Happy and Peaceful Transformation

This one is lovely, and I think it will speak to a lot of you.

I feel like I have always been “different” and since the age of about 12, have questioned religion, faith and why we’re all here. Being taught Catholicism I always felt like there were conflicting dogma’s and double standards. I was not understood by not only many friends and people I know, but my family. I had many questions about spiritual everything and “why would anyone do that?” and “why is the world the way it is??” and “how could a human do that to another human??” and SO many more.

Erik and Elisa (and the translators) have provided not only answers that have made sense to my soul, they have provided a whole new perspective of why we’re here and new ways of thinking/feeling about inner conflicts. With such a perspective, I am HAPPIER and so much more peaceful. Before I react to situations, I consider a different responses to make the situation better, and practice not judging, reacting from a place of love, instead of negativity. I feel Elisa has created a space where everyone like myself can openly discuss perspectives and thoughts without feeling weird or different. We’re a family here; able to love, comfort, share and debate with fear of judgment.

Thanks to Elisa, Erik and the translators for truly changing my life for the better; I can’t argue or debate the fact that I am Happier and more peaceful since learning of Erik, that is why I find this synchronistic meeting a life changing event and am very grateful for it.

Peace, Love and Light

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