Happy Birthday, Erik!

Today, I’d like to devote this entry to my beautiful son. I’m so proud of you, Erik. In three years, you’ve accomplished so much to make the world a better place. You’ve brought wisdom and love to us all. I’m so grateful to call you my son. I wish you were here for me to give you a great big birthday hug. 🙁 But you’re not.

Here are some more of what the blog members have to say about you. I can feel you blushing already:

From Doug:

To be able to sum up in a few words what Erik has meant to me would be futile. Erik is so many wonderful things it is difficult to express in mere words. Erik has given me an outstanding glimpse into the after life and the non meaning of death. This past weekend in Austin I had a brief opportunity to meet the real Erik through Jamie. Such an outstanding young man. What insight he has and the information he has given to me and others was memorable, unforgettable, prominent, powerful, commanding, and at times breath-taking. I want to “Thank You Erik” for giving your life in service of mine. Thank you for being that beautiful prankster and fun giver you are. You are truly one of God’s great angels. Thank you for your love and support to all of us in the “Channeling Erik” family.


Erik makes me realize the depth of love a mother can have for her child. Hug.



Erik has given me hope and a sense that maybe I will see my baby girl again. If not for Erik I would be in a much darker place then where I am now. I still hope to come Across some signs from Erik. But I take comfort in knowing such an amazing young man surrounds my baby Kara. I know she is well cared for until I meet her again. I will always be so grateful for you Elisa, and your sweet sweet Erik. xox 


Now, on to what Erik means to me.  So hard to put into words, as we have all been in situations that make it abundantly clear that words do not adequately express what is in the heart.  Erik is a beacon of hope, a much needed bathroom along a long hiking trail in the woods (hopefully this analogy makes Erik chuckle).  You can complete your hike without the bathroom, but it’s oh so much better with it.  He has brought a tangible reality to the other side of the veil, as his messages are always amazingly insightful, clear, and on target.  His messages bring comfort and a much appreciated new way of looking at things.  He feels “real”.  He really understands what we are going through and really cares about each of us as well as the whole.  He brings comic relief and a lightness in a way that is easy to relate to.  Most of all, he feels like a pillar of strength, support, and unconditional love.  He is always there and he shows up in the most unique and unexpected ways.  I am in awe of his courage and his heart.  He fills me with joy and hope and I cannot get enough of his insight.  Since we live in a world of duality, the loss to so many in the physical world is countered by a powerful gain as a spiritual guide and cheerleader to so many from the other side.  Saying I feel blessed to be a part of his love and the love of Elisa and the group just doesn’t cover it, but it’s the closest our words can come.    Love M & M


Erik is the “new kid on the block” in the world of channeling.

He makes the old feel new. One of his gifts is cutting through the crap and saying how it is.

He shakes out the curtains, plumps up the cushions and opens the window to let the light in. He says look at the light, look at the sun, wake up to your life. It is meant to be fun.

With a smile on his face, he says, come in, come in, to this place. You are welcome here. This is your home. This is where you belong.

Because we’re all a part of this thing called life, existence and beyond. Even when it feels like we do not belong. It is as it is.

Erik is a dude. Of the highest order. Jemma


Re your touching Erik tribute:
I am new to the community, but already through reading your blog with Erik’s insights and the comments of your members I feel connected and supported through the deep love we all share for our children. I feel the wisdom shared by Erik/CE is helping me to be more accepting of my son’s disabling condition. Its helping me let go of 5 years of guilt and anger that his injury could have been prevented by me and others. I am trying to replace that with hope that he will be able to express himself through his spirit and fulfill life purpose for his soul in spite of his physical/functional limitations. It have gained a new path on my recovery efforts. Becky


Sidharth Dugar and family:

We are little late in sending this, but here’s what me and my family have to say for dear Erik:

I started reading your blog in September 2010, I dont even remember how I came across it, and now when I look back I guess it was meant to be this way, some connection I had which compelled me to find your blog and get tuned to it forever.

Erik’s story and the way he came back to comfort you all, sounded familiar to me, as I had already been very influenced by two similar stories, that of Mrs. Nan Umrigar, how her son Karl came to her life after his death, and how he was helped by a Master, Meher Baba weritten in her book Sounds of Silence and of Mrs Khorshed Bhavnagri who lost both her sons in a car crash, and they came back to tell their strory to their parents as well as the whole world through the book called Laws of the Spirit World.


Reading about Erik only intrigued me further, more so because i am the same age as him and because I started seeing a friend in him.

The posts on your blog are not only full of knowledge, humour but also offer interesting details about the lives and after lives of the many famous ones, and most importantly comfort me many times when I am low.

Thanks to You, Erik and Jamie.


Around sometime in July last year, I got to know about Renuka from one of the blog readers on Facebook, and when I spoke to her, although am sure Erik did know me before, but i got formally introduced to him, and he asked if he could be friends with me? I cannot tell you how happy I was to know this, it was like a validation for me that yes he listens to me.

Ever since through Renuka, Erik has guided my whole family, myself and so many friends of mine.

He also got from my school friend who died sometime back, a message for his family. They were happy beyond words.

He is my Hero and I am so glad he reached out to us.

Thank you so much Ma’am to have shared ur amazing child, with all of us. I want to thank Meher Baba for allowing all this to happen with us and blessing us with so much love.


My sister’s tribute to Erik:

Erik is a friend, guide, and a philosopher. He brings light to us. From the bottom of my heart, i want to thank him, for reaching out to us when we needed him most, for cheering us up and bringing us hope… Life has changed for better. It makes me feel blessed to know we have a spirit friend, who shall always be there to help us, who understands us, who is looking after us. Am grateful to him for everything, for all that he has don’t for us. God bless him.


Erik’s Second Birthday



Erik’s Sixth Birthday






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