How to Rise Above Your Struggles

Me: Erik, there are so many people who are struggling in so many ways. Some of us grieve over a loss, some of us have trouble with a relationship, raising kids, making ends meet, dealing with bosses or co-workers, and even figuring out why we’re here in the first place. My god, the list of possible hardships are endless. And yeah, I get the whole duality thing, but what can you say to keep us from tossing in the towel? Seriously, it sucks sometimes.

Erik: I know, Mom, but that’s part of what the human experience is all about. You know, it’s all an illusion, right? I mean, you’re projecting your whole life on a movie screen. Your body isn’t really you, and you’re really not entirely on earth. You’ve created your character to play a role, and you’re co-creating a reality to be the movie set. So, just pull yourself back out of that set and take a breather.

Me: Easier said than done.

Erik: Okay, remember those days when you go to class and find out, “yippee, we’re not gonna have a pop quiz; we’re gonna watch a movie instead!”?

Me: God, yes. I loved those little surprises.

Erik: Yeah, well, when the cowboys and Indians kill each other, do you feel like you wanna give up and die?

Me: No.

Erik: So, instead, if your character is on the screen playing one of the Indians or whoever, would you freak out when the cowboys come after you, knowing you’re really just sitting in your desk watching it unfold?

Me: No, I guess not.

Erik: You just have to remember what’s really going on from time to time. Oh, here’s another way to put it. We’re all gathering around a chessboard and moving pieces around.

Me: Okay, but I don’t know anything about chess, so bear that in mind.

Erik: Okay, um, so maybe you’re a pawn, maybe you’re a king, maybe you’re a bishop, but you’re real self is not. Your real self is the chess player using free will to move your piece from square to square, and you’re purpose is to learn when you fuck up and make a bad move and even learn when other people make a bad move. ‘Course you can learn from the good moves too, but—

Me: Not as powerful, huh?

Erik: Exactly. So when you’re feeling like crap about what’s happening in your life, try to visualize the bigger picture, and remember that the game will be over and everyone wins. Always. Then it starts all over again.

Me: If we pull back like that and look at every hardship as a silly game, though, then how can duality pack any punch?

Erik: Oh, don’t worry about that. Very few people can stick with that image of the chess game or the class movie. Most people go balls deep back into the game and suffer Heath Ledger style. The rook fucks with the pawns. The queen cheats on the king. The king chases the bishop into a corner and flogs him.

Me: Oh, a relationship villain?

Erik: Yeah, maybe, but that king is an ass cuz he keeps flogging that bishop, and the bishop doesn’t even try to fight back.

Erik suddenly laughs really hard.

Me: What?

Erik: Nevermind, Mom.

Me: Mmkay!

Erik: So the deal is, you’ll all eventually find joy in every bad move and checkmate. You’ll realize the wins are in the lessons, not in the number of pieces left on the board.

Me: Wow. Pretty deep, Sweetie. But remind me never to play a game of chess.

Erik (chuckling): Yeah, I sucked at the game, the human experience, but I had to play  for a little while so I could sit beside the chess players and encourage them and guide them. That’s what a lot of us do as guides.

Me: And if we give up?

Erik: That’s like upending the board and letting the pieces scatter everywhere. Not only do you feel like a sore loser, you ruin the game for other people, too. Some of ‘em are people you’ve never met on earth, so the ripple effect of giving up is huge. You’ve messed up all their moves, past and present, and their blueprint for that life is sabotaged forever. They get sad; they get pissed. Not a good thing, in most cases.

Me: Okay, so I’ll try to pull back when things get to be too much, and I’ll visualize myself playing chess, knowing that what’s going on on that board is not really real.

Erik: Right!

Me: That the game will end, and we’ll all take off for the nearest bar and celebrate! Margaritas on the house!

Erik laughs.

Erik: And try to find the lesson in every moment of suffering. Embrace what you’ve learned, and you’ll find the joy that’s been there the whole fucking time.

Me: Okay. I’ll try my best.

Erik: It’ll be okay. I love you, Mom.

Me: Oh, how I love you, my darling boy.

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On a lighter note, Happy Birthday, Lukas! (He’s Erik’s younger brother.)


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  • irina

    Thanks Erik, thanks Elisa!
    Exactly what i needed to hear today. Things have been really rough and lately I feel like si sink. I will try to remeber what Erik said:And try to find the lesson in every moment of suffering. Embrace what you’ve learned, and you’ll find the joy that’s been there the whole fucking time.
    Love you both!

    • If you need to talk, let me know, Irina. I don’t want you to feel alone when things get rough. Love you.

      • Irinanelson

        Thanks Elisa! I just have too much down time, since I took a year off school to take care of my mom. So now i gotta find ways to busy myself since too much thinking is not what i need.

  • M and M

    Well said! Thank you Erik and Elisa. As always, Erik states things in such easy to understand terms.

    What I find so interesting is that as kids we grow up into adults believing that hard work and effort to control things (all with good intentions), to make the outcome happen a certain way, is the path to success, and in so much of life back then that was true. It just doesn’t seem true anymore. Now it’s all about letting go. I mean, for so long it was all about thinking wisely, planning ahead, doing the right thing- that was what people valued. Now it seems to just be about letting go, which is critical in order to be able to view things from the bigger picture, as Erik mentions above. It feels as if the entire foundation of life is shifting. I have been working on letting go for long enough (kicking and screaming during most of it) that I can now see the benefit of it, and at times can really rise above and see from the bigger perspective rather from being in the weeds. That part is wonderful. However, I have found that as my perspective has changed in so many ways, all in good ways, that makes it just so much harder to stomach all the negative stuff that people do to each other in this world. It really is unbearable, and makes me feel even more like an outcast, and I have already felt like an outcast my entire life.

    I find it ironic that as I evolve and gain more understanding on the true big picture, the world around me just feels more foreign, intolerable and impossible to interact with. It seems like it should be the opposite. As we become more aware and embrace love rather than fear, I thought life would feel more joyful and wonderful. I can totally see what Erik is saying as true, we do have to be able to rise above the junk and see it from the perspective of learning from it rather than attaching to it. However, it would be really nice to know how to handle the constant feelings of being separated from the love and wonderfulness we are craving, and the feelings of not fitting in ones surroundings- in being so different from everyone else and in craving peace and joy but not being able to find it. I get the whole shining the light into darkness thing, but at some point the light needs to prevail and surround us, right? How do we keep our batteries from dying out? Sorry to sound so down, I’m just struggling so hard with how to keep going, even understanding that it’s about the lesson and that it’s not real and it’s not personal. I’m just tired yet help never seems to arrive.

  • Tony

    Really an excellent post, and like Irina, was exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. I remember reading in a book some years back about our “blueprint” for life, how to try to remember when times get tough that it was, in fact, YOU that had a hand in laying out the lessons to be learned in this life.
    I tell ya, when I get to the other side I think I’m going to want to kick my OWN ass for putting myself thought some of this crap!

  • George Norton

    Great Post Elisa and Erik. I love the movie and chess game metaphore! When life gets tough, it is a real spiritual exercise to remember it is illusion and you’re simply playing a part so you may learn some important lesson.

    With love to all the CE Family,


  • anna

    Is there some way of controling the game? Is there some type of universal formula that is an absolute? Are there universes with absolutes? Everything here is about relatives, I can’t know what something really is until I examine it in relation to what it isn’t? Can I change it without kicking the bucket? Some of the people I read about who have had NDAs come back with less filters, is it all about the filters?

  • I think the most important thing we all can do is share. To hold each other up and simply say, I hear you. You matter. You are all equal. Even in pain. You have everything you need to do whatever it is you want to do with all these experiences already inside of you. The trick is really never about channeling; channeling our higher self; our loved ones; or what we are supposed to remember about our greater reality; The trick is to creatively decide who we are in that experience; the trick is to choose if we are that perception or not. I don’t think there IS a right or wrong answer; and sometimes I think a very valid attitude is saying. “This sure the hell aint me—NEXT!!”…. It’s only when we alter our perception about who we are, that our reality changes, or perspective. I know i know,, easier said than done. The feelings still lurk and are painful, hurt like hell, and I am drowning in them. I can’t let go. And you know what? Sometimes that’s ok. But, but, is this who you want to BE? no? well…. Then NOT just who are you, WHAT are you? Are you this body? Are you just this life? IS this life you? Is this life, does this life define you? Or, are you MORE? If you suspect you are more, .. What might that be? What might be real? Is death dead? Is life ALIVE? ARE you your thoughts, dreams, knowledge, experience… or is there more? And if you wonder about MORE, just how would you find that out?

    Here is something I channeled a while ago, but it speaks to me again.

    “That you know you have a body, is taken for granted. What many do not realize is that you are so much more. Many do not care, nor are they interested in accepting their true natures. For some, this is fine and well. To them, the narrow unthinking focus upon the life around them is such that the intensity of being, or situation is warranted for a specific purpose. To the rest, you can facilitate a change of perspective. You can show them that they are not this fleshy body. You do this through the way you lead your life and how you profess your understanding of it. You always cause reflections of yourself in your environment. Whether this happens consciously or unconsciously is up to you.

    Do not become overwhelmed with your lack of understanding. You will learn. Do not worry about what to do next. Ask and you will be guided. Do not fear. Seek and you will find yourself again. You always are in the process of returning to yourself through love. That you have a glimmer of awareness is enough to start.

    There are ever greater experiences to have both in your current life and in Spirit.

    Do not think of your body as who you are. Do not think of your soul as a body living on some plane of existence. Think of the essence of all that you are. You are a conscious energy existing in and through multiple dimensions at the same time. This energy is not a state of being, but your awareness of your relation to this energy IS. It is better to describe yourself as emotional energetic thought. This then reaches out through dimensional existences according to manifested experiences of love or fear. Which then feeds back in upon itself. You are a great cloud of cycling information that works like a great engine of data creating for itself a faster and greater processor. This gives rise to greater levels of not only self awareness but awareness of the interconnectedness of all energy manifestations. The more conscious you become to your true nature and all it encompasses, the more options you have for self expression. The more experiences you have available to you. The more you can learn, understand, grow. The more you can create. This is part of the divine process of creation. You move to creation of ever greater expanding realities to experience. There are no limits except for that which you place upon yourself.

    The higher you become vibrationally, the lighter the elements that make up your Spiritual body become. The space between your subatomic makeup become greater and greater. This is because new vast distances that make up your existence are filled with ever Greater proportions of the God-force or universal Life-force. The highest levels of being burn with so much light that physicality is no longer needed.” –Voices of Spirit

    And on a related note, I also channeled this in response to a question on grief, and I think it fits the discussion.

    “To understand grief is to break apart the word, and it’s associated cause and effect as applied by the experiencer. Control is a poor descriptor as it is a tool of individual perception. Grief also can be a tool. So right or wrong the degree and style of grief is simply a tool to express the self based upon one’s need or desire. Grief like many emotional expressions can be very healthy or very bad for one’s well being. What do you do with it. The key is in fully exploring the root cause to which grief is applied. On one hand grief is an application of expressing sadness to certain degrees. This is a combined Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical manifestation. Actions such as tears to wracking sobs are natural, wholesome and cleansing and should not be feared. For within such basic reactions is the healing of the soul. This outpouring can be an expression of love.

    On the other hand Grief can be harmful. For it can also be a tool for the lower ego to express selfish loss. But this is also not a black or white situation. As there are many considerations to examine as grief pertains to loss. There are a wide range of degrees that can be expressed through loss. So first examine the cause of sadness. If the sadness is based on love, and selflessness, then grief can lead to even greater love and healing into light and happiness. For example; the difference between missing a great love v/s resenting their loss. If the sadness is based on selfish perceptions of loss and individualized internal hurt; Then grief can lead to a self fulfilling prison of further pain and agony. Thoughts such as, I blame you for leaving me. How could you do this? I am nothing without you. I can’t go on living alone.

    This in itself is a Spiritual tool to narrowly focus the emotion. The Spiritual intent is to direct internal healing to the deep examination of the self perception. Once that is healed or changed, then the original sadness can be addressed. It is never an easy experience, But it can be a liberating one. Once you have overcome the self healing, you can move to thoughts such as; I miss you. I remember the love of your soul. You have been and always will be my love. The memory of you makes me smile. The thought of you brings tears of past joy to my eyes. I will see you soon. This type of sadness and longing is a better place to express grief from. Tears within these feelings can bring joyous release and can easily be shared with others. They can be great teaching tools for understanding the spiritual journey.

    So you see, grief can be expressions in the light or in the dark. There is not true good or bad regarding grief. But it is yet another process of self realization. A journey, a degree of reaction within the spectrum of love and fear to understand one’s experience on the path of self creation.

    Now the manifestations of grief are expressed differently depending on vibrational state of being. But this is not a level or degree. All emotions are available to Spirit. The difference lays in the degree of Knowing and Understanding of experienced Realities. In Spirit, Grief is manifested to a greater or lesser extent based upon ones understanding of one’s self. The lower evolved Spirit will have much of the other lower ego based emotions mixed in with Grief, Such as hate, fear, lust, desire, anger. And it can be sharp, intense and harmful. The more evolved being will express grief as a brief burst of pure love mixed with compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and a longing for reunification of companionship.

    Do not fear your standing on these matters. That you question and wonder is an expression of your right evolvement.” —Voices of Spirit.

    • amy cavanaugh

      ok now I am making choking crying noises in Kinkos

    • anna

      Jason, so what your saying is there are no real lessons to learn –it’s all about the experience. If lessons are learned then it’s more of a by-product of the self internalising the experience as subjectively needed?

      • It’s more about relearning. All about semantics here but we know all we need to know. In experiencing, our knowledge deepens. It’s like taking chemistry lab after gaining the knowledge from chem 101 or like making a baked Alaska after reading the recipe. Experience puts knowledge into context and makes it richer and more applicable to life. These experiences help us learn/remember what we already know. (I think. Gulp.)

  • amy cavanaugh

    wow-I am in Kinko’s with tears rolling down my face. I am moving the rest of our stuff out of the haunted condo. Alone in 100 degree heat feeling sorry for myself for the work, for being alone and pissed as can be about Keith dying. I also feel like as I close this chapter-well you know. As long as there was that condo and our waterbed-the cloud-I always thought in the back of my mind he was coming back. Not that I really want him to he suffered too much on this earth. Yuck, yuck, yuck but I keep hearing that I am going to have a long life and have much to do still-yawn yawn yawn-I want to tip the table

    • Irina nelson

      One of the things that bothers me most is when people tell me that I am so young, and that I have full life ahead of me. I am not sure if they mean it an encouragement words cuz it sure doesn’t feel like so. So i feel you when you say “I keep hearing that I am going to have a long life and have much to do still-yawn yawn yawn-I want to tip the table”. Same feeling here.

    • Patrick

      Aw…Amy……you’ll feel much better much sooner than you think. Physically moving is a physical step that unlocks the REAL step; that of your mind, the real movement. I’m getting that your “haunted condo” was a way to get you to move forward.

      The fires are now extinguished
      A dry creek cannot rise
      Since you’re moving up and out
      You know you’re loved you realize

      Watch out for the living
      It’s cool with everyone else
      Things will get much better
      You’re never by yourself

      Grit your teeth
      Pull your hair
      Run downstairs
      But watch the stairs

      Tomorrow will make today
      Disappear in one quick flash
      Soon you won’t remember
      How much corned beef should go with hash

      Your Angels are all around you
      They’ll keep you right on course
      It’s simple and automatic
      Use no effort and no force

      We’re here to listen to ya
      To understand your day
      Heaven smiles upon you
      It knows the real true way.

  • Rebecca

    Erik, how about if you’re feeling like crap BECAUSE you’re feeling like crap? I get the whole “life is a movie”thing, but feeling horrible and being trapped with physical problems for 40 years is just is too much! I wanna quit.

    • When you feel at your worst, pull back from the “school play” and remember you are not the chess piece suffering the problem. That is a projected creation of yours. You are the chess player making all the moves, learning from everything the pieces on the board are going through. Eventually the game will end and you will revel in paradise all the wiser and stronger.

      • Rocci M.

        ‘Elisa, thanks for restating Erik’s analogy. Today, my son, 23, met with his probation counselor. He has a marijuana charge for less than a thumb size amount of the herb. It was found when a policeman pulled him over for a loud muffler. He spent a night in jail with his friend who was charged for possession of a pipe. I was the chess piece suffering today and the suffering is the separation from the one who is moving the chess pieces. It is difficult to share this with someone who is in the middle of suffering. I guess we have to allow our loved ones to experience whatever it is that they have created.
        He felt he wanna to quit life today.

  • Kerrie Aus

    That was wonderful Elisa and Erik. Exactly what I have been thinking, that this world is an illusion but yet it is so real and it is really hard to remove yourself mentally from it. I try and then it comes back to hit me with a double whammy.When Erik says it starts all over again does that mean we start the same life again and try and get it right the next time. Some things I’d love to do again but others never.Just imagine if you were stuck in the medieval times for all eternity. Glad I got 20th and 21st century.Also if time is only now and not really linear can you ask Erik if we can somehow change the past and alter the course of events or are they set in stone. I’m sure you’d love this and I would too.and when do we get our free will. Is it before we incarnate or during this play called life.

    • No, that life in particular doesn’t start again. You can choose to relearn a lesson in another life but since it’s all happening at once, allwe have to do is refocus our intention on the life in question and modify it so that the lesson has a more remedial quality to it. We can also tweak past or future lives to have a more accelerated “curriculum.”

    • Debbieb706

      I read the book “Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born” by Robert Schwartz. It was a collection of real people’s stories, and how their lives were planned, unfolded and why.
      There is so much information out there, it’s hard to take it all in and apply it to what’s going on in this current life.

      Thank you, Elisa and Erik! This post really helps me understand and cope better with my son’s death. Part of my roller coaster ride with my grief sometimes takes me to self blame. Seeing our life as a movie puts my role in perspective and shows me I am not to blame. I thank you for that, now I can heal further!

  • It’s important to feel. Feeling trumps thinking anytime. After all, we are emotional beings. So listen to your intuition/feelings. Your Higher Self is always talking to you, giving you guidance and encouragement as all chess players should do with their chess pieces.

  • I totally understand and often feel the same way. Thats why Erik wants to offer us the analogies he does, to pull back from the battlefield and remember that it’s all a transient game. Everything will be fine, because not much harm can come to an eternal being.

  • Of course we can change the game. That’s what free will is all about. But realize that the free will of others can either help you or gum up the works.

  • Remember all those who exude negativity in their attitudes and actions are just evidence that they are ass deep in their own chess game, learning their own lessons and often engaging in lessons for the benefit of the collective. What helps me is remembering to feel compassion for them as they battle their own demons. Sure the negativity can be a downer, but it’s all a fleeting game, a semester long class. And when we feel love in our hearts for those “Debbie Downers,” we also give ourselves the gift of love. After all, We are all one.

  • Maggie

    I so love Erik’s analogies~ he makes things very clear and easy to understand. In this case.. It sure makes it easier to deal with human suffering and experience. What a gift … I’ll certianly keep this with me. Love you E & E! <3

  • AmyP

    I really resonated–again–with all of this posting, but particularly where Erik specifies how impossible it is to withdraw an emotional connection from our troubles permanently for, if we did or could do that, we would be removing the potential learning that these hard lessons have for us. Also, his chess analogy is so compelling and bears such a note of truth, that it will–thankfully–be impossible for me to forget. I often thank both of you privately, but here I will do so publicly: Thank you for sharing it with me/us.

  • This was an incredible post from Erik, and I loved reading the responses. It’s as if Erik and the whole group here evolving so quickly, so wonderfully. Elisa, you now speak with such confidence and spiritual wisdom – it blows me away as I’ve watched you grow and evolve and heal this past year.

    Time is speeding up, isn’t it? Our vibrations are rising. This planet changing, and we are changing. I’m waiting for the 100th monkey syndrome to kick in where suddenly nearly everyone will take that quantum spiritual leap and our Earthly reality will become more peaceful and loving. I can only hope.

    What kills me about this 3D Earth experience is that just when I think I’m getting it and I’m coasting along happily – WHAMO, a new lesson. For example, my dad is slipping mentally and having issues. I have never liked this man as he’s a true relationship villain (and yes, a teacher) for me. I drove 330 miles last weekend to stay with him and sort things out, transport him around, send his will and financial info to all my brothers etc. Then I get back home and he lashes out and doesn’t want any more help, although he truly needs help as he can no longer drive, is has terrible memory, and lives a lone. I was so ANGRY because it was the same $#@^ again. Same pain, same verbal abuse and manipulation. It truly threw me off, and I was so angry at myself as I had promised myself to be strong and detached while down there. Guess I’m only human. Another lesson.

    We all struggle. Even at work today I messed up and leaked some information to some of staff that was not supposed to be discussed yet and then had to make them promise to not spread the info around. I have been kicking butt at work and doing so well and then I slip up. Again, I beat myself up – again, there’s a lesson here!

    Hang in there everyone. We are all moving through the chess game. Let’s hope we can evolve and not have to come back and keep playing this same again over and over. Let’s break the cycle of karma and get it right this time. That just means forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, living our life day to day with love.

    Sorry for the rambling 🙂

    • Oh, Steve, you’re so sweet. You know, I’m going through the same thing with my father. It’s hard for them to go from being the patriarch to losing control, strength, virility, and even relevance. This is their lesson–the lesson of letting go. So I try to look at them through eyes of love and compassion. Still, it sure can wear you thin, huh?

      • It sure can. I am trying to detach as much as possible and let him get through this lesson himself. It’s not easy. I want to go down there and fix everything but hey, it’s his life – if he wants to be lonely, dirty, and helpless – that’s his choice and who am I to force anything on him. We’ll have to step in and help when he is in a crisis, unfortunately.

  • Sheri

    The guidance and insight just keeps getting better and better…awesome…thank you Erik and Elisa!

    …and Happy Birthday to Lukas too! 🙂

  • I’ll tell him you said that!

  • Stacey

    What do you do when your reasons/desire for existing get fewer and fewer?

    • You’re probably approaching a new chapter in your spiritual blueprint. That new chapter will offer a plethora (God I love that word. Makes me sound a lot smarter than I am.) of wonderful reasons for existing. You know the answer if you can channel your higher self. Pull back, look at the chessboard, and see what moves are next.

      • Stacey

        What if you don’t play chess? I don’t understand what a good move would be…….?

      • Stacey

        Thank you for your (and Erik’s) suggestion that I book a session with Jeannie to try and reconnect with what my spiritual mission may be. Perhaps it would give me a reason to hang on just a bit longer and something to lo0k forward to instead of feeling like life is really such a pointless endeavor……

    • You ask yourself, Do I exist for a reason, or do I create my own reasons? Who am I, why? And What do I desire now? List it out on paper. Does that list really represent how I see myelf? Is my life about me wanting or is my life about seeing what I do have. And if I do have something, is it worth sharing? Can what I see about myself help someone else, Is this a reason I can cultivate in another person. Does my unexplored, unattainted, unknown desire overshadow what I can find out about myself? Is this the reason, or are their many reasons for life? Can I uncover and create my own answers or is this something someone or thing has to show, tell, or create for me? Is life about “doing” or is life about choosing to express what we feel in accordance to how we understand our highest possible self. I don’t see that choice as something that can be helped. I dont’ see it as few or more, I only see it as being who I am in the moment. Every moment. I see it as choosing to be me. I think your wonderful. I want you to just be, and share it.

      • Stacey

        Thanks for giving me something to consider. I grew up with limited choices. My mother made them all for me. If I didn’t cooperate, some form of pain was my reward. Now that I am breaking the ‘ties that bind’, I feel lost, as if I am unable to make my own choices and feel safe with the outcomes. I do believe, on one level, that I chose this family I was born into before I got here, but I also keep asking myself, “What the hell was I thinking?????” I try to consider and visualize what it is I might really want to experience, but I have spent a lifetime of not allowing myself to feel any desires, or even feel, for that matter, that I find it difficult to do. I just figure sometimes, that having given my children life was what I was supposed to do and now it’s time to move on.

      • Perhaps being their to guide your children through their own chess game is part of what you’re meant to do. You might want to book a session with Jeannie so you can connect with your guardian angel and rediscover your spiritual mission. It’s $80 well spent. This comes from Erik, by the way.

  • Stanley


    Happy birthday Lukas!!!! 🙂


  • Gwen917

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts M and M….On a personal level: Each one of us can know what it is that we need to “let go of” in any experience that we encounter….What came to my mind after reading your struggles was ….”letting go of judging ones self and others”……..And the only separation ….Is knowing what is real and what is not real…..We are all one regardless of our experiences!


  • Su

    This is soooo helpful!!!! Its so hard to keep reminding myself that this is all an illusion. Life is crappy some days and it seems impossible to see a way out of the dark. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve looked at the starts and just wanted to go ‘home’! Not suicidal by any means but I think everyone here gets what I’m saying. That said, there’s a book on my shelf that I haven’t got round to reading yet. It’s more or less similar to Eriks analogy – by top chess player Garry Kasparov, How Life Imitates Chess. So, anyone up for a game? 🙂

  • Kateb

    Kate B
    Thankyou Erik and Elisa for todays most thought provoking post.Also Jasons post which included some insight about grief.I love this site ..I am learning and growing spiritually.. everyday.Through my loss and grief I have travelled many roads as have all who have suffered loss.The love I have for my son has truely grown and continues to fill me with a love so powerful…I never thought possible.Thankyou to all the C E family love Kateb.

  • Tracy Lamont

    Oh, Erik. What a wonderful way to view life. If you can stick to those beliefs as you go through life, then all fear will diminish, ‘cos what is there to fear? Life is just a game and we all meet up afterwards to discuss how it went. How simple!

    I’m going to try my best to stick to this theory and to treat every hardship as a lesson to learn from and to not see myself as a victim of circumstances.

    Cheers pal! You’re so wise…

    • I have been reading the Abraham, Law of Attraction books, and the Seth Speaks books. They both say much of the same..that your thoughts..good or bad..create your reality. I believe this is true. Both my husband and I have been carefully monitoring our thought to positive, life affirmations, and visualizing how we want our lives to be…full of love peace and joy. I wont tell you its automatic, but if you keep focusing on the love, on the life you want..your thoughts will eventually bring you what you think of. dwelling on my misery and grief pain only brings me more of the same.
      Erik using the chess analogy rings a bell with me… really is all just a chess game..i am not the checkmated king…I am the one sitting here moving the pieces. What a great way to keep all the crap in perspective. love it.
      Sending prayers to you all who are struggling. I struggle in spurts…and will prob stay on the roller coaster for awhile…but thinking of all the good things in my life that i DO have…and on all the love i receive from so many…it helps. If I can help any of you.please let me know. you are all dear to me..and I am here for you. light and hugs. iola

  • Pamie0424

    Like many of you, this was exactly what i NEEDED to hear today (a day later for me, lol.)I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Wow, this really hit me hard and I feel the absolute truth in Erik’s words down to the core of my being. Erik is right, it is hard to remember and take yourself out of the game… that is why I come here, because being here helps me remember and put it all in perspective. Even with being able to do that, it is such a struggle to get through the day sometimes.

    I don’t know anyone who is not really struggling now, I guess this is all part of the shift? It is to kind of guide/push us into really looking at what we consider to be our reality? I really appreciate everyone sharing their feelings and situations, it brings us closer together and lets us know we aren’t alone in dealing with all of this stuff.

    Thank you Erik, Elisa, Jason, and all of the rest of you guys…your comments were thought provoking and I have a lot to think about today while I am finding me some joy!

    Love you all!

  • Jessie

    Wow, M and M! Reading your post is like looking into my own mind. You expressed yourself exactly as I feel; it’s uncanny. I’m never at a loss of words, but I feel like I could not add anything more to what you say. I feel so lost, so out, so misunderstood… Thanks. I know misery loves company, so I won’t celebrate your feeling this way. I just hope we can find joy somehow. Wish you Grace!

  • Oh it’s so hard to see our children suffer, especially at the hands of authority, who often times can be unfair and abusive. But there is always a wonderful lesson somewhere in everything that is painful. Once we find it, the pain dissipates and is replaced by joy.

  • God, yes, Pamie. We’re all suffering in so many ways, but this is the making of an Academy Award winning movie! The more drama and angst, the more progress. Once we’re done and cross over, we all get Oscars, godammit!

  • Anonymous

    I read through all of the comments, I understand where Erik is going with this…but what happens when you reach that hopless stage? Your asking for help and nothing is working, you are bumping into the walls like a bumper car in this game of life and regardless of seeing the bigger picture you just can’t shake that negative feeling, that negative attitude, it keeps creeping in and biting your ass. Someone said now that they realize how imp0rtant love is, they realize how unfriendly everyone is wich makes them not want to be here even more instead of lifting them up. Im going through similar experiences. Especially with family, silly kids are now throwing insults and daggers at each other, they may as well be sword fighting to the death. Each insult they fling at each other makes me cringe. Im damned if they will listen to me too, everything I say or try to teach them just goes in one ear out the other. I look constantly for the deeper meaning and I look constantly for someone else who will get it…more and more I feel like people just dont listen. They don’t really listen. I find it all very disheartening. Every now and then I get hit with a wonderful channeling experience and I feel the full force of spiritual love upon me and then bam all that silly trivial stuff doesn’t matter. Its the continual flow of love regardless of the situation……Sometimes that feel like playing the lottery. Retaining that love in a situation of strife…hahaha…yeah right, Im human I get muddled down with all these emotions, feelings, ego, I know internally this is just my stupid brain but getting to the point where I feel love and peace in every situation? I dont know.

    • Part of discovering and remembering who we are is not in the seeking of love or acknowledgement of it, but utilizing ways to express it once we come into the knowledge of it. So even though we are hard pressed to see love, we still are aware of who we are. It is not the universe’s or Gods responsibility to prove it to us. We have the tools inside we just need to use them. Reality is created unconsciously or consciously depending on what we believe, perceive through action or inaction in balance with our karma, and our interactions on a creative level with all life. We always have a choice. What we see as that choice will depend on perception of personal self. This is awareness in action.

      • Jasonatshapeofacloud

        I didn’t mean it to sound like your not doing everything you can, I know you are, it’s just that I mean, many times, once we know about something, the universe will then present us with opportunities to explore and try it out, in different situations. So what seems like hell, might be an opportunity for personal transformation.

  • Rose

    Can you ask erik to explain some things like why are some people born uglier then others and why are some born into wealth? Really who would want to be born poor? Who would want to be born ugly? To learn life lessons? I dont think so! Why dont you ever interview someone like Hitler or Ted bundy?? I would be VERY interested to know what they were thinking and if they really learned a lesson?(which i doubt)why dont you ask the real questions like did they enjoy their life & would they do it again? & would they do worse things now that they know they will get away with it since theres no Hell???

  • I just interviewed Bundy. If u want I can email u my list. Just shoot me an email at

  • Aprilkolen

    Thank you so much for your blog and your honesty. I lost my mom suddenly 2 weeks ago on 11/11/11 I went into shock and ended up in the hospital. I contemplated suicide for days but I have a husband and 3 kids. I can’t do it to them. I understand this grief and I come to this blog to make sense of things. I had a bad day today and rushed home to read some more. Thank you Erik and Elisa. I will try and think of life as a game. Her birthday Dec 3, will be rough. But I have working on trying to channel her and I think I have made some good connections with her, my grandmother 10/19/11 and my great grandmother (1980’s) I also had dreams of my mom last night. But I feel so empty. Please continue with this wonderful blog and may peace find you.

    • Oh Sweetie, I’m sorry for your loss, but it sure seems like you’re continuing your relationship with your mom. That’s amazing considering the how recent her transition was. Please know we, your CE family, are here for you whenever you need us. I’ll be sending you love and light on the third as well. xoxo Elisa

  • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

    “Erik: I know, Mom, but that’s part of what the human experience is all about. You know, it’s all an illusion, right? I mean, you’re projecting your whole life on a movie screen. Your body isn’t really you, and you’re really not entirely on earth. You’ve created your character to play a role, and you’re co-creating a reality to be the movie set. So, just pull yourself back out of that set and take a breather.”

    • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

      “Erik: So the deal is, you’ll all eventually find joy in every bad move and checkmate. You’ll realize the wins are in the lessons, not in the number of pieces left on the board.”

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