Four Reasons to Work Out (NSFW)

Ultra longtime blog member, Deb, shares this very funny Erik story with me yesterday. With her permission, I’m posting it for the rest of the family to enjoy.

Deb’s Email

Hi Elisa,

Had to share this experience with you.  I got a real kick out of it for sure!  You may post it to the CE blog if you like.

I was at the gym this morning and we were working out with those BIG exercise balls, the ones you sit on, etc..  I was in the back of the room.  We completed one set of exercises with the ball and went on to something else.  I pushed my ball to my left and against the wall.

A few minutes went by and as we were doing some squats (just love those) I noticed my ball had rolled up next to my workout step.. hmm.  So I rolled it back.  A few minutes later it was back, again…double hmmm.  This time when I rolled it back I put my water bottle in front of it and said in my mind, OK Erik let’s see you move it now.

Fast forward a few minutes.  I look now to my right as my eye has caught another ball which is about a foot behind me and to my right.  This ball belonged to another woman in the class and had rolled approximately 15 ft towards me.  I turned around when I  realized it was there and the woman behind me just looked at me and said “that ball just rolled right over to you” !  I took that ball and placed it back on the rack thinking I had handled all of this rolling around ball stuff.  But NOOOOOO.  No sooner did I put that ball in the rack and go back to my workout, ANOTHER  different ball rolled up to me from behind!  The poor lady behind me was in shock.  Her eyes were like saucers and she said “you must be a ball magnet or something, I have never seen anything like this”!!

As we were doing our ab crunches  I looked around the room to see if there was some natural force at work that may have steered those balls my way like a fan, or a dip in the floor.  Couldn’t identify anything unusual to cause this to happen. Could it have been our favorite prankster at work??


We’ll see if Jason and Robert weigh in. While reading Deb’s email to Jason, he starts to laugh and tells me Erik shouted, “Balls to the wall!” at the part when she places it next to the wall.

By the way, this phrase in no way corresponds to any part of the male anatomy. It actually refers to the balls on top of the throttles on planes in ?World War II. When the pilot pushes the throttles all the way to the dashboard/firewall, the plane’s at full power. Ha, you guys are all pervs, just like Erik! Dang, he’s a bad influence on y’all!

That little stinker. Of course he probably followed Deb to the ladies’ locker room. Poor Deb. Working out will never be the same.

And now, the five biggest reasons Erik loves messing with girls with exercise balls:

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #3

and last but not least (and Erik’s favorite):

Reason #4

(Hey, he made me include this one, so don’t shoot the messenger.)

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Elisa Medhus

  • Jason

    I emailed this to Deb already, but I’ll just post it since you posted all that scandelous stuff. Ha ha…. Erik and the “Gang” are always picking on my delecate sensibilities and call me a baby with an attitude… sigh…

    As she was reading it to me, I was laughing out loud because Erik showed me a gym full of “hotties” (his word) not a visual. He kept making cracks about balls and walls…But the vision was of a room full of women. And I saw a figure that was suppose to be Deb. But it was just a haze. And Erik was bouncing up and down on a ball -fisting the air laughing. Then he would slide on his belly on the ball and roll on it with his arms out until he hit his head on the floor. He said you think your being sneaky with the water bottle, so ha ha.. Now as I type this he’s saying to himself… I wonder if what I could do to her water…. hmmm….

    ** I really feel like I have to appoligise for him. When he knows your watching or are aware, and he thinks your buddy material or family he can really go on and on sometimes. I think the perversity was for me and Elisa. Sorry about that..

    • Isn’t it weird that we Americans are fine with watching beheadings and dismemberment but squeal like babies when it comes to the human body? Those Puritans left some long roots.

  • GeorgeN

    Too Funny! I like Erik’s sense of humor. The things a mother will do for her children 😎


  • Be Free My Angel

    All I can say is that life is so unfair, I mean really why, how , urghhhhh, not fair I look at a piece of anything food related and gain 10 lbs. Im so jealous and secretly happy all at the same time 😉

  • Be Free My Angel

    BTW, Deb I love your story…so funny 🙂 I love that there are witness’s to the paranormal that you experienced that is one thing I struggle with is that there are no witness’s, I do have my family who are there with the bird incidences and the clouds though, but I would love for someone outside of my family to be blown away. Who did the pics? Deb, Jason or Elisa,…naughty, naughty, lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!

    • That was my bad, but I KNOW Erik steered me to the right choices! I can imagine Andy was looking over Erik’s shoulder, both giggling as they were guiding my Google Images search. Those boys! What are we gonna do with them, Iola?!

  • iola

    Love it Erik! balls to the wall indeed! I love raunchy humor….you are one in a million! Ask Andy about his pink baseball cap..the one I hated and he loved so much! lmao.

  • Steve

    Elisa, you have enough paranormal info now for two books, related to Erik’s pranks. I just love these reader stories!!

  • Elizabeth M

    Oh goody! If I exercise I can look like that? Thanks for the inspiration Erik. I’ll get out the Yoga ball and get to work!

    • Of course, Elizabeth M. I’m counting on that myself!

  • Dina

    I feel dumb, but this whole balls discussion’s really piqued the curiosity. So what were those pics?

    • Exercise balls!!! The same thing Deb was using and Erik was rolling around. I barely know this since I’m allergic to all forms of exercise myself.

  • only4love

    Soooooo funny!

  • Debbie B

    ELISA!!! OMG!!!!!! You are such a riot! Thanks for posting my Ball story. But I did not give you permission to post my pics too…bad girl! I thought when I became a nun a few years back those photos were put in a sealed file at the Vatican….hmmm

    • LMAO, DEBBIE!!!!! (I’m so glad we’re identical twins, aren’t you?)

  • Shannon

    Hahaha! Deb, love the story! Elisa…I wonder if thinking about the balls will make me look like that!? Everything is energy…mind over matter…thoughts become things…

    Am I smokin’ hot yet??


  • What a great story, thanks for sharing. Every time I hear situations like this my mind always gets to spinning over and over, why can’t spirits communicate with us in other ways?

    If Erik, or any spirit for that matter, can move objects couldn’t we find a way to communicate with them without using a medium? For example, “Erik, if you’re hear push that ball towards the elliptical.” I’m either thinking that sort of communication isn’t allowed or it takes up so much energy that Erik couldn’t communicate in a timely manner.

  • Kelli

    Boys will be boyz.:) but Elisa??

    • LOL!!! Every time I broke all puritanical boundaries with something I said, one of my daughters would say, “Mom, here’s the line,” and she’d make an imaginary line with her finger, “and here’s you,” pointing to a spot far removed from the line. I would usually reply with, “I can’t help it. I’m a doctor so I have no problem with the human body or bodily functions.” So sue me already!

  • Kelli

    however, those pics got me out of the shadows!!!

  • Donna

    You are so funny!!! I see where Erik inherited his sense of humor.

  • Nina

    So does Erik still find human women attractive???

    • Of course! He has mini-crushes on various female blog members as well as Jamie. Even when he was in preschool, he had little puppy love crushes on the ladies. He cried when Ms. Kane, his preschool teacher, announced her plans to marry and begged, begged her to wait for him to grow up so he could marry her. He always had this respectful awe of women and as a child on up would tell them how beautiful they are. Okay, he’s probably blushing right now, so I bette stop.

  • Juan

    Hello Elisa

    jajjajajaja,,,,Great photos!!!!!


    • I knew you’d like them, Juan!

  • sharon77

    Oh my gosh! I screamed when I got to that last picture. So funny! I like when people go for the shock value. I screamed because it was completely unexpected… i should know better when it comes to Erik and Elisa. Hahaha!

  • Be Free My Angel

    Awe that is so sweet, what a lovey dovey guy Elisa, you must be proud of him. So respectful too. I’ve seen to attract the kind of guys that dump all over me so I never experienced a real gentleman before except my dad, who is sweet and smart and gentlemanly. I always fell hard for the bad boys……sigh.

  • Jason

    @Todd. Erik says like he mentioned before in the comments,

    Validation without the opportunity for self examination and Spiritual evolution is pointless. Everyone is in charge of the progression of their own soul and to demand manifestations like that is to give away their personal power. Not everyone is at a point in their journey to recognize this yet, and we should not interfere as we do not have the big picture. One person’s validation might unduly influence another’s path in an inappropriate way, thus for that instance the manifestation does not happen like you wish. Some validation via manifestations would take away free will by unduly influencing them. Thus you get no answers. Higher Spirit is not about proof but about progression and advancement of Spirit on Spirit’s terms, not ours. One of the ultimate purposes of “all this” is to get people to connect with Spirit themselves according to their own spirit’s goals. To change our thinking.

  • Skoshi

    Erik has all of us on our toes! When I was pulling out of the Post Office’s lot this morning, I noticed the man in the car in front of me was smoking a nasty cigar. I thought, “I’m glad I saw that; otherwise when I smelled that rank smell I’d be looking around for Erik!”

    Here are some important videos regarding Dimensions and the Shift:

    For those who didn’t get to watch the History International channel’s program about research on the soul last night, it should be an eye opener for a lot of skeptics, and hopefully get them to be introspective and throw their weight in favor of the Shift. They interviewed a professor who said the University of Virginia’s department that has been studying the soul (Ian Stevenson’s former department) has concluded that reincarnation is SO. And an anesthesiologist who wondered where “consciousness” “goes” when he puts people under has postulated that the soul resides in tubules in the brain and their contents leave the brain en masse when a person dies and the contents stay together. Scientists also have been studying people who are in vegetative states to try to understand consciousness, and have discovered that, exactly as in uninjured people, when vegetative patients are told to think about playing a game of tennis, the same part of the brain lights up; and when they are told to imagine walking from room to room in their homes, another part (the same as in “healthy” people) of their brains light up.

    • I recorded it and saw it!! Yay! I thought it was amazing. Science is definitely on the verge and many are hard at work, no doubt at the urging of spirits. Those close-minded skeptics might have to look for another line of work!

  • Nina

    awww Erik you are so cute! I love the story about him wanting to marry his teacher. SO SWEET!

  • @Jason

    It isn’t validation that I am after but communication. If Erik can move objects and he can be channeled through a psychic why isn’t communication by different means allowed? For example, why would I pay a psychic $100 an hour to channel a spirit when I could communicate with that spirit in another way. If spirits can move objects why can’t they use a touch screen on a computer to communicate? I guess I am just thinking outside the box, especially since good psychics charge hundreds of dollars an hour for their services. The average person can’t afford to pay that so why not communicate in a different manner?

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