How Spirits Say “Hello”

Many of you may have had deceased loved ones communicate with you in ways you might not be aware of. (Damn I hate to end a sentence with a preposition, but I sound too professorial if I do.) Anyway, I digress. (Ah oh. That sounds kind of professorial, too. Sigh.) The way Erik says hello or tells me I’m on the right track is by creating a sensation of intense goosebumps. It’s a tingling sensation either on my scalp, my face, an arm or a leg. I had never experienced those goosebumps before he died. So, I asked him how spirits create that sensation, among other forms of communication.

Me: Why do some spirits make us feel goosebumps and/or coolness, and how exactly do they do that?

Jamie (to Erik, whispering): Oh, don’t.

Jamie: Can this go off record? Or maybe not.

She giggles.

Me: No! I don’t edit anything.

Jamie: Oh, god.

She braces herself as she conveys what Erik said.

Jamie bursts into laughter. She can’t contain herself.

Erik: Sometimes when you feel goosebumps, that’s kinda like when you’re in the movie theater and you’re—

Jamie squirms and says, “Oh,” to signal how hesitant she is about repeating his words.

Erik: It’s like being in front of Pee Wee Herman.

Me: I know you were going to say that!

Jamie: How did you know that? Holy sh*#. How did you know that?

Me: When you said “movie theater,” it was pretty obvious. Okay, what about Pee Wee?

Jamie laughs nervously, but continues.

Erik: —and, you know, he’s whacking off. That would give you the goosebumps.

Jamie: Even though he says whacking off, he shows me a, uh, a pump of lotion.

Erik: You know, that would give you goosebumps.

Me: Well, how do you do that?

Erik: It really depends on the vibration that the spirit is giving off, and what you’re wiling to perceive. Goosebumps, if we look at it scientifically—

Jamie: He’s using air quotes.

Erik: —they’re there as a mechanism, as a warning that your sense of your environment has changed without cause. I think that’s a great alarm system for when a spirit walks into a room. They can change the subtle energy in a room, but yet visually and physically, nothing has changed. You know, that’s there to raise the hair in your body and make you look bigger than what you are and like a badass. It’s the same thing as when raccoons and cats raise the hair on their bodies. Same mechanism as the goosebumps. Makes your hair stand up.

Whoa, I feel goosebumps on my right leg as I type this. HELLO ERIK!

Erik: They do it out of defense, but for us, it’s kinda, you know, (in a girlie voice) a little bit of fun. How do we do it? It’s really just a vibration match.

Me: A vibration match? You mean you match it with ours?

Erik: Uuuuh, it’s not like an identical match, but let’s say if I need a finger to push a button, I replicate the energy vibration of the finger so I can push the button. It’s cause and effect.

Me: Oh, I see. So, in the case where you make me feel goosebumps, um, like sometimes you make me feel goosebumps on the side of my face or my scalp or leg. How do you do that? Give me a step-by-step.

Erik: I get up behind you, and I get a large container of lotion.

Jamie laughs.

Me (chuckling): God, Erik. Don’t even go there.

Erik: No, I get up behind you,and I put my hand in your hair. Then I push my energy through the top few layer of your skin, but not to the bone. And just the muscles. Usually your body responds to an interference, a change in the environment, so your body responds with the goosebumps. That’s why it’s really location specific.

Jamie stumbles on the word, “specific”.

Erik: Full body goosebumps is when we move through somebody or move past somebody. It’s all kinds of things. But for you, it’s pretty easy though, because you’re in tune to me; you communicate with me; you talk to me, so it’s kind of like knocking on the door to come in or hitting the doorbell and coming in.

Me: Mm hm, You usually do it to say hello or to give me an affirmative like, “Yes, that’s true,” or “Yes, you’re on the right path.” Things like that. Is that true?

Erik: Yes.

Me: So, really, it’s energy-to-energy, right?

Erik: Yes, it is.

Me: So are you matching my energy, or…

Erik: Well, I’m not matching it identically; I’m just matching the need to give you the goosebumps.

Jamie (to Erik): I think that was confusing, the way you used “matching.”

Me (confused): Yeah. I don’t understand. Tell me energy to energy what you mean.

Erik: If I need a level 4 vibration to make you have goosebumps, I adjust to a level 4 to get into your energy and create the goosebumps for you. If I want to give you a solid touch, maybe I have to be a level 2, so I’d go to a level 2. If I want your ear to turn red and get hot and fiery, then maybe I have to be a level one.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, I adjust myself to a level one. Our sense of interacting with humans, pets, plants is an adjustment of your energetic vibration level. It’s not like a mental think where I’m thinking it and I’m creating it and I’m making it happen out and away from me. I’m actually involved in that interaction, that merge of energy.

Me: Interesting. This blog member goes on to ask what other ways spirits make themselves known and how.

Erik (laughing): What? Is she writing a book?

Me: I guess so!

Erik is laughing hard.

Erik: The ways? The list is endless!

Me: Okay. Give me one other way.


Me: The second most common way.

Erik: Oh, like when people just randomly think if us for no cause or reason?

Me: Okay, and how—

Erik: But they think it’s just their memory kicking in or that they got sad or that it got triggered by something else? You know, that kind of bullshit; it’s really us.

Me: So, how does that happen? We sense the energy, but….

Erik: Ah, because normally your conscious mind is focused on something else, so it leaves your backside totally vulnerable. And I don’t mean, literally, your ass side. I just mean that if you’re focused on one thing, the 360 of where your focus could be is kind of left dark, right? If you’re focused on eating that hamburger the way your are, then all the other parts of your conscious awareness are kinda dull. So that leaves us an opening to send an energetic email with our imagery, our smell, our touch, our whole presence. You know, that’s like an email to us. It’s the whole thing. It’s a way of communicating. And then that darkened area outside what specific focus they’re having will light up. Boom! Cuz it’s receiving the email. And it’s easier to receive it cuz your fucking brain isn’t trying to control what’s coming in. It’s too damn focused on that hamburger. That’s the sweet spot. Then all of a sudden, you go, “Ah, Jim! I remember Jim! Why am I thinking about Jim? That’s weird!

Jamie (chuckling): I love these voices. The way he says things in a different voice. It’s funny.

Erik: So, that’s one way we get in, but yet people think it’s their mind paying games with them and all kinds of fucked up things, so we often don’t get the credit. Instead of, “Oh, Jim must be saying hi”, it’s, “Oh, he must have liked hamburgers.” So, they fuck it up. That’s one of the easiest ways we communicate.. If we go beyond that, we go to moving shit, putting shit in your way like in situations in your life, like you wanted a new job but you looked and looked and looked and looked, and it didn’t come up. Then, you turn around and you bump into somebody and they say, “Hey, are you for hire?” And they give you the job you wanted. That’s the shit we like to do.

Me: Well, that’s nice!

Erik: Yeah, that’s why I’m kind of digging all this media and, you know, finding the right people for your team, so…

Me: That’s awesome.

Erik: Yeah. It’s happening. It’s good stuff. Good stuff, Mom.

And that was good stuff, Erik.

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  • Whenever I see a penny face up, a ladybug or a bright beautiful red robin, I say “thank you” or “I am blessed”. It’s my way of acknowledging their presence! :o)

  • George

    Elisa you are my main professor haha

  • MikeHulse

    They can also use ectoplasm to form objects and shapes to interact with us. Much easier I would have thought as they don’t need to lower their vibration. It’s mostly used by physical mediums. Like the seance I went to a couple of weeks ago, were a spirit placed a hand formed out of ectoplasm on my head. You could feel the fingers and palm and the weight of it.

  • Jason Shapeofacloud

    I was just thinking about this sort of thing this morning, and feeling sort of appalled at the way family spirits can have a way to seemingly / randomly pop by at the oddest times. ie. bathroom. Potty talk with spirits… Erik-gross. haha..

    Elisa, I was the same way. I never encountered the skin sensations before Erik died either, at least that I was aware of them. I can remember vividly shortly after my spirit guide died in life, I went to the acupuncturist for the first time. And she gave me a whole body ying/yang balancing treatment. Needles all over my body. I was laying there, and as she put the last needles in, all of a sudden it felt like a circuit closing in an electrical circuit. I had these really weird sensations of static and tickling prickles marching like ants on my skin in waves. it would travel from head to toe in a circle. Ever sense then I could sense energy really well.

    Here is tip to see what sensing energy is like. Next time your at the hardware or pet/ feed store. Go to the isle where they sell giant magnets. For cattle or farm use. The really big powerful ones. Take one and hold it just over the top of your head or forehead, and slowly move it up and down and see if you can sense the pressure from the magnetic field in your body. Another type of energy is the old balloon trick with static electricity. Same thing. Move it slowly away and to your arm and try to judge how close it can be before you feel it. Same with cell phones and microwaves.

    Spirit energy is like that. It can feel differently in a range of sensations and temperatures. They can use their energy, your energy, environmental or a combination of. And depending on how and what, it will feel slightly differently. It’s my opinion when environmental energy is used, it will feel cold. If they use theirs it will feel warmer. It’s my understanding the reason temples, ears, eyebrows, lips, foreheads and hands are so prominent, is because there are minor chakras there connecting to the head/ throat chakras. It’s also prime accupoints along meridians used in acupuncture. I suspect the pins and needles/ tickling/ buzz is from auras interacting along the hair follicles to energy meridians.

    Our energy bodies have the capacity to be really sensitive. Just think of them as analogous to the flesh. Just as the flesh has organs, so does the energy bodies our consciousness uses. And thoughts are things. They interact with our energy. So Erik et al, can project a thought to you and it’s like just like two magnets approaching each other. They attract, or repulse.

    • Jason, you have such great tips and you’re a very good teacher. Keep it coming.

    • HSB

      I experience spirit energy the same way, Jason. Like my skin is magnetized. The first time I “met” Erik (the day I found this site), my whole body just buzzed. Now I recognize it as just their way of saying “hello.” However, I find Erik’s energy to be more “buzzy” than others and when he says hello when I’m trying to drift off to sleep, his energy sometimes gives me insomnia because it makes me toss and turn. Now I’ve found that it’s easier to handle his energy when I’m moving, like on a nature walk. It’s all so interesting! 🙂

  • Denise

    I will never think about goosebumps the same ever again.

  • Very interesting!

  • Randi9

    Hmm…When I first read this post my face was tingling. If that was Erik or my spirit guide thanks lol! Sometimes, I talk to Erik and I get a tingling sensation all over (or just on my arms). It gets so intense that I have this sudden urge to laugh. It really helps me b/c I get so down about things and I appreciate it.

  • Jen

    I remember meditating that I was chilling out in a car with Erik. Then I started falling asleep (I was meditating late at night in bed). As I drifted away, I had the mental image of Erik running his finger down my neck in a sort of “Helllloo? Are you falling asleep?” way. It shocked me awake immediately, and I felt that tingling on my scalp that you described.
    I kept trying to rationalize why I would suddenly visualize him doing that random action. I guess it had to be him!

  • What about when you listen to a song and it gives you goosebumps? Is it related to spirit somehow or is it just the emotion it evokes? I sometimes get a little muscle spasm in the same place that I think is spirit saying hello.

    • If the song seems like a message from spirit and holds some special meaning, it’s probably them. If not, it’s probably just the emotions the song provokes. That’s my opinion anyway.

    • Jason Shapeofacloud

      It’s hard to say in this case. Everyone is different. The best way I know of to tell is to journal these experiences for a while and then look back at them for patterns. Usually spirit energy is tied to thought, be it visual or thought words, or contextual emotions. ie. if your listening to music and you suddenly think of a spirit, ie. be it a departed loved one, erik, or a vision, or message, or past actions/experience. Angels and guides use mental leaps of association as a subconscious tool. Muscle twitches, tweak, discomfort and even tickles etc., can also be spirit generate. I’ve known them in the attempt to touch me, not quite get their energy right and what was intended as a foot rub, turn out to be rather like being pinched or borderline uncomfortable, and I’ve had to tell them to stop it or it hurts, upon which the sensation changed. I’ve also had it tickle, or buzzed so bad it was uncomfortable, or it made me dizzy; which I then tell them to back away. If it ever got to be too much trouble I ask my Angel to intervene. Guides will intervene as well upon request. But I digress, basically gooseflesh/bumps can be contact, but usually it’s contextual with your thoughts or a message.

      • This is all really blowing my mind a little to think that many of the things that I have just shrugged off and explained away could actually be them trying to make contact. There is one song my friend sings that just makes me spontaneously cry. I don’t even know why because I don’t think it is the words. I don’t know. I will have to pay attention next time I get goosebumps from a song. And putting it in a journal is a great idea. Thank you so much or your thoughts, Jason. 🙂

  • Linda2749

    What about our pets? Can and do they make contact with us?

  • Yes, of course. Thank god. My little min pin visited me while I was in my garden. Saw her plain as day.

  • Brandi

    I get goosebumps anytime I clear intense emotions or beliefs, whether that be mine or someone else’s. Erik would never get through to me that way. Instead, he feels like a cool breeze on my right arm and face. 🙂

    • I get the cool breeze too. Also got it from my mother. It was almost 100 degrees out and no wind–until that icy breeze. My sister and I both felt it.

  • Marie Jude

    Is it possible to just feel tingling or do you have to get the actual raised goosebumps??

    I do believe my dad talks to me through music. My dad loved silly songs and my sis and i would tease him mercilessly about his poor taste in music which he thought was hilarious. The sillier the song the louder he sang it. The other day I was having a really bad day and asked for advice through my tears and the song “don’t worry be happy” came on which made me laugh and cry at the same time because the song has special significance for me. Also because that is so my dad…he always saw the bright side in everything.

    • Actually, I’ve never had raised goosebumps from Erik. It’s always just a prickly sensation similar to those you get with goosebumps. But it can get really intense. I bet the intensity depends on the spirit’s energy level–how strong their energetic body is, etc.

  • Awesome Post! Highly informative! Thank you! 🙂

  • Thank you SO much for this, Elisa! My son Ryan deliberately crossed over last year, and for the last few months I have been having this strange goosebumpy sensation, specifically only on the outside of my lower left leg! It is just as you describe – not raised goosebumps. I told my husband, it is as if I am an animal, and my fur or hair was raising and tingling. Weird and unusual, never felt it before. I wondered if it could be Ryan somehow, and wondered if anyone else had ever felt similarly. What a confirmation to read this! Thank you Erik!

    • Oh, I’m sure it was Ryan! What a good boy! Hope you get the tingling on Mother’s Day.

  • Mark

    my mother and father use numbers for me. I’m sure of it. The day my father died I saw the number 444 on the microwave, clocks, computer time. I’d just randomly look and it would be there. Wake up and see it was 444. Then it switched to 333 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer a few months after my fathers death. Same situation. The repeated numbers fluctuated between 1111, 555, 333, and 444. After my mother died 222 was constant and now this last year daily any random string of three’s on a daily basis along with 944 and 911. There is no known reason why I look at those numbers when they are showing. I can be reading, cooking, watching tv and without even feeling a need will know to look and there they are. I also get chills on my legs. I don’t wish to speak about the vivid dreams as they are not angelic or sweet but are very uncomfortable and distressing but as mentioned in one other post my situation and what has occurred in my life journey and culminated with being the loan survivor of my entire immediate family is so unique and so bizarre I’m left with a lot of unsettling questions. Your son and I have a very similar personality. Very to the point i feel when he is speaking it is my own words. I’ve been looking over a year to connect with someone to help me communicate with my deceased family as I feel they are desperate to speak to me and I definitely need answers. your son would be absolutely fascinated with my mom if he met her. My brother as well. Again this is part of my unique tapestry of dna. As I said my story is very unique.

    • I bet he has already met your mom and adores her. You should get Erik to bring her to one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls so you can speak to her yourself!

      • Mark

        I’ve requested that. Also meditating on it. The more of Erik’s comments that I read the funnier it gets that I would find this place. His phrasing, his comments, his humor, they are so much like mine. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they have met already. She would be pulled towards his energy.

  • Jane5

    This was very interesting, thanks! I wonder how they are able to use insects – i.e. the dragonflies, etc. – to communicate. Is it a visual illusion or do they just drive the insect around remote-control-like? 😉

    • Great question! It’s somewhere in the blog. I think I remember him saying they just worked with the energy field around the insects, birds, etc. They do the same thing to move objects. Lots of stuff in the archives are amazing. I hope you make your way through them. If you want to find the exact answer, you can search under the categories. I think the appropriate one would be “Spirits working with insects,” “Spirits moving objects,” or something like that.

      • Jane5

        ok cool, thank you. I hope Jamie’s group channeling goes well and none of the trolls from that other site call in. I suppose it will be good practice for her and her staff to learn how to screen callers. All the best to you and everyone involved.

  • Philomena Mooney

    Hi, I just found your blog im enjoying it so far 🙂 I have a question for Erik i’m not sure if it will make sense, but given he talks about emotion so much lets try him heehee. I suffer with panic attacks and anxiety, but i am also highly emotional, have lots of empathy and compassion (whether i want to or not). i have also communicated with spirits of strangers, i dont believe myself but the recipients of the messages confirmed what i had said, so , my question to you Erik, do you feel people that suffer with anxiety and unknown emotions that just dont fit with their environment could be that fact that they are highly sensitive to outside energy including spirits as well as humans? I hope that makes sense, in my heart i believe there is a connection. I am also an animal rescuer and so many of us suffer with depression and anxiety i am shocked its got to be more than a co-incidence? thanks Erik 🙂

  • If you search the blog using the keyword “anxiety” or “social anxiety” etc. You should find a whole post about that. It’s very helpful!

  • Briana

    I’ve been getting goose bumps all of the time since my boyfriend passed away. I’ve tried to make logical sense of them, but they never come at times when I’m cold or scared (which are times I’d usually associate with goose bumps).

    A few weeks ago I resigned to believing that these goose bumps were actually my boyfriend trying to communicate with me. Ever since I started interpreting them that way, they have become stronger and more frequent. Especially when I’m about to go to bed, I feel them all over my body. If I try to speak to him, the goose bumps come almost as if they are a response to what I’m saying. It’s an incredible experience that has provided me with so much comfort and reassurance that he’s still with me.

    Do you think this all sounds like a reasonable interpretation of my goose bumps?

  • Ann Forbes-Weaver

    This is truly weird….I was reading How Spirits Say “Hello”, while lying in bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the TV remote control lift up a little and fall to the floor. I wasn’t moving, so I know that I didn’t cause this! Hmm….

    • A hello to you!

      • Ann Forbes-Weaver

        Yes! LOL! I have NEVER had anything like that happen to me. I haven’t told anyone about it (except for here), because they might think I was trying to give my beliefs some proof.
        Elisa, what was it that made you believe that Jaime was truly communicating with Erik? Have the 3 of you ever shared a past life together?

      • I haven’t asked about past lives, but my first inkling that she might be the real deal was during the first session. She describes how he killed himself, where he was, what he was wearing, how he cursed and much more. Since then, she’s convinced me even more. For example (and this is on the YouTube channel) during a radio interview, the host, on reviewing the tape, heard someone (Erik) shout “MINIONS.” Nobody heard it during the live interview. Right after that, Jamie said, “He calls them minions.”

      • Ann Forbes-Weaver

        Amazing! I listened to The Gandhi interview on YouTube, at 26:50 I heard Gandhi! You can hear his accent! I just kept listening to it! Ha! I’m so glad that you are strong enough to continue this work, because it has really touched me in such a positive way.

      • I hear it!! What do you think he said?

      • Ann Forbes-Weaver

        At first I thought he said “hello”, but I think he might have said some thing like “pardon”, as if he wanted you to rephrase your question, because you did quickly rephrase it! LOL! I’m grasping at straws…. Ha!

  • Brianna Parker

    Awesome!!! Especially the part about localized chills. I’ve recently found out the identity of one spirit guide. Infact erik has channeled her. At first I was in disbelief that this person was my guide but when 3 psychic friends all said the same thing its hard to discount it. Anyways I’m learning to develop my own psychic gifts. Ive gotten more and more chill and static like sensations usually around the right side of my head when I talk to my guide. I wonder why always on the left side??? A couple times I have gotten full body chill/static sensations that my skin actually felt like like it was litrerly buzzing full body.

  • priscilla murdock

    For the past couple days I feel something touching shoulder mostly all over. I don’t know what the signs are I don’t hear nothing in my house I just feel spirits

    Please help

    • Maybe it’s just Erik giving you a hug. Ask whoever it is to stop and go away. They usually do. Try not to be fearful.

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