Harper Lee Braly!

My daughter just had her first child, Harper Lee Braly, a sweet little girl weighing in at 6# 4oz and born at 2:04 AM today.

Video of Harper Lee

I didn’t get much sleep last night so I’ll post Veronica’s Part Two Q&A tomorrow.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Alex J Campbell

    Best wishes and congratulations!

  • JaniceT

    Wowwww! Congratulations!!! what a cute cute cute baby!

  • T Diaz

    Congratulations! Her daddy looks so happy in the pics, and her name is so melodic, I love it!

  • Dustin Ebaugh

    CONGRATULATIONS Grandma Elisa and Grandpa Rune!!!

  • madhub1

    A BIG congratulations, Elisa. It appears she’s possibly been named after the author, Harper Lee who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird? What a gorgeous baby! So alert and sent to you from the Light… all shiny and new.

  • TeaCup

    Congratulations Elisa! What a beautiful baby! I just had a new baby girl too, and now I’ve been reading your blog, I can’t help but start thinking which souls decided to choose to come to earth, into our lives as baby girls. What are the lessons they are meant to learn, what are their contracts etc. All of this really makes everything a lot more special for me.

  • Lorri Lewis

    Oh. My. Goodness. What a surprise. She’s early!

    CONGRATULATIONS GRANDMOTHER X 3! And CONGRATULATIONS to the new mother and father!!!

    • Lorri Lewis

      Also, she’s adorable!!! What a cute munchkin.

  • Cynthia

    Congratulations Elisa, Rune, and of course the new mama and dad!

  • Gwen

    Congratulations!! Beautiful baby girl…She looks like her Mom :))

  • Cngratulations!!!

  • John Carroll

    Congratulations!! The baby is beautiful.

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