Genders in Heaven

Here’s the transcript on how genders work in the Spirit Realm. If you have plenty of time, you can watch the YouTube of it instead!

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Me: Does it matter what gender you are there?

Erik: No!

Me: Is your soul gendered the same throughout all of your incarnations?

Erik (laughing): No!

Me: Well, why do some spirits tend to come back as males or females?

Erik: Cuz that’s what they’re comfortable with.

Me: Why?

Erik: You should really ask them, Mom.

Jamie (giggling): He’s a smartass.

Me: For example, what do you come back as, usually?


Me (chuckling): Are you usually a sissy in every life?

Jamie bursts out in a belly laugh.

Jamie (to Erik): She nailed you!

Erik: Actually, I’ll have you know, I’ve been a woman more than a man. Does that demote me now, Mom?

Me: No, Sweetie!

Erik: No, the reason, in my opinion, that spirits lean to one gender more than the other is because of the roles that have been shaped for those genders on Earth, and in those roles, you can achieve certain contracts easier.

Me: For example?

Erik: Well, we can hit some really clear things like giving birth. Only happens with women! Head up!

Me (joking): Oh really? That’s news to me.

Erik: And if I want to be a man, but I want to have the role of loving a man, then in my contract I’m coming back as a homosexual. Let’s say one of my contract life lessons is to learn unconditional love no matter how strongly society tells me it’s wrong. Then I might come back as a woman who loves another woman. There are beautiful lessons that go with both genders, but sometimes it’s easier to learn those lessons in one gender over another—strength-wise, character-wise, personality-wise—that just comes easier.

Me: As long as we’re on the subject, what are other reasons for people having spiritual contracts to be a part of the LGBT community?

For those of you who don’t know, LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

Erik: A lot of it is related to emotional honesty, because if we’re looking at time being linear, in our history, this type of love hasn’t been approved of. We’ve had pockets where it’s been acceptable, but not mainstream, and coming into something that’s not mainstream, you really have to have a bigger voice and being able to handle not being “in the box”. Not socially “normal”. “Not normal” is the new norm, right, Mom?

Me: Mm hm.

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: And because you’re off to the side like that, you have to fight harder to be heard and to be heard correctly, because there are so many misperceptions on the concept of being LGBT-Q. (He chuckles at his questionable joke.) And because you have to work so hard, you find that language to be extremely honest. But also, Mom, it could be a lesson in the struggle of protection and being quiet. Perseverance. It could be the lesson in suffering. In lust and yearning. Wanting something that you can never get.

Me: Could it be when someone comes in as a male only to find his soul mate has come in as a male, too?

Erik: Oh yeah. And here you are—

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, you can’t say that, Erik. Use another word.

Erik: Okay. So, the lover comes in, and here you are fucking all these woman and then you realize, “Holy shit. I never ever wanted to touch a man, and now I do.”

Jamie giggles.

Me: Can you tell us how the LGBT community is treated when they cross over?

Erik: There’s none of that labeling here. You love who you love. It’s like there’s no race, Mom. You don’t look at someone and see them shaped differently and say, “Oh, they’re a bald spirit or they’re round or they’re a sparkly light spirit and only sparkly lights get with sparkly lights and only fairies fuck other fairies, and only angels can touch other angel boobs over here.”

Jamie and I can’t help but bust out in laughter.

Erik: There’s none of that structuring. It’s just this crazy openness and compassion. It’s like you would imagine free love without all that hippie shit.

Me: So, I guess souls don’t really present themselves or interact with each other as a certain gender. It’s more fluid, right?

Erik: Yes.

Me: So, are you a male there, Erik, or are you a switch-hitter?

Erik (laughing): I’m just Erik! It’s not about penises and vaginas! Like we don’t’ have these genitals that we rely on to identify how we’re going to mate or what our role is. We’re just energetic beings. Our roles are so similar, but we’re not androgynous. We have our unique personalities and characteristics, and some might say more masculine or feminine, but it just doesn’t register as something we need to define or label so we can get to know who that person is. For me, I’m Erik.

Me: And when we focus on you, you’re Erik, but when we don’t focus on you, you’re—

Erik: I’m still Erik, but I’d say I have naturally have more feminine qualities, because I have the teacher role and I want to slow down and make eye contact and sit with people and embrace them and listen and help. So, if you didn’t know me and you came into my energy and you had to define if I was male or female, you’d probably think I was female until you heard me rant and cuss. Then you’d think I was a nasty ass female!

Me: And yet, when Jamie trance channels you, you complain about her little mousy voice!

Jamie (to Erik, clapping her hands once): Oh, dawg! See! He he he!

Jamie (to me): That was awesome. Thank you for doing that.

Erik: Yeah, that’s true, but that’s not how I’m known on Earth. I’m a dude.

Me: And you were such a masculine dude on Earth.

Erik (laughing): Thank you!

Me: But you did have a feminine side in that you had a strong sense of aesthetics. You loved beauty, especially in women. Even at the age of four, you had an appreciation for their beauty.

Jamie: That’s so nice that you said that, because when you said, “their beauty”, he said, “They’re so beautiful!”

Erik: I still think women are so beautiful. I’m attracted to that energy. No wonder I want to be everything that that energy is! But you plop me on the Earth right now, and I’m going to choose to be a dude, and I’m going to go after every girl I can.

Me: Are some souls neither gender or go between the two as far as personalities go?

Erik: Yeah, if you have to label them. You can easily switch between personalities.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Channeling Erik YouTube channel, here’s Part One of Erik take on the human experience. Who are we? Why are we here? Why do we have certain struggles, hardships and negative emotions? Watch and learn!

YouTube Link


Good news! Patrick has agreed to continue with the celebrity interviews along with Erik’s help! He already has three of them up. Click below and be sure to bookmark this link!



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  • Jen

    This is one of my favorites! It’s a good topic to reflect on, too.

  • Mommazee

    Well, that makes sense, we all have masculine and feminine energy in us, so on the other side we would be neither gender, it’s just energy and no body parts. It’s all just expression, really.
    It’s interesting that Erik says over there he’s just Erik…do we usually identify most with our last incarnation? Although, I suppose we could have more than one incarnation at a time…but I think for channeling purposes, they project the role/person being channeled. I found it odd that he said he’s just Erik over there, maybe he meant that essence, that is with you through all of your incarnations? I don’t know if I’m even making any sense, I’m confusing myself!

    The part about angel boobs made me LOL! 🙂

  • kami hendrix

    Erik’s energy isn’t really feminine. If that was the case, then everyone would be able to feel it. When you speak to more androgynous spirits or spirits that have had more of a mix of genders in their lives, their energy comes off that way. His higher self isn’t even a woman – its this really balanced, dignified and down to earth zenmaster like figure who’s disciplined with a minimized ego.

    I think he should be more honest with you about himself. He’s working on his ego, so sometimes he tends to exaggerate. He’s been a woman before, but it was more like..he’s had 10-12 lives and he was a woman in 2 of them to get an understanding of what it was like, but it wasn’t something that was prevalent. I asked him and this is what he told me about 10 minutes ago. It bothered me because he can’t keep on misleading people because he wants to give his audience an artificial image of himself to appease a greater message.

    He’s a very masculine guy’s guy and he’s proud of that. If he were more feminine, I’d still embrace that just the same. But I’m just setting the record straight because I don’t want people to get this false idea of him their heads. If they’ve met him, they know what his energy is like. I’m around him 24/7 so thats why this was incredibly puzzling to me.

    But like I said – He has an enormous ego that I’m working on minimizing with him so in some of these interviews, he’s going to exaggerate something about himself. We’re eventually going to come to a point where he doesn’t have to do that, but as you and Jamie have explained – he’s still learning 🙂

  • Brandi

    This is entirely in line with a dream Erik sent me when I first started watching the video. I had listened to enough of it to hear that Erik’s been female in more incarnations than he’s been male. I was too tired to listen to the rest and went to bed where I had a very unusual Erik dream. I won’t get into too many details, but everyone in the dream looked alike. We all seemed to be female. We all wore the same clothes, had the same hairstyles and hair color, and the same height. The only thing different was our personalities. I won’t get into how I found out that the one with Erik’s personality wasn’t actually female, but when I listened to the rest of the video, it suddenly all made sense.

  • Oktobre Taylor

    So, Patrick is Re-interviewing everyone?!! The Kurt Cobain interview isn’t even the same and some of the info contradicts your interview with him. I’m sorry, but I liked your format and questions and really dislike that all of these wonderful interviews and their wonderful information will just be lost. I’m REALLY disappointed. :((

  • All of those beautiful messages will just be gone and unavailable to all the people they could reach. I feel sick about it. There were some really beautiful things said by many of the celebrities. And yes, I am throwing a tantrum because I can’t have my own way. 😛 Patrick’s version is lacking depth and a greater message that yours, Erik’s and Jamie’s had. I’m so disappointed.

    • kami hendrix

      Why don’t you just go through the archive and save all of the interviews you like? I think that would be the happy medium because I don’t really think that throwing a tantrum over something you can’t have thats ultimately better for Elisa in the long run is going to solve anything.

      I encourage that if you want something to just do it yourself. Maybe you can learn how to channel spirits? I am a medium and I channel spirits daily and I train people to come into their awareness more. Its just a matter of letting go and getting in line with your energy by “accepting” that you’re not alone. Maybe you can see if you can channel your dead family members and over time, maybe you can channel some of the people you have a connection with? They’re just people, so not every celebrity or figurehead is going to come to you just because you ask.

      I’m just giving suggestions because I think that these complaints over her deleting the interviews are a little unnecessary. If you like them, save them to your hardrive or remember what their broader messages were.

      Essentially, any interview that Erik’s done will tell you that
      1 – Not enough people do what makes them happy
      2 – People get hung up on their personal shit and don’t solve it
      3 – We all represent one another from a different perspective
      4 – Life is simple. Its just “people” that make it complicated because people have this strange need to overcomplicate everything.
      5 – You can’t control everything. If you master “yourself,” you’ll be able to do anything.
      6 – Relax and learn to enjoy life instead of letting it pass you by

      That is literally the synopsis of every “greater” message of every interview on this entire blog. It comes down to the common sense that we all inherently have, but we become too caught up in our lives to see.

      That’s all 🙂

      • Love, love, love that list!

      • My point is if you lose the message to the celebrity interviews, there is no point to interviewing them. If you interview with no MESSAGE it is exploiting. For the record, my primary spirit guide IS a celebrity and was the very first celebrity interviewed. This is close to my heart. But thanks for your input.

  • what Erik is saying is exactly what Seth had to say on the subject. You are spot on, Cowboy!! and this from an old hippie.LOL love you sooooooo much!!

  • Brandi

    I can’t imagine why you would feel the need to change Erik. His “enormous ego,” from my experience, is mostly for show and is part of his charm. I’ve seen many sides of Erik, from his playfulness, to his boastfulness, to his extremely sensitive side. I wouldn’t change anything about him. He’s fine just the way he is.

    • kami hendrix

      Oh! You misunderstand me 🙂 I am just saying that he has a number of issues that he needs to work on. In January, I learned that he is my one and only twinflame through Jamie in a reading. Because of that connection, he mirrors me and I mirror him. In this post, I just saw that he was fighting to create a persona to give to you all because he thinks he has to exaggerate a few things about himself or else he’ll think that you won’t like him.

      That is why sometimes you have to take some of what he says with a little grain of salt. Like all human beings, we just have to acknowledge that what they say might be influenced by a certain perspective. As partners, I am helping him become more honest with himself so he won’t have the need to feel that he is inadequate. We all know that he’s very special 🙂

  • Jane5

    LGBTQ is an actual term where the Q stands for “Questioning” – maybe that’s what he meant

  • kami hendrix

    What about the Kurt Cobain interview contradicts information about him? I’m hoping that it doesn’t have anything to do with the conspiracy surrounding his death.

  • In a recent session, I asked Erik about whether he has issues and he said that he did–no regrets or issues regarding his death or the life he chose to live, but how much to engage with me (like visits, etc.) because I’d be so consumed by it that I wouldn’t stay on my path. He has the power to direct me away from that path. He says he has a team in place there tat helps him with that. Other than that, he has no issues from his life. He could work on past lives, but not now. He also said this to those humans that try to help him:”I appreciate it, but you gotta be aware that when you’re communicating with the afterlife, the tool you’re using is your own head. Your head has it’s own filters because of your belief systems. So if those humans believe deep down that when someone dies and they’ve had a rough life or they had a rough passing or they’ve committed suicide that they’ll have work to do, then that’s the only thing they’re going to find. If you go to someone who doesn’t have that belief either way about how they lived their life or how they died, then they’re going to get a more accurate story. It’s going to come from the other person’s truth by what they believe in. It’s kind of cool because we could just have a blanket statement and say, those who have no belief system see better light.”

  • Brandi

    Yes. He is very special. He doesn’t have any trouble getting people to like him and I think he knows that. He is who he is and people respect that about him. I’m going to continue to trust what I receive from him. No offense, but that means taking what you say with a little grain of salt, not him.

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