Harvey is Bitch Slapping Us

Sorry no post today. We’re in a sticky situation. We boarded a plane here in the Santa Barbara airport only to be told we’ve have to disembark because of delays in the arrivals terminal in Dallas. Eventually, we’ll fly to Dallas where we have a rent a car waiting for us. Then, we’ll drive as far as we can toward Houston, but it looks like every route to our house is flooded. Plus, it could get worse. The storm is headed offshore where it could gather strength, and then it will go northeast, raking over Houston. We’re supposed to fly to Norway Friday, but both airports here are closed until further notice so that might not work out. We might have to rebook the entire trip for next summer. Sigh. Mother Nature must definitely be PMSing. 

In the end, it looks like Houston and the surrounding areas might be getting a total of 50 inches. Annika’s medical school and Arleen’s elementary school are closed until September 5th. 

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