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Sorry this has taken so long, but here is the latest Ask Erik column. We were delayed because of Kim’s travel plans. I hope your question is here, too. 

Erik Speaks From The Grave: March Edition

By the way, if you go to our last YouTube on Love, you can hear Erik (and it’s definitely his voice) saying, “Hey, what’s up?” Check it out here:

Also, check out the latest video from Jamin Olivencia HERE. It’s very powerful! This guys is genius and everything he says can change your life for the better. 

Now enjoy today’s Best of Erik!

Me: I guess our real goal at this point is helping the Earth shift from third to fourth—you know every time I try to type in “The Shift” I accidentally type in “The Shit.” I don’t know why. That’s probably you messing me up, Erik. Ahem. But I think our real goal at this point in time, helping the Earth shift from third to fourth dimension, which is really about opening the heart and connecting more to each other and connecting to ourselves more fully and trying to integrate the spiritual with the physical. How should we go about that? How should we open the heart? How should we go about The Shift from 3rd to 4th densities?

Erik (sighing): Really, most of us have already done it.

Me (surprised): Oh! Okay.

(Long, long pause)

Me: Yoo hoo. Anyone home?

Jamie: I’m asking him a bunch of questions.

Erik: Even though most of us have already done it, you know, we always claim to be in the 3rd dimension. Reality has it that we’ve already incorporated a lot of the 4th dimensional works, accessibility. I think we’re transitioning more into a 5th and 6th dimension. You know, it’s not easy like a kid’s game where you take a piece of chalk and you draw a line and you go, “Step over here, and it’s the 3rd dimension, and you step over here and it’s 4th.” You know, we’re like water. We’re like the ocean—waves against the sand. With each movement, it never land in the same place such as the dimensional lines. There’s no clear defining attribute that says you are crossing back and forth over a line.

Jamie: Okay, the visual in this case is much better than his words. It’s almost like, um, imagine you’re in complete darkness.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: And there is a neon green line down the middle. Even though it’s a line and it looks straight, the closer you get to it, the more it’s in constant motion like water or vibration. It gives.

Erik: So, when we’re growing into it and back of it, we can’t identify it, so to tell someone, “This is the action you need. This is the concept you have to learn. This is the perception you have to acquire to identify that you’re doing the right thing to get to the right place”—well fuck it! It’s not the right place for all of us. The thing I keep going back to: You wanna evolve right along with Earth? Well, you gotta learn how to keep up, which means quiet down, get still, attach to the Earth’s energy, because that’s what’s feeding us as human beings.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: We’re in this big ball of the Earth’s vibration, and the Earth’s vibration is changing, so you can choose to be a dumbass and continue to live your life as is, and you think you’re becoming a better person, because of your morals or because you’re learning more information. But this is not going to do it for you. You need to chill out, get in tune with the Earth and learn to ground your vibrations to the Earth’s vibrations. If you can do that trick at least every other day, at least three times a week, then you’re going to be making that shift—

Jamie: In air quotes might I note.

Erik: —very easily. But there’s nothing else I can explain to get you on a path that’s gonna make it light for you. Ground. Ground yourself to the thing that’s changing.

Me: I don’t do that very well, because I’ve been through so much tragedy and suffering from childhood on that I’ve learned to cope by disassociating from my physical body, so how can I do that? What’s a good exercise we can share with the blog members?

Erik: Yeah, you can do the thing with the feets—

Jamie: He’s so cute! “Yeah, you can do the thing with the feets.”

(Erik is talking about an exercise where you simply concentrate on where your feet are, feeling the surface they’re on and send energy from the soles of your feet to the core of the Earth. You can also imagine roots sprouting from your soles and growing all the way to the Earth’s core.)

Erik: Send the energy to the Earth. Just imagine after you’re sending, which is connecting, pulling your energy through your body to the core of the Earth—that’s the connecting part. It’s also the healing part, because you’re giving the Earth energy—then allow the moment to receive, and allow the Earth to send energy to you, to the bottom of your feet, up to your heart, and throughout your body. Then tell your body, you know, “Identify this vibration. Match it. Match it. Match this vibration.” Even though it’s just this stupid verbiage you’re running through your head, your brain will catch on and send signals, and at least your physical body will start matching that vibrational level and start increasing—

Erik: —your chances of enlightenment!

Jamie burst out laughing, because he sounds like either a game show host or someone selling us something on an infomercial.

Me: Okay, I’m going to have to put this exercise as a recurring event on my iCal app, or it’ll never get done, and the Earth will hate me.

Jamie: And set off a timer?

Me: Yeah, I’ll do that. An obnoxious alarm.

NOTE: I’ve been doing this exercise for a few months now and, as I’ve said in an earlier post, I have had many more psychic experiences. I guess matching Mother Earth’s energy has all sorts of perks: grounding us emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and psychically. It will pull you one step closer to being connected to the whole.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Leah91

    So amazing, Elisa. I looked at my mother in a different way, tonight when I watched you, and listened to Robert and Erik.
    She was very beautiful… but very domineering, and my entire family throughout my life told me that I was not good enough. Not only through their words, but through their thoughts, and their actions.
    I had always lived through them. And had been the awkward kid, sort of like Erik. They were narcissists. And they had their golden child. They are both gone now. I feel like I’m going to get judged by saying this, but that’s OK, I don’t care. When my parents died I felt the freedom beyond measure. It took a little while. And but I finally became… Myself. If that makes any sense. Don’t get me wrong, I love them. Thank you. And thank you Erik, for explaining things to me this way. It just reinforces what I have been feeling since I no longer have my family. And… I have eventually accepted that that is OK. I have so much love in my life, and a stronger sense of self. 🙂

    • Me too. When my father died (and he was a narcissistic with borderline personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies) I was so relieved I squealed with happiness. I stopped losing hair, too.

      • Leah91

        🙂 xo

      • Leah91

        That made me feel so much better.;)

  • Leah91

    And, just to be clear this comment was For the video. Even though I read your blog post, also.

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