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Please bear with me as I am telling this story with my phone so please excuse the errors. My son Louie passed away Feb.15 2013 and since then I have been on a journey for answers. Broken and lost, I had no where to turn. No one to understand the turmoil that was going through my head, but I had 2 daughters and 2 grandsons who needed me. There was no time to break down, no time for understanding. I found myself not living but existing. One day I plugged my headphones into my phone went onto YouTube and was listening to music. I don’t know when I fell asleep but when woke up I heard a YouTube video of Elisa and Jamie. I do remember asking myself “what the hell is this?” I continued listening and at the end I heard them talking about if you want to know more go to the Channeling Erik website. Curious, I went to the website figuring Louie apparently paired up with this kid Erik and wanted me to see and hear something important. I read the back story of Elisas’ journey and was floored. A mom who also lost a son and reading her words made me think “omg, that’s how I feel” I started reading the posts and watching the videos and I was hooked. I can not thank Louie and Erik enough for changing the station on my phone. I am so thankful for Elisa for sharing her journey and Jamie for being Erik’s voice. I am at peace knowing in my heart that Louie is happy ,healthy and home. I would not had the opportunity to learn what I have about life without everyone involved. I can not thank everyone enough for giving me this peace. All my love to all of you

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