How to Contact Erik

Here’s a guest post from Ashley Riley, that wonderful person who created the Channeling Erik Facebook Group. By the way, please join if you want a private place to share and meet like-minded friends. The link is HERE.

How To Contact Erik

Hi everybody 🙂 For those of you in the Channeling Erik Facebook group, you know me as the admin. For those of you who have yet to join the Facebook group, you may have seen me answering questions in the forum either as myself, Ash, or as my blog, In My Sacred Space.

I’ve guest blogged for Channeling Erik a few times in the past with some posts on psychic development and religion’s role in spirituality.

I’ve been involved with Channeling Erik since 2011, and it was in early 2012 when I created the Facebook group for Elisa (I thought I’d add that tidbit because so many people have asked me how it came to be!).

In my years of moderating discussion in the Facebook group and answering questions in the forum, there’s one common theme that seems to pop up more than any other, and that’s what I wanted to talk about today!

So many people – SO MANY – ask Erik for assistance on a daily basis. To have him help them contact a loved one, to help them with their life, to give them a sign. If I were Erik, I’d be completely overwhelmed with the number of requests, but he’s a spirit and I’m pretty certain they don’t get overwhelmed. 🙂

I know that a lot of the people who come to this blog and ask Erik for help are very new in their spiritual journey, so I wanted to take an opportunity to answer this most common question and give you some other pointers.

To Contact Erik (Or A Departed Loved One)
Spirits communicate telepathically. If you want to talk to Erik, all you need to do is THINK it. Think AT him and he will hear you.  You don’t need to send an email, or say it out loud, or submit a question in the forum. Just THINK it.

Thoughts are energy just like everything else, and thoughts are the most POWERFUL kind because they are the basis (well beliefs, really) of all things in existence.

All of this applies to contacting your loved ones as well. Especially with them, you have a very strong energetic bond, and most likely they are hanging around you pretty often anyway.

As far as receiving communication, dreams tend to be the easiest way for Erik and others to communicate with you. You just need to learn how to tap into those dreams and interpret them.

You Don’t Need Erik

I know that Erik has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes him approachable and resonates with a lot of people and because of this, a lot of us feel very drawn to him, specifically. But I’m here to tell you, and he will too, that he is not special or magical or a guru or God (well, yeah, he IS God, but so are YOU :P). He’s just a dude in the spirit world sharing what he’s learning with the masses, as so many other spirits (and people!) are doing.

That being said, YOU ALL HAVE THE ABILITY to tap into the things that Erik talks about. We’re all psychic. Every single one of us. We all have a team of spirit guides and guardian angels who are working with us on a daily basis looking to help us grow and become strong, independent, and empowered individuals.

LEAN ON THEM! Put some of that energy into contacting your own spirit team who have been with you your whole life, who have been there with you (whether you knew it or not) through your highest highs and especially your lowest lows. They have been there for you when you thought no one else was. But you are never alone. They are always there.

You chose them before you even came here to help you do what you needed to do with this life. They have as much of a connection with you as your loved ones who have crossed over. In many cases, they HAVE BEEN your loved ones in your past lives.  They are your soul family. Reach out to them.

The process is exactly the same, but if you want some more info, you can read my three-part series on my blog about how to contact your spirit guides.

If you take away anything away from this post today, I hope that it’s the fact that you have far more power than you ever imagined and you are only beginning to discover it. Erik and others can guide you along the way, but this is your journey. Place your trust and your faith squarely where belongs – in yourself.

One last thing: I’m ready to get together with my Houston peeps. We had such a great time last time. Please email me if you want to join. I’m thinking Saturday, May 30th around 2:00 PM. Scheduling it too close to noon places us at risk of not finding a big enough table. 

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  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    Thanks Ashley. ♡♡ See you soon, Elisa.

  • Kristie

    This is good advice, thank you.

    Can you answer a question? May be silly, but I have read so many books by so many people like Mrs. Dolores Canon, Sylvia Browne, Dr. Weiss and many more, they all state animals have a different vibration/ soul make up and do not re-incarnate into the world after they pass over, nor do they become humans and vice versa. They are of a much purer energy, yet Erik states pets can be loved ones reincarnated and we can come back as pets etc.,

    I am just curious, and I love the Erik blog very much. Blessings.

    • Ash

      I’m sure the answer lies somewhere inbetween, but here’s one thing that Erik has said about animals that I’ve always found interesting and it makes a lot of sense to me.

      First of all, let’s acknowledge that humans are also animals

      Let’s exchange the words “vibration” and “soul makeup” with “consciousness” and “awareness.” In a lot of respects these are all very similar things, if not differing aspects of the SAME thing.

      Animals (and plants and rocks for that matter) have a different type of self-awareness than we do as humans. We are the most self-aware (Dolphins may also be on our level) animals on the planet.

      What Erik has said, is that when we have pets – through our love and our energetic bond with them – we gift them a part of our own consciousness and they move closer to our vibration than that of, say, a wild animal.

      So perhaps it’s true that animals who avoid human contact choose not to evolve or incarnate. If you read Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls, he talks about a place in the spirit realm where we learn to create things, including animal life, so maybe all the animals that are in the world now are just a manifestation of our collective consciousness? A co-creation, of sorts, which would make them an aspect of ourselves. So, no, they wouldn’t necessarily of their own accord reincarnate or evolve, or go from being an animal to a human and vice versa – but given that they are an aspect of us, when viewed from another perspective, they could be seen as becoming human when that energy returns to where it came from (you).

      Also, in the case of pets, if/when the pet crosses over, perhaps the aspects of consciousness which you gave to it through your love, remains intact within your own energy, and when you get a new pet, you may re-gift that energy to the new animal, which might give the feeling that the pet has reincarnated (it’s the same energy after all) or you might give it a different aspect and view it as a wholly other “soul.”

    • Léon Vrins

      Hi Kirstie,

      Maybe you need to read some more books about the subject. Animals do reincarnate, sometimes as human beings. One of our cats told my wife (she is an animal communicator) that in his former life he was a cougar. After he passed away he told her he enjoyed his life as a domestic cat with us, but when he reincarnates it will be as a wild cat again.

  • Va Lovelace

    Great post Ashley – I bet all of the under-utilized guides are clapping and cheering!

  • Kathleen Ferguson

    Funny you should say this Ashley,I have actually thought this many times reading blog and fb.Poor Erik talk about overtime.I have always talked to my guides for help and thought gosh they would be so deflated if I all of a sudden decided to ignore them and talk to Erik .I love love love the blog and info Erik is sharing it is so opening up my world ,but then go on with my life and guides .Hope others can too .Thank you xxxxxx

  • Julia Fielder

    GREAT post, thank you!!

  • cyndi wilkins

    I think you hit the nail right on the noggin Ashley:) We tend not to trust our own instincts, but instead look outside of ourselves for all the answers. A great reminder, yet again, to look within! Besides, I’m sure Erik would love some “time off” once in a while to spend with his gal pal:)

  • It’s because the spirit teams don’t have blogs that people forget they have them 😉

    • cyndi wilkins

      True that;)

  • Lelabelle

    Thank you Ashley

  • Mika

    Beautiful post. I always thank my guides in my head. I always try to make sure they are appreciated and credited for helping me be who I am and not give up on me. I still can’t hear them, and I have difficulty in unblocking them because of fear of a lot of things, but there was this time when in my thoughts I saw myself in a third person view, ever since I was a child, growing up, my struggles, my changes, up to where I am today. And I was tearing up because all those times they were just watching me and trying to help me even if I didn’t know they are there. It was so random, I’m not sure if I thought of it all or they sent it to me. And I just feel so thankful that I knew I wasn’t alone all along. I’m looking to connect with them better. I’m making it a mission. Lol! :,D

  • ula ulananda

    Ashley, I so love the way you explain & clarify while being so straight forward and truthful – as how else could you be???? Thank you for this blog and for who you are & what you are trying to facilitate for many! Have a great time in Houston! namaste ♡

    • Ash

      Thanks Ula 🙂

  • Arketha Rhodes Huff

    I would like to start by saying I have been reading on the website and watching on You-tube for at least three weeks now. I know that Eric is known to play tricks and this reading and watching usually happens from 12am-3am. Well he must really can tune into a person cause he did come to scare me now he did do a few things to let me know he was around but as I lay down to sleep he would talk to me to let me know there are others on the other side rooting for me and know how I hurt at times and how I doubt myself but that is just a waist of time on my side cause I need to look at the bigger picture. See I already know this but sometimes we just need a little feather touch on the soul to push us through so we can continue our journey. Thank You and blessing.

    • Cool! I’d love for you to click on the “Share your stories” button and write out the details of your experience!

  • Jimmie Hogan

    Hi Elisa. I’m not sure if I’m doing any of this right or not as to where to put a message. I wrote on the forum a few weeks ago and remain somewhat confused as to where to go for what. My son Jonathan (Jon) committed suicide in Nov. 2007 very similar to Erik. He was 25. The family was devastated and the grieving seemed to last forever. He was the third of four children and our second son. I found the CE site about six months ago and my wife and I have watched most of the you-tubes and we read post almost daily. I recently became a member of the blog group but don’t really know what to do there either. We live in Alabama and often find ourselves somewhat frustrated with the conservative way of thinking of most people here. We have few friends (if any) that would accept any of this and that makes it hard to discuss with anyone. Our life seems to have taken several twist and turns since Jonathan died. The very next year we almost lost his younger sister with a difficult pregnancy. The baby (Carter) only lived 9 hours. Jessica received ten units of blood and for the next three days we did not know if she would survive. Last year our son-in-law Jeffrey lost his only sister (Stacey) when she was murdered by a live-in boyfriend. So while their has also been good with adoption of a grandson (Griffin 4) and a gran-daughter (Ella Jane 1) for Jessica and Jeffrey and both Karen and I retiring we take life one day at a time and cherish each as it comes. We miss Jonathan terribly. We feel his presence here all the time. It’s much more understandable now that we know what we do from CE. We just want to know he’s okay. My wife Karen seems to stay sick all the time and I’m real worried about her. She recently had a dream where Jonathan spoke to her and I’m very worried about her. We’ve been married almost 45 years now and we both know our time is probably short and look forward to passing over and being with Jonathan and Carter and Stacey. I hope maybe Erik can find Jonathan and talk to him for us. Thanks

    • Oh my, you’ve had it rough. I’m so sorry. You must be very strong people. I would really strongly consider talking to Erik about Karen’s health issues and talking directly to Jonathan on one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls. She has three types, one just for grievers. They can be very, very powerful. I’m wondering what nudged you to the blog. Could Erik and Jonathan have teamed together to do so? If so, why? Maybe there is something you’re supposed to do with his death just like there was for me with Erik’s. So many questions. I wouldn’t wait to have an hour long session with Jamie because the wait is around a year and it’s very expensive. The calls are cheaper. If you do, make sure Erik joins in. He can help Jonathan communicate and helps keep Jamie’s filters down. You can also go to The Channeling Erik Mediums Facebook page and choose a medium there. Be sure to read references, people’s experiences with their readings, etc. I don’t know them well enough to make recommendations. The CE Facebook group you’ve joined can be for anything. Ask for support. Ask about their experiences with the small group calls. Ask for help making a list of questions for the medium. Ask for prayers for Jeffrey, etc.

  • Brianna Parker

    Oh awesome especially about the guides. But one thing i feel is there is no set or can’t be it diedho can be a guide or can’t

  • Brianna Parker

    awesome about the spirit guides. one thing I have noticed there’s a lot of resources define guides in such a way that there is no possibility of loved ones friends or anyone whose life overlaps a person’s life. I don’t feel like there are set rules and guidelines to determine who can be a guide or who can’t I defined spirit guides team as Spirits who are very close to someone spiritually as in soul family past life connections etc.

    Like 1 of my guides died when I was 9. we have a strong past life connection as well as spiritual connection. she already predestined when she she was going to die. So before coming to her most recent life she and I most likely decided that she would step in as my guide a little later in my life. until then I probably had another guide who filled in fpr her. Guides to me are spirits who choose to guide someone and there are no set rules for guides. My mom is also now a spiritual guide tho she recently passed shes chosen to stay with me. I dont feel that only specific spirits can be guides and they cant be anyone you knew in this life etc.

  • Tony Orseau

    Can I ask a question please? I’m a spiritual person and have read scores of books over the years about life after death, mediums, the paranormal etc. and I’m halfway through the book about Erik. I’ve also been to see several mediums myself for readings. What is puzzling me is how the medium gets such clear communication from Erik, when everything I have ever read/witnessed seems to indicate that communication is very difficult and clarity is a problem. And yet here we are getting full sentences and great detail from Erik. Can somebody please explain this to me?

    • I think Erik’s energy is especially strong and clear perhaps because of all the love he gets from you guys. Mediums tell me he’s really easy to channel.

  • John

    Hello? Anyone there?

    If so, hi. My name is John and I have been reading in this website for a while, and it is entertaining to read your transcripts on celebrities who crossed over. It has led me to believe that we come here to Earth to learn a lesson, and/or for a purpose. Something like that.

    I really don’t feel like it right now, but is there any way for any of your fans and myself to request to channel any celebrity of our choice? Or maybe a session to contact loved ones who passed over?

    Mainly, I just wanted to tell you how I feel about this website. However, there doesn’t seem to be a page to contact y’all. So, this is why I’m here.

    Can’t wait to hear more interviews in the future,
    John the Christian

    • You can book a session with one of the mediums if you want to channel one of your loved ones or even if you want to channel a celeb of your choice. Sometimes I hold contests where the winner can pick a celeb.

      • John

        Cool! I would like to enter a contest sometime.

        But, unfortunately, where I do go if I ever need to book a session? Iḿ not asking for one right away, but I would like to know where to go if I ever feel like it.

      • All the mediums I use are on the links list under the favorites tab at the top of the homepage.

      • John

        Alright, thanks!

  • Sylvia

    Can you ask Erik about Emma de Guzman and Stigmata

  • Sylvia

    I’ll understand if he would rather not. I can see there are people who have more important questions that need answers! This is the kind of things that being raised Catholic trying to believe these things people seeing the virgin mary, virgin de Guadalupe, saints, stigmata, and an awful lot of stuff!!! I’ll have to figure this out my self . Thank you

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