How Spirits Communicate, Part Two

I thought Erik was finished talking about “talking” but in retrospect I realize he wasn’t. Let’s see what else he has to say about the language of the Beyond.

Me: What do you call the language?


Me: In that language. Say the name of the language in that language.

Jamie: We’re having a bit of an argument. He’s saying, “I don’t fucking know, because it’s not like when you die you go to school and you learn how to speak this language.”

Erik: You just instantly know how to do it. It’s just part of you. It’s like an emotional language, but it does have words, It’s not heavy on labels and conjugation. You don’t have to sit down and learn it. It’s not a foreign language.

Me: How do you say, “How are you”?

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik): No.

Jamie: He looked at me; his eyes got a little bit more wide, and he put his hands out and said, “Did you get it?”

Me (Laughing): Oh!

Jamie: I know, right? The most that I understood was, “I love you.”

Me: Aw! So you can speak it, but we can’t receive it.

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, so I got it as an emotion. As love.

Me: Oh!

Jamie: But then I translated it into words, “I love you,” instead of just receiving love.

Me: How interesting.

Erik: Yes, because if you’re asking how somebody is, you’re showing care; you’re showing love for them.

Me: All of this is so fascinating. Okay so what if I say, “How does the Universe really work”?


Jamie: Hey, that one actually came from me! Yay!

I chuckle.

Jamie: It’s easy around Erik, now. I got this picture in my head and this picture of complete unity like I was—I still had my own skin—but I was in relation with everything around me, not just the room or the city or the United States or Earth. It was something larger—solar systems and so forth. It looked like an electric spider web that had a light source to it. It was intricately woven and very 3-D. It was not like a flat image at all, but I did feel like I was looking at it from an outside source. I wasn’t in it, because he was trying to give me the image, but Erik said if I tried to hang onto it more, I would have gotten more of the concepts that he was trying to fly by.

Me: Did you get any feeling or emotion along with it or were you not hanging on long enough?

Jamie: No, the feeling was just complete unity, complete acceptance, that there wasn’t anything that was unnatural or out of place or going against the curve.

Me: Ah, that’s awesome. Lucky you!

Jamie (chuckling): He pointed at me and said, “That’s even about your pain.”

(Erik’s referring to Jamie’s neck pain from a car accident, no fault of her own, that she had about a year ago.)

Me: What, you’re one with your pain? That sucks! You need to pick that one little spider web off!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Can you do that?

Erik: You can peel it off, but you can’t destroy it, nor can you change it. If you   place it somewhere else, it might be somebody’s joy, not somebody’s pain. It doesn’t always give the same reaction. 

Me: Okay. Anything else you want to communicate to us about communication?

Erik (laughing): I love the subject, even though it’s hard to translate it well. Humans are kind of stuck in the idea that they have to use their voice to communicate. It’s bullshit.

Me: Well, it’s hard. It’s really hard, but I get what you’re talking about. I really do, Erik, because when we talk, there are visual and emotional components to our communication, but the person on the other side only receives the words. A certain inflection and tone of our voice can translate some of the emotion but not all of it. And we can describe some of the visuals, but not all of it and not completely. They can’t see what we see. So, it’s frustrating, even here.

Jamie: He’s smirking and nodding his head.

By the way, here’s a better link to Erik and Jamie’s monthly radio show debut:

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Elisa Medhus

  • Denise

    When I ask for guidance or an answer to a question I get the info that way; like emotional pictures, sort of. Never really thought about it. cool.

  • Ellsa, does Eric receive thoughts from anyone trying to communicate with him.


  • Does this mean that when I talk to or think of loved ones on the other side, they “hear” me as easily as spirits “hear” one another?

  • Linda2749

    Synchronicity strikes again I just listen to a meditation that describe the feelings Jamie just had, so cool. Second how Erik do we peel the pain away so that it may move on in a more loving energy?

  • Sure does,so yak away. And he Will answer so trust the thoughts in your head that you receive. They’ll probably contain some colorful language. That’s how you’ll recognize him.

    • Simon

      I believe we all used to communicate telepathically but lost the ability when we learned to speak.

  • Yep! It’s like instant messaging.

    • Delving Eye

      Way cool. Now if I could only “hear” what they’re telling me . . .

  • Marga

    I’ve just been listening to the show from the Blog Talk radio archives and not sure if this is only me or I hear “Mom” around 23:52.. hmmm

  • Thanks all, just can’t get enough of this topic. You’re doing a great job Erik explaining all this in our language which I know is not easy. Loved it. 🙂

  • Would love to hear if Erik has any ideas on meditating. I’m ADHD and it’s a big chore for me to do it, but I know it’s the best way for us to communicate with our loved ones.

  • MikeHulse

    He especially like classic rock & roll music like Jimmy Hendrix, he loves the electric guitar solos. 🙂

  • Steve

    That’s a cool description of the universe. Computer models have simulated the universe (all the galaxies) to look like a huge glowing 3-d web, exactly like Jamie described it.

  • Steve

    Here’s a good video of what the universe looks like:

    • Amber

      Cool video, that feeling of infinity beyond the comprehension of the brain. I like one of the comments, (I have read before and was written thousands of years ago) “In Me they are all strung like pearls upon a thread”, -Bhagavad Gita”.

  • TrulyTrue

    I don’t know how Erik does it – I just know he does – he conveyed details about a deceased relative that one could only know by spending time with her – even though I believe this 100%, I still get the biggest thrill – and sometimes the biggest scare – every time it is validated by a confirmation or a visit – Erik laughs when he scares me and always asks me, “why do you ask for a sign if it’s going to scare you?” And I eloquently respond, ” I don’t know …….”

    Patrick – thank you for your response a few days ago on how we receive messages – completely made sense to me and I appreciate it very much!!

    • Patrick De Haan

      You’re welcome :-))

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