….. Anyways, what I’m getting at is this seems to be pretty legit if you are open and willing to accept that there is more to life than just what we see.

Story #4 (He does this one a lot!)

I was reading the blog, and I heard a popping sound coming from my speakers, then again after a few minutes, took me by surprise, and I had to laugh, and then a few more times, and then a series of popping sounds strung together and another one. It had to be Erik, because it was totally random and my speakers work just fine. Very cool 🙂


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