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Me: How exactly does thought create reality, and how can you manifest things energetically? I’m talking in terms of consciousness and energy, Erik. Can you tell us how that works? I know it happens instantaneously with you guys and is painfully slow with us, but I don’t care about the difference really. I just want to know how it works.

Jamie (giggling): Erik leans into me and goes, “Clearly you don’t understand the definition of energy, Mom.”

Me: Hey, watch it, boy! I can still turn you over my knee. Well, maybe not.

Erik laughs.

Erik: You actually answered yourself in the question, because you said how does thought create or manifest what destinies or however you worded it, but you also said that you knew it was energy. That means you really know that THOUGHT IS ENERGY Mom.

Me: Of course. I know that.

Erik: And we all understand that like attracts like. Dust underneath your bed loves to hang out with other dust beneath your bed, hence we get the dust bunny.

Jamie and I chuckle.

Jamie: You’re so funny, Erik.

Erik: So, everything just pulls together. If you’re constantly putting out in thought format, what you’re creating, where you see yourself, how you want it done, these thoughts are looking for the same matched energy in your environment so it can reach out and link to some other person, some other idea, and start to create and manifest that outcome that you desire. Your thoughts are the blueprints for your creations. Your thoughts are the blueprints for your manifestations. They really are, so that’s why I laugh my ass off when people say, All right, I’m going to give five minutes of my time to purify my thoughts—“

Jamie: He’s being really funny in his voice, like, oh, it sounds like a character and I can’t think of the name! Okay. Moving on.

Sounds like Marvin the Martian to me.

Erik: Ahem. “—five minutes of my time to purify my thoughts to manifest this.” But yet every other fucking minute of the day is destroying what you want to create. You’re backstabbing yourself. “Aw, I can’t do that shit.” “Man, I ain’t got it together. That fucking shit scares me.” “Money is elusive.” “Money isn’t abundant.” “I’m struggling.” “I’m alone.” “I’m poor.” And you’re this and that and this. But thank god—

Jamie: He’s being so sarcastic!

Erik: Thank god you took five minutes out of your day to think positively!

Oops, I’ve been guilty of that. I have those five-ten minutes scheduled on my iPhone, dammit.

Erik: You know, this is where people get steered wrong, and they get so disappointed that it’s not an instant answer. You really have to change all your thoughts, Man, not just five minutes of it! You really gotta work at it!


Erik: And the people who can do that shit are fucking amazing. Amazing! Mom, you’ve come across a few.

Me: Indeed I have.

Erik: You think it. It shows up. You do it. You’re successful. You move on. It’s so easy. And then you know what happens? People look at you and go, “Oh that was just luck.” That’s bullshit. It’s because that person aligned themselves—their whole body: their thoughts, their emotions, everything to that concept and idea and so they got it. But the lazy ass person next to them can’t see it.

Me: So when this thought, this energy sends out these tendrils looking for similar energy, what does it do once it gets there, once it links up?

Erik: Oh, once like finds like?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It pulls them together. It connects them.

Me: Like a network.

Erik: Yeah. Like you’re sitting in a bar, and you know you need a lawyer for this business idea that you have and you’re working toward finding a lawyer. You make eye contact with someone; they come over; they’ve worked at a law firm, and once they tell you that, you go, “Oh my god, I’m looking for this” and they go, “I have the most perfect person for that. They person for that; they actually specialize in that department.” Coincidence? No!” You’re actually aligning your thoughts to bring that person to you, and it can go through three, four, five people before that definite person or connection or talent shows up for you. It’s amazing. It is. It’s like an energetic network system.

Me: Interesting. Well, what about on your side? How do you create a skateboard, for example?

Jamie laughs hard at what Erik does.

Jamie: He does this really awkward move, not graceful at all. He blinks his eyes really heavy and trusts his forehead forward like, um, it reminds me of “I Dream of Jeannie.”

Me (laughing): Oh yeah!

Jamie: He doesn’t fold his arms or anything.

Erik: No, no. I just see the skateboard. I see how I want it to be made, what’s on it, what kind of chux and bearings and grip and design I want on it. And I can have that, cuz I’m not working in a material world. I’m working in an energetic world. We’re in a higher dimension. We don’t really have that dense, material –

Me: Okay, so you’re not actually creating an object, like a dense, solid object. You’re just creating –

Erik: Energy. We’re pulling energy together to create another energetic shape. It’s like you’re dense energy, solid and you’re surrounded by and creating dense objects. We’re not dense and we don’t create dense objects. So, it’s a little different. It’s kind of like comparable to being at the beach and you wanna make a sand castle and you have all that sand available and you just smush it together and shape it and form it.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: That’s like us. I have all this energy available, and I’m just going to mush it together and create what I need for that moment in time, and when I’m done with it, I can un-mush it. It kind of goes back into the energy mass. But I do this all with my thoughts, with consciousness.

Jamie: That was such a brilliant way of saying that!

Me: I’m loving it! Hats off to you, my boy!

Erik (laughing): Tell me more! Tell me more!

Me: By the way, are you wearing a hat, Erik? Do you ever wear hats?

Jamie: He wears hats, yes.

Me: Okay. Just wondering.

Jamie: Not today, though. I don’t see him in one. I usually see him in baseball caps, but it’s funny because I have yet to see him wear it with the bill facing forward.

Me: Yes, he always loved cocking it slightly to the side. Never straight forward. So true!

Jamie: Yeah. It’s always a little bit crooked. It’s funny.

Dust Bunny

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    But this energetic created objects and realities look as real as those dense on earth right?

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