Gratitude in Time for Turkey Day

I finally found out how to get to the names of those of you who have donated so generously and want to extend my heartfelt thanks to each and every one!

Thank you:

Chen Wang

Teresa Stroupe

Amanda Cameron

James Beach

Luciana Humphreys

Billie Christopher

Donna Young


Erin Bloomenfeld

Virginia Ballinger-Pierce

Candi Johnson

Robin Kincaid

Kathryn McGonigle

Patti O’Connell

Jacqueline Woo

Reyes Mabasa

Wendy Pickford

Cindy Adams

Lori Chaney

Coralie Milligan

Patricia J Soffer

Cassandra Moberg

Brian Remy

Nancy Martin

Jane Ethredge

Aprile Lindsey

Gina Derham

Brian Remy

Martha Sanchez

Roy Bayless

John Carroll

Pam Oakes

Marla McGatlin

Doris Preslick

Celestine Grace medium

Tong Ng

Alexis Mahon

Martin Coss


Barb Niederkorn

Linda Goulart

Megan Boggess

Carina Slack

Michael Porreca

Michael Mascia


Bruce Higginbotham


Sparks of the Divine

Denielle Cook

Judy Bergdol

Sparrows Trove

Alissa Perlman


Jacqueline Kennedy

Joe Murray

Rachel Course

Chris Smith

Susan Forbes

Robert Burke

Misty Unzaga

Merle Pulley

Katherine Parker

Thomas North

Janet Shaw-Binns

Gloria Hawkins

Janne Andersen

Therese Einang Notvik

Marilyn Dyer


Lisa Paulino

Robin Binnig

ali’s Guatemalan quilts

Grant Lane

Lan Nguyen

Jane Hill

Daniel Wilkes

Darren Cundy

Terri Morno Gelbaum

Tanja Müller

Alana Clark

Kate Johnson

Marcus Nilsson

Mary Mangiacotti


Kathleen Plocharczyk

Odilia Lechuga


Jan Drake Bakke

Carmen Lopez

Jodi L. Mansion

Sarah Courtney

Rino Lacombe

Kenneth Funte

Faint Awareness VVS-NCS

Raewyn Mckay

Jessica Carpenter


Jonathan Kimes

Bettybanti Antibus

Shruti Spiritual Medium

Deborah Brown

Theresa Koenke Diaz

Ewa Teciorowski

Dan Lucas

Diana Roth


Joyce Gregoire

Sherri Wilson

Karin Mund

Rosie Zavala

Hedwig Heathman-Kaspereit

Heather Quinto


E N Bakova

Amy Clavijo

Miss S C Thelwell


Nancy Craig

Pilar Kline

Janet Hopkins

Pamela Murphy

Umasankar Natanakumar

Lydia Lawrence

Colleen Taylor

Els Ramboer

Kristine Ladeira

Mindi Burton

Judy Chadderdon

I feel so blessed and loved. What a wonderful family we are!

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  • M&M

    Lots of love to you, Elisa, for starting our CE family. Came with a lot of sacrifice on your end to do so.

  • 403LEC

    Thank you for posting the names of the donors. I feel recognized for helping/supporting a wonderful cause. This reminded me of when I made a donation to public TV (PBS) in Houston and they happened to read my name over the TV. I felt flattered and humbled.

  • T Diaz

    Yay! Thank you took, Elisa. Lots of love and light to you and the whole CE family <3

  • Carmen Lopez

    Elisa, thank you for all you do. I love you guys. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and that adorable doggie….

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    I’m really heartened to see you had so many people wishing you well and donating!

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