Global Warming, Part Two

This day was dedicated to a trip to the coastal city of Aurland. We had to go through fifteen tunnels and navigate through several switchbacks, but the scenery along the west coast made it all worthwhile. It’s not as lovely in the winter, but we enjoyed a “vafler med syltetøy” (waffle with jam) and a cup of hot tea in a quaint four table café. Here are some videos:

Curvy Roads!

Going Through the First Tunnel

Approaching Aurland

View from the Porch

Now for the final part in our series on global warming. Note that today, Antarctica hit an all time high of 65.5 degrees. Perfect segue!

Me: Now, can we, as a collective, energy heal Mother Earth? Would that have any effect?

Erik: Ah, I thought you’d never ask.

Kim: He’s showed me this image one time before. I think it was at the New York Channeling Erik event or maybe Denver. You guys know the movie, Avatar?

Me: Yeah.

Kim: And when you see the Avatars walking at night, they touch the trees and the trees light up.

Me: Oh yeah!

Kim: And where they step, the ground lights up.

Erik: It’s the same concept, Mom. Take away all the pollutants and the trash and litter. If it were just a world full of angry people walking around, that vibration would also negatively affect the earth. So think about each time you step on the earth if you’re walking and emitting nasty energy, that shit’s going to be absorbed by earth.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: But you can heal it. You can work on giving back love and healthy vibrations. Think growth. Think growth.

Kim: He’s showing me this image of trees and flowers bursting out of the ground.

Erik: So when you send healing energy to the earth, think in terms of growth and helping the earth give birth to new trees, flowers and plants, all sorts of things.

Me: Well can you tell our audience how you send healing energy to the earth, Erik? Is there a specific technique that’s easy?

Erik: Yep. First be mindful of the energy that you are. If you feel like you’re in a really good place to give extra love for the Universe, contact is key. Make contact with the ground. Go out in your bare feet or put your hands on the ground and envision being a conduit for good vibrational energy. It’s very easy. You don’t have to understand the physics behind it. Just believe that it works and it will. If you can’t make contact because you’re stuck in your skyscraper or apartment, you can still remotely send positive energy to the earth through your heart, through your mind and with your intentions.

Me: It seems like on Earth Day, that would be a good thing to do where everyone in the world at a certain time, and maybe we’d have to break it up into time zones, can do that—boom—as a collective. That could be pretty powerful Maybe? I’m just spitballing here.

Erik: The collective consciousness resonates. One of the best and most tangible ways to help the earth is by planting a tree, but make sure you do it in love. Plant flowers, bushes, whatever. Giving back to the earth in that way is really powerful, too, Mom.

Me: Okay. One last question I have, but you might have something: Are there any technological approaches that we have now or that we can develop in the future to get rid of global warming, to take care of the CO2 emissions, the ozone layer and things like that?

Erik: Yeah, and there are some that are already in place.

Kim: He’s showing me sort of like a biofeedback system measuring the efficiency of the way we burn fuel or the pollutants in the air and all that affects the earth and our health.

Erik: Some of these technologies are already in play, but we don’t value the information we’re getting enough.

Me: Well, is there anything that we can create that will like close the hole in the ozone layer and get rid of all—well not all of the CO2—mitigate the CO2 emissions? Any big technological thing like a giant net that—I don’t know. I’m just making stuff up!

And making a complete fool of myself.

Me (in a squeaky voice): Help.

Kim laughs.

Erik: Not quite yet, but there will be some kind of system that will actually burn the pollutants in the air and make them evaporate, dissolve, disappear. Science and technology isn’t there yet.

Kim: Well how long?


Erik: At least 20 years. We’re getting close to developing equipment that will dissolve these different gases. As much as I hate to admit it, there’s still value in this experience.

Me: Oh, yeah.

That damn human experience again.

Erik: This whole cycle has an effect on our human experience.

Me: I think we need to short the tropics and go long on the polar regions. Will these contraptions that burn stuff up be in the atmosphere or will it be land based?

Kim: You know those satellites that float around in space? That’s what he’s showing me. He keeps showing me this giant tube. It kind of looks like a telescope because it’s this long cylinder, and it emits this laser that finds these hot spots of pollutants and burns them up or dissolves them somehow. Oh, he corrected me and made me use “diffuse.”

Me: Is that the biggest answer besides changing our lifestyle? Is that THE big technological way to handle this?

Erik: Yeah, that’s what I can give now.

Me: Okay. Anything else on this subject, my sweetie? Happy belated birthday! It was his birthday yesterday.

Kim: I know!

Erik: I love you, Mom.

Kim: You seem so chipper today and just happy and loud.

Erik: Well yeah. It was my birthday!

Kim: I think he’s still celebrating.

Me: In our family, we celebrate for a week.

Kim: Yeah, we do, too!

Me: Everybody gets a weeklong birthday! Anything else you want to add, Erik?

Erik: Nah.

Me: All right!

I close reminding people to download the free Channeling Erik mobile app for iOS and android.

The choice is ours


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Elisa Medhus

  • bik

    I can’t say that I see any actual evidence that CO2 is warming the atmosphere or the planet. The numbers simply aren’t there. What I do see is an astounding amount of pollution and destruction of natural resources. We’ve got a massive island of trash in the Pacific and I’ve seen trash laying around the bottom of the ocean hundreds of feet down and miles from any human activity.

    I’m planting trees. Lovingly I suppose. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is today. I won’t live forever, but my fruit trees and flowers will be a gift to whoever lives here next. The truth is that I hate to even mow the lawn anymore. Those little flowers and plants went to a lot of trouble to grow. Who am I to run them over with a lawn mower?

  • T Diaz

    Happy Belated Birthday, Erik!

  • Skywalker

    Somehow Kryon (the magnetic service) says human beings are not causing GW affirmatively. He says it’s Gaia’s natural cycle, and we are heading for a cooling period in future. Maybe Erik should check it out with Kryon. How about we makee a Kryon video to figure it out. He’s a great voice from the other side and has lots followers anyway.

  • Léon Vrins

    global warming and pollution are the inevitable consequences of our crazy production and consumption of so many things we don’t really need. Diminishing them will be part of the solution, without using any technology.

  • Judith F.

    Thank you, Erik, and happy belated birthday! Glad you’re enjoying your trip, Elisa. My daughter goes to Ireland with her Irish (green card) husband every few years, and really enjoys it. It made my heart happy to read this second installment about global warming. I started gardening in our small yard several years ago, and as each year passed, I felt such a spiritual attachment to the earth and the birds, bees and everything around me. This spring, I will stay in that spiritual place in my heart and practice what Erik recommends. It’s hard work out there, but I feel so blessed to have a garden that is mine to dig, plant, prune, and learn from. Cheers!

  • M&M

    I can grow weeds really well, does that count?

    Thank you for sharing Norway with us, I love seeing the scenery of other countries. It would be fun to have blog members share scenery from where they are, then we can truly feel global.

    • What a great idea! People can post their county’s landscape, their homes, etc.

  • Lisbeth Sigh Fehrmann

    oooohhhh vafler med syltetøj…. you forgot that soft sugar (and æbleskiver….!!) Anyways…. I wonder why the alternative channels never bring up Nibiru, The detroyer (many names)… There are many accounts of this “thing” (sumerians etc.). Also the “weather” on all other planets in our system has changed since we started monitoring thhm. So IF some rougue system is headed our way it will affect ALL, including our sun… Will Erik give his opinion on this topic? Some say its already visible in the southern skies but it’s hard to discern the youtube videos… Just curios of what Erik has to say about this – Hoax or….?

  • Great discussion! Thank you for this. It’s also my understanding that the technology exists but the potential to misuse the technology to cause harm is also there. Humanity must learn to get along globally, dissolve barriers and borders for this to really be solved.

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