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Enjoy these great Erik stories!

Story #1

Dear Elisa,

I wrote to you before how wonderful your work, your book and Erik’s book, and how I wanted to have these books translated into Indonesian language. Well, it didn’t work this time, but I wanted to share that no matter how far we live, Erik just keep pouring his love and guidance. I have several experiences of Erik visiting and help me going through some of the toughest time in my life (which getting very difficult for me these past 2.5 years). I live in a tiny little island called Bali, Indonesia. I was getting my reading with Heather Quinto on February 17 and asked for general readings from my spirit guides and love to hear from Erik too. On February 16, I was outside my mom’s house and an orange dragonfly just perched in the middle of my chest. I was not thinking about it until I saw it eyes were staring at me, and really, it felt like the dragonfly talked to me using a very firm eye contact. Then I realized that was ERIK!!! It stays there for a long time, and keep staring at me. Finally it left, and I felt goosebumps all over my body. I have no doubts it was Erik. And I say,”Thank you Erik, I know you will show up on my reading tomorrow.” Well, it turns out, Erik took over the show for my readings. He answered almost all of my questions and just give my spirit guides to answer couple of questions :). He also gave a very clear steps for me to work on my issues and recommended a great coach to help me use my intuitive abilities to help people. Thank you Heather for the wonderful reading. I am so grateful for all the experiences that I am allowed to have through your works, Erik, all the mediums and all CE peeps that we all help each other’s spiritual growth. Thank You!!!


Elisa here. Check out Heather Quinto on the Channeling Erik Mediums Facebook page. Also, Erik used a dragonfly to hang around his papa for three whole days!


Story #2

I got to know Erik on You Tube in April, 2015. Soon after he started to prank me.

I have a difficult neighbour upstairs and for about a year he had been pumping a syrupy sweet scent down to my balcony area every evening which then drifts into my living room causing me to choke from it. Soon after I got to know Erik, I decided that if Erik could prank me, he could also perhaps help me out with my bothersome neighbour. So I asked Erik to let my neighbour feel what I feel when he pumps the scent down into my apartment. The following evening I could smell faintly an attempt to send down the scent again. It wasn’t full blown and since that day he has stopped bothering me with this scent. Thank-you Erik for your help.

Elisa again. I’m wondering if Erik gave the neighbor one of his nastiest smells!

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