How Spirits Communicate

Every wonder how Uncle Bob talks to Aunt Mary over there? Wonder no longer, thanks to Erik!

Me: How do spirits like you communicate? Describe in terms of, um, what we do, what symbols do we, uh, what in the world am I saying here? I just have absolutely no idea! I mean, I know there’s telepathy, I mean, do you communicate in chunks of ideas, in symbols? Do you use linear language like we do? What is it? How do you communicate over there?

Jamie (laughing): Erik’s looking at me and saying, “What’s wrong with this person? Do they have diarrhea?

Me (firmly): No, Erik, it’s my question, so stop it right now, young man.

We all laugh.

Me: I can take a swig of Kaopectate if that helps.

Jamie: Oh my god, he’s cracking up.

Me: I’ll even share it with you, Erik. Sometimes you need it, too, Mister Oral Diarrhea. But seriously, how do you communicate with each other. Not with me, but with each other.

Erik: We don’t even open our mouths. We don’t even have to stand next to each other. It’s not even called telepathy, because it’s not a brain-to-brain activity. Think of it more as how a computer system communicates, you know, through the air, bouncing off the satellite dish and then to its directed source. (I thought he meant “target” but he clears this up later.) Think of it more mathematically, that my energetic body, my spirit, once it is thinking or feeling a concept, is being immediately directed to the source of what I’m thinking about or feeling about, and that source is experiencing it simultaneously, which, by the way is no new bullshit, because it’s exactly how the human body works. It’s just on different vibrational levels, but it’s exactly how the human body works, and it’s exactly how telepathy kind of goes.

Me: And instead of beaming up to the source, we’re beaming up to the brain? Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Brain to brain activity. But there’s no satellite dish for us to bounce off of. It bounces off pure source energy. God energy. Life force energy. That’s really what’s carrying or motivating, giving motion to how we communicate. We don’t have to call someone and set up a meeting. There’s no withholding here. I can’t have a thought about you and you not know about it. We’re all open books. And even if I had a thought that you would think or you would normally judge as not being good about you, you would still experience it, but you would have no desire to judge me for it. That’s a human quality—the desire to judge and measure and shred things apart.

Me: Yes, unfortunately.

Erik: You would just know that that was my truth, and that’s where I was coming from. You wouldn’t have this dire need to react emotionally with instantaneous love or disapproval or whatever. It just is, and that freedom of having no judgment or, you know, instant reaction—that’s where all of this compassionate—


Jamie: He’s looking for a word.

Erik: Amazing space that I exist in right now.

Jamie (chuckling): He looks so unsatisfied that he just used the word “amazing!”

Me: Aw!

Erik: That’s why the people who have those near death experiences, you know, they don’t wanna come back.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Even if it means leaving the love of their life behind or their daughter depends on them, they don’t wanna come back. They know it’s gonna be okay. I don’t know if I explained that right. I fucked up.

Me: Aw, you did fine, Erik. But when you communicate, what is it in as it goes to the satellite dish, so to speak? Does it come in words, chunks of ideas, symbols?

Erik: No, it’s like getting visual and emotional and verbage all at once.

Me: Hm. Jesus. Confusing. That’s called multitasking.

Erik: Nah, it’s actually a really clear way, cuz you get the exact emotion that’s behind it. You don’t have to guess like you do when you read an email. You get to see what the person is creating or thinking, you know, so there’s more detail in the visual than there is in just the description in words, and then you get the verbage that goes with it.

(Okay, I think “verbage” is a new word Erik created. That’s okay. We understand what he means, right?)

Erik: And it’s not really like English, you know. It’s not like Spanish. It’s a distinct language, but it’s not like I can describe that I am totally speaking English. It’s just like this core language that you understand, and that’s what you communicate in. Even with alien forces, you know, other nations that come, we’re able to communicate. We don’t need a translator to come here.

Me: Okay, so are you saying that they’re words?

Erik: Yeah. They’re words.

Just a reminder everyone. Jamie and Erik have their national radio debut TODAY! The CE family can stream the show live directly from  3pm/PST, 4pm/MST, 5pm/CST and 6pm/EST. Don’t miss it!

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Elisa Medhus

  • love this….wish we could do this here. expressing myself in words is so hard sometimes. luv ya all !!

  • LinT

    Erik s describing how people in my dreams communicate! I have never had a verbal conversation in dream state,as in no one’s mouths have ever moved, yet I know exactly what is being ‘said’.I always thought everyone’s dream communications were that way too.Unless any friends here tell me otherwise 🙂

    • Ash

      The majority of the ones I’ve heard (and experienced) with deceased friends/family are that way. Guides I think communicate uniquely with their charges. Just regular ole dreams… most of mine don’t involve communication at all, come to think of it…I can’t really recall if I’ve ever noticed whether or not mouths are moving in regular dreams. Hmmm. Have to pay attention to that next time.

    • Amber

      Yeah, I think that’s a good analogy Lin. I remember asking a deaf woman if she interacted with Sign Language in her dreams. She paused, puzzled, said she didn’t know. I simply use the word ‘perceive’ when I imagine what spirits are trying to explain in words to us about how they communicate.. Like they ‘just’ perceive the message, the state, the condition, the life, all in one go. I expect they perceive us too, as they perceive we the soul although encased in flesh. It just doesn’t work for us (in ‘normal’ mode)because of our apparent ‘separation’ from the soul state and having to use the physical brain.
      I have often wondered about how quickly it takes spirits to ‘control’ their thoughts seeings as they are no longer hidden, as they suddenly find everything bare, wide open for others’ perception! Just imagine how it would be for us humans talking to each other, if every little judgement behind our foreheads was on view! we’d be so embarrased, ashamed and desperate to find a way to stop doing it. So it’s interesting that what Erik says seems to imply that there is no need for this, though he says that we would still experience the other spirit’s ‘thought’ but that we wouldn’t judge it. I guess it’s this stuff that makes me think just how different the spirit state is to’s almost incomprehensible for me to imagine not having private thoughts, and how spirits are not judgemental. No matter how I try, I know that I constantly have an opinion about something or someone. Yet, I love the concept of total openness and non-judgmentalness. One day…

    • Patrick De Haan

      I speak three languages and have often dreamed of family and close friends speaking the two they don’t know. Conversations in my dreams are rare.

  • MikeHulse

    What does Erik have to do to communicate with us? How does he see us, compared to his fellow spirits?

    • Good question. I’ll ask.

      • Patrick De Haan

        I can offer one answer, if that’s okay….

      • Donna

        Yes!! Love the way you explain things, Patrick! 🙂

      • MikeHulse

        Feel free Patrick.

    • Patrick De Haan

      Two votes is enough (thanks Mike and Donna)

      Erik communicates with us by thought; he thinks and we get that thought. The trick is to recognize it, and that’s no small feat.

      He sees us just as we see ourselves, no difference. Other spirits he sees as they choose to present themselves; the physical appearance can be and is often very different between souls or spirits and from “day-to-day” or moment-to-moment. The enjoyment of varied appearances is enhanced because the ability to know the thoughts, ideas and communications is deeper, wider & taller. Because it is possible to see into the knowing and know the thought of what you see, the apearance, the image, the outer look is not so important. What we might consider disheveled and therefore dirty, unkempt, downtrodden and poor is not the case when the riches of the soul within can be seen.

      When I “hear” Erik I often run across him inside his house and sitting and standing around the family room furniture.

      The things he does pop into my head similar to my own thoughts but obviously not from me, and here is the message for us all; what we believe is our own thought OFTEN IS COMMUNICATION.

      Walking out the door and forgetting keys/wallet/envelope/what-have-you and suddenly as you reach the door the thought pops into your head “envelope”? That’s your Guardian Angel and often the envelope you’re taking to the post office or mailbox, with which you’ve infused with desire and intent. Its energy field tells you “hey, here I am” and if YOU don’t pick that up intuitively, your Guardian(s) often give you a sharp, quick mental knock.

      The dog that looks at you with the disappointed, eager eyes and hopes you’ll take him/her along, and you can feel the dog’s longing to be invited out? Those are not your thoughts, that’s the dog communicating.

      To receive communication from Erik (or anyone else, physically here or otherwise) you first must believe and understand you do communicate this way. Then you can visualize the person and “think” your question; it will come back to you. Put a friend in another room and ask her/him to write numbers on a piece of paper, then call to you in the next room. Think for a moment what the number is, and write it down. Do this for 6 or 8 numbers. Give yourself a few seconds for each number after your friend has written it down; go with the first number that occurs to you. Watch how many you get right.

      That image of Erik in a certain place doing a certain thing and saying something you imagine he might say? NOT! It’s him and he is saying it.

  • Hey, Guys,

    Wow, I just watched another amazing documentary that falls under this subject. I’m not quite caught up on the blog yet so I apologize if anyone has posted or discussed this already. It’s called “Tuning In: Spirit Channelers.” Very well done. I love the messages coming from extra-terrestrials and the spirit world, they hold so much hope for us. And how wonderful to know we have so much support on the other side. Enjoy! Much love to the CE family.

    • Delving Eye

      Wow is right! Love this documentary, Natasha. Thanks.

    • Dustin Ebaugh

      Natasha, THANK YOU for sharing this! WOW! This documentary is AMAZING! It puts a lot of things together. Many things that Erik has said, Eckhart Tolle’s shared wisdom, “Conversations with God”, Buddhism, etc. I will be watching it again for sure. It just blew me away. I know you posted this 2 years ago, but I’ve been reading the archives for a year now and am this far. What a blessing this site, Elisa and Jamie are. Not to mention Robert, Amber and all the folks that post with comments and insight. Thank you all!

  • L.A.George

    Robert Monroe (author – hemisync, etc.) used to call it a ROTE (Related Organized Thought Energy). He said that when in the OBE state he got it downloaded as a big ball of energy that he would ‘translate’ or ‘read’ in detail later. Does Eric have any input on this concept? It sounds as if it’s just another way to say the same thing . . .

  • Amber

    Midnight Uk and I just listened your national show Erik and Jamie. Great! Confident as ever and informative Erik, and tremendous quick mediumship from Jamie. Not having perfect hearing I strained to listen to Jamie’s phone line but I got the main gist of things. They are such a great team doing a great job. You must be just so proud Elisa.
    Well it’s time for bed.A great end to the day. Night night Mama, night night Erik.

  • I love this type of session with Erik much more than interviews with famous people. I find these sessions have so much more information for us (though not everyone would agree with me). Thanks Erik another wonderful show xo

  • Nancy Antia

    Elisa, I can’t download Jamie and Erik’s radio debut. The system won’t let me do it. The word “Error” appears all the time. The other option, which is “Listen”, does not work either. I’ve tried it many times. Could you please tell me if there’s any other way I can get to listen to them? Thank you!

    • I recorded it (but an “air” recording” not a line one so it’s really not perfect quality) so I’l try to put it on the blog. Usually the hosts take a couple of days to get the downloadable version ready so maybe it’s not there yet.

      • Amber

        I couldn’t do it either but it wasn’t the Error thing, it was just messing about taking an age. I tried it three times but no better, so I’m wondering if it’s my PC or not. Did anybody else get it correctly?

      • Nancy Antia

        Oh, all right. Thank you, Elisa!

  • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

    “Erik: Brain to brain activity. But there’s no satellite dish for us to bounce off of. It bounces off pure source energy. God energy. Life force energy. That’s really what’s carrying or motivating, giving motion to how we communicate. We don’t have to call someone and set up…”

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