Greed, Greed, Greed

Before we dive into this cheerful topic, I’d like to announce that, in just a few hours, Robert will be undergoing the surgery to reverse his colostomy. As soon as he’s awake and transferred to a room, I’ll be there as a “delegate” from channeling erik to shower him with love and attention. He’s had a rough time lately, which is often the case with those who give, give, and give so unconditionally as he has. As you know, when someone requests word from a deceased loved one, he does his best to honor them. Until recently, everyone has been very grateful and happy with the results. When a woman asked him to connect with her deceased son, he went into automatic writing mode, emailed the results and did all this despite his hectic schedule with pre-op doctor’s visits, lab work and so on. Apparently, something her son communicated to her set her off and she lashed out cruelly at Robert, calling him a fraud, exploiting others, etc. Know that Robert asks for NOTHING in return for what he does. NOTHING. I can’t tell you how deeply this wounded our Robert. Reflecting on his life, he says that no one, apart from his channeling erik family, has really shown him an significant degree of compassion. Can you imagine that? No one.

That said, please send Robert all the love and all the healing energy you can. To do well after surgery, he must know he has something to live for.

Sorry I didn’t have time to grammar and spell check this. Until Robert is out of the hospital, things are likely to be crazy busy.

Channeling Transcript

Me: There seems to be so much suffering due to greed. Is there a greater degree of greed now than in the past, or are we just more aware of it due to the access to information?

Erik: Nah, we’re more aware of it due to the access of information, and there’s a lot more intelligence, now.

Me: Why? Why are people so greedy, Erik?

Erik (laughing): Cuz they’re assholes!

Me: Oh, no!

Jamie (giggling): Come on, Erik and tell us. Why are we that way?

Erik: I’m just playin’ witcha. I don’t really know the answer to that, but I’ll tell you my opinion. Those are people who are so afraid of being without, cuz then they have to focus on themselves and figure out who they are.

Me (with a sharp gasp): Oh, yeah! That rings so true.

Erik: Yeah, that terrifies them into reaching out into other people’s pockets or their resources, making it a competition instead of a communion.

Me: Mmm. Well, is there anything wrong with making a considerable amount to money on your own if it doesn’t hurt or take from others, if it doesn’t involve greed?

Erik: Hell, no! There’s nothing wrong with desiring abundance and reaching that level!

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Everybody’s abundance is different, and even though money has a lot of “weight,” spiritually, it has no weight whatsoever. But we can’t really grasp that idea, because so much is measured against money on earth.

Me: Oh, yeah. I know. People love to use it as a measuring stick.


Me: Well, for example what our family has always loved to spend our money on are things and activities that can be enjoyed by other people. We love bringing friends and family together, to make them feel joy, to help build wonderful memories, because memories, that’s something you CAN take with you!

Erik: And doing that is absolutely fine!

Me: Yeah.

Erik: I have so many awesome childhood memories cuz of all that we did together and all that we had and shared. People sometimes don’t understand the difference between abundance and greed. Abundance is where you create that money and that wealth, and then share it in harmony—your lifestyle, your surroundings. It’s not about tithing 10%. Nice rule, but that’s something made up.

Me: I know.

Erik: But it is about being “loose” with the idea of money rather than “structured” with the idea of money.

Me: So, it’s basically like Love versus fear. Abundance is love based. By embracing abundance, you’re saying that you’re worthy of that kind of lifestyle, so that’s a self-love thing, and if you share that abundance in a pure and sincere way, you’re showing love to others. And it seems like the more you give, give, give, the more you get, get, get. But greed is fear based. It assumes scarcity, so you cling onto it and structure it and hoard it and breech your own morals because of it.

Erik: Yes, and when you fuck up your integrity, that’s a form of self-hate.

Me: Ah, yes!

Erik: And when you’re greedy and stingy, it dwindles and slips out from under you. So just remember to love yourself enough to enjoy abundance and love others enough to share it. Scarcity is an illusion, and when people buy into that, they never get abundance, and if they do, it’s never for long.

Me: Yeah, I know so many people that just seem to not be able to hang on to wealth, much less attain it. It’s like they have Teflon fingers or something.

Erik: Those are people who believe in scarcity and feel undeserving.

Me: Aw, that’s sad.


And now, along those same lines, check this interesting fact based on numerology my husband, Rune, sent me.

This year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years. This is called moneybags. So, forward this to your friends and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui. The one who does not forward will be without money.

Kinda interesting – read on!!!

This year we’re going to experience four unusual dates.

1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11 and that’s not all…

Take the last two digits of the year in which you were born – now add the age you will be this year, The results will be 111 for everyone in whole world. This is the Year of the Money!!!


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  • Steve

    Robert – sending you healing and love. I know you’re going to be fine and I see much improvement in your health this year!

  • nikki

    Lots of love and prayers to you robert! You ARE appreciated and loved.

    The 111 is so cool. I forwarded to a few. It sounds like a good “bar” trick. Maybe that is how ya get the money 😉

  • Denise

    It is sad that Robert was caught off guard and took to heart the criticism of that person. People think they want to hear the truth but they really aren’t ready for it. Apparently this is not uncommon in the psychic experience.
    Sending my angels to assist in a quick recovery.

  • iola

    Hugs and prayers to you Robert! I cant believe that woman….but if you believe anything at all…believe that you are loved… a whole big bunch of us here! Some people just dont see special when it hits them upside their hard ass heads!
    Will hold you close in my thoughts, and hoping your recovery will be speedy! You have the best DR and gang watching over you.

    I like the money thing…maybe I better look into the penny stocks…abundance would be nice! Loved the post…but Elisa..dont worry about posting…take care of you and Robert and your family! Ok? hugs, my friend!

  • GeorgeN

    Robert, sending you much love and healing. You’ve given so much to so many, so let us give just a little back to you.

    Love to all,


  • Joanne

    Robert, wishing you a speedy recovery and return to good health. Lasers coming your way. You are very much cared about, as you deserve to be, and your gift truly valued. Your in good hands with Elisa at your side.
    ‘So just remember to love yourself enough to enjoy abundance and love others enough to share it’.That’s beautifully put and explained Erik, thank you. and Rune, I’ve just done that year thing and it works, I’m off now to try and impress the kids. xJoanne

  • Ok, sorry for being waaay off topic here…. but,

    I am at home today making raised vegetable garden beds. I was paiently waiting on a landscaper to call me back with a price quote for soil delivery. I only gave the lady at the service desk my phone number. She calls back after an hour and asks for Erik… Said, she spoke to an Erik. I NEVER gave her a name… I quized Erik on his influence in her mind and he just gives me this corney eye roll look and says, “Who me..would I do something like that… pshfftt..(while he attempts to keep from grinning.)” hmmmm…. I then told Sharon about it and she said her 4 year old mentioned Erik the other day and how Erik’s name NEVER gets mentioned around the house….Erik just cracks me up. That boy has a really hard time keeping a straight face, I am not sure he could keep a secret to save his life or fib about it.. I don’t know.. Everytime he’s tried to pull verbal jokes on Robert or I, his face is all over the map with struggle. Either that or he starts to carry on and on and on and beat the subject to death…Hyyylarrrious.

    • Yep, that’s Erik all right. He could NEVER pull a fast one on me. I always knew when he was teasing or telling a fib, because his face just screamed it!

  • Elizabeth M

    Robert, buddy, please don’t let the ignorant and frightened get to you! ( I know it’s easier said than done.) Maybe the proper response to this agitated woman is; “You asked.” Have confidence in yourself and comopassion for her; she is after all on her own journey of grief. I hope other people you have helped have expressed their gratitude, because being able to communicate as you do is such a gift. Don’t let the conflicted energy of one angry griever molest you and keep you from what you were clearly put on the planet to do. I am sending you loving thoughts and white light for a speedy recovery, body and soul! I look forward to many more of your insightful comments.

    Love, Elizabeth M.

    PS: And, start thinking about charging for your gift! It honors your gift and reinforces that you are worth it!

  • Sending thoughts and prayers for Robert. 🙂

  • Elisa, you don’t have to post this message to the page, but I just wanted to let you know that thing about the 5 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in July is not entirely true in that its not that rare.

    A good site to go to, to check on True/False emails like this is

  • Tracy Lamont

    Please send my love to Robert. I pray everything goes well with his operation.
    Now I’m gonna go practice creating abundance so I can – one day – get to one of these get-togethers and meet my family!
    Until then, Roberto, sending you a fiver hug!
    Love to all xxxxx

  • Tracy Lamont

    That was a cyber hug, btw. Spell-check overruled me! xx

  • JoAnn

    Sending all my love and healing thoughts to Robert.,,,,,,,and i am guilty of this greed/scarcity illusion,,,and,yes,,,it is fear of being without because i have that badly ,i am always afraid i will not have “enough” food is my main worry and i believe that is why i don’t eat hardly because i am afraid i will not get more food to replace the food that gets eaten ,i never went without food at home as a child but when i left home at 15 and went and decided i would start being and adult and get pregnant and married i was without food a lot because my husband did not make a lot of money and we were homeless sometimes and only able to get food one meal at a time for a lot of the relationship,,,i know that it is just an illusion because we always find away to get what we need but it is subconsciously ruling me. i am always in a tight ball holding myself close and not letting myself relax because of this fear of scarcity. i don’t see myself as being greedy or stingy at all but i do see that i will feel negativilly toward someone i perceive as being a glutton or greedy, someone i consider is taking more than their fair share and so i never take any,,lol. it is crazy. i never thought about the way my mind and its perceptions ruled me in this part of my personality. so it is time for change because i can see now all the negativity i am causing by feeling these ways for so long. well it is time to Stop feeding the negative and to Start nourturing the positive. Sorry all for putting much more then my fair share of negative energy “out there” for so long. i am starting right now, in the moment, to pump all the positive energy i can muster up out there, i have a lot of catching up to do. i heard on the news the other day where “somewhere” in Jersey i think people were requesting that everyone begin to “pay it forward” like in the movie, so i am thinking that i am “paying it forward” with my positive thoughts ,3fold because of all the times in life that i did not “see” all the positivity and blessings i was receiving in my life. Love to you all.

    • Aw, my heart breaks for what you’ve been through, JoAnn. Just say every night, I have all the food and money and abundance I want and need or something like that. That thought will create the reality. I’ve tried it on a few things and it works. Just say it or think it with focus and intent.

  • Pat

    Elisa…I am always so amazed how people can be so cruel (again why I find it difficult to be human). Robert seems to be such a sweet, kind soul and others who have ego issues tend to run all over people like him because he is so receptive.

    I believe what would help Robert would be to learn to shield himself from negative energy. He is an empath through and through and empaths absorb everyone else’s energy…not good. It can make you sick. He probably already knows this but shielding is vital for his health and well being.

    Please convey our love to Robert and know that we will be sending him love and light until we know he is better. Please keep us informed and bless you Elisa for being the Angel you are to him.

    • Tammie just emailed me about the same thing, Pat! Great minds think alike, I guess. I’m not sure if Robert shields or not. He probably does, but maybe she caught him off-guard. But this is just one in a long line of cruel things Robert has had to endure throughout his life. I don’t know why that’s the case. I’m glad we’re here to balance that all out with love, love, love.

  • JoAnn

    about the “why are we greedy ” question to Erik. well i think one reason we are greedy as a peoples is because their is no Family in the government where we as citizens think that if we can get something for nothing or make a “deal” by paying “less” then the perceived value for something then we are “getting over” or “putting it to” uncle sam. we don’t consider that “uncle sam” is our family member and that by cheating him we are in reality only hurting ourselves. Everybody to some degree feels like if they can “get” something for “free” or at discount then they are “lucky” or thrifty or shady there are a lot of words to describe these actions, but i think until we can actually view our government as a family member and treat it with the same loyalty and respect that we would a loved family member and care about the nation or the world if you can manage global responsibility as much too so that we think of it as our own finances and budget etc then this greed / devicit is going to continue to grow further and further apart from each other until exactly what Erik has warned us is going to happen ,the US is going to more or less go bankrupt is what i think he said. I know that i am very quilty of viewing the economy as if it were a stranger or sometimes even an enemy to me and have not ever really considered that by disrespecting it ,i am disrespecting myself and also my family too. Love to you all !!

    • Wow, JoAnn, your comment blew me away! It’s something few think about. We NEVER get something for nothing. EIther that person or someone else has to pay the bill. It’s all about accountability and honesty to self and others.

  • nikki

    ok, my recent magna cum laude grad(yep Im braggin)
    set me straight on the 5 weekends thing.
    sorry Rune.

    • Yep, I found that out, but the 111 thing is kind of cool!

  • JoAnn

    i was thinking that for a bumper sticker we could have a tie-die pastel as the background and the word channeling in grey or white and the name erik in a dark blue it would be a very simple design i think and also blue for erik because it is his favorite color if i remember correctly. also we could have one be white background and the word channeling in a pastel tie-die and the name erik in light-blue both seem like they would be simple to design and it would give a little bit of choices. i could hand draw it ,,i am not too sure how well i can do tie-die look because i have never tried to draw that but i think i could draw it really nice and then take a picture with a cell phone or the babies disney digital camera and upload it to here or e-mail or something,,,is just a thought and also i have been wanting to draw something that has meanning to it ,for along time now. most of my earlier life drawings and poems songs etc were destroyed in a house fire a few yrs ago so i don;t have many drawing around anymore. so i would love to draw this for everyone.

  • Laura

    I’m not entirely sure who Robert is, but if he’s a member of this group, he’s very special. I’ll definitely send some positive and healing thoughts his way.

    • He’s one of the members who Erik hangs out with a lot. Very special soul indeed, but he’s been sick so has not really engaged actively in the blog, other than reading daily, of course.

  • nikki

    update from David Wilcock. Looks like positive thinking is needed here. I live on the New Madrid fault line, scary to say the least.

    It certainly appears as if everything you’re seeing, hearing and reading about is a story that is “out there,” and has no direct significance to your own life. This is the illusion.

    The reality is that the world is offering us precisely what we need to be awakened — on a mass, worldwide level. You can dislike the process, but we’re not at a level where we have any direct say in whether it works this way.

    That means the greater objective is to understand the process, and understand that you, right now, reading this, have far more control over the outcome than you may have ever realized.


    The real battle that is being fought is for how you think and feel each day. Not about which faction gets to win control of the financial system. Not about whether Disclosure happens (and I do believe it will.)

    Once you understand this, you can become an active participant in the solution. It doesn’t require you to subscribe to anything, pay any money or even leave the house. All it requires is a positive attitude — to have love be the primary force that runs through your thoughts, emotions and actions.

    That is the real challenge we are being offered. That is the gift of life on Earth at this time. To see love where others can only see hate.

    Without an understanding of the real nature of the game here on Earth, the fear-oriented propaganda that is being released can seem utterly overwhelming.

    I do think it is “odd” that the govt has decided to flood small towns and farmland in an attempt to save the big cities.

    • I watched a video about the New Madrid fault line from Hemming Kemner(?) a Danish dude. I’d post it but I’m going to ask Erik first. I don’t want to bring unnecessary fear into the equation, because that will just strengthen that reality for us. The most disturbing thing to see is the “Future Map of America” by Cayce/Wilcox and how aligned it is with the U.S. Navy’s projections.

  • Tom

    This is a GREAT post! =D
    For Robert, I’ll send what ever energy and such your way, though I’m not sure how to ‘do’ it…..kind of embarrassing not knowing.

    I understand Roberts position of always giving and yet not expecting anything in return. Both my Uncle and myself are rather altrustic, and we do things for others with out expecting anything in return, which I think is best =D That way you are not disappointed, and if you DO get something in return, it is unexpected! which makes it a nicer thing. It also hurts more it seems when you do something, for someone and they come back at you because of their disappointment due to their own “expectations’ not being met…in a sense it is their own fault then, for having expectations to begin with =P But, the hurt is still the same, and leaves you feeling not good enough or your wrong for doing something for others etc…it really messes up your self worth and self esteem.
    Hopefully Robert can over look the slight that woman hit him with, and understand it’s not his fault, it didn’t cost her anything, and it is her own expectations of a ‘result’ that are the real issue. After all, what can you expect when you get something for free?? =P
    As for the greed thing, I lived through this with my father. He was a physician, and had investments, but he was always broke. He was always having money troubles, and issues with the IRS etc. He hated paying bills, and yet always wanted to be out shopping and spending. He had every opportunity to build wealth and have ‘abundance’ and security in his life, but he kept screwing it up. He also resented people who saved and invested and had money and financial abundance, which he didn’t, because he was always tripping over his own feet and out stripped his income 8 to one….and it was sad. He even played the lottery to try and win…which he never did, but if he had won millions, he would still have been broke, and unhappy and angry and envious etc.

    In my time I have found that abundance is something you have to build for yourself, and it isn’t really a ‘materialistic’ thing, but something you give yourself inside. I have found that having this, leads to inner peace, and having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ and satisfaction and contentment. I have all these today, and my dad searched for it all his life and failed.
    It is interesting, and a nice revelation when one reaches this point. Many things that used to be so important diminish and a lot of worries vanish, when you realize that “YOU” have the tools for building and attaining what you wish and desire. The key is you have to be patient and get out of your own way.


    • You’re wise beyond your years, Tom. Most people don’t arrive at that understanding ever, much less in their youth.

  • caroline

    sending you love and surrounding you with the white light of the holy spirit and green light of healing and sending multitudes of archangels to surround you to heal your body and keep you safe from any harm.please know that whatever that woman said to you was only a reflection of her own self loathing and had nothing to really do with you.
    we love you and believe in your true goodness and honesty.

  • Amy N.

    Hey Robert, Shields up to deflect all the negativity and door wide open to accept all our love. I’m sure all will go well and you’ll be 100% in no time.

    • I’m so hoping Robert will go with us to Atlanta! I think he will. His mom lives in Georgia somewhere not too far away and he hasn’t seen her for a couple of years or so! I haven’t seen him yet, He was supposed to start into surgery at noon but he’s still in the holding area 4.5 hours later. If I had gone there, he probably would have been wheeled into the OR the minute I stepped foot into the hospital. So it looks like I’ll go see him tonight. Taking my hubby with me, because it’s in a pretty sketchy part of town.

  • Jane

    Thank you for being there for Robert. He seems like such a wonderful, gentle, fun person. Very grateful he is in the universe.

  • Denise

    According to Sylvia Browne no only do we have a main theme for our life’s work but we have minor themes of issues to work on. Mine is rejection. Any time I am hit with it I just remember I picked the theme and it is a bit easier to handle. No doubt Robert has minor themes also. I will try to find the book I read about this.

  • amy cavanaugh

    great to be back in the fold here-the topics are right on point-true confessions-I stopped visiting the site because someone said that believing in all this stuff was preventing me from accepting that keith was dead-so as a result-keith doesnt visit anymore and he is dead as a doornail-opening the door for me to grive uncontrollably-so then i dont sleep-so then i am a basket case-i know keith lived past his exit point because he knew no one would protect me when he was gone-so i make sure that I go to places that assure me-it was indeed his exit point-so maybe if i visit here more often i will remember that I am not alone-grief used to be a heavy sensation-now it makes me throw up-TMI I know-and like so many are grappling with I feel very rejected-there are a series of life situations where people are treating me badly blah blah blah blah blah-prayers for Robert-maybe erick will run into keith up there

    • I’m glad you’re back Amy C. It seems like the more people interact with the blog, the more visits they get from their loved ones, Erik, various guides, etc. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a vibration frequency matching thing? I’ll ask Erik to check on Keith and bring him to you. It’s a two way thing though, so it’s not just up to you and me. It does seem like visits slowly tail off. I’m not sure why. I’m asking tomorrow.

  • Susan

    Awwww how horrible for Robert :-/ Sounds like he’s been through a lot this year :-/ I shall send LOTS of healing light and love for a speedy recovery. He sounds SUCH wonderful loving, giving person….

    Love and Light to everyone…Susanxoxoxo

  • KerrieAus

    Thinking of Robert and sending love, light and healing.
    Only we can make our own abundance. Once we love ourselves and stop judging and wanting all will come to us. I’m not there yet but am trying.

  • laura Vanden Bosch


    Love, joy, perfect health, love, peace, divine harmony, smiles, bliss, vitality, abundance, sunshine, love, clarity, wisdom, thankful, unity of one, happy, fun, joy, laughter, harmony, peace and love to you friend, laura

    • Laura, what a perfect string of “Robert words.”

  • amy cavanaugh

    its crazy-I was so comfortable here and felt that I had established reasonable boundaries staying sufficently earthbound as to do my job-then I let one critic change my mind. Sadly in my little phase-I cant sleep with out a xanax-and if I xanax-I am not taking visitors-I will be fine but I would be better if I stuck around CANT WAIT FOR ATLANTA

    • Let us be your Xanax, girl! So you’re signed up for Atlanta? Awesome. We’re all sooooo glad you’re back. We’ve missed you deeply. You add so much to the family. We’re not perfect, and we don’t fulfill everyone’s needs, but we try, we learn, we grow, and we are all about love and the security it provides. What else do we need? Naysayers are usually about protecting their own belief paradigm, and that’s all fear based.

  • M and M

    Sending so much love to you Robert, I hope it feels like the 1000 puppies licking or the warm bus that Erik described in an earlier post. You are much cared for and not alone. I too am very sensitive and that makes this world so hard to be in some times. However, it also makes you so very special as you can touch people in ways others cannot. Just wish there was a way to “feel” that other people’s stuff is other people’s stuff, because it really is but unfortunately it doesn’t feel that way.

    Pat- if you read this, could you explain how to shield?

    As for greed and abundance, I love the comments here. I have been asking for guidance on how to change the way I feel about things for the better, and the other night something came to me that just made so much sense. For every situation you run into that is out of your control, close your eyes and take a deep breath or two, and focus on the idea that the outcome does not have anything to do with how you feel. That you can feel good regardless of the outcome, because the outcome to every situation is just a journey. Easier said than done with the biggies, but I have been practicing this for a few days with the little things and it is really starting to change my outlook. I hope it works for others. Anything to deprogram the years of unhealthy programming from the collective.

    Elisa, thank you for bringing our love to Robert.

    • “you can feel good regardless of the outcome” I like that!



  • iola

    Glad you are back, Amy. This is the place to heal, I am convinced….to be surrounded by so many loving caring people can only have positive effects in our lives.
    Elisa, I was thinking..can we maybe all mail Robert some get well funny cards? I know there are a bunch of good wishes here today, but getting a card is a physical touch kinda good feeling…maybe the address of the hospital? or do you think that is too privacy invasive? I just want to go down there and hug him..wish I could.
    also, spoke to my nephew, who does graphic design..he wants to work on a tee/logo also. Maybe we could send in lots of diff ones, then pick a few…one for bumpers, one for tees etc..what does everyone think?
    Also, tell Robert, that shields down thing really does keeps bad vibes from soaking in and hurting you. I have been doing it for almost 6 months now…am amazed at how much better I handle people’s negativity.
    Love and hugs to all my loved CE family. xoxox

    • This is certainly a place where I have healed! Tell you’re nephew we’re grateful for the help! I don’t have a creative bone in my body, otherwise I’d get on it. My sister is a graphic designer and very talented, but she’s been so busy…

  • Yvonne

    On being rich and money, I have to defer to Jesus on this one. He said it is very very hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. And then he went on to say that poor people have a really REALLY good thing coming to them.

    I dunno, when I read the bible it sounds like Jesus is against wealth of the money kind. He sure talked about it enough!

    • But are you sure those are his words are the word of religious leaders trying to oppress and create class warfare? It could be the words of Jesus, but it’s always part of who I am to question authority.

  • Debbie B

    Much love going out to Robert. Such a sweet guy who always goes the extra mile for people he doesnt even know. Robert you are deserving of lots of love, please remember that.

  • nikki

    Quote of the Day
    We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

  • Betty

    You have CE as a very big and loving family. Remember all of us send love and prayers. A speedy recovery!
    We will always come across people who resent help. Remember the old adage: NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. Sad, but true. Keep being the generous person you are. Most people will appreciate that.

  • Pat

    Hi M and M,

    As far as shielding there are many, many ways to shield and every one is different as to what works for them. I find the attached website gives a lot of practical information. I hope it helps:

    As far as what I do, I find that finding that energy within myself that contains peace is my best protector. So when I feel that tenseness creeping in, I first try to decide why the negative energy is effecting me the way it is, not judge it, then if it is something external to myself, I go to my peace space within.

    I hope this helps.

  • Donna W

    Robert, Hope your surgery went well. I am sending you lots of love and healing. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
    Sorry about that Ladies unkind words to you. You were only doing what she asked of you. She had no business lashing out at you. Some people just don’t like to hear the truth and can’t accept it. I am very sensitive too and I know how much it hurts. Just know we are all here for you Robert.

  • Alexis

    So very sorry to hear that Robert’s unselfish act of kindness went so terribly wrong. I agree that learning to shield ones self from negative energy is a vital part of learning to how best to share his wonderful gift with the world.
    Sending much love, healing energy and light, not only to Robert, but to all of the CE Family members! XOX

  • Oh, Robert: When it rains, it pours. Who knows why these “teachers” must show up in our lives? A sadistic God would be one handy explanation, but I don’t buy it. Yet show up in our lives they do, I suspect in large part because they must undergo the daily ordeal of showing up in their own. A source of understandable resentment, considering the choices they persist in making.

    I love this quote: “We learn some of our greatest lessons from the rude and the discourteous, yet we forget to be grateful.” I like the idea not only for its transparent truth, but because it serves to reminds me that while I cannot control other people, nor even consistently expect of them anything like sanity, fairness, etc., I can and will reserve my rights as to how I am going to personally process, assign meaning to the experience, etc.

    It might help a little for you to consider that such people (for various reasons “off balance”, hostile, etc.) are generally drawn to the light. They’ll deny it outright, but just watch them. It sounds like you touched a nerve with her, and (despite her explosive reaction) that is not necessarily a bad thing.

    From my personal experience of recovery from sexual abuse, I now see that during some of the most excruciating moments of awful panic and/or extreme pain, I was actually receiving my salvation. (Many times we reach an accommodation with these “great unmentionables” in a way analogous to our body’s protection against an infection it cannot master: we “wall it” in. Quite likely Spirit worked through you to “lance” her, and so the pus will flow (to use a gross, but sadly apt analogy). None of her drama is necessarily yours. In fact, I am already sensing a most unexpected (on her part) relief from suffering she has been living with for so long it had become part of her identity. It would not surprise me if she brings you flowers, or chocolate. Don’t hold your breath, but I’m just saying… : )

    More than all that, Robert, I wanted to forward to you in this darker hour reassurance that you are very much loved, and there’s a whole list wanting to jump in on that. I love you, Scott is standing watch (and as you know is of no small power, now), then my partner Alan says “I’m in,” and wait, what’s this? Oh, that’s our kitty Hoppers who is rubbing up against my leg. (He is a very fine and sweet boy, and specifically wanted to be remembered to you. That’s an excellent thing, for he is one of the most pure and consistent teachers of love that’s been sent into my life and Alan’s.)

    Your surgery will be remarkably successful, “all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well,” and you will see this and know gratitude. I have made inquiry, and there is nothing you need do to make that happen. If I’d ask anything at all, it’s just this: to try and just relax your way into a place where you are fully willing. May all obstacles known and unknown to you be lifted from you without effort, along with your next few breaths. Let Elisa and her hosts hold your hand, and you can do this together.

    We all love you both.

    There are the most wonderful and bright colors, just filled with light, on the other side of this dark valley.”And all the while, you are watched by the Great ‘ I ‘.”

    Thank you for weaving compassion into a world that needed exactly that.

    And at such whacked-out times as you might receive a heavy bill for having done so, just let God pick up the tab. She will happily do so, for it was really hers all along.

    Warm hugs, adoration, and so much more–

    • God is a she! Love it Paul. You infuse such infectious humor in your prose. Only one of the million reasons why I love you so much!

  • Tracy Lamont

    Putting up a shield of protection every day is very important. I first of all imagine my angel, standing behind me with protective wings wrapped around me. My angel is 7 – 8 ft tall and makes me feel very safe (and it’s not a made-up visualisation, I’ve had real experiences with this being). Secondly, I imagine a column of White light enveloping me and acting as a barrier causing any negativity aimed at me to bounce right back at the sender. At any point in your day, if you come into contact with anyone who feels, or is, actively negative towards you, simply visualise your own particular shield going up and just say in your mind, ‘right back atchya’. It really is effective.

    Iota, I did reply to you in the last post. Sorry for late reply – it was about 2am in Scotland!
    How is Robert, Elisa? Let him know he’s in our thoughts.
    Love to all xxxxx

    • He’s in a great deal of pain. I’m working on getting him more relief. He can hardly talk.

  • Dearest Robert,

    I’m amping up the Reiki energy I generally send you every day and surrounding you and your surroundings and the medical staff around you with it. You are the sweetest, most humble and compassionate person I know, and you have a permanent place in my heart, through many lives! I’m looking forward to your being home and happy, full of vibrant health and energy, smiling through your day, and only coming into contact with positive people who love and appreciate you for who you are… 🙂

    Much love, chin tweaks and whisker tickles!
    XOXOX, Ceridwen (AKA “Treehugger”)

  • punchdog

    I don’t know Robert – but my thoughts and prayers are with him for a speedy recovery.

    I was thinking about greed recently because I was watching THERE WILL BE BLOOD – which is about the founding of the oil industry in the early 20th Century. Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar for his performance. The whole movie is on Youtube (here’s part 1:

    The thing that’s so prescient about this movie is that it addresses the greed of capitalism and the greed of religion as they battle each other — and they’re really two sides of the same coin.

    Worth the watch – and a lot of discussion to be had about the nature of greed and what drives us to success…and ultimately how that success, if it gets to us, like it does Daniel Day-Lewis’s character — drive us to insanity (i.e. why there’s BLOOD!).

  • kateb

    I do not know Robert but he is a memeber of Chanelling Erik so I send him much love light peace and healing xxxalso love to all Kateb

  • Skoshi

    Sending Reiki and love to you, Robert.

    Robert might be interested in knowing, if he doesn’t already, that Usui, the “father” of Reiki, started by giving away Reiki treatments. He did that for years, going through homeless communities and getting them well and on their feet. After years of doing that, he discovered many of those individuals were back in the gutters. When he inquired as to why, he was told that since they hadn’t sought or paid for his service, they didn’t actually want or appreciate it. That’s when he made it part of his teaching to those who would do Reiki that those they treat must always pay something for the treatments…at least a token of genuinely wanting the Reiki treatment and appreciating its value.

    As far as greed, I often think of it as the financial equivalent of obesity. Many people who are obese were starved or had a severe problem getting sufficient food in one or more lifetimes, and they are fearful, at an unconscious level, of starving to death again. I think some who are greedy had such terrible insufficiencies in previous lives that they hoard in future ones.

    When they feel the stress that prompts them to overeat or hoard, if they repeatedly allow themselves to sit with the FEELING…holding off from eating or whatever for longer and longer periods of time, they can overcome lifetimes of shenpa and not have to repeat these issues of terrible insufficiency in another lifetime.

    • Skoshi, love the obesity/greed analogy. So, so true, and both are fear based.

  • iola

    Love the quote, Nikki! how very true!
    hope Robert is recovering this morning, surrounded by the crew! Love & light, Robert!

  • Beena

    I read everyone’s post. It was all so touching and Robert seems to be such a wonderful person – God’s special person! Could someone please tell me who is this “Erik” ? and wishing Robert quick healing, light and love from the Divine Supreme Power.

    • Hey Beena, are you new to the site? If so, welcome to our family. If you go to the home page and look in the upper right hand corner, you’ll see “Introduction to the blog” under “New? Start Here. Click on that link and work your way through the entries starting with the first one. It evolves in an important way. Anyone else want to share their thoughts with Beena?

  • Skoshi

    Robert, it occurred to me that none of us should be surprised if you’re attacked for the content of a reading. After all, look how Elisa was attacked by some members of the CE Family because of the TV channel she watches news on!

  • KateC

    I just saw above that there’s a kateb- how funny! We apparently have a kate club. 😉

    Sending Robert love and more love.

  • Book

    Dear Robert, not loved? Impossible! Think how many many folks each of us touch throughout our life time here on Earth and we never ever know how a smile or a simple gesture affects someone. I love Elisa’s story about meeting up with the waitresses at the diner that fed Erik. Can you imagine how they felt after speaking with Elisa? They never would have known how important they were in Erik’s life. You not loved? Impossible. Of course the CK family loves you, that goes with the territory, but the others? Oh my, you’d be surprised. With all the love that is swirling around you I know you’ll pull through this latest challenge nicely. So here’s a little more love and light coming your way, from me. Add it to all the others! On another note, I’m sorry you’ve been bruised by a member of the family. Folks can be hateful when they’re desperate. Take care of yourself my friend and thanks Elisa for looking after our boy.

    • I agree Book! I bet he’d be surprised to learn how many people he’s touched throughout his life!

  • M and M

    Thank you very much Pat for the shielding information! Really appreciate your time, and found this very interesting. Will give it a shot.

  • Mary

    Sending you peace, love, joy and light Robert.

  • Nancy Antia

    Dear Robert,

    Sending you love and wishing you a prompt recovery.
    Once I read thankfulness is like a rose that’s cultivated in a garden, not natural in human beings. I celebrate you’re around.

    Lots of healing light, see you soon!

  • Karen A

    I am sending healing thoughts and prayers to Robert. I truly felt soo bad when I read that his only compassion in life had come from the CE family. He sounds like a very special human being and deserves to be healed and healthy again.
    I sure wish I could join those of you whom are going to Atlanta, but I just had my vacation to see my sister in Louisiana (and saw the awful flooding on they way) and have another trip planned in August to see my daughter in Arizona. Maybe next year if you all get together again I can join you. Love and hugs to all and light and healing to Robert.

    • 🙁 Next time, then, Karen A!

  • Lorna

    Robert I will say a pray for you and hope you feel the love. How special you are to give so much of yourself to people who need answers/help.

    The lady who was cruel I will also say a pray for, she must be in a lot of pain. To ask for answers to her pain and not like the answers is such a shame. I feel she will ccome back to face this again to enable her to move forward.

    I have so much respect for what the ce group does, all the love o this posting is amazing xxx

  • Carol (Chris’ Mom)

    YOU are loved. Robert, you ARE loved!
    Robert, you are LOVED.

    You know that this is just another one of those annoying “learning opportunities” that we get the “pleasure” of while we’re in our earthbound classroom. Work through the lesson and then leave it behind you.

    Take the time to re-read those first few sentences. That’s what WE think…and there’s only one of “her” and a whole bunch of “us”!

    You are in my healings and I love you dearly. My gratitude cup for you is overflowing. Take your naps and get well soon.

  • Christi

    Sending much love and healing thoughts to Robert. When you need support, know that we are all here for you to lean on, you are a true blessing to all you have the honor to know you. Please don’t take someone else’s negativity on yourself-what you do is wonderful!

  • JoAnn

    i do believe that these are Jesus’ words, He makes the point every time that money are not the abundance in this life that matters most, He doesn’t say that having money is a bad thing either.unless you are receiving this money at someone elses expense or cheating to get the money.Jesus ,in his stories is trying to teach that it is wrong to put money at the top of our concerns because we shall all have what we desire if we live the right way and i have seen that where the bible is always saying thruogh Jesus is the way to heaven, that who so ever belive in me.shall have ever lasting life .well i believe we need to see that as ,who so ever belives me,will have ever lasting life because then it tells us the true message,which is that we can do the same thing jesus could and did do,we have the same power as him . There is a lot of people that don’t see what jesus” message was really all about.

  • Beena

    Thanx Elisa, I saw the details. Yes, I am new and I visited this site for the first time. therefore the queries. I believe Robert is one of the channels in this family right? I hope he is doing well now and out of pain. Elisa, what is Robert’s special link with Erik? Love and light of the Divine Supreme Power to all.

    • Apparently Robert was one of Erik’s teachers in previous lives. Erik is now helping Robert remember how to connect with spirit and Erik is learning from Robert by reviewing his past lives. Erik hangs out with Robert all the time. I had no idea until Robert messaged me on Facebook. I encouraged him to call me, but it took a while because he’s very shy and was afraid to “impose.” When I found out he lived 30 minute away I arranged for us to meet. He finally agreed and now he’s part of my family. We get together most Fridays and have dinner at my place along with my sister and her husband, my kids, etc. So we’ve basically adopted him and vice versa. Robert is an incredible channel and is meant to do trance channeling when he gets stronger. He’s a very highly evolved soul. Jason is also a great channel (as are some other CE members. He and Erik were twin brothers in the past and Erik hangs out with him not so much to learn but rather to chill together, watch movies, etc. Never a dull moment for Jason or Robert when Erik is around. He teases them and pranks them all the time, but also gives them words of advice, comfort and love. I call them the Three Musketeers!

  • Denise

    Good one, Skoshi.

  • Denise

    I, too, have felt that I don’t “feel the love” from the many people around me and lately I have had shoved in my face “how can others love you if you can’t love yourself; love doesn’t come from outside in but from inside out”. (Conversations with God) I’m working on that but it’s a tough one.

    If I spiritualy soil that which has been given me how can I honor/be God? We cannot perceive in others what we cannot perceive in ourselves. I am love; I am holy; I am peace. Therefore, all others are love, are holy, and are peace.

    • Beautiful words, Denise. We all struggle with self-love to some degree, I think. But we’ll get there.

  • nikki

    I have been bothered by the Robert incident for the past couple of days. I thought it would go away and obviously it hasn’t. We haven’t heard from the woman, so I can not give an informed opinion. I do think it is wrong for anyone to lash out or verbally attack another. Most things can be handled via a discussion. I am a true believer of common courtesy and giving the benefit of the doubt. That being said maybe situations like these are a learning experience for all involved.
    When I first found CE I was told that Robert and Jason had contact with my Eric via Erik. Long story short, I was told that Eric said his suicide was in fact an accident. I knew immediately this was not true. We had traced debit card purchases of Eric’s and clearly this was a planned mission. I did eventually get clarification, it seems Eric was confused or maybe messin with me or Robert at the time and did in fact apologize for giving bad info. I did not attack Jason or Robert when it happened, nor did I think either was a fraud, I was just confused. So I guess my point is, there can be bad info passed along. Is someone to blame? Is there a lesson to be learned? I think it is best to take the info we are given, appreciate the gifts of those that deliver the info and then decide for ourselves what we feel in our heart it is true. I feel bad for this woman if she got bad info and certainly it should not have been taken out on Robert as he was just the messenger. But sometimes we overreact and an innocent person is on the receiving end of our frustration. I know I am guilty of that. Whew, I feel better now 🙂

    • Yes, and sometimes it’s the deceased or some other spirit passing along the misinformation, sometimes for a reason. But we can’t shoot the messenger, right? Thanks for hanging in there, Nikki. Wish the other lady had.

  • Hi everyone.

    My apologies for not responding sooner and for the short message. 🙂

    Thank everyone so much for your kind words and well wishes. I am getting better day by day, but it has worn me out. I’ve lost a lot of weight according to others, but I’ll put it back on in no time. 🙂

    Regarding the woman lashed out at me, i understand why it occurred and have nothing but compassion for her, Please lets all send her our love, sense of resolve and well being, and that she finds the closure she needs. She is us, so healing her heals us all. 🙂

    I love everyone deeply.

  • Elisa….

    I wanted to also publicly thank you for the hospital visits and helping get my pain under control.

    I love you so very much my dear friend. 🙂

    • Aw, I know you’d do the same for me, Robert, my love.

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