How to Forgive and Love Yourself

Yesterday, Endre and I talked on the phone about the public channeling session in Los Angeles, and he made a remarkable observation: Jamie had her eyes closed the entire time, yet she (as Erik) didn’t bump into anyone as he chased Arleen, as he paced around the room, as he pointed out people in various places. If I had done that, I’d have become an orthopedic surgeon’s dream case within the first thirty minutes. Pretty amazing. And the way she constantly giggled her leg while sitting–that was exactly what Erik used to do. The only difference was the absence of tics and the shroud of darkness. Of course, once he crossed over, he no longer had Tourettes or bipolar disease. Pretty cool.

Now, a timely video on a subject we’ve been discussing all week:

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  • mom2bzs

    Funny you brought this up Elisa! I was telling Robert about this. I kept looking at Jamie to see if she’d open her eyes. The first thing I look at with people is their eyes.


  • Angel Bird

    It took 5 longs years to forgive my ex, but eventually I did it, with it I realized that in letting go of the pain and hatred I was able to fully live in real time again. Now to forgive myself for letting Emily go, that is entirely different, Im her mom, I was supposed to keep her healthy and safe and to let go, I have to ignore my little voice in my head and say go away, not now. But this whole journey that is possibly why I am here so I have to embrace it when its here and say ok so what have I learned from this. Then go on. It takes doing it over and over again. Love this Elisa, thank you ♥

  • clayhalo

    Burt Harding is the real deal, a teacher. In this satsang (meeting), he talks about “letting go.”

    • Hey Teri Monster!

    • He’s my new hero!

  • sunshine7

    Thanks for this post, very enlightening.

  • Puzzled

    Something really strange happened before i started to read and watch this webpage. The first time it loaded the text was shrinking and kept shrinking it was weird. I wonder it was Erik’s doing. But then again maybe it was just a glitch.

  • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

    Burt was my first guru many years ago!

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