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Last night, my family, Robert and a couple of blog members had a cookout around the pool, and all I can say was lively and fun. We all ended up in the hot tub (clothes on) and talked, laughed, listened to music and sipped on our wine. It was epic. Of course there’s always the wretched clean up the next day, and I’ve yet to do that. I’m kind of holding out, doing my work, hoping someone else steps up. Right now, everyone but me is off getting breakfast tacos, the notorious hangover food. Rune is off in Cresson, TX racing his motorcycle, so he missed out on the fun. To tell you the truth, it would have been a lot tamer had he been here. While the cat’s away and all, but I miss him keeping us all in line. 

Check out these great stories and please, please, please send in your own! When you post your story or praise, it won’t appear right away, so don’t feel like you have to repost it. It’ll remain on the list until I have a chance to post it.

Story #1

So a while back I posted an encounter with Erik titled “The Case of The Missing Cell Phone”. Where Erik made my father’s cell phone disappear and then reappear underneath my hand. It was amazing and undeniably one of his pranks. Since then I have experienced several other pranks and encounters from him like making doors open and close on their own, several hilarious dreams, and he also likes to let me know he is around by making the same song play on the radio (Centerfold by The J. Geils Band). He told me to listen for it in a dream and then the next morning on my way to work it was the first song that came on when I turned on the radio. I think it says a lot about the relationship Erik and I have hahaha. Well Erik has done it once again…He really likes to make things disappear with me. I like to keep Erik’s book on my nightstand right next to where I sleep. It is a nice reminder when I wake up every morning to live the words he speaks in the book everyday. Well the book has gone missing. Completely gone. I searched my entire apartment! I have a strange suspicious feeling it is still sitting right on my night table where it always is, but I just cannot see it! It is so frustrating! I wont lie Erik has been on my mind a lot these days and right before the book went missing I had thought to myself “I really want to re-read it.” I don’t know if by making the book go missing it is his way of saying “Live your life, woman, and stop thinking of me so much!” or just his way of keeping life lighthearted and saying, “Hello.” Either way I continue to be eternally grateful for him and the entire Medhus family. It is crazy to feel such a connection to people you have never even met. I love you guys, and I love the entire Channeling Erik family.

Thanks for all that you do! Xoxox

Story #2

After a reading with Robert, Erik told me that he would prank me. Yes, I did ask if he intended to do so, so I could be ready. Well, you’re never ready for the first one. On February 1, 2016, he literally scared the BEJEEBERS out of me! Erik is apparently great with electronics. He has pranked me 2 times in the past week. The first woke me up out of a sound sleep at 4:20 the other morning. My grandson’s toy vertical racetrack was in the dining room suddenly making loud noises and blinking on and off. It stopped by itself. I never knew it had lights! This went on very loudly for over a minute and a half I texted Robert the next day and he said, yes, it was Erik if it was 4:20 in the morning. He mentioned that Erik loved pot and that 420 was another name for pot. I looked it up and yes it is indeed. Elisa verified that he has done this with one of her granddaughter’s toys, as well.

On February 6th, around 9 in the morning I was opening the blinds in the living room and standing about 2 feet away from our Roomba vacuum. It suddenly turned itself on, took about a 7 foot swipe up the rug, turned around, returned and docked itself. It was on a full charge and will always run 1 1/2 to 2 hours on a full charge, not just 7 feet. I just smiled and said “That’s a good one. Hi Erik!” I was thinking to myself that this was much less scary than the toy incident! Glad he knows I love he, Jillian, Elisa and Robert! I’ve always been a skeptic and this is simply astonishingly amazing!

Story #3

Hi! About 2 weeks ago I was visiting Austin (I live in Tyler) and was browsing through Book People bookstore. I happened upon your book. I ended up putting all of my other choices back and purchased it. I began reading the book. I looked up the website. I YouTube ‘d like crazy. And, I finally felt something click in my heart and my head.

Here is a bit of my backstory: I am a 55 year-old divorced mother of 4 and grandmother to 1 with one on the way. A little over 2 years ago, I found myself finally facing the fact that my 28 year marriage was closing in on me. 3 of my 4 children had moved on to build their adult lives and my youngest, a daughter, was graduating high school. I was married to a very kind and hardworking man, but there was no emotional relationship between us. The marriage had become a business deal on behalf of the kids, and now that part of the deal was ending. After a lifetime of overeating and using so many means of escape, I found myself using my prescriptions and combining them with wine. It was not too long before I found myself in a daily alcoholic haze. On July 4, 2013, I finally ran away from home. By September 3, I found myself in AA trying to get myself clean and sober. I began to wean myself off most of my meds and quit drinking cold turkey. It was a miserable process, but I managed to keep my job and my sanity. Part of the AA program is finding a higher power. This was such a struggle for me because I could not reconcile the many years of hard core church going that we did as a family and yet I was still inconsolable. I felt that if there was a God, he had left me long ago.

AA has been very good for me, and I have managed to build a life for myself as a single woman. I am still sober and off pills, but because of my mind that is “wound tight” (I heard Erik describe this once) I decided to experiment with marijuana.. And what a tremendous blessing it was. I used it sparingly and responsibly. The only problem was that I am subject to random drug testing at my work and being from such a smallish town really could have ruined me. There would be so much fallout from such an event in so many circles I could not even imagine the ramifications. But the slight use of pot has brought so many positive results of peace and that interlude of “unplugging” my mind. I am completely convinced, that used properly and responsible it is an enormous benefit for folks wired like myself.

So, guess what happened? Yesterday I arrived at the office and we are all escorted to a room where it is announced that we are having a random drug test! I thought I would vomit! OMG, I had time to send out one text to a friend and cry PRAY! For 2 hours I was completely panicked. I have been a daily user of marijuana since December and had used it the night before, so I knew I was dirty. I cried out to every known entity, angel, guide and more specifically Erik. I said, I have been wanting to hear from you, and if you are really hearing me, HELP ME ! I was one of the last ones in for the test. I have been here for many years and everyone knows me. Many of my co-workers are in my AA group and this would NOT remain a confidential matter as I am so visible in my career and community. I was shaking like a leaf. I thought my knees would buckle as everyone would know I lost my job due to drugs. This was going to be EPIC! But somehow, I passed this urine test. It was clean. It was so surreal to me that I literally shook like a leaf until about 2PM. I kept thinking that they were going to come and get me and let me go. But I type this from my office today. I think Erik helped me, and I am very thankful. Erik has mentioned the benefits of marijuana use in moderation a few times, and I believe I am one of those people. Unfortunately, I believe I must suspend this practice because I do not want to live in fear. Life is too short for that. But the 6-8 weeks I used this tiny bit of pot, was some of the most peaceful and spiritually growing weeks of my entire life…that is also right in the timeline of finding your book, videos and blog. So thank you for your bravery. I am one that was helped. Perhaps someday all will change and we can do what we want or need with out fear from authority. Thanks again…please pass on to Erik as well.

Kindest regards,


Be sure to ask Erik for a prank, a visit or help if you need it. He’s here for you, and he loves us all.

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