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Hey folks! I’m enjoying myself so much at Kristina’s baby shower that I’m not going to post anything today, but I do need to remind you of the radio show tomorrow at 7:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET. The topic for the show will be how to get back on your spiritual path if you’ve strayed from it for a while! Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. http://goo.gl/aFHTzJ

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  • Trudy Campbell

    Hi Elisa
    My name is Trudy and I live in Manitoba Canada. I love the work you do and have done with Erik and have been a follower from the start. I was lucky to have had a reading with Erik several years ago through a radio show.
    I would like to email you Elisa if I could regarding to ask your advice about a young man I know who is suffering with PTSD after he had a rock climbing incident that involved a death of a friend and then a subsequent suicide of another friend that was there with them.
    This young man has just been medi-vaced to Ottawa Canada hospital two days ago.
    I am close friends with his mom and told her I would look into the possibility of finding a channeler to contact the deceased
    friend(s) to possibly help him ?
    Maybe contact with them would help alleviate the guilt or whatever it is that is causing him to lose his will to live.
    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    Please contact me Trudy at:
    Thanking you in advance Elisa for your kind attention to this matter,

    • Oh I think that would definitely help, and any of the mediums on my links page under the favorites tab would be great. But PTSD is also a physical disease in that it rewires the brain and remodels it somehow. I would suggest looking into EMDR and also they’re using LDN (low dose naltrexone) with PTSD because it triples the person’s own endorphin levels. If you can get a doc to give him Naltrexone 50mg tabs, he can make it himself by dissolving one tab in 50 ml of distilled water, taking 1.5 ml after 9 PM every night, and increasing it to eventually reach 4.5 ml a night. You can increase it as long as there’s no insomnia but that disappears in a week anyway. This cost less than a penny a day. Google LDN and PTSD as well as EMDR to find out more.

      • Trudy Campbell

        Hi Elisa,
        Thank you so very much for getting back to me and thank you so much for your suggestions !!! I will definitely pass this info along to his mother.
        This young man’s issue since the incident has been anxiety and depression and overeating. He is now well over 400lbs. His obesity is becoming life threatening. Once he has been assessed and treated at the hospital the next step is he will be taken to a clinic that deals with obesity and mental health issues. His parents are hoping this is his rock bottom and he will be willing to finally accept help now. He’s been offered EMDR in the past but stopped going.
        My thoughts that you are concurring with is that help from the other side might help him too. I contacted Em on her website but she is booked to July 2018. I will try the others you have on your site. So to help him with channellers and the other side, my question to you now is how would it be done ? Would it be over the phone? via skype ? Is in person a better option ? If there are any other reputable channellers you and your other channellers may know of please let me know. I wonder if there are any they know of in Canada ?
        I am truly hoping contact with the friends that passed will bring him the peace and closure about the incident he needs so that mental and physical healing may begin.
        Thanks again Elisa for your thoughts and guidance in this matter. It is very much appreciated!
        Sending you , Erik, and the Channeling Erik family much love ❤️ Trudy

      • Usually it’s over Skype. You also might want to ask questions on the Monday night radio show or, the first of every month, Veronica and Emma open their sites to questions.

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