He Thinks He’s so Funny!

We’re still having a great time camping in the Texas Hill Country. A cold front just came through so it’s nice a brisk, which reminds me of a story. I tend to commit spoonerisms often, and I remember one in particular. I said to one of my kids, “A froid cunt just came through.” Not good, because that was when they were young, but old enough to know what that word meant!

Again, thanks for all the donations. It has made me and my efforts feel so appreciated! 

Enjoy these two Erik stories.

Story #1

Ok so first off I know Erik is around whenever I need him. Erik also like to pop up randomly. Saturday night my son, 14, and I were watching Ghost Adventures. I think the show is funny because how they over exaggerate contacts they have. Well it comes down to a part in the show where they bring the spirit box out and it says words. It get to a serious point in the show and we are both engrossed in listening to what the box is saying. Out of nowhere a wooden child’s block flies right by me. I look at my son and say did you throw that? He looks at me like I’m insane and I knew he didn’t because he was into the TV. Then we start thinking of reasonable explanations and came up with the dog must have threw it even though they don’t have thumbs. I knew exactly who threw it and I know he laughed about it. Thanks Erik!

Story #2

Hi everyone,

I have been watching Channeling Erik on Youtube and that is how I became familiar with him. I channel too to God and angels, and I started channeling several months before I watched your videos. After a few weeks of watching your Youtube videos, I thought, “… Why don’t I try to talk to Erik?” So, I did. I don’t always feel confident in my channeling abilities (I channel only through feelings, so I can’t see or hear when I channel), but one time (now this is the somewhat inappropriate part hahaha) I was in the bathroom changing and I said to Erik, “Well, now you know what my boobs look like.” and he said, “I know what many boobies look like.” I thought, “Oh jeez,” but I didn’t really mind because he’s a good soul and he’s not going to humiliate me or anything. I also asked him why he committed suicide, and I caught “there was a war inside my head”. Poor Erik.. But he is very loving, very kind, just like my angels.

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  • 403LEC

    What is a spoonerism? I need to Google that. Have big fun Elisa 🙂

    • 403LEC

      I just learned something new…thank you again Elisa!

    • It’s when you switch the first part of the words like “Mardon me padam, I believe you are occupewing my pie” instead of “Pardon me madam, I believe you are occupying my pew.” That’s from a Roald Dahl book, The Vicar of Nibbleswick.” Not sure if I spelled that right!

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    I laugh at Ghost Adventures also it seems everything is a demon cracks me up… But they do catch some pretty good stuff

  • selina cecil

    I had just read and seen pictures of a ghost sighting at the Stanley Hotel in Loveland Co. Wouldn’t that be an amazing place to have a Channeling Erik event. I would attend, since it’s only a few hours away.

    • I’ve heard about that! If any of the mediums want to host something there, they have my blessing!

  • JaniceT

    Ahahaha! You’re a pro in spoonerism! My fav of mine is “lets go tay penis” instead of “lets go play tennis”. BTW, “froid”means “cold” in French so, its almost appropriate! 😀

  • Sylvia

    Can you ask Erik about Scientology I have been watching stories on tv with Leia Remeni and it sounds horrible

  • Sylvia

    Have you done a channeling with Erik with the crew of the challenger blow up I could not find one. If you have I’ll keep trying to find it thank you

  • Sylvia

    Thank you!! Love to all!

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