Fetching and Healing

Me: Erik, how do you fetch people for these sessions? I guess fetch is more of a southern word; how do you get them. Is it about focusing on them with a certain level of intention like you talked about with the plates? How does that all work?

Erik: Yeah! You get the person’s name—but really it’s not the earth name that matters, but that’s what can link back to the soul name. You focus on it, and then all of a sudden you feel yourself being pulled. It’s almost like from your gut, like up under your ribs. Then, you’re speaking with them wherever they are, and you say, “Come with me!”

Me: Very cool.

Erik: That’s it. It’s very much like Star Trek.

Me: Beam me up Scotty! Is it kind of like, I mean, do most of them know what’s going on as far as what we’re doing here?

Erik: Yeah, by now, because what I’ve done is I’ve taken that list you’ve put together—I didn’t do it with everyone; I just did it with some of the pop culture celebrities—and I started telling them, ‘Hey, this is what we’re doing; I’m going to be talking to you soon.’ That’s working pretty well.

Me: Good.

Me: Erik, were Jamie and I anything in a past life?

Erik: You’ve been business partners, friends and sisters

Me: Okay! Now, what color light do I send people to heal them? Do I send them blue or green or what? For instance, what color to I send to Dr. Doug’s hips, and what color do I send to my mom who has Alzheimer’s?

Erik: Well, if you’re not sure what to send, send them white light. For your mom, use blue and indigo.

Me: What about people who upset you? Can I just send pink light to their heart or green or something like that?

Erik: Let’s look at the way they’re upsetting you—

Me: Well, nobody really upset me. I rarely get upset except for a few instances of blog-related drama, but for example, let’s take Michelle. What color light can she send to someone who upsets her?

Erik: Yeah, yeah, in general. If somebody is attacking you, they’re throwing out these threads of energy and they’re kind of using it like a vampire, attaching to the other person’s energy. They want to tear it down, pull it apart and it makes them feel good to see the other person fall apart or get angry or get frustrated or confused. With that kind of interaction, either visualize or say in your head, “I cut all ties from this person. I am completely independent from this person energetically.” Then you surround yourself with white light, and you surround them with white light. Wrap ‘em like a mummy.

Me: Ah, good!

Erik: You’ll notice it’ll put their fire out; it won’t be causing a reaction in you anymore, and you’ll win. But if it’s just an honest hurt where that person is just being open—

Me: Yeah!

Jamie: “Honest hurt,” I have never heard that!

Erik: Yeah, that’s where you’re completely being open, and you’re not trying to attack; you’re just trying to explain.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And you’re having these reactions that you don’t want, be it sad, angry, confused. That’s when you don’t need to cut ties; you just need to embrace them, like you said, Mom, in pink light. Pink, green, and then white is just the most beautiful combination.

Jamie (to Erik, laughing): You are just smiling so big, young man!

Me: Aw.

Erik: Well, it just feels really good.

Me: What about gold light? What’s that for?

Erik: Ah, golden light—very knowledgeable and very protective. So, if you want to protect somebody, let’s say they’re traveling to another country, and they may be going to have a hard time, then you can put gold light around them for protection.

Me: Okay.

I guess that’s enough Erik wisdom for one week. Have a great weekend everyone! Keep sending Lynette all the healing energy you can. I look forward to the conference call next Thursday!

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  • Very good practical stuff – thank you, Erik!

  • Lamontfam

    So I’ll send a soothing greeny, godly pink wrapped in crisp white to Lynette and a golden light to my boy, Ryan who is flying to Australia for a holiday at this very moment!

  • Felix

    Ooh that was interesting, thanks Erik and the Girls!
    This might seem like a daft question, but … do I just need to think of the person, visualise them and then think really hard about the colours?! I want to send pink, green and white to someone but I’m confused, do I think of the colours one at a time or swirl them all together?
    Love Felix xx

    • Patrick

      @ Felix – Both, in the order you prefer. No need to think “hard”; no such thing. Simply imagine the color (ahem….”colour”) in the object you like, be them pink carnations, yellow roses, bright orange pistol grips or what have you. Then think of a rainbow swirl of the colors you’ve chosen to send, that tighten into a candy cane of sweetness that extend out like a rope or cable and reach the person you wish to receive them. Imagine the colour arriving and expanding out into a cloud that envelops the person and covers their aura like an additional, glowing layer. Voilà!

  • amy cavanaugh

    love it love him

  • I don’t think it matters. Light energy is light energy in any form. I actually do both and it seems to work either way.

  • amy cavanaugh

    REQUEST: I met a woman online in a spiritual group who is an emotional vampire-she believes that she was married to Charles Virtue in a former life and pretty much stalks anyone close to him, she is exhausting and scaring people. Sadly part of her problem is that is engaged in what I would call spiritual materialism-she thinks that rocks, angels and crap do all the work. When she asked me what crystal was good for a certain problem, I felt like saying a boulder on your head to knock some sense into you. When I speak with any sort of candor-she says something like “I thought angel people were nice, why are you being so mean?

    Anyway-as she continues to behave in a frightening manner-she is banned from more and more rooms-groups which have become her entire world-she lives in Germany but pretends she lives in Hawaii (past life).

    It is scary how dangerous these spiritual tools are in the hands of someone who is not emotionally capible of understanding them. Her past life-her empath-her this and her that are her excuses for a host of really inappropriate behaviors that are very upsetting to the online friends she has made.

    I told her yesterday not to contact me again-because she continues to whine about the same imaginary problems (arent all problems imaginary), ask for my help, tells me I dont understand and then ends the conversation by suggesting suicide. I have reached out to what I believe are her parents about the suicide threats. But not to leave her high and dry, I am putting together a collection of prayers and good wishes for her so that hopefully she will get the help she needs. So if you could either email me or post here some words of encouragement-I would appreciate it. It is so important to love the unloveable. Thanks.

    Oh her name – or at least what she is calling herself these days is Lyra.

    • Marga

      scary story. really. well Amy, I think you did a lot in this case.. and all you could do. Just cut the cords and move on!

    • Patrick

      @ Amy – the brief description sounds like a talented manipulator; one who takes advantage of goodwill and positive intentions. She launches missiles aimed at eliciting a reaction, and bounces from response to response, always seeking control. Send her love and protection. You don’t need to dance her version of the two step. You can dance your own step, sit out her song or just leave the dance hall. She can find another dance partner; help must be accepted once offered, entirely her choice.

    • will do, amy.

    • Amber

      Just did my bit for ‘Lyra’, same as I usually do. I imagine folk in the brilliant Light from the Mind and Heart of the Universal Source cos it knows where it’s needed, why and how, and I don’t. Then I drop buckets of pink roses on them from me. I don’t know if it has the desired effect but that’s my intent so that’s all that matters. Love to you too.

  • amy cavanaugh


    Above is a link to Keith’s cousins Facebook page-he is a medical doctor incorporating spiritual principals into healing.

  • Cynthia

    You are absolutely right Erik when it comes to surrounding a person with white light (esp. for protection). I sometimes get stuck with the white light so I use golden light most of the time esp. for healing. Then I use the Violet Flame (highest color) through the “I AM” (Source) every thought, word, action, feeling I have or other people have released that is vibrating in the frequency of negative consciousness and be transmuted it back to the Light. I’ve been using the technique you mentioned: ““I cut all ties from this person. I am completely independent from this person energetically.” Then you surround yourself with white light, and you surround them with white light. Wrap ‘em like a mummy.” Visualization is very important.

  • Nancy Antia

    Dear Lynette,

    I’m praying, praying, praying …
    You’re in my prayers.

  • HSB

    I could be totally insane (sometimes I have to wonder) but I think Erik brought me Patrick Swayze to channel yesterday. Apparently Patrick volunteered to help me practice my mediumship skills. He dictated a private message for his wife, Lisa. What the heck do I do with that?

    Thanks for the tips on sending healing energy. I will practice that!

  • carol c

    This is a fantastic post and so right on for me. Thank you!

  • Mary

    Wonderful information, thank you!

  • Pete Janssen

    Its really crazy the power colours have. I guess thats why God created them that way… It also explains why sunlight is so awesome… Lots of different colours together… Anyway… Any advice on what colour to use for an autistic kid that is having a “meltdown”? My daughter is high functioning (which means you’d be hard pressed to tell until you got to know her) but she has moments where her emotions just go haywire. If in doubt white? Love Pete

  • amy cavanaugh

    but talented manipulators need love too.

  • I’ll put this question on my list.

  • George Graves

    You posted a bit earlier on Dr Eric Pearl and I then read his book on Reconnection. Is he for real? It seems to good to be true. Does anyone have direct experience with his process?

  • amy cavanaugh

    just to give you an update-i shared all the messages-but as with so many that are stuck-they basically fell on deaf ears-while i felt bad-i gave her to the Holy Spirit and hit the block button-

  • Nadina405

    Hi Elisa! I am really looking forward to Thursday! After my light left, my father came to me in a real dream! I know it was him, I just know. I sit at home and hope he will go to his brother, my uncle who is very sad and feeling empty! I’ve said prayers for Lynette and others and now I pray my father will go to his brother and give him comfort! Talk to u Thursday.

  • Look forward to it!

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